SEPM-CES - GV (Sektion Sedimentologie)

25th Sediment Meeting
Potsdam, Germany, June 25-27, 2010

Hrsg.: Sara Tomas; Michael Szurlies; Maria Mutti

2010. 88 Seiten, 21x30cm, 350 g
Language: Deutsch

(Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 72)

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The focus of the meeting "Sediment 2010" held in Potsdam, Germany, in June 2010 was the sedimentological research in Germany and its neighboring countries.

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Preface 9
Depositional environment and reservoir characterization of Upper Safa in the Obaiyed Field, Western Desert, Egypt M. Abdel-Fattah, W. Dominik 11
Digital Outcrop Modeling of an inner carbonate ramp setting (High Atlas, Morocco) using LiDAR technology F. Amour, M. Mutti, N. Christ, A. Immenhauser, S. M. Agar, G. S. Benson, S. Tomás, L. Kabiri 12
Provenanzanalyse des ostmexikanischen paläogenen Chicontepec-Beckens A. Aretz, C. Augustsson 13
Provenance of mature sandstone: detrital quartz and zircon as source-rock indicators for Cambrian arenite in NW Argentina C. Augustsson, T. Rüsing, C.J. Adams, U. Zimmermann, H. Chmiel, M. Kocabayoglu, M. Büld, J. Berndt, E. Kooijman 14
Growth faulted sedimentary successions on seismics and satellite data S. Back 15
Die Verwendung hochaufgelöster Laserscannerdaten zur Ermittlung der Oberflächenrauhigkeit grobklastischer Sedimente H. Baewert, M. Bimböse, A. Nicolay, K.-H. Schmidt, D. Morche 16
The February 27, 2010 Chile Tsunami – First results of a sedimentological study of tsunami deposits H. Bahlburg, M. Spiske 17
The relationship between the syn-depositional features and the hydrocarbon potential in the Nile Delta, Egypt M. Barakat 18
Pleistocene fore-reef Facies of the Red Sea Coast, Sudan H. Basher, R. Bussert, W. Dominik 19
Facies succession of the Lower Buntsandstein in the Gorzów Wielkopolski IG 1 borehole, Western Poland A. Becker 20
Can XRF scanner data be applied as grain-size proxy? - Clues from north-eastern Siberian arctic lake sediments B. Biskaborn, C. Funk, U. Herzschuh, D. Bolshiyanov, P. Vakhrameeva, B. Diekmann 21
Environmental change in the Early Permian of Svalbard: From a warm-water carbonate platform (Gipshuken Formation) to a temperate, mixed siliciclastic-carbonate ramp (Kapp Starostin Formation) D. Blomeier, H. Forke, R. Groen, C. Scheibner 22
Geometry of Upper Jurassic sponge/microbialbioherms: 3D Georadar analysis and modelling (Swabian Alb, SW-Germany) M. Boldt, T. Aigner 23
Sequence stratigraphy of the Aptian carbonate systems of the Morella sub-basin (Maestrat Basin; E Iberia) T. Bover-Arnal, R. Salas, J. Guimerà, J. A. Moreno-Bedmar 24
NIR-spektroskopische Untersuchung von Sandsteinen zum Nachweis (hydro)thermaler Ereignisse im stratigraphischen und regionalgeologischen Kontext J. Bowitz, A. Ehling 26
Stable isotope and trace element proxy data from aragonite cements of stressed reef environments (early Messinian, Mediterranean Region) T.C. Brachert, F.R. Bosellini, M. Reuter, R. Mertz-Kraus, A. Vescogn 27
Architecture of an oolitic shoal system in the Oxfordian of N-Germany (Korallenoolith Fm., Lower Saxony) S. Cäsar, C. Betzler 28
Geological bodies of the Maiella platform (Italy): a 3D point of view M. Di Lucia, M. Mutti, R. Boehm 29
Provenance Analysis of Paleogene-age Alluvial Conglomerates of the northern part of the Mesta Basin, SW Bulgaria A. Ebinghaus, T. McCann, A. Temme 30
Sediment analyses at Voytenki archaeological site, Ukraine by x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and moment statistics R. Faflak 31
Deltaic growth faults and associated growth strata in the western Niger Delta, Nigeria H. Fazlikhani, S. Back 32
Characteristic ultrasonic patterns across the Early Triassic Hardegsen unconformity in southern and central Germany C. Filomena, H. Stollhofen 33
Quantitative constraints to diagenetic adsorption reactions C. Fischer, G. K. Darbha, A. Michler, T. Schäfer, A. Lüttge, H. Von Eynatten 34
A new method in cyclostratigraphy. TLS imaging of the lower Cretaceous Contessa quarry section (central Italy) M. Franceschi, N. Preto, L. A. Hinnov, G. Rusciadelli, J. Dal Corso, S. Sorgato 35
