Resources and Risks in the Earth System

International Conference and 160th annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften e.V. (DGG) and 98th annual meeting of the Geologische Vereinigung e.V. (GV), September 29 - October 2, 2008, Aachen, Germany

Ed.: Peter Kukla; Ralf Littke

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(Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 60)

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Resources and Risks in the Earth System

The last decade has seen a growing demand for energy and mineral resources due to rapidly evolving economies and growing population. In this context, discovery of new resources and improved management of known resources have become two of the most important and challenging tasks for earth scientists. At the same time an awareness of environmental risks and climate change has promoted new developments in storage technologies; nevertheless many questions regarding utilization of the subsurface remain unsolved at the moment. Another challenge related to land use and civilization is the protection of mankind and minimization of physical damage with respect to natural disasters. Geology has to offer answers to these challenging questions of future energy and mineral resources as well as the risk management and environmental protection. The Geo2008 conference will be devoted to these topics

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Oral Presentations 35
Session 1: Sedimentary Basin Dynamics 36
Major depositional cycles of the Central European Basin
G. H. Bachmann 37
Three-dimensional analysis of Niger Delta growth faults: synkinematic
sedimentation and syndepositional tectonics
S. Back 38
Quantification of Overpressures Generated by Undercompaction: A
Comparative Study of Commonly Used Techniques
A. Bartetzko, S. Wessling, J.-U. Bruns, T. Dahl 39
Revisiting the structural setting of the Glückstadt Graben area, North
German Basin
M. Baykulov, H.–J. Brink, D. Gajewski, M.-K. Yoon 40
Thermal modelling of a thin-skinned fold-and-thrust belt: a case study
from the Costa Rican back-arc
C. Brandes, R. Littke, J. Winsemann 41
Basin evolution of the Pan-African orogen in the northern segment of
the on of the Pan-African orogen in the northern segment of the
Eastern Desert Basement Complex (NE Egypt): Constraints from
volcanosedimentary facies analysis and radiometric dating
C. Breitkreuz, H. Eliwa, I. Khalaf, K. El Gameel, 42
Stress and strain modelling of the Central European Basin System
M. Cacace, U. Bayer 43
Sedimentary basins and continental topography: an integrated approach
S. Cloetingh , J. -D van Wees, F. Beekman 44
Multistratigraphic approach for the Keuper (Upper Triassic) in the
eastern Central European Basin and the Danish Basin
M. Franz, G. Beutler 45
Sub-/seismic deformation prediction across different scales: fractures
and deformation in small scale – diagenetic processes in deformation
zones R. Gaupp, J. Dittmann, V. Lüders, H.-W. Holzapfel, Subs eismic
Deformation-Team 46 Fault activity migration within the Northern
Taranaki Basin, New Zealand – response to vertical axis rotation of a
subduction zone?
M. Giba, J. Walsh , A. Nicol, C. Childs 47
Evolving anatomy of a high pressure carbonate reservoir: field
observations and Interpretation of remote sensing data from Jebel
Shams, Oman Mountains
M. Holland, J. L. Urai, N. Saxena, E. J. M. Willemse 48
Water-rich massflows dominated the coarse-grained clastic
sedimentation in the Permocarboniferous Central European Basin System
(CEBS): tectonics versus climate cycles
E. Kallmeier, H. Kiersnowski, C. Breitkreuz 49
Late Cretaceous inversion in Europe : some basic concepts revisited
J. Kley, T. Voigt, F. Jähne 50
Sub-/seismic deformation prediction across different scales - a
workflow bridging the gap between 1D well data and 3D reflection
C. M. Krawczyk, T. Lohr, D. C. Tanner, H. Endres,
P. O. Thierer, H. Trappe, O. Oncken, J. Dittmann, R. Gaupp,
P. A. Kukla 51
Dynamics of salt structures
P. Kukla, J. Urai, M. Mohr 52
Recent geodynamic processes and resulting surface deformation within
the Central European Basin System
R. Lehné, F. Sirocko 53
Deep fluid transport processes in sedimentary basins
F. Magri, U. Bayer, I. Plotnikova 54
Structure and evolution of the Central European Basin System (CEBS) in
terms of 3D model and 3D structural reconstruction Y. Maystrenko,
U. Bayer, M. Scheck-Wenderoth Experiments to reactions of organic
compounds with hematite in clastic reservoir rocks (PHI-Project, SPP
A. Meier, R. Gaupp , B. M. Krooss , H. Behrens , P. Scholz,
R. Littke 56
Hydrofracture propagation in mechanically layered carbonate rocks
S. L. Philipp 57
Cycling of nitrogen in Palaeozoic rocks of the Central European Basin
B. Pless en, V. Lüders, P. Hoth 58
Fluid dynamics in salt-encased carbonates J. Schoenherr, L. Reuning,
Z. Schléder, J. L. Urai, R. Littke, P. A. Kukla 59 The paleostress
evolution of the Central European Basin System reconstructed from
fault-slip data
J. Sippel, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, A. Saintot,
M. Heeremans, K. Reicherter, S. Mazur 60
Flow and Transport Properties of Salt Rocks
J. L. Urai, Z. Schléder, C. J. Spiers, P. A. Kukla 61
The Effect of mechanical stratigraphy on the evolution of transport
processes in fault zones
J. L. Urai, J. Schmatz, S. Abe, H. van Gent, M. Holland 62
Sedimentation during Inversion in the Central European Basin System
T. Voigt, H. von Eynatten , V. E. Hoffmann , R. Gaupp 63
Seismic structure and P-wave velocities of Zechstein and
post-Zechstein sediments in the German North Sea
S. Willert, W. Rabbel 64
Session 2: Tectonics and Mountain Buildung 65
Discrete Element Simulation of Normal Faulting In cohesive Materials
S. Abe, H. van Gent, J. L. Urai 66
How rifts become mountains
S. Buiter, A. Pfiffner 67
The formation of parallel-dipping faults at passive margins
S. Buiter, G. Schreurs, S. Ellis 68
3D undisturbed grain boundary microstructures in wet Halite inferred
from FIB-cryo-SEM microscopy
G. Desb ois, J.L. Urai, C. Burkhardt, M.R. Drury, M. Hayles, B. Humbel 69
From oblique subduction to collision : the influence of ductile flow
vs. subducting slab on evolving fault systems, South Island, New
S. Ellis, D. Eberhart-phillips, L. Wallace, R. Langridge 70
Cementation of fractures and faults – micro- to basin scale
C. Hilgers, S. Nollet, J. L. Urai 71
The influence of temperature on excess pore pressure estimates in
underthrust sediments at the Nankai margin
A. Hüpers, A. J. Kopf 72
Structural Connections and Tectonic Similarities of the Main
Carboniferous Coal Basins in Central and Eastern Europe
D. Juch 73
Finite-element models on the effect of postglacial unloading and
rebound on the slip evolution of active faults
T. Karow, A. Hampel 74
Mountain building in extensional terrains
D. Koehn, M. Lindenfeld, G. Rümpker, K. Aanyu,, S. Haines,
C.W. Pass chier, T. Sachau 75
Crustal architecture and depth-graded properties of the seismogenic
coupling zone in southern Central Chile from geophysical observations
C. M. Krawczyk, U. Micksch, C. Haberland, K. Gross , S. Buske,
P. Wigger, H. Brass e, H.-J. Götze, A. Rietbrock 76
Deep structure of Tibet and a comparison with the Altiplano
J. Mechie 77
The Kinetics of Fluid Inclusions in Recrystallizing Rocks - Evidence
from Analogue and Numerical Models.
