26th Regional Meeting of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) held jointly with the SEPM-CES Sediment 2008 Meeting
Abstract Volume

23. Sedimentologen-Treffen (Bochum, Germany, September 1-3, 2008)

Ed.: C. Kunkel; S. Hahn; J. ten Veen; N. Rameil; A. Immenhauser

2008. 308 pages, 21x30cm, 1010 g
Language: English

(Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 58)

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The 26th Regional Meeting of the International Association of Sedimentologists was held jointly with the 2008 (23rd) SEDIMENT-Meeting of the Central European Section of SEPM at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. This abstract volume comprised nearly 300 abstracts from sedimentologists representing 32 countries worldwide.

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Detecting orbital climate forcing in mudflat to marginal lacustrine
deposits in the Miocene Teruel Basin (NE Spain) H. A. Abels, H. Abdul
Aziz, D. Ventra, F.J. Hilgen 26
Environmental Changes and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Campanian –
Paleocene Succession in the Mudurnu – Göynük fore-arc basin (NW
Turkey): Göynük Section Data S. Açikalin, F. Ocakoglu 27
Evidences of a significant climatic change through The
Cenomanian-Turonian OAE2 T. Adatte, H. Mort, K. B. Föllmi, G. Keller,
B. Gerstch, Z. Berner and D. Stüben 28
Applied Sedimentology: Rocks, Water, Oil and 3-D Modelling T. Aigner
Lake Denizli (Turkey) as an archive of Neogene environmental and
climate change and endemic biodiversity refuge H. Alçiçek,
F. P. Wesselıngh 30
Tripartite basin-fill successions of the Baklan-Acıgöl-Burdur
orogen-top rifts and their importance for the tectonosedimentary
evolution of SW Anatolia, Turkey M.C. Alçiçek, J.H. ten Veen 31
High-resolution sequence-stratigraphy of the post-LGM transgressive
succession of the Arno valley fill (Tuscany, Italy) A. Amo rosi,
E. Dinelli, S. Giacom elli, M. Ricci Lucchi, V. Rossi, G.Sarti 32
Building a 3D quantitative geological framework of inner platform
facies distribution in the Jurassic of the High Atlas, Morocco F. Amo
ur, M. Mutti, N. Christ, A. Imm enha user, S. M. Agar, G. Benson,
R. Alwa y & L. Kabiri 33
New Data suggesting a MIS 5c Highstand in the Mediterranean Sea
S. Andreucci, V. Pascucci, A. W. Murray, L. B. Clemmensen 34
Present-day and latest Pleistocene – Holocene travertine
incrustations. An integrated study E. Anzalone, V. Ferreri 35
Recent natural and human-induced environmental changes in the eastern
Mediterranean – The lacustrine record of Butrinti (Albania)
D. Ariztegui, F. S. Anselmetti 36
The Impact of Relay Ramps on Turbidite Deposition: An Experimental
Study Combining Sandbox Experiments with Fluid Flow Calculations
W. Athmer, R. M. Groenenberg, S. M. Luthi, M. E. Donselaa r,
D. Sokoutis, E. Willingshofer 37
Holocene evolution and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Alikes
wetland, Zakynthos island, Western Greece P. Avramidis, N. Kontopoulos
Stromatolites as event signs of earliest steps of the Sinemurian
marine transgression in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal Ana C. Azerêdo,
Ricardo L. Silva , Luis V. Duarte 39
The restoration of original 3D sedimentary geometries in deformed
basin fill: prograding delta clinoforms of Brunei Darussalam, NW
Borneo S. Back 40
