Geo-Pomerania Szczecin 2007
Joint Meeting PTG-DGG

Geology cross-bordering the Western and Eastern European Platform, 24.-26. September 2007, University of Szczecin, Poland Abstract-Volume

Ed.: H.G. Röhling; Ch. Breitkreuz; Th Duda; W. Stackebrandt; A. Witkowski; O. Uhlmann

2007. 284 pages, 21x30cm, 940 g
Language: English

(Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 53)

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The main topic of the meeting "Geo-Pomerania" 2007 in Szczecin was the cross-bordering geology in the Western and Eastern European Platform and the presentation of interactions between geological factors on the one hand and past and present environmental effects on the other

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Grußworte 13
Lithology of the covered Old Red succession (Middle Devonian) in
Western Pomerania (NE Germany) 38
M. Aehnelt, G. Katzung
Facies analysis and palaeogeographic
implications of a Late Permian succession, Iraq 39
A. Al-juboury, A. Al-Hadidy
Gas bearing sediments of the Plio- and
Pleistocene in the German North Sea 40
J. Appel, A. Vackiner, H. Keppler, R. Lutz, C. Gaedicke
Iron-Nickel and Nickel Silicate Ores of Albania 41
F. Arkaxhiu, F. Onuzi
The requirements of the new EC directive INSPIRE
and the reality of compiling consistent environmental data across
Europe - Lessons learned from the IGME 5000 44
K. Asch
Triassic Stratigraphy, Facies and Hydrocarbons of the Southern
Permian Basin Area (SPBA) 45
G. H. Bachmann, A. Becker, G. Beutler, M.C. Geluk, H. Hagdorn, M. W.
Hounslow, L. Nielsen E. Nitsch, H.-G. Röhling, Th. Simon, A. Szulc, G.
Threats for the Groundwater Reserves within the West Pomeranian
Voivodship - Areas of the water deficiency occurrence and the
groundwater table position changes 48
A. Bacik, M. Dobies, Z. Wisniowski
The Sudetic Marginal Fault: A prominent morphotectonic feature of
Central Europe 51
J. Badura, W. Zuchiewicz, P. Štěpančiková, B. Przybylski, B. Kontny,
S. Cacońč
Lithostratigraphic correlation of the Late Triassic Keuper
in the western part of the Central European Basin 52
J. Barnasch, G.H. Bachmann, G. Beutler
Marine environment in the Lower and Middle Buntsandstein of the
Central European Basin - summary of the facts 54
A. Becker
For the water content in the atmosphere: New formulas 56
L. Biermanns
Peculiarities of palaeogeographic reconstructions in the
South-Eastern Baltic: methodological approach 57
A. Bitinas
Mapping Status of near-surface raw materials of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(NE-Germany) 58
A. Börner
Geotouristic map of UNESCO-Geopark «Mecklenburgische
Eiszeitlandschaft» 60
A. Börner, K. Schütze
New general map of raw materials of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(NE-Germany) in the scale of 1:500.000 62
A. Börner
The Geosite-database Greifswald: the pool 63
J. Bornstedt, M. Meschede
Geo4you - a young geotourist company 64
J. Bornstedt, M. Meschede, C. Schwanbeck
Evolution of the Szczecin Lagoon as reconstructed with geological and
micropalaeontological data 65
R.K. Borówka, A. Witkowski, M. Bąk, M. Latałowa, A. Osadczuk, T.
Radziejewska, B. Wawrzyniak- Wydrowska, A. Nowak
Geology of Dziwna Valley in vicinity of Wolin 66
R.K. Borówka, M. Latałowa
Uranium Deposits at Ruprechtov (CZ) and Heselbach (D) as Natural
Analogues for Radionuclide Transport and Retention in Lignitic Clay
Formations 68
Th. Brasser, U. Noseck, K. Rozanski, M. Dulinski, J. Janeczek, A.
