R. H. Lowe-McConnell; R.C.M. Crul; F.C. Roest:

Symposium on resource use and conservation of the African Great Lakes Bujumbura 1989

Ed. for: The Assoc. by A. Sládecková

1989. 132 pages, 46 figures, 18 tables, 16x24cm, 350 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 23)

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Symposium on resource use and conservation of the African Great Lakes
THE EDITORS: Foreword 1
NTAKIMAZI, G.: Conservation of the resources of the African Great
Lakes: Why? An Overview 5
I. Fisheries Resources
ROEST, F. C.: The pelagic fisheries resources of Lake Tanganyika 11
TWEDDLE, D.: Conservation and threats to the resources of Lake Malawi 17
KOLDING, I.: A summary of Lake Turkana: An ever-changing mixed
environment 25
OGUTU-OHWAYO, R.: The purpose, costs and benefits of fish
introductions: With specific reference to the Great Lakes of Africa 37
II. Water Quality
HECKY, R. E. & BEIGES, F. W. B.: Hydrology and chemistry of the
African Great Lakes and water quality issues: Problems and solutions
CALJON, A. G.: Water quality in the Bay of Bujumbura (Lake Tanganyika)
and its influence on phytoplankton composition 55
COULTER, G. W.: Vulnerability of Lake Tanganyika to pollution, with
comments on social aspects 67
BAKER, J. M.: Oil and African Great Lakes 71
III. Scientific-Value
KAWANABE, H., KWETUENDA, M. K. & GASHAGAZA, M. M.: Ecological and
limnological studies of Lake Tanganyika and its adjacent regions
between African and Japanese scientists: An introduction 79
Large African Lakes as natural laboratories for evolution: Examples
from the endemic gastropod fauna of Lake Tanganyika 85
GOLDSCHMIDT, T. & WITTE, F.: Explosive speciation and adaptive
radiation of haplochromine cichlids from Lake Victoria: An
illustration of the scientific value of a lost species flock 101
IV. Conservation
COHEN, A. S.: Criteria for developing viable underwater natural
reserves in Lake Tanganyika 109
ANDREWS, C.: The role of zoos and aquaria in the conservation of the
fishes from Africa's Great Lakes 117
TODDLE, D.: A brief review of the tourism resources and potential
around the African Great Lakes 121
BOOTSMA, H. A.: Lake Malawi National Park: An overview 125