Subsurface characterization of sedimentological structures at the Illgraben fan (Alps, Switzerland) with groundpenetrating radar investigation D. Franke, J. Hornung, F. Schlunegger, M. Hinderer 36
Carbon isotope stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of Upper Sarvak Cenomanian-Turonian shallow water carbonates in Iran (Chenareh Gorge-Lurestan area) G. Frijia , J. C. Embry, I. R. Sharp, M.Lechler 37
Thermal properties of Cenozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rock formations in the Northeast German Basin S. Fuchs, A. Förster 39
Microfacies of mappable Archean biomats, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa A. Gamper, C. Heubeck, F. Ohnemüller 40
How far can zircons travel? – Provenance and morphology studies of zircons from the Elbe River A. Gärtner, A. Sagawe, M. Hofmann, A. Kleber, B. Ullrich, U. Linnemann 41
Jurassic tectonostratigraphy of the Austroalpine H.-J. Gawlick, S. Missoni, F. Schlagintweit, H. Suzuki, W. Frisch, L. Krystyn, J. Blau, R. Lein 42
Jurassic mélanges in the Dinaridic Ophiolite Belt in SW Serbia H.-J. Gawlick, M. Sudar, S. Missoni, H. Suzuki, D. Jovanovic, R. Lein 43
Non-skeletal carbonate grains in Bora Bora, Darwin‘s type barrier reef (Society Islands, S Pacific): the oolite problem reconsidered E. Gischler 44
Sandstone lenses in Tertiary sands of the Wetterau basin – an example of meteoric quartz cementation T. Götte, S. Neuhaus, P. Prinz-Grimm 45
From a restricted carbonate platform to a temperate, storm-dominated ramp: The onset of the Permian Chert Event in central Spitsbergen R.D. Groen, D. Blomeier, J.J.G. Reijmer 46
The Ediacaran-Cambrian ecosphere revolution: Insights from Chinese microcontinents C. Heubeck, DFG Forschergruppe 736 47
Hydrothermale Kaolinit-und Dickitbildung in Sandsteinen durch Umwandlung detritischer Feldspäte (Südhessen, Rotliegend) J. Hofmann, A. Ehling, G. Kowalczyk, C. Heubeck 48
Petrographic and mineralogical characterization of Middle Jurassic thrombolites (High Atlas, Morocco) M. Homann, S. Tomás, F. Amour, M. Zitzmann, M. Mutti, N. Christ, A. Immenhauser 49
Shallow-marine impact of early Eocene carbon cycle pertubations – a case study from the southern Tethys (Eastern Desert, Egypt) S. Höntzsch, C. Scheibner, J. Kuss, A.M. Marzouk, M. Rasser 50
From Outcrop to Subsurface: An Analogue Study of a Terminal Alluvial Plain (Upper Triassic, Keuper, SW-Germany) J. Hornung, L. Reinhardt 51
Palaeoecology and sea-level changes recorded in a carbonate ramp-platform setting (Priabonian, Calcare di Nago section, Northern Italy) D. Jaramillo-Vogel, A. Strasser 52
Konglomerate im Liegenden des Kupferschiefers aus dem Raum Spremberg-Graustein – Weißliegendes, Grauliegendes oder Rotliegendes? L. Iaschke 53
Fossile Thrombolite des Altiplano: Salar Aguas Calientes, Nordchile T. Jonas, C. Heubeck, B. Weber, H. Wilke 54
Incipient basin inversion of the Middle Archean Moodies Basin, Barberton Supergroup, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa J. Kirstein, C. Heubeck 55
Microfacies analysis and palaeoenvironmental evolution of latest Jurassic biogenic carbonates in the Molinos area (Tithonian, NE Spain) A. Klicpera, J. H. Nebelsick 56
High-resolution integrated stratigraphy and 3D modelling of the Zechstein in the Spremberg structure, East Germany M. Krause, M. Mutti, M. Szurlies 57
U-Pb detrital zircon ages of Rhine river Middle Terrace sands between Freiburg and Cologne – An actualistic test of provenance interpretations applied to ancient deposits A. Krippner, H. Bahlburg 58
Early Cretaceous ammonites below the Rossfeld Formation (Northern Calcareous Alps, Salzburg, Austria) O. Krische, L. Bujtor, G. Csaszar, H.-J. Gawlick 59
Berriasian turbidites in the central Northern Calcareous Alps (Salzburg, Austria): palaeogeography and hinterland reconstructions O. Krische, H.-J. Gawlick 60
Tonminerale in feinklastischen Gesteinen im Übergang Trias-Jura: Bohrung Schandelah bei Braunschweig (Niedersächsisches Becken) L. Lyachenko, R. Petschick, B. van de Schootbrugge, W. Oschmann, J. Pross 61