Laciok, M. Hercik, D. Schönwiese
Structural conditions of valley network development in the western
Lublin escarpment zone of the East European Craton 69
T. Brzezinska-Wójcik, M. Harasimiuk, J. Superson
Tree rings - a valuable proxy of information on climatic changes 74
A. Cedro
Lithology, petrology, and microfacial variability of Upper-Jurassic
sediments in Western Pomeranian exposures 75
B. Cedro
The Environmental changes reconstruction recorded in Vistulian and
Holocene sediments of Rega valley 76
B. Cedro, D. Zawadzki, M. Giluk, S. Sumara, T. Rusiniak
Predictive model of quartz cementation and porosity in Cambrian
reservoir sandstones, example from West Lithuania onshore 77
J. Čyžienė
Morphotectonic phenomena in Lithuania and proposal for their
cartographic presentation at a scale of 1: 250,000 79
J. Čyžienė, J. Satkūnas, W. Czegka, F.W. Junge
Zwenkau: the genesis from a lignite open cast mine to a recreation
lake. Hydro- and geochemical impacts 81
W. Czegka, F.W. Junge
Development of the lower Łupawa valley in late Pleistocene 83
J. Czerniawska
The Linearband and Stroke Band Pottery in the Lower Oder area -early
farmers in the North? 84
E. Cziesla
The Friedland Clay - new prospects of a traditional natural
resource 85
R. Dallwig, K. Granitzki, D. Schmidt
Strontium isotopes in the Zechstein anhydrites of Poland: evidence of
varied meteoric contributions to marine brines 86
R.E. Denison, T. M. Peryt
The Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin Area -
Overview of the SPBA-Project 87
J.C. Doornenbal
Slope deposits of palaeoclimatic events - first terrestrial evidence
for geomorphic instability during the 8.2 ka event in Central Europe
S. Dreibrodt, J. Lomax, O. Nelle, U.Radtke, P.M. Grootes, H.-R. Bork
Long-term coastline development in the region of Dziwnow Spit 89
J. Dudzinska-Nowak
Airborne and terrestrial laser scanning applications in the
environmental geology 90
J. Dudzinska-Nowak, P. Wezyk
Multidisciplinary investigations on the early Middle Ages organisation
of the Szczecin pottery - an outline of problems 91
M. Dworaczyk
The UN International Year of Planet Earth: A Progress Report 93
F.W. Eder
Specimen of German and Polish copper deposits in the collection of the
BGR 95
A. Ehling
The use of sandstones in Germany and Poland in history 96
A. Ehling
The Mesozoic sandstone aquifers of the North German Basin and their
potential for the geothermal utilization 97
H. Feldrappe, K. Obst, M. Wolfgramm, N. Bussmann
Salt structures - exploration and limits of interpretation 98
S. Folle
Retyk sensu polonico versus Rhaet sensu germanico - new results 99
M. Franz, G.H. Bachmann, G. Beutler
Sedimentology and Facies of the Polish Retyk and the German Arnstadt
and Exter Formations (Norian, Rhaetian) in the eastern Central
EuropeanBasin (CEB) 101
M. Franz, G.H. Bachmann, G. Beutler
Prediction of the coastal erosion - in a selected example 102
K. Furmanczyk, J. Dudzinska-Nowak
An outline of brines history in Kołobrzeg 103
P. Fuszara, A. Piotrowski
Permian Rotliegend in a Nutshell. - Chapter 7 of the Southern Permian
Basin Atlas 104