Facies architecture and timing of high-frequency sequences recorded
from inner to mid- carbonate ramp areas (Kimmeridgian-Tithonian, NE
Spain) B. Bádenas, M. Aurell, J. Ipas 41
Storm and tsunami deposits in light of cyclone Nargis, Burma, May 2
and 3, 2008 H. Bahlburg 42
Lithofacies, sedimentary environments and tectonical history of
Paleocene Sachun Formation in SE of Sarvestan, Fars Province, Iran
Mohammad Bahrami 43
Stratigraphy and Tectonical history of Paleocene-Eocence Series in
south parts of Beiza plain, Fars Province, Iran Mohammad Bahrami,
Nahid Alidadi 44
Massive Hydrothermal Dolomites in the Cantabrian Zone (NW Spain) :
Dolomitization and its Relation to the Late Variscan Geodynamic
Setting T. Bechstädt,, M. Boni,, M. Gasp rrini, F. Lapponi, N. Muñoz
Quijano, D. Banks 45
Facies, Geochemistry and Palynology of a Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian)
Postglacial Cap Dolomite at the Southern Rifted Margin of the Congo
Craton (Northern Namibia) T. Bechstädt,, H. Jäger,, A. Rittersbacher,
G. Spence 46
Ocean-continent interactions in the mid-Cretaceous Equatorial Atlantic
realm – first results from a multiparameter study at Demerara Rise
(ODP Leg 207) B. Beckmann, D. Birgel, J. Erbacher, A. Lückge 47
Estimating aggradation rates from palaeosol type: the Punta San Andrés
Alloformation (Argentina) as a case study. Elisa Beilinson 48
Carbonate concepts expanded: The Maldives carbonate platform
C. Betzler, C. Huebscher, T. Luedma nn, J.J.G. Reijm er, A. Droxler,
S. Lindho rst, J. Fürstenau, M. Roemer, D. Jaram illo and Shipboa rd
Scientific Party Cruise M 7/ 49
Lipid biomarkers reveal close proximity of anaerobic and aerobic
oxidation of methane at ancient marine seeps D. Birgel, J. Peckmann 50
The Triassic type area of carbonate platforms (Dolomites, Italy) – the
hydrothermal alternative W. Blendinger 51
Interactions between the carbonate platform factory and
paleoceanography along the northern Tethyan margin during the Early
Cretaceous: a multi-proxy approach S. Bodin, A. Godet, K.B. Föllmi 52
Facies model and sequence stratigraphy of mixed
siliciclastic-carbonate embayment: Preliminary results from the Early
to mid-Cretaceous Ghadames Basin (NE Libya – SW Tunisia) S. Bodin,
L. Petitpierre, J. Redfern53 Phosphorus accumulation during OAE 2, a
global signal? Example from the Tibet, SE Tethys. B. Bomo u,
T. Adatte, V. Matera, K. B. Föllmi, Y. Huang, M. Caron and D. Fleitma
nn 54
Fish tooth and rudist δ18O exploring short-term marine temperature
variations in the Western Tethys during the Valanginian Bonin A.,
Pucéat E., Vennin E., Mattioli E., Masse J.-P., Pittet B., Joa chimski
M., Chesnel V 55
Randomness or order in the occurrence and preservation of
shallow-marine carbonate facies? Holocene, South Florida Dan Bosence
Magnetic susceptibility correlation of km-thick Eifelian–Frasnian
sections (Belgium–Czech Republic) F. Boulva in, A.-C. da
SilvaC. Mabille, G. Poulain, J. Hladil, M. Gersl, L. Kop tikova ,
P. Schnabl 57
Biogenic versus non-Biogenic "Wrinkle Structures" in siliciclastic
rocks E. Bouougri, H. Porada 58
Response of a post evaporitic mixed siliciclastic-carbonate platform
to paleotopography, clastic influx and evaporite deformation (Late
Messinian, Sorbas Basin, SE Spain) R. Bourillot, E. Vennin,
J.-M. Rouchy, Christoph e Durlet, V. Roemm eveaux, C. Kolodka 59