J. Schmatz, P. D. Bons, J. K. Becker, J. L. Urai 78
Tectonometamorphic Evolution in the Hanging and Footwall of the Nestos
Shear Zone, Greek Rhodopes
S. Schmidt,, T. J. Nagel, N. Froitzheim 79
Exhuming the Alpine external massifs – climate or tectonics?
C. Spiegel 80
Construction and break-up of a Tibetan-style plateau in the Variscides
(Bohemian Massif)
G. Zulauf, W. Dörr 81
Session 3: Dynamics of Ocean Margins 82
Long-term landscape evolution at the Western South Atlantic passive
continental margin, Brazil U. A. Glasmacher, P. Hackspacher,
A. Förster, A. O.B. Franco, C. Doranti 83 Tectonic evolution of the
continental margin NW Borneo – a structural restoration approach for
the verification of folding and thrusting mechanisms
S. Hess e, S. Back, D. Franke 84
Sediment characterisation by in-situ dynamic cone penetrometer tests
in shallow Shelf Seas
A. Seifert, S. Stegmann, T. Mörz, M. Lange, T. Wever, A. Kopf 85
A retreating multi-stage slope failure at the NE margin of Crete –
which trigger scenario is hotly be favoured by slope stability
F. Strozyk, K. Huh n, M. Strass er, S. Krastel, A. Förster 86
Ocean Margin Systems – Scientific Challenges and New Technologies
G. Wefer 87
Session 4: Geology of Ore Depositis 88
Securing the supply of raw materials in southwestern Germany: examples of current projects
B. Anders, W. Werner 89
A new era in exploration targeting - linking lithospheric processes
and mineral endowment
F. P Bierlein 90
Metallogenesis of the Nb-Ta, Sn and W deposits in the northern Kibara
belt (Rwanda)
F. De Clercq, S. Dewaele, P. Muchez, M. Fernandes-Alonso 91
S, C, O, and Sr isotopic constraints on formation conditions of the
Cu-Co ore deposits at Luiswishi and Kamoto, Katanga Copperbelt, DRC
H. El Desouky, P. Muchez, J. Schneider, A. Boyce, J. Cailteux, S. Dewaele 92
Genesis of the Dikulushi Cu-Pb-Zn-Fe-Ag deposit, Katanga, DRC
M. Haest, P. Muchez, S. Dewaele 93
Vein formation and wallrock alteration at amphibolite facies
conditions - Hira-Buddini Gold Mine, South India
A. Hellmann, F. M. Meyer 94
Base metal ore deposits and geodynamics in the Central African Copperbelt
P. Muchez, H. El Desouky, M. Haest, S. Dewaele 95
The role of fluid inclusions at the Outokumpu drilling site, Finland
C. J. Piribauer, F. M. Meyer 96
Origin of the autochthonous/para-autochthonous Fe ooids and oncoids of
the Lower Eocene ironstones, Bahariya Depression, Western Desert,
W. Salama, M. El Aref, R. Gaupp 97
A Theoretical Analysis of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow in the Hypersaline
Red Sea Rift (Atlantis II Deep)
C. Schardt 98
Applications of boron isotope geochemistry of tourmaline to
understanding hydrothermal ore genesis
R. Trumbu ll 99
Boron isotopes in melt inclusions from porphyry systems of the Central Andes
J. Wittenbrink, B. lehmann, M. Wiedenbeck, A. Wallianos, A. Dietrich,
C. Palacios 100
Session 5: Petroleum Geology of northwestern Europe 101
Correlation, cyclicity and subsidence of the Keuper in the western
part of the Central European Basin
J. Barnasch 102
Influence of Quaternary glaciations on the petroleum system of
Schleswig-Holstein, SPP 1135 Project
S. Grassmann, B. Cramer, J. Winsemann, J. Mess ner, G. Delsile 103
Nitrogen in Palaeozoic Shales Of NW Germany
A. Jurisch, B. M. Krooss , S. Heim, R. Littke 104
The pore system of reservoir sandstones as archive recording the
accumulation history of petroleum reservoirs:A case study of the
Heidrun Field,offshore Norway.
