Symposium: Experimental Use of Algal Cultures in Limnology

Sandefjord, Norway, Oct. 26-28, 1976

1978. 607 pages, 289 figures, 127 tables, 5 plates, 16x24cm, 1400 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 21)

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Endorsement and Sponsorship 1
Acknowledgement 1
Skulberg, O. M.: Foreword 2
Skulberg, O. M. Opening of the Symposium, Oetober 26, 1976 5
Introductional Lecture
Rodhe, W.: Algae in culture and nature 7
Symposium Papers
Claesson, A. & Forsberg, A. Algal assay procedure with one or five
species. Minitest 21

George, E. A.: The culture collection point of view 31
Healey, F. P.: Physiological indicators of nutrient deficiency in
algae 34
Premazzi, G., Ravera, O. & Lepers, A.: A modified turbidostatic system
for algal population studies 42
Saldick, J. & Jadlocki, J. F. jr.: Solubilization of biologically
available phosphorus by autoclaving Selenastrum 50
Schanz, F. & Thomas, E. A.: Cultures of Cladophoraceae in water
pollution problems 57

Schelske, C. L., Rothman, E.D.& Simmons, M.S.: Comparison of bioassay
procedures for growth-limiting nutrients in the Laurentian Great Lakes
Steemann Nielsen, E.: Principal aspects concerning the batch technique
in algal assays 81
Algal Physiology
Ahlgren, G.: Growth of Oscillatoria agardhii in chemostat
culture. 2. Dependence of growth constants on temperature 88
Bonaly, J., Delcourt, A. & Mestre, J. C.: The effects of some metallic
ions on the growth of Chlamyd omonas variabilis and Euglena gracilis
Gargas, E.: The effect of sewage (mechanically, biologically and
chemically treated) on algal growth 110
Gons, H. J. & Mur, L. R.: On the kinetics of light-limited growth of
Scenedesmus protuberans Fritsch and ecological implications 125
Hunding, C.: Growth cycle of a freshwater diatom 136
Kilham, S. S.: Nutrient kinetics of freshwater planktonic algae using
batch and semicontinuous methods 147
Liere, L. van & Mur, L. R.: Light-limited cultures of the blue-green
alga Oscillatoria agardhii 158
Lindstrom, K. & Rodhe, W.: Selenium as a micronutrient for the
dinoflagellate Peridinium cinctum fat westii 168
Morris, I., Beardall, J. & Mukerji, D.: The mechanisms of carbon
dioxide fixation in phytoplankton 174
Nalewajko, C. & Lean, D. R. S.: Phosphorus kinetics-algal growth
relationships in batch cultures 184
Nyholm, N.: A mathematical model for growth of phytoplankton 193
Samuelsson, G., Öquist, G. & Halldal, P.: The variable chlorophylla
fluorescence as a measure of photosynthetic capacity in algae 207
Steenbergen, C. L. M.: Pleomorphism of Scenedesmus quladricauda
(Turp.) Breb. (Chlorophyceae) in synchronized cultures 216
Stewart, W. D. P., Pemble, M. & Al-Ugaily, L.: Nitrogen and phosphorus storage
and utilization in blue-green algae 224
Sodergren, A. Composition and properties of lipid surface films produced by
Clorella pyrenoidosa 248

Weber, A., Melkonian, M., Lorch, D.W. & Wettern, M.: Accumulation of lead
by several green algae 254
Zevenboom, W. & Mur, L. R.: N-uptake and pigmentation of N-limited chemostat
cultures and natural populations of Oscillatona agardhii 261
Bringmann, G. & Kuhn, R.: Testing of substances for their toxicity
threshold Model organisms Microcystis (Diplocystis) aeruginosa and
Scenedesmus quadricauda 275
Carmichael, W. W. & Gorham, P. R. Anatoxins from clones of A nabaerza
flos-aquae isolated from lakes of western Canada 285
Castenholz, R. W.: The biogeography of hot spring algae through
enrichment cultures 296
Chaudani, G. & Vighi, M. The use of Selenastum capricornutum batch
cultures in toxicity studies 316
Dahl, E.: Effects of river discharge on the coastal phytoplankton cycle 330
Eloranta, V.: Effects of different process wastes and main sewer
effluents from pulp mills on the growth and production of
Ankistrodesmus falcatus var. acicularis ( Chlorophyta) 342
Forsberg, C., Ryding, S.-O.,Claesson, A. & Forsberg, A. Water chemical
analyses and/or algal assay?-Sewage effluent and polluted lake water
studies 352
Goldman, C. R.: The use of natural phytoplankton populations in bioassay 364
Greene, J.C., Miller, W.E., Shiroyama,T., Soltero, R.A. & Putnam, K.:
Use of laboratory cultures of Selenastrum, Anabaena and the
indigenous isolate Sphaerocystis to predict effects of nutrient and
zinc interactions upon phytoplankton growth in Long Lake, Washington
Happey-Wood, C. M.: The application of culture methods in studies of
the ecology of small green algae 385
Jones, K.J., Tett, P., Wallis, A.C. & Wood, B.J.B. The use of small,
continuous and multispecies cultures to investigate the ecology of
phytoplankton in a Scottish sea-loch 398
Kotai, J., Krogh, T. & Skulberg, O. M.: The fertility of some
Norwegian inland waters assayed by algal cultures 413
Lehmusluoto, P. O.: Some aspects on the classification of natural
waters by algal assays (AGP), prelude 437
Long, E. T. & Cooke, G. D. Phosphorus variability in three streams
during storm events: chemical analysis vs. algal assay 441
Laake, M.: Monitoring the effects of chemical and biological waste
water treatment in situ by dialysis cultures of freshwater algae 453
Mur, L. R., Gons, H. J. & Liere, L. van: Competition of the green alga
Scenedesmus and the blue-green alga Oscillatory 473
Paelinck, H. R. E. & De Maeseneer, J.: Modeling of N- and P-uptake by
Scenedesmus acutus, with regard to tertiary treatment of domestic
waste water 480
De Pauw, N., Bruggeman, E. & Persoone, G.: Research on the tertiary
treatment of swine manure by mass culturing of algae 490
Payne, A. G. & Hall, R. H.: Application of algal assays in the
environmental evaluation of new detergent materials 507
Paasche, E.: Growth experiments with marine plankton algae: the role
of "water quality" in species succession 521
Rinne, I. & Tarkiainen, E.: Algal tests used to study the chemical
factors regulating the growth of planktonic algae in the Helsinki sea
area 527
Saldick, J. & Coleridge, S. E.: Relationship between algal phosphorus
extraction and water phosphorus concentration 547
Shubert, L. E.: The algal growth potential of an inland saline and
eutrophic lake 555
Soeder, C.J., Payer, H.-D., Runkel, K.-H., Beine, J. & Briele,E.:
Sorption and concentration of toxic minerals by mass cultures of
Chlorococcales 575
Tilman, D.: The role of nutrient competition in a predictive theory of
phytoplankton population dynamics 585
Tinnberg, L.: Changes in succession rate in a natural phytoplankton
community following nutrient enrichment 593
Skulberg, O. M.: Closing Address 600
Chairmen of Sessions 600
List of Participants 601