R. Gast, C. Breitkreuz, R. Gaupp, M.C. Geluk, K. Glennie, N. Jones, S.
Kabel, H. Kiersnowski, J. Schneider, J. Steenbrink, L. Stemmerik
Geothermal use of multilayered aquifers - A 3D thermo-hydraulic model
of a geothermal reservoir at the Island of Usedom / North East German
Basin 105
D. Gehrke, J. Bartels, M. Wolfgramm
Lithofacies and geochemistry of Rotliegend volcanic rocks from deep
wells on both sides of the German-Polish border - completing the
picture of the initial phase of the Central European Basin
System 106
M. Geissler, K. Obst, C. Breitkreuz, H. Kiersnowski
The geological observations of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Northern
Germany 108
M. Geyer, G. Maul, M. Meissner, I. Pustal, H.-G. Röhling
Early exploration in the Southern Permian Basin Atlas area 109
K. Glennie
Fascination geology - the magnificence of geosites 110
K. Goth, H. Quade, E.-R. Look
Late Variscan remagnetization of Devonian carbonates in the Holy Cross
Mts. and Lublin Basin (Poland) : evidence for cooling in the Variscan
foreland? 111
J. Grabowski, M. Narkiewicz, K. Sobień
Cisuralian/Guadalupian and Guadalupian/Lopingian boundaries of the
Permian GSS in the East European and Tethyan RSSs 112
T. Grunt
An integrated approach to assess slope stability and landslide
susceptibility of the Jasmund cliff (Rügen, Germany) 113
A. Günther, C. Thiel, C. Lange, K. Schütze, D. Kuhn, K. Obst, D. Balzer
Cross-boundary water monitoring of the border-zone areas in the
Euroregion Pomerania 114
S. Hannappel, E. Rejman-Rasinska, H. Mundthal, K.-D. Fichte, R. Hoc,
Z. Wiśniowski
Variation of Late Quaternary Climate of the North Atlantic - Baltic
Realm as reflected in the Sediments of the Central Baltic Sea 115
J. Harf, R. Endler, E. Emelyanov, S. Kotov, T. Leipe, R. Olea, M.
Tomscak, A. Witkowski
Holocene Coastlines of the Southern Baltic Sea - History of
Competition between geological processes and a changing climate
J. Harf, S. Uscinowicz
Substratum morphology, ice thickness estimation and the location of
tunnel valleys as proxies in the reconstruction of the dynamics of the
Odra lobe during the Last Glaciation 117
P. Hermanowski, J. A. Piotrowski
Erratic boulders as a geotouristic highlight - the "Gesteinsgarten" 118
G. Hoffmann, H. Dietrich
Long-term coastal changes on the southwest Baltic Sea (Germany) - a
sediment budget approach 119
G. Hoffmann, R. Lampe
The Upper Jurassic shallow marine deposits in Western Pomerania
(Zachodniopomorskie, Poland) and their geotouristic potential 120
N. Hoffmann, G. Hoffmann, M. Meschede, J. Koppka
Lower Carboniferous palaeogeography and hydrocarbon potential in the
North German Basin - derived from magnetotelluric soundings 121
N. Hoffmann, L. Hengesbach, B. Friedrichs
Geoconservation versus Geo-exploitation and the Emergence of Modern
Geotourism 122
Th. A. Hose
Celestite in the Werra anhydrite from the Zechstein Limestone reef
region (West Poland): is there a relation to gas deposits? 123
S.P. Hryniv, T.M. Peryt
Holocene changes of marine and lagoonal environments on the Łeba
Barrier: evidences from diatomological and geochemical analysis.