D. Leythaeus er, Ch. Keuser, L. Schwark 105
A study of the diagenetic evolution of clastic-reservoirs in the
Central Graben, North Sea
R. Lippmann, R. Ondrak, R. Gaupp, V. Neumann, R. di Primio, B. Horsfield 106
The Folgen concept: a tool for time scale calibration
M. Menning 107
Fluid and Pressure Evolution in HPHT Settings of the Central Graben, North Sea
R. di Primio, V. Neumann, R. Ondrak, B. Horsfield, R. Lippmann, R. Gaupp 108
The North Sea Hydrocarbon Province – Past and Future
H. Rempel 109
Modern Subsurface Models for the Ruhr- and the Münsterland-areas
T. Rudolph, C. Melchers, W. G. Coldewey 110
Diagenesis of Rotliegend red bed sandstones in the North German Basin:
Implications for fluid evolution and migration
R. Schöner, R. Gaupp 111
Facies architecture and sequence stratigraphy of a mature hydrocarbon
province (Upper Jurassic, Lower Saxony Basin) – An integrated workflow
based on cores, cuttings, well logs, neural networks and palynology.
B. Seyfang, A. Irmen, K. Huber, T. Aigner 112
Basin dynamics and Petroleum System of the Eastern Barents Sea and the
Pechora Sea
P. Sobolev, B. Cramer, N. Sobolev 113
The seismic character of tectonic controlled (re-)sedimentation in the
Upper Cretaceous Chalk (Tail End Graben, Western Danish North Sea)
H. van Gent, S. Back, L. Reuning, P. A. Kukla 114
Trap leakage – experiment, simulation and the North Sea
C. Zwach, M. Erdmann 115
Session 6: Underground gas storage and carbon dioxide sequestration 116
Monitoring of near surface CO2 above sequestration sites
E. Faber, I. Möller, M. Teschner, J. Pogg enbu rg, K. Spickenbom,
H. –M. Schulz, 117
CO2 sequestering via mineralization
V. Ferrini, C. De Vito, S. Mignardi 118
Geological Storing of CO2 – Policies for Containment
W. Heidug 119
Experimental study of CO2 and methane transport processes in coal
F. Han, J. Yang, Z. Liu, N. van Wageningen, A. Bus ch, B. M. Krooss 120
A combined approach for in situ coal conversion and carbon management
T. Kempka, R. Schlüter, N. Golz, E. Kunz, T. Fernández-Steeger & R. Azzam 121
High pressure CH4 and CO2 sorption kinetic and thermodynamic
measurements: A comparative study on Chinese Coals
D.Y. Li, Q.F. Liu, Y. Gensterblum, B.M. Krooss , A. Busch 122
CO2 injection simulation and sensitivity analysis in a Shoreface-sand
saline aquifer
N. Maurand, Y. Le gallo, P. Frykman 123
Natural analogue studies for near surface gas monitoring in the CCS
context: First results of a case study in the Laacher See region,
Western Germany
I. Möller, N. Rann, F. May, E. Faber, D. Jones, T. Barlow, B. Lister,
R. Shaw, F. Gal, G. Braibant 124
CO2 storage simulation in a Middle Buntsandstein saline aquifer, North Germany
F. Schäfer, V. Vandeweijer, B. Van Der Meer, L. Kramers, F. Neele,
Y. Le Gallo, C. Bernstone 125
CO2 Injection at Ketzin
F. Schilling, G. Borm, A. Förster, R. Giese, M. Kühn,
C. Schmidt-Hattenberger, L. Wohlgemuth, H. Würdemann, M. Zimmer,
CO 2SINK Group 126
Carbon dioxide sequestration by using acid mine lakes and industrial
by-products: Applicability of a niche solution.
M. Schipek, B. Merkel 127
Integrity of sealing rock formations for CO2 storage -
The CO2SEALS project of the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Special Program
M. Waschbüsch, R. Littke, B. M. Krooss , A. Amann-Hildenbrand
Alteration of caprock integrity upon CO2 treatment - an experimental study
J. Wollenweber, S. Alles, A. Bus ch, A. Kronimus , H. Stanjek,
B. M. Krooss 129
Session 7: Coal: Geology - Production - Markets 130
The Contribution of Geosciences to Strata Control in Hard Coal Mining
I. Gollnick, H. Witthaus , N. Polysos 131
Palynological and coal petrographical studies in the Duckmantian of the
Ruhr Basin/Germany: implications for high resolution palaeoenvironmental
K. Jasper, G. Flajs , C. Hartkopf-Fröder, R. Littke 132
Development of a geotechnical model for coal measure strata
E. Kahlen, M. Alber 133
Coal Mining in Germany – Status and Developments
P. N. Martens 134
Governing Factors for Open Pit / Surface Coal Mine Design and Technology
C. Niemann-Delius 135
CBM in Germany – A story to be continued ?
R. Schlüter 136
Development of the world hard coal trade
S. Schmidt 137
Session 8: Geothermal energy 138
Green Field Evaluation Approach for Geothermal Energy
R. Bertani 139
Cost and risk analysis for a deep geothermal project in the Upper Rhine Valley
P. Blum, K. Hannig, A. Kany 140
The NRW-GeoTechnology Laboratory – a new large scale common research
platform for science and economy
R. Bracke 141
Sustainable thermal use of groundwater
S. Hähnlein, C. Griebler, P. Blum, P. Bayer 142
Thermal and hydraulic rock properties of the paleozoic subsurface of
the Lower Rhine Embayment and the Ruhr area (Germany)
A. Koch, R. Jorand, R. Pechnig, C. Claus er 143
Modification of the methane isotopic signal in a hydrothermal system
(Aachen system): indications for microbial contribution
B. Lünenschloss , S. Peiffer 144
The Den Haag geothermal district heating project – 3-D models for
temperature prediction
R. Pechnig D. Mottagh y, G. Willemsen, E. Simmelink 145
Structural geological outcrop analogue studies to understand permeability
development in geothermal reservoirs
S. L. Philipp, D. Reyer, S. Meier, S. Hoffmann, A. R.I. Oelrich 146
Soultz-sous-Forêts – What can inverse simulations contribute to the
knowledge of hydro-geothermal system at the European EGS demonstration site?
