67th Annual Meeting of the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology
ICCP Program & Abstract Book

German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) September 5-11, 2015, Potsdam, Germany

Ed.: Jolanta Kus; Petra David; Stavros Kalaitzidis; Hans-Martin Schulz; Reinhard F. Sachsenhofer

2015. 171 pages, num. figures and tables, 21x30cm, 610 g
Language: English

(Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Heft 87)

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This volume includes the Program and Abstracts of the 67. Annual Meeting of the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology in Potsdam 2015: The Open Plenary Session of the General Asssembly of the ICCP (Oral Presentations); The ICCP Symposium on Coal and Organic petrology - New Perspectives and Applications: a tribute to Marlies Teichmüller (1914-2000).

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Preface 9
Sponsor Acknowledgements 14
conference Boards 15
Conference Program 19
The Open Plenary Session of the General Assembly of the ICCP 27
Oral Presentations
Organic Petrology in service of Archaeology: a study on chars from
Çukuriçi Höyük, Western Turkey
K. Christianis, G. Siavalas, R. G. Oskay, D. Wolf, B. Horjes 29
Peat-forming process in Keri Mire, Zakynthos Island, Southern Greece:
a modern analogue of paralic coal-forming palaeoenvironments
S. Kalaitzidis 30
Coal petrography of Carboniferous coal seams from the Kozlu K20G well,
Zonguldak Basin, Turkey
A.I. Karayigit, M. Mastalerz 31
Mineralogy, geochemistry, and Hg content characterization of fly ashes
from "Maritza 3" and "Varna" thermoelectric power plants, Bulgaria
I. Kostova, C. Vassileva, S. Dai, J. Hower 32
A proposal for a new classification system for xylite-rich low rank
coals: an example from a Neogene Greek lignite deposit
I.K. Oikonomopoulos, G. Kaouras, N. Tougiannidis, M. Perraki, P. Antoniadis, W. Ricken 34
Application of organic petrology to characterization of blast furnace dusts
G. Predeanu, D.C. Mihăiescu, D. Panaitescu 35
Evaluation of coal mechanical and thermal processing by means of organic petrology methods
G. Predeanu, C. Panaitescu 37
Petrographic composition and degree of coal metamorphism in deep-seated successions of Donbass
I.E. Stukalova, A.V. Ivanova 39
The ICCP Symposium on “Coal & Organic Petrology – New Perspektives and Applications:
a tribute to Marlies Teichmüller (1914-2000)“
Oral Presentations
Organic petrographic oddities of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
B. L. Cardott 42
Origin and evolution of Asian Dipterocarps: evidences from resin chemistry and palynological data
S. Dutta 43
New insights to the geology, micropetrography and genesis of the pyropissite-deposits of Zeitz-Weißenfels, Germany
H. Gerschel, J. Rascher, N. Volkmann 44
Characterization of Carboniferous coals from the Donets Basin (Ukraine) by EPMA, organic petrography and geochemical methods
D. Gross, D. Misch, F. Zaccarini, A. Kiraly, R.F. Sachsenhofer, V.A. Privalov, E.A. Panova 46
Organic petrology of the lacustrine Lucaogou Formation, Santanghu Basin, northwest China: application to lake basin evolution
P.C. Hackley, N. Fishman, R. Wu, G. Baugher 48
Petrographic characterization of coals from virgin areas of the Barakar Formation, South Karanapura Coalfield, India and their utilization potential
P. Kumari, A.K. Singh, N. Kumari, P. Boral, S. Kumar, N.K. Shukla, S. Chatterjee, B. Ghosh 50
Traces of burial-induced Permo-Triassic and Jurassic heating discriminated from the Cretaceous
Upper-Austroalpine orogenetic diagenetic-metamorphic pattern by organic matter studies and
