Symposium: Factors that regulate the wax and wane of Algal Populations

1971. 318 pages, 139 figures, 42 tables, 7 plates, 16x24cm, 1000 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 19)

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LUND, J. W. G.: The seasonal periodicity of three planktonic desmids
in Windermere. With 18 figures in the text 1
TASSIGNY, M., & LEFÈVRE, M.: Auto., hétéroantagonisme et autres
conséquences des excrétions d'algues d'eau douce ou thermale. Avec 4
tableaux dans le texte et 6 photographies sur planches 1-2 20
SOEDER, C. J., MÜLLER, H., PAYER, H. D., & SCHULLE, H.: Mineral
nutrition of planktonic algae: some considerations, some
experiments. With 6 figures and 6 tables in the text 39
PIECZYNSKY, E.: Mass appearance of algae in the littoral of several
Mazurian lakes. With 2 figures and 2 tables in the text 59
ROUND, F. E.: The growth and succession of algal populations in
freshwaters. With 15 figures in the text 70
UHLMANN, D.: Influence of dilution, sinking and grazing rate on
phytoplankton populations of hyperfertilized ponds and
micro-ecosystems. With 13 figures and 4 tables in the text 100
PECHLANER, R.: Factors that control the production rate and biomass of
phytoplankton in high-mountain lakes. With 9 figures and 2 tables in
the text and on 1 folder 125
GIBSON, C. E., WOOD, R. B., DICKSON, E. L., & JEWSON, D. H.: The
succession of phytoplankton in L. Neagh 1968 70. With 4 figures and 3
tables in the text 146
MATHIESEN, H.: Summer maxima of algae and eutrophication. With 13
figures and 6 tables in the text 161
FOGG, G. E., & WALSBY, A. E.: Buoyancy regulation and the growth of
planktonic blue-green algae 182
MEFFERT, M.-E.: Cultivation and growth of two planktonic Oscillatoria
species. With 11 figures and 3 tables in the text 189
SHILO, M.: Biological agents which cause lysis of blue-green
algae. With 10 photos on plates 3-7 and 2 figures and 3 tables in the
text 206
TALLING, Y. F.: The underwater light climate as a controlling factor
in the production ecology of freshwater phytoplankton. With 14 figures
in the text and on 1 folder 214
BROOK, A. J., BAKER, A. L., & KLEMER, A. R.: The use of turbidimetry
in studies of the population dynamics of phytoplankton populations
with special reference to Oscillatoria agardhii var. isothrix. With 3
figures in the text 244
KRISTIANSEN, J.: Phytoplankton of two Danish lakes, with special
reference to seasonal cycles of the nannoplankton. With 12 figures in
the text 253
BERMAN, T., & RODHE, W.: Distribution and migration of Peridinium in
Lake Kinneret. With 7 figures and 1 table in the text 266
SERRUYA, C., & POLLINGHER, U.: An attempt at forecasting the
Peridinium bloom in Lake Kinneret (Lake Tiberias). With 6 figures and
5 tables in the text and on 2 folders 277
TASSIGNY, M.: Action du calcium sur la croissance de Desmidiées
axeniques. Avec 9 figures et 3 tableaux dans le texte 292
LUND, J. W. G.: The FRITSCH collection of illustrations of freshwater
algae (314
General discussion 317