Two orders of sea-level changes controlled facies and architecture of
late Early Aptian carbonate platform systems in the Maestrat Basin
(eastern Iberian Chain, Spain) T. Bov er-Arnal, R. Salas,
J. A. Moreno-Bedma r, K. Bitzer, P. W. Skelton, E. Gili 60
Sedimentary characteristics and magnetic susceptibility of Late
Miocene paleosols of western Anatolia, Turkey S. Boyraz, N. Kazanci,
O. Makaroglu 61
High salinity variability during the early Messinian revealed by
stable isotope signatures from vermetid and Halimeda reefs of the
Mediterranean region T.C. Brachert, A. Vescogni, F.R. Bosellini,
M. Reuter, R. Mertz-Kraus62 The glaciotectonic deformation of
Quaternary sediments by fault-propagation folding C. Brandes, D.P. Le
Heron 63
Neogene interplay of tectonics and drainage pattern in southern
Central America C. Brandes, I. Struss, J. Winsemann 64
Provenance analyses of Attic mushroomrim amphorae – Use of sedimentary
petrology, geochemistry and micropalaeontology in archaeological
investigations M.B. Bremen, Ü. Yalçin, H. Lohmann, J. Steffahn 65
Origin of low permeability and porositiy in Middle Jurassic carbonate
formations in the eastern part of the Paris Basin B. Brigaud,,
C. Durlet, J.-F. Deconinck, B. Vincent, A. Trouiller 66
Calibration and application of the new δ26Mg proxy in speleothem
research: Monitoring data from the Bunker Cave, Germany D. Buhl,
A. Immenhauser, D.K. Richter, U. Schulte 67
Sequence stratigraphy in the coastal Holocene sediment wedge of
Langeoog tidal basin, Southern North Sea, Germany F. Bungenstock,
A. Schäfer 68
Depositional environments of plant-bearing Cretaceous sediments of the
Levant (Negev Desert and Mt. Hermon): from lakes to tidal flats
R. Bussert, V. Krassilov , E. Schrank 69
Facies and depositional environments of Gondwana glacigenic deposits
(latest Carboniferous–Early Permian) in Northern Ethiopia R. Bussert,
D. Enkurie 70
Siliceous ferrihydrite speleothems with microbial imprints in a
volcanic tube (Buracos cave, Terceira, Azores) MA. Bustillo,
M.R. Carvalho , A. Aparicio, J.C. Nunes, F. Pereira 71
Predicting hydraulic parameters for the formation of cyclic steps in
Monterey Canyon using a 1D numerical model M.J.B. Cartigny,
D.R. Mastbergen, J. H. va n den Berg, G. Postma 72
Quaternary estuarine deposits in Marajó Island, northern Brasil: an
integrated approach applying sedimentology, δ13C, δ15N, and C/N
D. F. Castro, D.F. Rossetti 73
Upper Triassic carbonate deposits of Sambosan Accretionary Complex,
Japan: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy and paleogeographic implications
J. Chablais, R. Martini, E. Samankassou, T. Onoue, S.Hiroyoshi 74
Sandwave complexes landward migration in a transgressive context:
Albian-Cenomanian of the Serranía de Cuenca (Iberian Basin,Spain).
M. Chamizo-Borreguero, M. N. Meléndez 75
Stratigraphy and facies analysis of the Middle to Upper Turonian
Roding Formation (Danubian Cretaceous Group, Bodenwöhr area, Bavaria,
southern Germany) P. Chellouche, M. Wilmsen, B. Niebuhr, T. Pürner,
H. de Wall 76
Occurrences ofhydrothermal silica chimneys in the Ediacaran-Cambrian
boundary successions, South China: Implications for the vast coeval
oceanic and biotic changes D. Chen, J. Wang, H. Qing, D. Yan, R. Li 77
Sedimentology of a mixed (bioclastic/siliciclastic) Pliocene
succession near Acerenza (Southern Apennines, Basilicata, Italy).