Polish Middle-Coast 124
B. Janczak-Kostecka, R. Kostecki
The reconstruction of environmental changes in the Puck Bay region
based on the fossil diatom flora 125
D. Jankowska, M. Witak
Sedimentary Environments and Maturity of the Zechstein (Late Permian)
Main Dolostone in West Pomerania 126
K. Jaworowski, R. Wagner, Z. Mikołajewski, M. Słowakiewicz
Karst phenomena on top Wapno Salt Dom 127
J. Jaworska, R. Ratajczak
Estimation of Major Groundwater Basin (MGB) hazard as a result of
saline water inflow (ascent) in Western Pomerania Province 128
P. Jezierski, Z. Wiśniowski, R. Hoc
The evolution of the Variscan Deformation Front from the interplay of
tectonics and coalification 129
D. Juch , G. Drozdzewski , S. Henscheid, P. Hoth, A. Vieth, V. Wrede
3D-Model of Quaternary Deposits along Lower Oder-/Odra-Valley 130
O. Juschus, M. Masurowski, J. H. Schroeder, W. Dominik
The peat bog site of Dabki 9 in Pomerania (Poland) 131
J. Kabaciński, T. Terberger
Identifying burst-prone rock layers in a German coal mine 132
E. Kahlen, M. Alber
Lateglacial palaeosols in Northern Germany: properties and
palaeoenvironmental implications 133
K. Kaiser
Distribution and characteristics of late-glacial varved deposits in
North-Western Poland 134
A. Karczewski, Re. Paluszkiewicz, Ry. Paluszkiewicz, G. Rachlewicz
Geo-Pomerania Szczecin 2007 29 Subsoil moisture loses from open
surfaces 135
A. Karpovics, V. Seglins
Long-Term Stability of Bentonite Barriers in final HWL-repositories ?
Mechanisms for mineralogical alteration of dioctahedral
montmorillonite in saline solutions - a TEM-study 137
J. Kasbohm, H.-J. Herbert, Hoang Thi Minh Thao, Le Thi Lai, S. Grothe
Integrated Water Resource Management - First Concepts for Activities
in Nam Dinh province as part of the Red River Delta / Vietnam 138
J. Kasbohm, S. Grothe, W. Steingrube, M.-T. Schafmeister, Le Thi La
Explorations of the Fossil River Valleys from the Eemian Interglacial
with fresh water by the Aid of Seismic Method 140
L.J. Kaszubowski, R. Coufal
Geological structures and neotectonic movements in the area of the
Dziwnów Spit (Międzywodzie West) 141
L.J. Kaszubowski, R.Dobracki
Neotectonic movements in the area of the Liwia Łuża Lake Spit (seismic
cross-sections Pogorzelica East and Pogorzelica West) in the light of
seismic and geological research 142
L.J. Kaszubowski, R. Dobracki
Neotectonic structures in the area of the Liwia Łuża Lake Spit 143
L.J. Kaszubowski, R. Dobracki
Stratigraphy, structure, sedimentary infill and undiscovered gas
reservoir potential of the Polish Upper Rotliegend Basin: some
insights and conceptual considerations 144
H. Kiersnowski
Recent advances and open questions concerning the Polish- and
North-East-German Upper Permian (Upper Rotliegend - Zechstein)