Digital Image Analysis (DIA): a new approch of porosity quantification for reservoir characterization studies S. Maerz, G.Frijia, M. Mutti 62
Deep sounding of the Neogene Philippi basin in northeastern Greece by magnetotelluric (MT) and magnetic methods to study the basement structure I. Maith, M. Gurk, N. Tougiannidis, N. Gawel, A. Stampolidis, M. Melles, M.E. Weber 63
Cyclicity in the Middle Triassic shallow-water carbonates – an example from the Muschelkalk of Upper Silesia M. Matysik 64
Pleistocene relics and highly mobile bedforms in the coastal North Sea west of Sylt, Amrum, and Rømø (Germany, Denmark) F. Mielck, H.C. Hass 65
New researches about the age of the Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a in Spain by means of ammonites J.A. Moreno-Bedmar, M. Company, T. Gaona-Narvaez, T. Bover-Arnal, M. Najarro, R. Salas, G. Delanoy, R. Martínez, A. Grauges, F.J.-M.R. Maurrasse, I. Rosales, J. Sandoval, J.M. Tavera 66
New age constraints on Paleogene/Neogene clastics at the northern termination of the Upper Rhine Graben (Germany) S. Neuhaus 68
From Basin to Prospect – An integrated multi-scale Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling case study M. Neumaier, N. Tessen 69
A basin on an unstable ground: Correlation of the Middle Archaean Moodies Basin, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa F. Ohnemueller, C. Heubeck, J. Kirstein, A. Gamper 70
The effect of cementation and compaction in porosity, Bajocian-Bathonian sandstones, northeast Iran M. R. Poursoltani 71
Hypogenic karsting of carbonates results in solution pits in discontinuity surfaces that mimick meteoric karsting N. Rameil, A. Immenhauser 72
Provenance of Cretaceous-Paleogene-boundary sandstones from northeastern Mexico S. Rehrmann, C. Augustsson, P. Schulte 73
The sedimentary record of rift evolution in the southern Albert Rift (Uganda) S. Roller, J. Hornung, M. Hinderer 74
300 million years of crustal recycling: the NW Argentine and N Chilean west Gondwana margin T. Rüsing, C. Augustsson, E. Kooijman, J. Berndt, A. Gerdes, H. Bahlburg, U. Zimmermann 75
Lithocodium aggregatum Elliott 1956 and Bacinella irregularis Radoičić 1959: ulvophycean green algae (?Order Ulotrichales) from the Lower Cretaceous of the western Maestrat Basin, Spain F. Schlagintweit, T. Bover-Arnal, R. Salas 76
“Palm-frond“ carbonates at marine hot springs A. Schmidt, C. Heubeck 78
Die Geschichte des sibirischen Permafrostes abgeleitet aus Sedimenteigenschaften im 3,6 mio Jahre alten El‘gygytgyn-Impaktkrater, Zentral-Tschukotka, NO-Russland G. Schwamborn, H. Meyer, N. Ostanin, G. B. Fedorov, L. Schirrmeister, H. W. Hubberten 79
Dust Input to the Scotia Sea – Chronostratigraphic Implications D. Sprenk, M.E. Weber, G. Kuhn 80
Statistics in sedimentary research of turbiditic formations – case study from the Magura Zone of the Outer Western Carpathians S. Staňová 81
Thermal maturity of lower Cretaceous to lower Triassic sediments at deep geothermal well site Gross Buchholz GT-1 (Hannover, Germany) - Organic geochemical and petrographic data E. Stiller, G. Berner, J. Kus, T. Pletsch, G. Scheeder, B. Cramer 82
Paleoenvironmental dynamics of Western Beringia - New studies from the Yedoma key site Duvanny Yar (Lower Kolyma River, Siberia) J. Strauss, L. Schirrmeister, S. Wetterich 83
Radarstratigraphie und Radarfazies zweier Nehrungshaken: Untersuchungen des oberflächennahen Untergrundes von Nord-Amrum und Süd-Sylt durch den Einsatz des Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) T. Tillmann, W. Wunderlich 84
Palaeoecology and sedimentology of microbial mounds from the Middle Jurassic of the High Atlas (Morocco) S. Tomás, M. Homann, F. Amour, M. Zitzmann, M. Mutti, N. Christ, A. Immenhauser 85
Das Ablagerungssystem des kontinentalen Ili-Beckens (Neogen, Kasachstan) T. Voigt, J. Kley, M. Kober, N. Seib 86
The Palaeogene of Schöningen (N-Germany) - A key archive of marine/terrestrial interaction V. Wilde, W. Riegel, O. W. Lenz 87
Origin and age of speleothems from Dreveník travertine buildup (Northern Slovakia) W. Wróblewski, M. Gradziński, H. Hercman 88