C. Vogt, V. Rath 147
Reduce the risk of finding a deep geothermal reservoir by means of 3D seismic
H. von Hartmann, H.-M. Rumpel, T. Beilecke, H. Buness , P. Musmann 148
Heating and Cooling With Geothermal Energy – Complex Energy Management
for Huge Geothermal Storage Systems
R. Wagner 149
Anhydrit dissolution kinetics for mineral CO2 sequestration combined
with geothermal heating
M. Waschbüsch, H. Stanjek, K. Vosbeck 150
Composition and Genesis of Geothermal Fluids in Germany and Their
Relevance for Technical Planning
M. Wolfgramm, A. Seibt 151
Porosities and Permeabilities of Mesozoic Sandstones in the North
German Basin (NGB)
M. Wolfgramm, K. Rauppach, P. Seibt 152
Session 9: Deep Scientific Drilling (Joint Session DSD + Stratigraphy
of the Aachen Area) 153
A restored and balanced structural and stratigraphic model of the
Aachen fold and thrust belt integrating surface geology, reflection
seismics and new subsurface data from the geothermal deep well RWTH-1
S. Becker, S. Back, U. Trautwein-Bruns, L. Reuning, P. A. Kukla 154
Structure and Properties of the San Andreas Fault at Seismogenic
Depths: Recent Results from the SAFOD Experiment
S. Hickman, M. Zoback, W. Ellsw orth, N. Boness , T. Wiersberg,
J. Erzinger, D. Moore, D. Kirschner, J. C hester, F. Chester, J. Evans 155
The Elgygytgyn Drilling Project: Objectives and Current Stage of Preparation
O. Juschus 156
High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of a Well in the Central
Paratethyan Vienna Basin covering the Middle to Late Miocene
W. E. Pauliss en, S. M. Luthi, J. R. Puettmann 157
Stratigraphy and tectonics of the Aachen-Region – results of a recent
mapping project of the Geological Survey of Northrhine-Westfalia
M. Salamon 158
Timing of mineralizing fluid flow events in the NW Rhenohercynian Belt
J. Schneider, S. Sindern, C. Hilgers, M. Chatziliadou, V. Beiss ,
J. Wijb rans, U. Kramm, A. von Quadt 159
Geochemical composition of sedimentary rocks and imprint of hydrothermal
fluid flow at the Variscan front – an example from the RWTH-1 well
S. Sindern, J. M. Warnsloh, U. Trautwein-Bruns, M. Chatziliadou,
S. Becker, C. Hilgers, U. Kramm, J. Schneider 160
Structural anisotropy and in situ stress at the Variscan Deformation
Front – results from the deep Aachen geothermal well RWTH-1
U. Trautwein-Bruns, P. Kukla, K.C. Schulze, J.L. Urai 161
Scientific Collaboration on Past Speciation Conditions in Ohrid (SCOPSCO)
B. Wagner, T. Wilke, S. Krastel-Gud egast, K. Reicherter,
A. Grazdani, G. Kostoski, G. Zanchetta & the Lake Ohrid Team 162
Geothermal Well RWTH-1 – Tectonic Survey and Structural Interpretation
V. Wrede 163
Session 10: Early hominins and environment 164
Carbonate horizons, paleosols and lake flooding cycles: Beds I and II,
Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
C. E Bennett, J. D Marsh all, I. Stanistreet 165
Landscape Paleoanthropology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, and the
Paleoecology of Oldowan Hominins
R. J. Blumenschine, F. T, Masao, J. K. Njau 166
The Role of Culture in Early Expansions of Humans – A New Research Center
M. N. Haidle 167
The nature of aquatic paleoenvironments at Trinil (Java, Indonesia)
and implications for feasibility of aquatic resource exploitation by
Homo erectus
J. Joordens, F. Wess elingh , J. de Vos, D. Kroon 168
Conservation of the DK site at Olduvai Gorge: preliminary results
F. T. Masao, J. K. Njau, C.S. Msu ya 169
Establishing a chronostratigraphic framework for hominin-bearing sites
in Northern Tanzania: potential tephra correlations between Olduvai,
Peninj, and Laetoli
L. McHenry, F. Diez Martín 171
Who killed Early Hominins at Plio-Pleistocene Sites at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania?
J. K. Njau, R. J. Blumenschine 172
Environments and finer resolution of early hominin time, Beds I & II,
Olduvai Basin
I. G. Stanistreet 173
Fingerprinting facies of the Tuff IF marker, with implications for
early hominin palaeoecology, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
H. Stollhofen, I. G. Stanistreet, L. J. McHenry, G. F. Mollel,
R. J. Blumenschine, F. T. Masao 174
Session 11: Geohazards 175
Data Fusion of MEMS-Sensors in a wireless Ad-hoc Multi-Hop Sensor
Network for Landslide Monitoring and Real-time Early Warning
C. Arnhardt, B. Nakaten, T. M. Fernandez-Steeger, R. Azzam 176
Volcanic hazards in Central America
A. Freundt 177
Coal Fires - A serious hazard in the newly industrialized countries
India and China
H. Gielisch 178
Slip reversals on active normal faults related to the inflation and
deflation of magma chambers
A. Hampel, R. Hetzel 179
SLEWS: Spatial Data Infrastructures and Open Standards as a Basis for
Early Warning Systems
S. Hass , K. Asch 180
Application of the Seismic Code DIN 4149:2005 for Earthquake Resistant
Building Design: Seismic Hazard
and Detailed Hazard Zoning in North Rhine – Westphalia
K. Lehmann 181
Active faults and slip-rate variability in Time and Space:
Implications for seismic hazards and fault growth
I. D. Papanikolaou, 182
Explosive felsic volcanism on Ascension Island (southern Atlantic Ocean)
K. Pedroza, S. Bernhadt, H. Paulick, C. Münker, P. van den Bogaard,
B. Weaver 184
Evidence for historical earthquake damage in the Aachen Cathedral (Germany)
K. Reicherter, A. Schaub , C. Grützner, T. Fernandez-Steeger, H. Maintz 185
Tectonic earthquakes associated with the 2006 Ol Doinyo Lengai eruption
M. Shirzaei , T. Walter 186
Towards a standardised procedure in Earthquake Archaeology
M. Sintub in, I. S. Stewart 187
Experimental volcanology: from magma to tephra -fragmentation of
highly viscous melts
O. Spieler 188
Generation of an orthophoto by digital photogrammetry: an approach for
monitoring the evolution of landslides triggered by earthquakes in the
Al Hoceima region, Morocco
A. Talhaoui, J. Ekkehard., L. Wilfried,A. Ibenbrahim, M. Aberkan,
A. EL Mouraouah 189
InSAR observation of volcano deformation and stress interaction
T. R. Walter 190
Late Weichselian Mega-Scale Mass Wasting along the north Spitsbergen
Continental Margin
D. Winkelmann, R. Stein 191
Session 12: Surface Processes and Landforms 192
The surface expression of positive flower structures: Mapping and
high-resolution laser scanning of the Rex Hills, Nevada
R. Baran, B. Guest, A. M. Friedrich 193
Is there an additional sediment supply for alluvial fan development
in the southwestern United States by Late Pleistocene periglacial processes?