stratigraphy and basin correlations 145
H. Kiersnowski, M. Słowakiewicz
Fossil diatom floras as a tool in reconstructing palaeoenvironmental
changes in the Holocene sediments from the Pomeranian Bay and the
Swina Gate (Southern Baltic Sea) 147
A. Kierzek, A. Witkowski, K. Zamelczyk-Juhnke, A. Broszinski, R.K.
Borówka, U. Roda, J. Bieńko
Baltic Sea beaches with glacial erratics: Their potential as excursion
sites for teaching elementary science 148
K. Kleinert
The geodynamical conditions and the protection problems of the Russian
and Polish coastal zone of the Vistula Spit 149
J. Kobelyanskaya, H. Piekarek-Jankowska
Putting the Carboniferous of NW Europe in a regional context; the
Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin Area 150
H. Kombrink, H.J.M. Pagnier
The copper deposit Spremberg-Graustein close to the northern rim of
the Mulkwitz-anticline in the area Lower Lusatia 151
J.C. Kopp
Facies model of the contemporary Vistula’s outlet cone 154
D. Koszka-Maroń, W. Jegliński
Fluid inclusions in the Zechstein halite screening hydrocarbon
deposits in West Poland 155
V.M. Kovalevych, T.M. Peryt, S. Lytvynyuk
Origin and development of the Odra Bank Region on the basis of the
biostratigraphical investigations of W-4 Profile 156
R. Kramarska, G. Miotk-Szpiganowicz, J. Zachowicz, S. Uscinowicz, W.
GeoMind - Geophysical Multilingual Internet-Driven Information Service
J. Kuder, K. Kühne, M. Słowakiewicz, V. Rapševičius, GeoMind Consortium
Geothermal conditions of the north-western part of the Black Sea and
oil-gas presence 158
I. Kurovets, V. Osadchyi, O. Prykhodko, I. Hrytsyk
The Late Holocene shore dynamics of the peninsula Großer Schwerin
-Lake Müritz (Northeast Germany) 159
M. Küster, S. Lorenz, R. Lampe
Changes in glacial atmospheric circulation pattern over the
Mediterranean documented by a Black Sea Precipitation Record 160
O. Kwiecien, H.W. Arz, F. Lamy, B. Plessen, P. Dulski, G.H. Haug
The increase of the dune coastal area of the Swina Sandbar, West
Polish coast 161
T.A. Łabuz
The West Pomerania coastal dunes - alert state of their
development 162
T.A. Łabuz
A multi-proxy record of climate change at the Lateglacial / early
Holocene transition from Lake Hańcza, Northeastern Poland 163
S. Lauterbach, N. Andersen, K. Milecka, T. Namiotko, K. Zamelczyk, A. Brauer
Regional geological and structural studies of the territory of
Lithuania - implications for the petroleum potential 164
J. Lazauskiene, J. Cyziene
Rotliegend saline lake deposits - an example from the Southern Permian
Basin (Permian, Northwest Europe) 167
B. Legler
Evidence for recent vertical crustal movements within the North German
Basin from evaluation of precise levelling data 168
R. Lehné, F. Sirocko
Diatom evidences of Holocene climatic fluctuations recorded in
sediments of the SW Gulf of Gdańsk 169
M. Leśniewska, M. Witak
The Climate Record of the End of the Last Glacial Period based on
geochemical and micromorphological Study - the Case Study from
Gravetian Settlement in Dolni Vestonice (Czech Republic) 170
L. Lisa, T. Grygar
Delineation between natural and anthropogenic impacts on groundwater
and stream water solute concentration 171
G. Lisc heid, P. Krám
Neotectonics of the Orava Basin, Polish Western Carpathians, in the
light of gravity studies 172
M. Łój, J. Madej, W. Zuchiewicz, S. Porzucek
The Lake Müritz drilling project - 14 ka lake basin development and
vegetation history reflected in geochemical, pollen and diatom
records 173
S. Lorenz, R. Lampe, H. Meyer, W. Janke, T. Hübener Underwater
archaeological investigations of the SINCOS-research group on
submerged Stone Age settlements in coastal waters of Rügen
Island 174
H. Lübke
The discovery of the first (?) tell-like structure north of the Alps -
geoarchaeological investigations at Niederröblingen (Sachsen-Anhalt,
Germany) 175
C.C. M. Lubos, S. Dreibrodt, S. Friederich, H. Meller, R. Ganslmeier,