D. Chiarella, S. Longhitano, L. Sabato, M. Tropeano 78
Cathodoluminescence colour spectra of quartz as a provenance tool:
Ediacarian to Cambrian siliciclastic rocks of NW Argentina H. Chmiel,
M. Kocabayoglu, C. Augustsson 79
Structure of microlaminae in the Tylawa Limestones and adjacent
deposits; its significance for the paleoceanographic reconstruction of
the Oligocene Paratethys A. Ciurej 80
Nature and lateral extent of discontinuity surfaces in the Jurassic of
the High Atlas, Morocco: signficance for reservoir
compartmentalization N. Christ, A. Imm enha user, F. Amo ur, M. Mutti,
Susan M. Agar, Robert Alway, Lahcen Kabiri 81
Stable-isotope data from an epioceanic setting (Upper Jurassic, SE
Spain) - preliminary data from the Internal Subbetic. R. Coimbra,
A. Immenhauser, F. Olóriz 82
Seismo-stratigraphic interpretation and subsidence modeling of key
segments in the Brazilian and Uruguayan passive continental margins
J. Contreras, T. Bechstädt, S. Bowman, R. Zühlke 83
Multidisciplinary approach to reconstruct the Belgian Frasnian
platform - facies, carbon isotopes and magnetic susceptibility
A.-C. da Silva , C. Mabille, F. Boulvain 84
Stratigraphy and facies of Early Mesozoic clastic coastal to nearshore
marine depositional sequences in Northern Ethiopia L. E. Daw it,
R. Bussert 85
Methane-related calcite cementation in tubular concretions – an
integrated approach (Lower Eocene, Varna, Bulgaria) E. De Boever,
D. Birgel, R. Swennen, J. Peckma nn, Ph. Muchez, L. Dimitrov 86
Pliensbachian-Toarcian (Early Jurassic) paleoclimatic changes
highlighted by the conjunctive use of geochemical and mineralogical
proxies G. Dera, P. Pellenard, P. Neige, J.-F Deconinck, E. Pucéat,
J.-L. Domm ergues87 Tectono-eustatic, sequential control on fracturing
in foreland: Example of the Lower-Permian Bioconstructions of Urals
(Russia) M. Deville De Periere, A. Guillemenet, E. Vennin, C. Durlet,
M. Guiraud 88
Variability of micrite size in a Cenomanian microporous reservoir of
Qatar: A diagenetic approach M. Deville De Perriere, C. Durlet,
A. Foubert, E. Vennin, B. Caline, L. Lam bert, R. Bourillot 89
Biochemostratigraphy of Upper Barremian−Lower Albian Shallow-Water
Carbonates of the Southern Apennines (Italy): High-Resolution Dating
and Correlation with deep-water Reference Sections M. Di Lucia,
M. Parente 90
The Response of the Southern Apenninic Carbonate Platform to the
Middle Cretaceous OAE1a And OAE1b. M. Di Lucia, M. Parente91 The
continental clastic conveyor belt: sequence stratigraphic ideas
J. Dinis, P. Cunha , P. Dinis 92
An Outcrop Analogue Study of a Paleozoic Sandstone Aquifer: The Wajid
Group in Greater Wadi Ad Dawasir, South West Saudi Arabia S. Dirner,
C. Filom ena, H. Bock 93
Reservoir modelling of fluvial terminal sheet sandstone: Example from
the Ten Boer Claystone Member, Southern Permian Basin M.E. Donselaa r,
I. Overeem, J.H.C. Reichw ein, C.A. Visser 94
The microbially-mediated carbon cycle: Processes of carbonate
precipitation in microbial mats C. Dupraz 95
Microbially mediated carbonate calcium precipitation in low pH
solution: Preliminary data A. Echihao ui, A. Arnaud Vanneau, E. Carrio
Schafa use, D. Duchamp , E. Kieff er, G. Massonnat 96
Sequence and Tectono-Stratigraphy of the Tarfaya Basin (Moroccan
Atlantic Margin): the interplay between developing structural
evolution, eustasy and sedimentation L. El Jorfi, M.P. Süss,
T. Aigner, N. Mham di, A. Morabet 97
Triassic-Jurassic Beacon Sandstone in North Victoria Land, Antarctica
– compositional types and source areas M. Elsner, R. Schöner, R. Gaupp
The Late Devonian glaciation in western Argentina: expanding the
