A.K. van Setten; J. Koek-Noorman:

Fruits and seeds of Annonaceae

Morphology and its significance for classification (Studies in Annonaceae XVII)

Illustrator: T. Schipper

1992. 101 pages, 4 figures, 2 tables, 50 plates as appendix, 23x31cm, 680 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Botanica, Heft 142)

ISBN 978-3-510-48013-5, paperback, price: 63.00 €

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This paper offers a worldwide survey of the morphology of fruits and seeds of Annonaceae. Of all genera except two a description is given. All descriptions but one are illustrated by line drawings. Preceeding the descriptions, a synoptical key based on fruit- and seed characters is included. In the discussion, the variation of the characters and their distribution among the genera is reviewed. The resulting phenetic grouping of the genera is compared with the classification on gross morphological characters by FRIES (1959), and with phenetic surveys based on pollen morphology by WALKER (1971 a, b; 1972), and on flower morphology by VAN HEUSDEN (in press), respectively. There appear to be discrepancies between FRIES’s classification on one side, and the phenetic groupings (including ours) on the other side. In contrast, the three phenetic groupings support each other to a considerable extent.

Contents top ↑

Abstract 1
A. Introduction 2
B. Material and methods 3
1. Material 3
2. Methods 3
a) Terminology 3
Definition of characters 3
b) Descriptive part 6
Morphological data 6
The presence of characters 7
Quantitative characters 7
Descriptive scheme 7
c) Drawings 7
C. Description of fruits and seeds in Annonaceae 8
D. Discussion 8
1. Presence and variation of fruit and seed characters 8
a) Fruits 8
b) Seeds 11
2. Grouping of genera on the base of fruit and seed
characters 17
3. Comparison with other classifications 19
4. Conclusions 23
E. Synoptical key to the genera 24
F. Generic descriptions 32
Acknowledgements 82
References 83
List of material studied 84
Plates 1-50 102