H. Helbig, M. Hellmund, W. Kainz, M. Klamm, U. Petzschmann, I.
Richling, O. Nelle, P.M. Grootes, H.-R. Bork
X-Ray Powder Diffraction Study of Clay Minerals Deposits by Rietveld
method 176
I. Luse, A. Mishnev, V. Seglins, A. Karpovics
Landscape Visualization for Better Understaning and Interpretation
Glacial Landscapes - Examples from Geopark "Eiszeitland am
Oderrand" 177
G. Lutze, J. Kiesel, C. Dalchow
Contemporary tectonic activity in the area of Głogów - at the
borderland of Dalków Hills and Baruck - Głogów Ice-Marginal Valley (SW
Poland) 180
A. Markiewicz, A. Kraiński
Gravitational collapse in the Nysa Łużycka River valley between
Łęknica and Döbern (Polish-German borderland) 183
A. Markiewicz, J. Winnicki
Balkan Seismic-Hydrogeological Study - Important Environmental
Task 185
M. Matova
The Devonian and Carboniferous sedimentary evolution of the Pomeranian
Basin (NW Poland) 186
H. Matyja
Numerical calibration of the Global Stratigraphic Scale (GSS) and
Regional Stratigraphic Scales (RSS) of the Permian: Central and West
Europe, East Europe, Tethys and North America 187
M. Menning
The project Devonian-Carboniferous-Permian Correlation Chart
(DCP) 190
M. Menning & DCP-Group
Global Stratigraphic Scale of the Carboniferous and Regional
Stratigraphic Scales of Central and West Europe, Central Russia,
Donets, South China, and North America as used in the
Devonian-Carboniferous-Permian Correlation Chart 2003 (DCP
2003) 192
M. Menning, A.S. Alekseev, B.I. Chuvashov, V.I. Davydov, F.-X.
Devuyst, H.C. Forke, L. Hance, P.H. Heckel, P.J. Jones, T.I.
Nemyrovska, X.-D. Wang, D. Weyer, D.M. Work
Oil and gas in Germany - an overview 195
J. Messner
Application of seismoacoustic methods to a study of geodynamic
processes within the offshore between Ustka and Władysławowo 196
L. Mil
Cross-bordering Groundwater Management at Eastern Usedom - Conflicts
and Solutions 197
M. Moder, H. Hennig, H. Mundthal, W. Kowalczyk
The in-situ stress field of a geothermal reservoir in the Rotliegend
of the NE German Basin: Implications from 3D structural
modelling 198
I. Moeck, T. Backers, H. Schandelmeier
Quaternary stratigraphy and glacial tectonics of NE Rügen (Germany) -
new insights from boreholes drilled after the landslide of Lohme in
2005 199
U. Müller, K. Obst
Classification of the Szczecin Lagoon coasts (Polish part) 201
S. Musielak, S. Wochna-Bartnik
Geological structure and palaeogeographic reconstruction of the Bug
peninsula /NW-Rügen island 202
M. Naumann, R. Lampe, G. Hoffmann
What can be learned about recent history of the Szczecin Lagoon by
analysing subfossil cladoceran remains in short cores 203
A. Nowak, P. Lis, K. Szeroczyńska, T. Radziejewska
Underground natural gas storage facilities in NE Germany 204
K. Obst
The coastal cliff slides at the geosite of the ‘Wissower Klinken’,
island of Rügen (NE Germany): controlling factors and
monitoring 206
K. Obst, D. Kuhn, K. Schütze, S. Prüfer
Lepusha Village (Albanian) 207
K. Onuzi, P. Ymeraj
New geoarchaeological investigations of paleoclimate at the site of
Dolní Vestonice, Czech Republic 209
C.H. Paine
BSR vs. TSR - new insights from cap rock formation of the Weenzen salt
dome, Lower Saxony Basin, NW Germany 210
H. Peters, A. Prange, H. Lichtenberg, J. Hormes, C. Ostertag-henning,
J. Peckmann
Development of subaquatic and subaerial surfaces as a result of
hazardous morpho- and lithodynamic processes in the coastal zone of
the eastern Gulf of Finland and Kaliningrad area 211
O.V. Petrov, D.V. Ryabchuk, M.A. Spiridonov, V.A. Zhamoida
Position of main morphologic units against geologic and tectonic
sketch of the Southern Baltic Sea (EEC of Poland) 212
R. Pikies, A. Piotrowski
Erratics and their exploitation in the Bukowe Mountains, near
Szczecin 214
A. Piotrowski
Morphology of the Odra Lobe of the last glaciation on the background
of tectonic structure 215
A. Piotrowski
Discussion on a method of preparation of the the European Lowland
