R. Ch. Kruijt:

A taxonomic monograph of Sapium Jacq., Anomostachys (Baill.) Hurus., Duvigneaudia J. Léonard and Sclerocroton Hochst. (Euphorbiaceae tribe Hippomaneae)

1996. V, 109 pages, 35 figures, 8 tables, 23x31cm, 520 g
Language: English

(Bibliotheca Botanica, Heft 146)

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botany taxonomy Sapium Jacq. Anomostachys (Baill.) Hurus. Duvigneaudia J. Léonard Sclerocroton Hochst. Euphorbiaceae Hippomaneae


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Of about a hundred species formerly recognized in Sapium Jacq. (Euphorbiaceae tribe Hippomaneae), twenty one species are retained in this genus. As defined in the present monograph, the genus Sapium is restricted to the neotropics. Palaeotropical taxa previously assigned to Sapium are transferred to Anomostacbys (Baill.) Hurus. (1 sp.), Duvigneaudia J. Léonard (2 spp.), Sclerocroton Hochst. (6 spp.) and Shirakia Hurus. (8 spp.). All of these genera are fully treated with the exception of Shirakia which is preliminarily revised. A new generic classification is presented using cladistic analysis. A brief review of the theoretical foundations of cladistic methodology leads to the conclusion that parsimony should be favored over compatibility analysis.

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Abstract V
1. Introduction 1
2. Some philosophical considerations on phylogenetic methodology 1
3. A phylogenetic analysis of Sapium and related genera 4
4. Key to Sapium and related genera 8
5. Anomostachys 8
6. Duvigneundia 12
7. Scierocroton 16
8. Sapium 27
9. A preliminary revision of the genus ShiraLia 91
Acknowledgments 94
Literature cited 94
Index of specimens 97
Index of scientific names 105