R. Löhrer, F. Lehmkuh l, L. A. Owen 194
Australian palaeodune records as archives for Late Quaternary envi-ronmental
change - A discussion on drawbacks and opportunities
J. Lomax, A. Hilgers 195
The feedback of erosion and sedimentation on the slip behaviour of
normal faults: An evaluation using threedimensional finite-element models
G. Maniatis, D. Kurfess , A. Hampel, O. Heidbach 196
Erosion rates on different timescales derived from cosmogenic 10Be and
river loads: A case study from the Rhenish Massif, Germany
H. Meyer, R. Hetzel, H. Straus 197
Landscape and Lake-System Response to Late Quaternary Monsoon Dynamics
on the Northern Tibetan Plateau
G. Stauch, F. Lehmkuh l, B. Wünnemann, K. Hartmann, B. Diekmann 198
Spatial grain size trends on a large compound dune in the Jade tidal
inlet channel, South-Eastern North Sea
C. Svenson, V. B. Ernstsen, C. Winter, Derk Hebb eln 199
Diverse Long Time Landscape Evolution of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
M. Wipf, U. A. Glasmacher, D. Stockli, T. Bechs tädt, A. Emmerich 200
Holocene rapid climate changes in western Mediterranean fluvial records -
Moulouya flood history (NE Morocco)
C. Zielhofer 201
Session 13: Paleoclimate Change 202
Vojvodinian loess-paleosol sequences as archive of repeated Pleistocene
paleoclimatic changes
U. Hambach, S. B. Marković, B. Buggle, T. Gaudenyi, M. Jovanovic,
B. Machalett, M. Frechen, C. Rolf, L. Zöller 203
Climatic and environmental changes on Store Koldewey, North-East Greenland,
during late Quaternary times
M. Klug , B. Wagner, M. Melles, O. Bennike 204
Aeolian dust dynamics in Eurasia – driven by the long-term migration,
seasonality and permanency of the Eurasian polar front
B. Machalett, E. A. Oches, L. Zöller, M. Frechen, U. Hambach,
N. Mavlyanova, S. B. Markovic, W. E ndlicher 205
Lake Hoare sediments as archives of the Late Quaternary environmental
history of Taylor Valley, Antarctica
S. Ortlepp, B. Wagner, M. Melles, P. Doran, F. Kenig 206
Tropical Indian Ocean Temperatures from Modern Porites Corals –
Evaluating 20th Century Warming Trends
from Geochemical Proxies and Instrumental data
M. Pfeiffer, W. –C. Dullo, J. Zinke, S. Yud awati Cahyarini, O. Timm,
M. E. Weber, W. Ricken 207
An extraordinary biogenic deposition event – massive diatom deposition
within the Pleistocene subtropical South Atlantic
N. Rackebrandt, H. Kuh nert, J. Groeneveld, T. Bickert 208
Low-energy shoreline paleoenvironments in the Upper Ediacaran
Dengying Formation of Southern Shaanxi, central China
Q. Scouflaire, B. Weber, C. Heub eck 209
ELSA, a new record for 550.000 years of laminated sediments from Eifel
maar lakes
F. Sirocko 210
Late Pleistocene glaciations in the Verkhoyansk Mountains, North-Eastern
G. Stauch, S. Popp, V. Spektor, I. Belolyubs ky, A. Prokopiev,
C. Siegert, B. Diekmann, F. Lehmkuh 211
Historical climate variability recorded by massive corals in the Maldives,
Indian Ocean
D. Storz, Gischler, E 212
Synchronisation of late pleistocene glacier advances across the Himalaya
by geomorphological and pedological investigations
M. Wagner 213
Session 15: Education and Public Outreach 214
OneGeology: Making Geological Map Data for the Earth accessible
K. Asch 215
New ways towards ground water protection in Lower Franconia
A. Bauer 217
Berufschancen und die neuen Hochschulabschlüsse aus Sicht von Geobüros
und Freiberuflern
K. Bücherl 218
Internationalisation of German study programmes – case study Oman
C. Hilgers, B. Stäub le, R. Schmitt 219
Implementation of the Bachelor-Master structure in the degree programmes
in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University, the Netherlands
H. de Bresser 220
Geoparks – Promotion of Earth Sciences through Geoheritage Conservation,
Education and Tourism
W. Eder 221
Die geowissenschaftlichen Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge der RWTH Aachen
K. Gallmeister 222
Berufschancen und die neuen Hochschulabschlüsse aus Sicht von Industrie
und Wirtschaft
S. Gardberg 223
Discoveries in the Deep – Communicating Marine Science and Technology
A. Gerdes 224
Berufschancen und die neuen Hochschulabschlüsse aus Sicht von Ämtern
und Behörden
H. Häussinger 225
How can geology contribute to school science education? Examples
from an extracurricular programme for early science learners
K. Kleinert 226
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zur Endlagerung radioaktiver Abfälle – Die
Geowissenschaften in der Verantwortung
B. Landsmann 227
„Strengthen international cooperation“ - Program and profile of the
Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation -
G. Limberg 228
Energy and mineral Resources of the Arctic in the focus international
economic interests
D. Mager, P. Buchh olz, B. Cramer, H. Elsner, H. Rempel, C. Reichert 229
U. Mattig 230
Berufschancen und die neuen Hochschulabschlüsse eine Einführung
U. Mattig 231
Der Geopreis Coburg 2008 - Wettbewerb und Ausstellung zum
Internationalen Jahr Planet Erde 2008 (IYPE)
E. Mönnig 232
Educational tools for training microscopy in geology:
A library of thin sections and rock slices in combination with
Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
M. Niclaes, M. Sintub in, J. Elsen, J. Hertogen 233
Crossing traditional borders - The R&D-Programme GEOTECHNOLOGIEN as
an Interface between Science and Application
L. Stroink, V. Mosbrugger 234
Session 16: Quarternary of the Lower Rhine Embayment 235
Loess – a high resolution archive of climate change in the
Lower Rhine Embayment
M. Frechen 236
The Heidelberg Drilling Project
G. Gabriel, D. Ellwanger, C. Hoselmann, M. Weidenfeller,
U. Wielandt-Schuster 237
The Cenozoic stratigraphic sequence in Cologne (Germany):
A 3-dimensional model based on meshes of cross sections.