frontiers of Gondwanan glacial epoch M. Ezpeleta, R.A. Astini 99
A mixed Palaeogene volcaniclastic-siliciclastic succession from the
Mesta Basin (SW Bulgaria): facies analysis and implications for the
reconstruction of explosive eruption cycles A. Fischer, T. McCann 100
Climate variability recorded in stalagmites from Northern Turkey
D. Fleitma nn, H. Cheng, S. Badertscher, O.M. Göktürk, R. Pickering,
R.L. Edwa rds, Tüysüz, O., J. Kramers, A. Matter 101
A synchronous, middle Early Aptian age for the demise of the Helvetic
Urgonian platform related to the unfolding oceanic anoxic event 1a («
Selli event ») K.B. Föllmi, P. Linder 102
Stratigraphy, sedimentology and facies of the lacustrine to playa-like
Arnstadt Formation (Norian) in the eastern Central European Basin
(CEB) M. Franz 103
Pleistocene-Holocene marine terraces of the Akamas Peninsula
G. Frébourg, C.-A. Hasler, E. Davaud 104
Impact of currents on carbonate platform slope geometry (Maldives,
Indian Ocean) J. Fürstenau, C. Betzler, S. Lindho rst, A. Paul,
C. Hübscher, J. J. G. Reijm er, T. Lüdmann, A. Droxler 105
Diagenesis and petrophysics of dolomite in “Middle Cretaceous” of
Sorrento Peninsula (Southern Apennine) L. Galluccio, G. Frijia,
M. D’amore, M. Giorgioni, A. Iannace, M. Parente 106
Tectonostratigraphic Models for Phanerozoic Carbonate Platforms
J. Gardner, D. Bosence, D. Waltham , P. Burgess 107 Syn-tectonic
Frasnian platform evolution and paleogeography, SE Lennard Shelf,
northern Canning Basin, Australia A.D. George, N. Chow ,
K.M. Trinajstic 108
Cyclo-Stratigraphy of Paleogene carbonates in Ionian zone (Western
Greece) K. Getsos, A. Zelilidis 109
Late Ordovician climbing dune assemblages, the signature of glacial
outburst ? J. F. Ghienne, F. Girard, J.Moreau,
J.L. Rubino,Y. Boujazia 110
Parasequences and orbital cycles in the late Turonian-early Coniacian
of the Iberian Ranges, Spain J. Gil, J. F. García-Hidalgo, R. Mateos,
M. Segura 111
Depositional architecture and faunal (Ammonoidea and Hippuritoida)
relationships in the Coniacian of the Iberian Ranges (Spain) J. Gil,
F. Barroso-Barcenilla, J.M. Pons, M. Segura, J.F. García-Hidalgo 112
Late Quaternary mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sequences on the
central-southern Belize shelf, Central America E. Gischler,
R.N. Ginsburg, R. Prasad 113
The Blue Hole: a new late Quaternary climate and cyclone archive
(Lighthouse Reef, Belize, Central America) E. Gischler, E.A. Shinn,
F. Anselmetti, W. Oschma nn, J. Fiebig, N.A. Buster 114
The onset of biogenic calcium carbonate precipitation in hypersaline
microbial mats (Eleuthera, Bahamas) C. Glunk, C. Dupraz, O. Braissant,
E. P. Verrecchia, P.T. Visscher 115
Cathodoluminescence (CL) analytics for the stable heavy mineral group
monazite-xenotime-zircon from Triassic sandstones of NE-Bavaria
P. Görgen, D.K. Richter 116
Cathodoluminescence (CL) analytics of kyanite and topaz from the
Miocene (OSM) sands of the Graupensandrinne and the Alpine Forland
P. Görgen, D.K. Richter 117
Trace elements of quartz cements in fluvial sandstones – how are they
related to diagenetic conditions? Th. Götte, K. Ramseyer,
M. Koch-Müller, Th. Pettke 118
Wasserstoffeinbau in authigenen und hydrothermalen Quarzen – Ein
Abbild der Wachstumsgeschwindigkeit? Th. Götte, M. Koch-Müller 119
Reservoir characteristics of Middle Triassic ramp deposits: the Lower
Muschelkalk Jena Formation (Steudnitz, Germany) A.E. Götz, N. Lenhardt
The Valanginian Event: a case of complex record of major climate
changes B. Gréselle, B. Pittet, E. Mattioli, S. Reboulet,
M. Joachimsky 121
Subglacial-tunnel versus tunnel-mouth facies - examples from eskers in