maturity modelling, Mittelbünden, Switzerland
R. Ferreiro Mählmann, M. Wolf, D. Bernoulli, R. Petschick, P. Meister, J. Mullis, M. Giger, H. Krumm 51
Coke optical texture as the fractal object
M. Piechaczek, A. Mianowski, A. Sobolewski 53
Optical properties of anthracites – changes under oxidation
S.Pusz, H. Krztoń, B. Kumanek, S. Czajkowska, U. Szeluga, J. Strzezik, A. Krztoń 55
Study of maceral and rank characteristics vis-a-vis their industrial implications - a case study on coals
of Raniganj formation, India
a.K. Singh, P. Boral, N.K. Shukla, S. Kumar, P. Kumari, V. Singh, B. Ghosh 57
Geochemical palaeopalynological, and petrographical features of Gurha lignite (Rajasthan), western India: an insight into the palaeovegetation
A. Singh, R.P. Mathew, H. Singh, B.D. Singh, S. Dutta 58
Petrological considerations for the demineralization of Rajmahal coals with Pseudomonas mendocina B6-1
P.K. Singh, A.L. Singh, A. Kumar, M.P. Singh 59
Comparison of optical characteristics of cokes obtained from pristine and weathered coals
Ł. Smędowski, M. Piechaczek 61
Miocene depositional environment and climate in western Europe based on maceral indices and
geochemical data for three thick lignite seams of the Lower Rhine Embayment
A. Stock, R. Littke 63
Effect of igenous intrusion on hydrocarbon generation behavior of coal seam in Jambad area, Raniganj basin, India
A.K. Varma, S. Misra, S. Chakrabortty, S.K. Das, B. Hazra, D.J. Patil, B.D. Singh, S. Biswas, S.K. Samad 65
The ICCP Symposium on „Coal & Organic Petrology – New Perspektives and Applications:
a tribute to Marlies Teichmüller (1914-2000)“
Poster Presentations
Lanthanides from coal seams of Ruda Beds in south-west part of the USBC, Poland
Z. Adamczyk, B. Białecka, J. Całusz Moszko, J. Komorek, M. Lewandowska 68
Charcoal preserved in the pyroclastic rocks formed during the Neogene volcanic episode, Lower Silesia, Poland
Z. Adamczyk, A. Klupa, M. Kłusek, M. Kokowska-Pawłowska, J. Komorek, M. Lewandowska, J. Nowak 70
The distribution of rare earth elements (REE) during sequential chemical leaching of coals from Ruda
and Orzesze beds, USCB-Poland
Z. Adamczyk, A. Jakóbik, J. Komorek, M. Lewandowska 72
The impact of Neogene basalt intrusion on optical properties of organic matter in the Carboniferous beds, SW-part of the USCB, Poland
Z. Adamczyk, M. Kokowska-Pawłowska, J. Komorek, M. Lewandowska, J. Nowak, A. Klupa 74
differentiation of some trace elements content in coal seams from Ruda Beds, SW-part of the USCB, Poland
Z.Adamczyk, B. Białecka, J. Całusz Moszko, J. Komorek, M. Lewandowska 76
Petrographic characteristics of ex-situ lignite gasification residues
B. Bielowicz 78
Petrographic classification of solid residues from hydrogenation and pyrolysis of soft brown coals using the reflected light microscopy
H. Gerschel, N. Volkmann 80
Palynofacies and thermal maturation of organic matter of the Gaiteiros-1 borehole, Lusitanian Basin, Portugal
P.A. Gonçalves, A. Morgado, J.G. Mendonça Filho, D. Flores, 82
Influence of large scale overthrusts on p-T dynamics of complex sedimentary basins - the Oman Mountains overthrusted by the Semail ophiolite
A. Grobe, J.L. Urai, R. Littke 84
Organic petrology and geochemistry of Eocene Suzak bituminous marl, north-central Afghanistan
P.C. Hackley, J.R. San Filipo 86
Observation of early diagenetic processes driven by organic matter changes in the Toarcian Úrkút
Manganese Formation in Hungary
M. Hámor-Vidó 88
Organic petrological assessment of the facies evolution of the Norian-Rhaetian carbonate-rich environment of Rezi-1 well samples, western Hungary
M. Hámor-Vidó, H. Hufnagel 89
Qualitative deposit modelling: example Kompania Węglowa S.A.