A. Kunz 238
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of fluvial deposits from the
Upper Rhine Graben (Heidelberg basin)
T. Lauer, M. Frechen, C. Hoselmann, S. Tsukamoto 239
The development of a continuous dust / loess stack (0-132 ka) for
Central Europe including a wind direction
reconstruction for OIS-2 by using the particle analysis and
detection system RADIUS on ELSA sediment cores (Eifel, Germany)
K. Seelos, F. Sirocko, S. Dietrich 240
Poster Presentations 242
Session 1: Sedimentary Basin Dynamics 243
The effect of inversion on the maturation of source rocks in
Wadi El Rayan area, Western Desert, Egypt.
M. Afife, R. Littke 244
Numerical Basin Modeling meets 4D Rift Analysis - A Study from
Jeanne d’Arc Basin Offshore Newfoundland
F. Baur, R. Littke, C. Jauer, H. Wielens, T. Fuchs 245
Prestack seismic data enhancement with partial CRS stack
M. Baykulov, H. –J. Brink, D. Gajews ki, M. –K. Yoon 246
Geochemical characteristics of the Lower Silurian hot shale,
northern part of the Murzuq basin, SW Libya
A. Belaid, R. Littke 247
Tectonic Model of the Velebit Structure Northern Part
M. Beric, M. Francuski 248
Organic Geochemistry of Rock Ejecta of Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan
U. Berner, G. Scheeder, J. Kus , A. Köthe, U. Movsumova 249
Have many large sedimentary basins originated in the thermal
metamorphism of their lower crust due to
hotspot heat sources?
H.-J. Brink 250
Coalification pattern of the Subhercynian Cretaceous Basin and
modelling of its thermal history
B. Bruns, S. Heim, R. Littke 251
A complete profile of the Upper Buntsandstein in Northern Hesse –
an approach in linking stratigraphy and facies by using geochemical data
M. Dersch-Hansmann, N. Hug 252
Sub-/seismic deformation prediction across different scales
Endres, Thierer, Trappe, Kukla & the subs eismic working group 253
Paleosols of the German Permo-Triassic: petrographic changes
across unconformities
C. M. Filomena, H. Stollhofen 254
Comparison of Late Triassic to earliest Cretaceous tectonostratigraphic
evolution of the Internal Zones of the
Betic Cordillera and of the Northern Calcareous Alps
H.-J. Gawlick, A. Martín-Algarra, S. Missoni, L. O’Dogherty 255
At the beginning was volcanism - lithofacies, landscape and stratigraphy
of the initial phase (Latest
Carboniferous-Permian) of the Central European Basin Systems evolution
M. Geiss ler, C. Breitkreuz, N. Hoffmann, H. Kiersnows ki, K.Obst 256
A 3D picture of crustal densities in the Southern North Sea area
H.-J. Götze, F. Hese 257
Lower Carboniferous palaeogeography, basin development, hydrocarbon
exploration – review and new data
from magnetotellurik soundings in the North German Basin
N. Hoffmann, H.-J. Brink, B. Friedrichs , L. Hengesbach 258
Provenance study in Late Palaeozoic coarse-grained clastics of the
NE German Basin: modal composition and cathodoluminescence
E. Kallmeier, H.-U. Wegner, J. Götze 259
High-resolution sequence stratigraphy of a mixed carbonate-siliciclastic
ramp (Late Jurassic, Lower Saxony Basin)
M. Kästner, I. Schülke, J. Winsemann 260
Numerical Simulation of the Sinking of Carbonate Stringers in Salt
S. Li, S. Abe, J.L.Urai 261
Sub-/seismic deformation prediction across different scales -
tectonic history and 3-D retro-deformation
T. Lohr, D. C. Tanner, C. M. Krawczyk, O. Oncken & subs eismic working
group 262
Chemistry of paleo and present-day formation waters in Paleozoic
sediments of the North German Basin
V. Lüders, B. Pless en, D. A. Banks, S. M. Weise, P. Dulski,
G. Schettler, H. Vonhof, P. Hoth 263
Experiments to reactions of organic compounds with hematite in clastic
reservoir rocks (PHI-Project, SPP 1135)
A. Meier , R. Gaupp , B. M. Krooss , H. Behrens , P. Scholz , R. Littke 264
Modelling of oil and gas generation along a 2D transect on the
Netherlands onshore
S. Nelskamp, P. David, R. Littke 265
Modeling possible organic-inorganic interactions and diagenesis of
Triassic Skagerrak Formation reservoirs
in the Central Graben of the North Sea
R. Ondrak, R. Lippmann, R. Gaupp, V. Neumann, R. di Primio, B. Horsfield 266
Permian-Paleogene temperature and burial evolution of the NW Polish
Basin - evidence from maturity
modelling and apatite fission-track dating
M. Resak, U.A. Glasmacher, M. Narkiewicz, R. Littke 267
Burial-, temperature- and maturation history of the Ringkøbing-Fyn-High,
V.F. Sachs e, A. Kronimus , R. Littke 268
The System Savannah.PLS - GeoDesign and Rate transient (infinite)
Reservoir and Basin Model Analysis
P. L. Scheck 269
Paleostress from an internal fault system in the Upper Cretaceous Chalk
of the Northern Netherlands.