Poland and Sweden B. Gruszka 122
A sedimentary shelf system under hyperarid conditions: Identifying the
Late Quaternary environmental controls (Golfe d’Arguin, Mauritania, NW
Africa) T.J.J. Hanebuth, H. Lantzsch, R. Henrich 123
ToF-SIMS molecular mappings of biosignatures in calcite fracture
fillings from the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, Sweden C. Heim, J. Lausma
, P. Sjöva ll, K.Simon, V.Thiel 124
The laminated Crato fossil beds of Brazil – High-resolution stable
isotope and elemental geochemistry U. Heimhof er, M. Lenniger,
D. Ariztegui, S.P. Hesselbo, D.M. Martill 125
Biogeochemical signals of last deglacial Tahitian reef-microbialites
(IODP 310) K. Heindel, D. Birgel, H. Westpha l, J. Peckmann 126
Palaeoenvironmental evolution of a southern Tethys carbonate platform
margin: response to global climatic and palaeoceanographic events
(Barremian–Aptian of north-central Tunisia) M. Heldt, J. Lehmann,
M. Bachmann, J. Kuss 127
Sequence Stratigraphy and Palaeogeographic Context of the Saharian
Atlas (Algeria) Upper Jurassic M. Herkat 128
Gravel-filled sedimentary dikes of the Eisenach Formation
(Oberrotliegend, Early Permian): Modified artesian injections at the
base of alluvial fans ? C. Heubeck 129
Post-Sturtian and Early Ediacaran microfossils of carbonate sequences
in Brazil R. Hidalgo, A.C.R.Nogueira, S. Petri 130
Unravelling bivalve shell chemistry: Implications for an improved
understanding of environmental proxies in high-resolution archives
D. Hippler 131
Selective blackening of bioclasts via mixing-zone aragonite
neomorphism in the Upper Triassic Ilidža Limestone, Zlatibor
Mountains, Serbia K. Hips, J. Haas, M. Vidó, D. Jovanović, M. Sudar
Can aeolian sediments preserved in patterned ground provide a proxy
for periglacial conditions?: A case study in East Anglia, UK
S.M. Hitchens, M.D. Bateman 133
Lower Aptian Lithocodium-Baccinella facies in Istria (Croatia) –
shoalwater time equivalents of basinal OAE 1a black shale deposition?
S. Huck, N. Rameil, A. Immenhauser, T. Korbar, U. Heimhofer,
T.D. Wieczorek 134
Tectonic control in zonation of fluvial distributary systems
(Palaeogene, Almazán basin, Spain) P. Huerta, I. Armenteros 135
Chemical and isotopic palaeogroundwater evolution from sedimentary
record (Palaeogene, Almazán basin, Spain). P. Huerta, I. Armenteros
Facies stacking pattern in a Late Jurassic (Tithonian) Adriatic
Platform: implications for greenhouse phase in Late Jurassic-Early
Cretaceous cool mode A. Husinec,J.F. Read 137
Baltic Ice Lake sediments from land and sea: a sequence stratigraphic
approach to the sediment records from Southern Finland and the Baltic
Sea O. Hyttinen, A. Kaa kinen, A. Kotilainen, V.-P. Salonen 138
Neogene Reefal Limestones and Delta-Estuary Sediments and their
Significance in Basin Architecture, Osmaniye-Bahçe Sub-Basin-Southern
Turkey. M. Ikram , B. Varol 139
Deep-water channel networks in the abssal plain of the Gulf of Mexico:
evidence for deep convection in the Pleistocene? P. Imbert,
F. Miquelis 140
Organofacies evidence for Neoproterozoic cold-water Ice-Patch Earth
H. Jäger,, G.H. Spence, T. Bechstädt 141
Tunnel Valleys in the Hamburg Area (NW Germany): Genetic Models, 3D
Architecture and Analogues for Groundwater and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
A. Janszen, A. Moscariello, J. Kröger; J.Ehlers; J. Moreau, P. va n
der Vegt, P.L. Gibbard, M. Huuse 142
Sea-level, climate and palaeoceanographic events of the Cenomanian
(100 – 94 Ma): towards better understanding environmental change in a
Greenhouse Earth System I. Jarvis 143
