Symposium on paleolimnology

Ed.: David G. Frey

1969. 448 pages, 138 figures, 35 tables, 3 plates, 16x24cm, 1100 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 17)

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Foreword 1
Group-photograph of participants 4
FREY,D. G.: The rationale of paleolimnology 7
EDMONDSON,W. T.: Cultural eutrophication with special reference to Lake
Washington 19
DECOSTA, J.: The history of the cladoceran fauna of a lake in the Wind River
Mountains, Wyo., USA (Abstract) 33

FARRAND,W. R.: Late-glacial and postglacial sedimentation in the deep
basins of Lake Superior, USA 34
GOULDEN, C. E.: Interpretative studies of cladoceran microfossils in
lake sediments 43
DEEVEY, E. S. jr.: Cladoceran populations of Rogers Lake, Connecticut,
during late- and postglacial time 56
OGDEN, I. G., III: Correlation of contemporary and late Pleistocene
pollen records in the reconstruction of postglacial environments in
Northeastern North America 64
RICHARDSON, J.L.: Former lake-level fluctuations - their recognition
and interpretation 78
MEGARD, R.O.: Planktonic photosynthesis and the environment of calcium
carbonate deposition in lakes (Abstract) 94
BROWN, S. R.: Paleolimnological evidence from fossil pigments 95
VALLENTYNE, I. R.: Sedimentary organic matter and paleolimnology 104
STAHL, J. B.: The uses of chironomids and other midges in interpreting
lake histories 111
COLINVAUX, P. A.: Paleolimnological investigations in the Galapagos
Archipelago 126
FAURE, H.: Lacs quaternaires du Sahara 131
LIVINGSTONE, D.A.& KENDALL, R.L.: Stratigraphic studies of East African
lakes 147
Tutu. W.: The usefulness of pollen analysis in interpretation of
stratigraphic horizons, both Late-glacial and Post-glacial 154
CRABTREE, K.: Post-glacial diatom donation of limnic deposits in North
Wales 16S
Dickson, I. H.: Sub-fossil mosses from Seathwaite Tarn, the English
Lake District (Abstract) 172
COOPE, G. R.: The response of coleoptera to gross thermal changes
during the Mid Weichselian interstadial 173
KJENSMO, J.: Late- and post-glacial sediments in the small meromictic
Lake Svinsjoen (Abstract) 184
MERILAINEN, J.: Distribution of diatom frustules in recent sediments
of some meromictic lakes 186
WHITESIDE, M. C.: Chydorid (Cladocera) remains in surficial sediments
of Danish lakes and their significance to paleolimnological
interpretations 193
MARGALEF, R.: Size of centric diatoms as an ecological indicator 202
MÜLLER,H.: Diskordanzen und Umlagerungserscheinungen in holozänen
Sedimenten flacher Seen Nordwestdeutschlands 211
GROSCHOPF, P.: Zur Genese und Systematik limnischer Kalksedimente 219
THOMAS, E.A.: Kulturbeeinflußte chemische und biologische
Veränderungen des Zürichsees im Verlaufe von 70 Jahren 226
LÖFFLER, H.: Recent and subfossil distribution of Cytherissa lacustris
(Ostracoda) in Lake Constance 240
PROFT, G.: Chemische Schichtungen einiger Elemente im Sediment
norddeutscher Seen 259
REHAKOVA, Z.: Entwicklung der Diatomeensedimentation im Neogen der
sudböhmischen Becken 256
KOVANDA, J.: Beitrag zum Stand der paläolimnologischen Forschungen
aufgrund fossiler Mollusken auf dem Gebiet der Tschechoslowakei 262
HRBACEK, J.: On the possibility of estimating predation pressure and
nutrition level of populations of Daphnia (Crust., Cladoc.) from their
remains in sediments 269
RONAI,A.: The geology of Lake Balaton and surroundings 275
movement of sediment in Lake Balaton 287
SEBESTYEN,O.: Studies on Pediastrum and cladoceran remains in the
sediments of Lake Balaton, with reference to lake history 292
VAMOS,R.: Microbiological processes of silicification of the fossil
trunks found in Liassic manganese ore 301
HILTERMANN, H. & LÜTTIG, G.: Biofazies und Palaolimnologie der
pliozänen und pleistozänen Seen un Megalopolis-Becken (Peloponnes) 306
BRODNIEWICZ,I.: Les glochidia et leur importance pour l'étude des
depots quaternaires d'eau douce 315
LAWACZ, W.: The characteristics of sinking materials and the formation
of bottom deposits in a eutrophic lake 319
WIECKOWSKI, K.: Investigations of bottom deposits in lakes of N-E Poland 332
RALSKA-IASIEWICZOWA, M.: Some results of paleobotanical investigations
of the late-glacial and holocene deposits from Mikolajki Lake
(N. E. Poland) (Abstract) 843
MARCINIAK, B.: Die ersten Ergebnisse der Diatomeenanalyse der
spätglazialen Sedimente des Mikolajkisees (NO-Polen) 344
CZECZUGA, B.: The history of some lakes in the north-eastem region of
Poland, based on chemical investigations of the sediments 351
BARTOSH, T.: The intensity of Holocene carbonate accumulation in the
lakes of the north-western part of the USSR 3S6
KABAILIENE,M.V.: Development of Lithuanian lakes in the late- and
postglacial periods (Abstract) 362
KVASOV,D.D.: Die Eisstauseen Osteuropas im Spätpleistozän 363
DAVIDOVA,N.N.: Postglacial history of lakes Ladoga and Onega according
to diatom analyses of bottom sediments 371
KORDE,N.W.: Komplexe algologische Analyse als Methode zur Gliederung
der Seesedimente 379
NEUSTADT,M. I.: Über die Notwendigkeit der Untersuchung der Vorräte
von Sapropelen 388
SHNITNIKOV,A.V.: On the Holocene history of the Aral 400
ALESCHINSKAJA, Z. W. & BONDAREW, L. G.: Der Issyk-Kul-See in Gegenwart
und Vergangenheit 414
VOSCRESENSKAYA, T. N. & LEFLAT,O. N.: Particularites mineralogiques et
géochimiques des dépots lacustres de la dépression d'Issik-Coul 422
DMITRIEV,G.A.: Main features of Lake Baikal history from a
paleolimnological basis 430
HORIE,S.: Late Pleistocene limnetic history of Japanese ancient lakes
Biwa, Yogo, Suwa, and Kizaki 436