H. van Gent, S. Back, J. L. Urai, K. Reicherter, P. A. Kukla 270
Diagenesis and the astrochronologic approach of defining stratigraphic
boundaries in calcareous rhythmites: do the two go together?
H. Westphal, A. Munnecke 271
Reprocessing of deep seismic reflection data from the North German
Basin with the Common Reflection Surface Stack
M. –K. Yoon, M. Baykulov, H.J. Brink, D. Gajewski 272
Anisotropy of permeability and complex resistivity of tight sandstones
subjected to hydrostatic pressure
N. Ziss er, G. Nover 273
Session 2: Tectonics and Mountain Buildung 274
Field observations and Interpretation of remote sensing data from
an exhumed a high pressure carbonate
reservoir, Jebel Shams, Oman Mountains
M. Arndt, S. Virgo, Z. Sobisch, M. Holland, J. L. Urai 275
A high mountain range in a rift environment – denudation history
of the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda
F. Bauer, U. A. Glasmacher, A. Förster, P. Reiners, J. Braun,
B. Nagud i, A. Schumann, T. Bechstädt 276
Crustal structure inferred from receiver function studies in the
Scottish Highlands
J. Di Leo, I. Bastow, G. Helffrich 277
Geodynamic evolution of the Northern Calcareous Alps in Triassic to
Jurassic times oni, F. Schlagintweit, H. Suzuki, W. Frisch 278
The Caucasus a fast exhuming orogen
U. A. Glasmacher, T. Kissner, O. Kraft, J. Mosar, T. Kangarli,
M. Bochud , A. Rast 279
Serpentinite schists in an intraoceanic island arc: exhumation by extension?
M. Meschede, H. Ueda, K.-I. Hirauchi, K. Niida, T. Usu ki,
Y. Ogawa & Shipboard Scientific Party of YK 08-05
(JAM STEC cruise) 280
The Chilean subduction zone at 38.2° S: Implications for the
seismogenic coupling zone and the subduction
channel from seismic reflection data of project TIPTEQ
U. Micksch, C. Krawczyk & TIPTEQ Research Group 281
Analysis of imbricates from different palaeogeographic origin and
thermal overprint along the eastern
Periadriatic Lineament (Karavank Mountains, Austria)
S. Miss oni, H. –J. Gawlick 282
Jurassic subduction versus strike-slip in the Northern Calcareous
Alps (NCA) as proved in the Berchtesgaden
Calcareous Alps
S. Missoni, H. –J. Gawlick 283
Paleogene active tectonics in the fold-and-thrust belt of the
western Variscan mountain belt, Germany
M. Sehrt, U. A. Glasmacher, M. Wipf, P. Kukla 284
Deformation and hydrothermal alteration of radiolarites, Batain Coast,
Eastern Oman
S. Virgo, Z. Sobisch, M. Arndt, I. de Lug t, P. A. Kukla, J. L. Urai 285
Session 3: Dynamics of Ocean Margins 286
On the age of the radiolaritic–ophiolitic wildflysch (= ophiolitic mélange)
of the Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt, SW Serbia
H.-J. Gawlick, M. Sudar, H. Suzuki, S. Miss oni, R. Lein, D. Jovanović 287
Mélange analysis in the Mirdita ophiolite zone (Albania) -
reconstruction of a lost Triassic-Jurassic ocean
H.-J. Gawlick, W. Frisch, L. Hoxha, P. Dumitrica , L. Krystyn,
R. Lein, S. Miss oni, F. Schlagintweit 288
Three-dimensional architecture of calciclastic slope systems:
A comparison of two carbonate margins based on 3D seismic data and
outcrop analogues
L. Reuning, A. Payros, S. Back, P. Kukla 289
The influence of a carbonate platform on continental margin geometry
and transport processes
B. Rosleff-Sörensen, L. Reuning, S. Back, P. Kukla 290
Investigation of the heterogeneous near surface seabed structure
in the North Sea (German Bight) with high
resolution multichannel seismic data and geotechnical records
T. Schwenk, T. Mörz, H. Keil, V. Spiess , B. Schlue, L. Reinhard,
A. Bartholomä 291
Session 11: Geohazards 317
Sedimentological traces of the last earthquake sequence (1939-1944)
along the NAF on recent lake sediments
U. Avsar, X. Boes, A. Hub ert-Ferrari, N. Fagel, S. Schmidt 318
Rock Fall Hazard Mapping and Runout Simulation – A Case Study
from Bolonia Bay, Southern Spain
A. Braun,, N. Höbig,, C. Grützner, T. M. Fernandez-steeger,
D. Müller,, C. Arnhardt 319
Gas Monitoring on Volcanoes
E. Faber, M. Teschner, J. Pogg enbu rg, M. Ibs -Von-Seht,
A. H. Gunawan, P. Ponce, B. Silva & G. Garzón 320
Ground Penetrating Radar on Active Faults
C. Grützner, K. Reicherter 321
The sedimentary inventory of the 1755 Lisbon tsunami along the southern
Gulf of Cádiz (southwestern Spain)
B. Koster, D. Vonberg, K. Reicherter 322
Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations on Mass Movements in the
Roman Ruins of Baelo Claudia, Southern Spain
D. Müller, T. Fernández-Steeger, K. Reicherter, C. Grützner 323
Rockfall Hazard Assessment Using LIDAR - an Example from Lombo do Monte,
H. Trung Ngu yen, T. M. Fernández-Steeger, D. Rodrigues 324
Influence of microbial products on the structure-chemistry and
chemodynamics of covalently immobilised
residues of xenobiotics in soil derived organo-clay complexes.