I. Jelonek, M. Poniewiera 91
A review of research and progress in the field of Organic Petrology in China
K. Jin 92
Maturity investigations on low-mature organic matter using micro Raman spectroscopy
A. Király, F. Schubert, D. Misch, N.K. Lünsdorf, T.M Tóth 94
Pyrolysis of lignite, HDPE, and lignite/HDPE mixture
I. Kojić, G. Gajica, D. Životić, A. Bechtel, K. Stojanović 96
Geochemical characteristic of coaly claystones from Załĕże-Beds in the Upper silesian Coal Basin (USCB)
M. Kokowska-Pawłowska 98
The distribution of rare earth elements (REEs) in the claystone-mudstone series in the profiles Westphalian A and B of the new boreholes in the Lublin Coal Basin (LCB)
M. Kokowska-Pawłowska, E. Krzeszowska 100
Micro-FTIR investigation of aliphatic components in sporinite thermally treated within therange 400-1200°C
J. Komorek 102
Westphalian marine faunal marker horizons of Northwestern Europe and their correlation with Lublin coal Basin horizons
E. Krzeszowska 104
Geochemical study of Westphalian freshwater fauna horizons in new boreholes in the Lublin Coal Basin, Poland
E. Krzeszowska, M. Kokowska-Pawłowska 106
Organic petrology of the late Jurassic - early Cretaceous Chia Gara Formation in the Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Kurdistan region, Iraw
J. Kus, P. Khanaqa, I.M.J. Mohialdeen, S. Kaufhold, D. Klosa 108
Recent advances in the applications of organic petrology to archaeology
B. Ligouis, M. Vogler, S. Henne 110
Significance of the maceral composition of two condensed Middle Holocene peat deposits in N. Spain
V. López-Dias, J. Urbanczyk, C.G. Blanco, a.G. Borrego 112
Methodical aspects and interpretation of Raman spectroscopy data of dispersed vitrinite and its correlation with vitrinite reflectance
N.K. Lünsdorf 114
Predicting coke quality based on coal petrography and rheology analysis, case: Colombia
S.R. Manosalva-Sánchez, J. Mariño, W.E. Naranjo-Merchán 115
Organic composition and palaeoenvironment of Valia Lignite Deposit (Cambay Basin), Gujarat, western India: inferences from palynology and petrography
R.P. Mathews, H. Singh, V.P. singh, B.D. Singh, A. Singh 117
Botryococcus braunii versus Gloecapsomorpha prisca: chemical composition correlation using Laser Micropyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (LmPy-GCMSMS)
J.G. Mendonça Filho, T.F. Silva, M.C. Silva, A.D. Oliveira, J.T. Souza, L.G.C. Santos, N.F. Rondon 118
Self-heating induced changes in petrography and organic geochemistry in coal wastes of the Lower Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
M. Misz-Kennan, M. Fabiańska, J. Siesielczuk, ŁKruszewski 120
Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Kovin lignite deposit, Serbia
D. Mitrović, N. Đoković, D. Životić, A. bechtel, K. Stojanović 122
Relationship between micro-Raman spectral parameters of coking coals and resulting cokes
R. Morga, I. Jelonek, K. Kruszewska 124
Petrology and geochemistry of coals of Rampur Seam, Ib-River Coalfield, Mahanadi Gondwana Basin, India
A.S. Naik 126
Chemical composition and content of selected trace elements in self-burnt coal mining waste
J. Nowak 127
Eco-friendly extraction of heavy and rare earth metals from combustion waste products - the kinetic
study of the acid attack
C. Onose, A. Tane, M. Mihaly, D. Stamate, D.A. Popa, E.A. Rogozea 129
Wavelength dispersion of vitrinite reflectance on different stages of thermal maturation