Provenance analysis of Paleocene – Miocene sandstones, Sierra de
Chiapas, Mexico U. Jenchen, J. Steffah n, V. V. Yutsis, F. Velasco-Tap
ia, A. G. Priego Vázquez, D. Masuch-Oesterreich 144
Carboniferous climate and ice volume history – insights from carbon
and oxygen isotopes M. Joa chimski, W. Buggisch, A. Alekseev, G. Seva
stop ulo, V.P. Pazukhin, 145 High- and low-resolution isotopic data
record the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event in the Ionian Zone, Western
Greece N. Kafo usia, V. Karakitsios, H. C. Jenkyns 146
Late Paleozoic coarse-grained clastic sediments in the NE German Basin
– Facies and controlling factors of alluvial fan E. Kallmeier,
H. Kiersnow ski, C. Breitkreuz 147
Sediment fillings influenced by coal-mining activities in valleys of
the Ruhr area (Germany) T. Kasielke, H. Zepp 148
The Steinplatte carbonate complex (Late Triassic, Northern Calcareous
Alps, Austria) - subsidence-controlled development of a
carbonate-platform-to-intrashelf-basin-transition B. Kaufma nn,
W.E. Piller 149
Digital Outcrop Models of Carbonate Platform and Ramp Systems: Analogs
for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling J. Kenter, P. M. Harris,
A.O. Pierre 150
Late Pleistocene glacial records of ice-marginal and proglacial
deposits: A case study from Rügen (southern coast of the Baltic Sea)
M. Kenzler, H. Hüneke, K. Obst, K. Schütze 151
Depositional environments in Prinos – Kavala Basin: A palaeogeographic
evolutionary model P. Kiomo urtzi, Th. Anagrostoudi, A. Zelilidis 152
Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of a Khuff Reservoir Outcrop
Equivalent (Upper Saiq and Lower Mahil Formation, Saiq Plateau,
Sultanate of Oman) B. Köhrer, M. Zeller, M. Pöpp elreiter, T. Aigner
Sedimentology of a Permian Playa Lake: Boda Siltstone Formation,
Hungary Gy. Konrád, E. Babinszki, A. Halász, K. Sebe 154
A modern example of braid-delta from Gulf of Antalya, southwest Turkey
E. Koşun, K. Ayrancı 155
Carbonate geochemistry of Carboniferous platform-margin-to-basin
transects: paleoceanography vs. diagenesis B. va n der Koo ij, A. Imm
enha user, A. Csoma , J.R. Bahamo nde, T. Steuber 156
Composition and Provenance of the Neogene Clastic Material from Dilj
Mt., South Pannonian Basin, Croatia M. Kovačić, M. Horvat 157
The Middle Jurassic siderites from the northern edge of the Holy Cross
Mountains A. Kozłowski, A. Feldman-Olszewska, M. Kuberska,
A. Maliszewska158 The recordonshore redeposition in a shallow water
carbonate succesion, Upper Silurian, Ukraine W. Kozłowski,
S. Skompski, P. Łuczyński, D. Drygant 159
Late Jurassic and Late Cretaceous synsedimentary extensional tectonic
activities in the peri-Tethyan platform of Poland marked by neptunian
dykes M. Krobicki, J. Kucha rski, J. Golonka 160
Diagenesis of the miocene sandstones in the Carpathian Foredeep
M. Kuberska, A. Kozłowska, A. Maliszewska 161
The record of Late Pleistocene glacigenic and non-glacigenic sediments
in Murchisonfjorden, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard F. Kubischta,
A. Kaakinen, K. O. Eskola, V.-P. Salonen 162
Dating of event-layers (palaeotsunamis) on the Andaman Islands (Bay of
Bengal) with Pb-210 and Optically Stimulated Luminescence A. Kunz,
M. Frechen, R. Rama sha ndran, B. Urban 163
Evolution of an Upper Tithonian prograding sequence: constrains from
quantitative microfacies analysis: A case-study from the Ogliastra
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fault-controlled hydrothermal venting during continental rifting
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Lower Rhine Basin connected to Northwest European Cenozoic Basin?