Morphotectonic Map 217
A. Piotrowski, M. Graniczny
Morphotectonics of Kujawy Lakeland in the light of remote sensing
analysis 219
A. Piotrowski, A. Piątkowska, M. Graniczny
Megalith and group of boulders in the Rościn vicinity, near Myślibórz,
Western Pomerania 221
A. Piotrowski, J. Relisko-Rybak, Z. Onyszko
The Viking Boulder - an erratic stone in Wolin 222
A. Piotrowski, J. Relisko-Rybak, T. Piotrowski
Temperature and rainfall time trends in area of Swinoujscie in years
1951-2000 223
A. Pres-Szakowska
Differentiation in geological structure of the Polish shore zone,
based on seismo-acoustic investigations 224
P. Przezdziecki
Mineralogical and geochemical investigations on red and bleached
Buntsandstein deposits from CO2 accumulation sites in the Thuringian
Basin, a southern extension of the CEBS 226
D. Pudlo, R. Gaupp, G. Nover
Changes of coasts and basins and some ecological problems of the
Curonian lagoon area from the point of view of the Eastern Baltic
development 227
O. Pustelnikovas
Living components of the Szczecin Lagoon sediment: effects of recent
processes 228
T. Radziejewska, B. Wawrzyniak-Wydrowska
Hydraulic tests of geothermal useable aquifers in the Northeast German
Basin 229
K. Rauppach
New Map of Salt Structures in Northern Germany (1 : 500 000) 230
K. Reinhold, P. Krull, G. Merzbach, H. Wirth
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Baltic Sea Region 231
H. Rempel
Subsidence and temperature evolution of the Mid-Polish Trough in NW
Poland - new results based on maturity modelling supplemented by
apatite fission-track dating 232
M. Resak, U.A. Glasmacher, M. Narkiewicz, R. Littke
Protection and use of Geosites in Thailand: examples from the Khorat
Plateau (Isan, northeastern Thailand) 233
H.-G. Röhling, S. Khositanont
Geotope Conservation in Germany 235
H.-G. Röhling, E.-R. Look, M. Schmidt-Thomé
The global Permocarboniferous climat development and its implications
for the Southern Permian Basin 237
M. Roscher, U. Berner, J. Schneider, U. Kroner
Late Holocene climate change in Eastern Finland recorded by the
annually laminated lake sediments 238
T. Saarinen, E. Halti-Hovi
Structural Inversion in half graben and true graben scenario, an
insight through analogue modelling 239
B. Saha, C. Dietl
Inventory of Geotopes and development of geoconservation in
Lithuania 240
J. Satkunas, D. Pupienis, J. Lazauskiene
The cliff-section of Gnitz Peninsula (Usedom Island - Baltic Sea) - an
example for late Weichselian ice sheet decay 241
F. Schart, G. Hoffmann, W. Schumacher
Evolution of Photosynthesis and Oxygenation of the Earth’s
Atmosphere 242
M. Schidlowski
Decompaction of water saturated unconsolidated near surface
sediments 243
N. Schmedemann, M.-Th. Schafmeister, G. Hoffmann
Paleorelief reconstructions in Holocene and future development
scenarios of the south-eastern Baltic 244
Jonas Šečkus, L. Živilė Gelumbauskaitė
Sedimentary record of the late Palaeozoic Gondwanan glaciation in the
paralic succession of the
Lublin Carboniferous Basin (E Poland) 245
S. Skompski
Geodynamic research within the Czech portion of the Sudetic Marginal
Fault zone 246
P. Štěpančíková, J. Stemberk, J. Hok
Mesozoic basins development on the southwestern edge of the East
European Craton (Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania) 247
J. Swidrowska, M. Hakenberg, B. Poluhtovič, A. Seghedi, I. Višnâkov
Coastal erosion effects scenarios near Trzęsacz village in next 100
years with use of geoinformatics 248
I. Szakowski, R. Benedyczak, K. Furmanczyk
Paleogeography and stratigraphy of the Middle Triassic in Central
Europe 250
J. Szulc
GIS applications and 3D modeling in palaeosurface reconstruction based
on a sedimentary record and a sea level evolution 251
P. Terefenko
Results of geomorphological mapping and landslide susceptibility
modelling of Pleistocene sediments along the coast of
Jasmund/Rügen 252
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