R. Orbán 131
Impact of coal petrographic properties on bottom ash quality and utilisation: examples from a large power plant of Romania
G. Predeanu, L.G. Popescu, T.A. Abagiu, C. Panaitescu, B. Valentim, A. Guedes 133
Coal ashes a potential secondary raw material for the recovery of heavy & rare metals
g. Predeanu, L.G. Popescu, T.A. Agagiu, B. Valentim, A Guedes, B. Bialecka, J. Moszko 135
Organic matter of the Domanic deposits in the Timano-Pechora and Volga-Ural Basins, Russia
N.V. Pronina, N.P. Fadeeva, M.A. Bolshakova, M.S. Luzhbina, I.V. Tarasenko 137
Petrographic analyses of the thermal discontinuity at the Canol and Ogilvie Formation boundary of N. Parkin D-61 well from Eagle Plain, Yukon, Canada
J. Reyes, L. Lane, P. Moignard, A. Mort 138
Organic matter characterization of Silurian black shales from NE of Portugal: geochemical and petrographical approaches
J. Ribeiro, I. Costa, J.O. Mendonça, J.G. Mendonça Filho, D. Flores, F. Noronha 141
Petrograhic characterization of coal waste piles from El Bierzo Coalfield (spain) affected by spontaneous combustion processes
J. Ribeiro, R. Gomes, I. Suárez-Ruiz, D. Flores 143
Organofaciological evidences of terrestrial organic matter deposition across the Toarcian Oceanic anoxic Event recorded in the Coimbra region, northern Lusitanian Basin, Portugal
B. Rodrigues, L.V. Duarte, J.G. Mendonça Filho, L.G. Santos, A. Donizeti de Oliveira 145
Molecular and petrological characteristics of Lower Jurassic Blanowice coal, Southern Poland
M. Rybicki, M. Misz-Kennan, L. Marynowski, B.R.T. simoneit 147
Organic petrology as fundamental tool to determine the exhausted source rocks of a paleo-petroleum system, Cameros Basin, North of Spain
S. Omodeo Salè, I. Suárez-Ruiz, J. Arribas, R. Mas, M.J. Herrero, L. Martínez 149
Role of inertinite in coke making through coke petrography: a case study from Damodar Valley coalfield, India
R. Singh, H.P. Tiwari 151
Content and composition of residual hydrocarbon gases in coals and degree of coal metamorphism
I.A. Stukalova, V.S. Lebedev 152
Radiation-induced alteration of the uraniferous coal from the Permian "V Rybničku" seam, Czech Republic
I Sýkorová, B. Křibek, M. Havelcová, V. Machovič, M. Žaloudková, A. Špaldoňová, L. Lapčák, J. Blažek, I. Knésl 154
application of coals of various ranks as fillers of polymer composites
U. Szeluga, S. Pusz, B. Kumanek, L. Kurzeja 154
Organic geochemical characterization of the Permian Gondwana coals from Damodar
Valley basin, eastern India
A. Tewari, S. Dutta 156
Coal facies variation of the Carboniferous bituminous coals from the Lower Silesian Coal Basin, Central Sudetes, SW Poland, and its relation to wildfire occurrence
M. Uglik, G.J. Nowak 158
Vertical evolution of organic matter in Comeya Peat profile (Asturias, N. Spain) as seen by stable isotopes variation and organic matter preservation
J. Urbanczyk, a. Bechtel, A.G. Borrego 160
GC-MS characterization of some novel benzohopanes in coals
N. Vukovič, H.P. Nytoft, D. Životić, K. Stojanović 162
a petrographic conisderation of coal associated with uranium, Springbok Flats coalfield, South Africa
N.J. Wagner, M. Ndlalose, N. Malumbazo 164
Petrological and organic geochemical characterization of coal and shales from the Ibar basin, south Serbia
D. Životić, A. Bechtel, R. Sachsenhofer, R. Gratzer, K. Stojanovič, N. Andrič, V. Simič 166
Author index 169