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Beach (Khao Lak), southern Thailand: Tsunami deposits and
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Danian-Selandian hyperthermal event in Egypt P. Schulte, L. Schwa rk,
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Fore-Sudetic Monocline, W Poland – a new approach Mirosław
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bedded peri- to subtidal carbonates in the Early Aptian portion of the
Cupido Formation at Potrero Chico, Sierra Madre Oriental (NE Mexico)
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study from the Late Oxfordian shallowwater carbonates in the Swiss
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Tectonic vs. eustatic controls of the high-frequency sedimentary
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in supply and sea-level in ice-house periods J. H. ten Veen, D. Mikes,
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Sicily) – submarine dune or cold-water coral mound? J. Titschack,
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Porcupine Drilling) J. Titscha ck, M. Thierens, B. Dorschel,
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Platform and its margin: The beginning of the modern phosphorus cycle
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Detecting eustasy in clastic sequences beyond the icehouse – what can
we correlate (and trust) ? D. Uličný 282
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study by flume experiments M. van Dijk, G. Postma, M.G. Kleinhans 283
Facies, architecture, and provenance of Late Cretaceous sediments from
the Subhercynian Basin precisely reflect mechanism and timing of
exhumation of the Harz Mts. (Germany) H. v. Eynatten, T. Voigt 284
Soft-sediment deformation structures in Paleoproterozoic offshore
seismites from E. India A.J. van Loon, R. Mazumder,
J.P. Rodríguez-López, M. Arima 285
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construction (Miocene, Teruel Basin, Spain): facies, architecture and
controls D. Ventra 286
Cenozoic basin formation and syntectonic sedimentation in the central
Tianshan (Kazakhstan) T. Voigt, J. Kley, N. Seib, R. Freitag, R. Gaupp
Orbitally forced changes in European shelf-sea ventilation during OAE
2 – new insights from high-resolution correlation and the new orbital
time scale of the Cenomanian-Turonian reference section at Wunstorf
(North Germany) S. Voigt, J. Erbacher, J. Mutterlose, W. Weiss,
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Cretaceous cooling? S. Voigt, J. Schönfeld, O. Friedrich 289
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periods: evidences from the Cretaceous in the Middle East C. Volery,
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Morphology and mode of life of large, high-spired gastropods: The
Nopparat Thara tidal flat in South Thailand, versus the Kimmeridgian
of the Swiss Jura Mountains R. Waite, A. Strasser 291
Predominant Alpine origin of fluviatile gravel in the Early /
Pre-Sarmatian Danube (Vienna Basin) E. Wegerer, G. Wessely 292
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Sedimentology R. Weiss, J. Bourgeois, A. Eipert, B. Higma n,
B. MacInnes, M. Martin293 Stable and unstable Oceans–lessons from the
Early Cretaceous H. Weissert 294
Evolution of redox conditions during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic
Event in the western Tethys S. Westerma nn, V. Matera, N. Fiet,
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Stratigraphy and facies development of the Galala and Maghra El Hadida
formations (Cenomanian–Turonian, Eastern Desert, Egypt) M. Wilmsen,
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The early Late Cretaceous transgression in the Regensburg and
Bodenwöhr areas (Bavaria, southern Germany) M. Wilmsen, B. Niebuhr,
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Pleistocene, NW Germany J. Winsema nn, C. Brandes J. Meinsen, U. Polom
The evolution of a Lower–Middle Cambrian carbonate ramp: A
comprehensive facies investigation from the Cantabrian zone (NW Spain)
Th. Wotte 300
Multi-stage coarse-grained fluvial sedimentation in response to the
neotectonic evolution of the Eşen Çay Basin (Late Miocene –
Quaternary, SW Turkey) B. Yerli, J.H. ten Veen, M.C. Alçiçek 301
Implications for relationship between volcanism, sea-level and
productivity during the formation of Cenomanian/Turonian (OAE2) anoxic
condition (Sakarya continent, Turkey) İ. Ö. Yilmaz, D. Altiner,
U. K. Tekin, O. Tüsüz, F. Ocakoğlu, S. Açikalin 302
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Carbonate Rocks of the Sub-Pelagonian zone at NW Attica (Kitheron Mt,
Greece) E. Ypsilanti, M. Stamatakis, F. Pomoni-Papaioannou 303
Geochemistry, diagenesis and sedimentary environment of the carbonate
deposits of Tale-Zang Formation in the Zagros Basin, (south-west Iran)
A. Zohdi, M.H. Adabi 304