P. Riefer, T. Klaus meyer, A. Schäffer, J. Schwarzbauer,
B. Schmidt, P. F. X. Corvinir. Schöner, R. Gaupp 325
Volcanic slope displacements in the Lazufre area in South America
revealed by satellite observations (InSAR)
J. Ruch, T. Walter, A. Manconi 326
Using LIDAR in Landslide Hazard Investigation in Machico (Madeira Island)
J. Schrader, T. M. Fernández-Steeger, D. Rodrigu es, C. Grützner,
R. Azzam 327
International Geoscience Programme IGCP567Earthquake Archaeology.
Archaeoseismology along the Alpine-Himalayan seismic zone
M. Sintub in, I. S. Stewart, T. Niemi, E. Altunel 328
Coupling of geotechnical models and GIS for early warning purposes
exemplified on landslides
F. –X. Trauner, C. Boley, E. Ortlieb 329
Effect of ice sheet growth and melting on the slip evolution of thrust faults
H. Turpeinen, A. Hampel, T. Karow, G. Maniatis 330
LIDAR Investigation on Debris Flows - a case study from Madeira
S. Utecht, T. M. Fernández-Steeger, D. Rodrigu es, C. Grützner,
K. Reicherter 331
Mt. Merapi volcano and the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake disaster
T. R. Walter, B.-G. Luehr, R. Wang, S. Parolai, M. Sobiesiak,
H. Grosser, H.-U. Wetzel, A. Anggraini, C. Milkereit, J. Zschau,
J. Wassermann, Y. Behr, P. J. Prih Harjadi, K. Sri Brotopus pito 332
Session 12: Surface Processes and Landforms 333
Some aspects of the influcence of pleistocene cover beds on
discharge and matter fluxes: A case study from
the northern part of the Eifel Mountains
H. Borchardt, F. Lehmkuhl, T., M. Röös 334
Low-temperature thermochronology, exhumation, and long-term landscape
evolution in the western
Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain
R. Grobe, J. Alvarez-Marrón, U.A. Glasmacher, R. Menéndez-Duarte 335
GIS-basierter Ansatz zur Berechnung des Einflusses von Großkraftwerken
auf das natürliche Abflussgeschehen in Nord-, Süd- und Osttirol
C. Hohlrieder 336
Reconstruction of aeolian and fluvial interaction in the Gobi Desert,
Southern Mongolia
D. Hülle, C. Stolz, T. Falauer, N. Hempelmann, A. Hilgers,
J. Gruntert, F. Lehmkuh l, U. Radtke 337
Defining the maximum extent of the Weichselian ice-sheet in the Danish
sector of the southern North-Sea with 3D-seismic
D. Westerschulte, S. Back, L. Reuning, P. Kukla, F. Lehmkuhl 338
River sediments as an archive of climatic change and human impact
C. Wygasch, J. Ijmker, F. Lehmkuhl 339
Session 13: Paleoclimate Change 340
Water content in the atmosphere: Formula improvement
L. Biermanns 341
Late Pleistocene and Holocene dynamics of aeolian and fluvial sediments
in the mountain- and mountain
foreland regions of the Gobi (Mongolia)
T. Felauer, F. Lehmkuh l, N. Hempelmann, A. Hilgers, D. Hülle, J. Grunert,
U. Radtke, F. Schlütz, H. Rother 343
The first large-scaled GIS-based 3D model of Late Weichselian sediments
in northwest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Northern Germany)
A. Gerth 344
Amino acid geochronology as an independent test of numerical dating
methods applied to Central Asian loess deposits
B. Machalett, E. A. Oches, L. Zöller, M. Frechen 345
High-resolution glacial sediment records of ice-shield dynamics in the
Weddell Sea Antarctica: involved
mechanisms and stratigraphic correlation
L. Reichelt, M. E. Weber, G. Kuh n, W. Ricken 346
A reduced early Pliocene seasonal temperature cycle recorded in a
bivalve shell from southern Peru
L. Reuning & T. J. DeVries 347
Mediterranean cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa as a high-resolution
archive of paleo-environmental conditions
J. –R. Riethd orf, A. Rügg eberg, M. López Correa, P. Montagna,
J. Fietzke, A. Eisenhauer, W.-C. Dullo 348
Klimagesteuerte zyklische Sedimentation und Steuerungsfaktoren im
kontinentalen Faziesbereich des Vegora
Subbeckens (Ptolemais-Becken, NW-Griechenland)
N. Toug iannidis, M. Kleineder, M. E. Weber, P. Antoniadis,
W. Ricken, C. Rolf 349
Evaluation of a possible application of organic geochemical and
stable carbon isotope analysis of carboxylic
acids in Late Paleozoic coals for paleoenvironmental analyses
P. Weniger, J. Schwarzbauer, R. Littke 350
Session 15: Education and Public Outreach 351
The Impact of Urbanization on Water Quality in Fast Growing Mega
Cities in Asia. Case Studies from
Guǎngzhōu (P.R. China) and Yogyakarta City (Indonesia).
R. Strohs chön, K. Baier 352
Cross-border Water Management Initiative (CWMI)- Grenzüberschreitende
Harmonisierung, Inventarisierung und Bereitstellung von Geodaten
zwischen Nordrhein-Westfalen und den Niederlanden
G. Wimmer, H. Lipke, A. Bosch, R. Vernes, H. Weerts, T. Schmidtke,
H. Elfers, H. Schuster, G. Arnold,
W. B eliёn, N. Kukuric, M. Hoogerwerf, B. Vanmeulenbrouk, R. Azzam,
C. Neukum 353
Session 16: Quarternary of the Lower Rhine Embayment 354
Vulnerabilitätskartierung – ein neuer Ansatz zur Gefährdungsabschätzung
von Schwermetalleinträgen in das Grundwasser
A. Burchart 355
A Maar in a «Watchdog» Position - Reconstruction of Surface Winds
over the Eifel Region (Germany) during the late OIS 3 and OIS 2
S. Dietrich, K. Seelos, F. Sirocko 356
Geochronology of anthropogenic contaminants in a dated subaquatic
sediment of the Rhine River (Germany):
emission sources and risk assessment
S. Heim, J. Schw arzbauer, A. Hucke, R. Littke, A. Mangini 357