David Dudgeon; Paul K. Lam:

Inland waters of tropical Asia and Australia

Conservation and management

Edited by: A. Sládecková

1994. 1. edition, IV, 386 pages, 83 figures, 101 tables, 16x24cm, 860 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 24)

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The central themes of this work are inland waters in Asia and Australia, their conservation, management and the significant problems for the native flora and fauna in these areas.

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Dudgeon, D. & Lam, P. K. S.: Inland waters of tropical Asia and
Australia: Conservation and management 1
Dugan, P. J.: The role of ecological science in addressing wetland
conservation and management in the tropics 5
Dudgeon, D.: The need for multi-scale approaches to the conservation
and management of tropical inland waters 11
Gopal, B.: The role of ecotones (transition zones) in the conservation
and management of tropical inland waters 17
Davies, J. & Giesen, W.: Towards a methodology for identifying
tropical freshwater wetlands for protection 27
Choowaew, S., Chandrachai, W. & Petersen Jr, R. C.: The socioeconomic
conditions in the vicinity of Huai Nam Un Wetland, Songkhram River,
Lower Mekong Basin, Thailand 41
Lowe-McConnell, R.: Threats to, and conservation of, tropical
freshwater fishes 47
Arthington, A. H. & Bluhdorn, D. R.: Distribution, genetics, ecology
and status of the introduced cichlid, Oreochromis mossambicus, in
Australia 53

De Silva, K. H. G. M.: Diversity and endemism of three major
freshwater groups in Sri Lanka: Atyidae (Decapoda), Gastropoda and
Teleostei 63
Costa, H. H.: The status of limnology in Sri Lanka 73
De Silva, K. H. G. M. & De Silva, P. K.: The effects of human
modification of lotic habitats on the freshwater fauna of Sri Lanka 87
Nontji, A.: The status of limnology in Indonesia 95
Giesen, W.: Indonesia's major freshwater lakes: A review of current
knowledge, development processes and threats 115
Ho, Sinn-Chye: Status of limnological research and training in
Malaysia 129
Khondker, M.: The status of limnological research in Bangladesh 147
Pearson, R. G.: Limnology in the northeastern tropics of Australia,
the wettest part of the driest continent 155
Arthington, A. H.: A holistic approach to water allocation to maintain
the environmental values of Australian streams and rivers: A case
history 165
Arunachalam, M. & Arun, L. K.: Input, transport and storage of organic
matter in two south Indian rivers 179
Smith, R. E. W. & Bakowa, K. A.: Utilization of floodplain water
bodies by the fishes of the Fly River, Papua New Guinea 187
Townsend, S. A.: The occurrence of natural fish kills, and their
causes, in the Darwin-Katherine- Jabiru region of northern Australia 197
Jin, X. C.: An analysis of lake eutrophication in China 207
Yin, C., Lan, Z. & Than, M.: Factors limiting algal growth in
eutrophic Chaohu Lake, China 213
Chang, W. Y. B.: Management of shallow tropical lakes using integrated
lake farming 219
Chang, H. & Chang, W. Y. B.: Management of inland fisheries in shallow
eutrophic, mesotrophic and oligotrophic lakes in China 225
Liu, J. & Chen, S.: An assessment of the impact of fish stocking on
lake eutrophication in China 231
Melville, D. S.: Management of Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature
Reserve, China 237
Anton, A.: Long-term phytoplankton changes in a tropical reservoir 243
Yusoff, F. M. & Patimah, I.: A comparative study of phytoplankton
populations in two Malaysian lakes 251
Pacardo, E. P.: Agroecosystem analysis of Laguna Lake in the
Philippines 259
Arumugam, P. T.: Present utilization and recommendations for
management of tin-mine lakes in Malaysia 265
Booth, W. E., Choy, S.C. & Salim, K.A.: Ecology of a tropical man-made
lake in Brunei Darussalam with proposals for its development and
management 273
Soliman, V. S.: Conservation and management of Lake Manapao
(Philippines), a 'Sinarapan' (Mistichthys lutonensis) sanctuary:
Status, problems and solutions 279
Baird, D. I.: Pest control in tropical aquaculture: An ecological
hazard assessment of natural and synthetic control agents 285
Humphrey, C. L. & Dostine, P. L.: Development of biological monitoring
programs to detect mining-waste Impacts upon aquatic ecosystems of the
Alligator Rivers Region, Northern Territory, Australia 293
Lai, P. C. C. & Lam, P. K. S.: Scope for growth in a tropical
freshwater snail, Aroma hainanensis: Implications for monitoring
sublethal toxic stressors 315
Hodgkiss, I. I.: Microbiological indicators of freshwater pollution in
Hong Kong 321
Shea, She Sang: The effects of water quality, epilithic algae and
organic matter on communities of stone-dwelling invertebrates in a
Hong Kong river 327
Boland, K. & Imberger, I.: An analysis of dynamic stability in two
inland lakes of Northern Australia 337
Nakayama, M.: Application of satellite remote sensing to estimate lake
water quality 345
Lukens, I. E.: Mapping southeast Asian wetlands using remote sensing:
The training project approach 349
Williams, W. D.: Constraints to the conservation and management of
tropical inland waters 357
Dugan, P. I.: Constraints and opportunities for training in wetland
management 365
Dudgeon, D., Arthington, A. H., Chang, W. Y. B., Davies, J., Humphrey,
C. L., Pearson, R. G. & Lam, P. K. S.: Conservation and management of
tropical Asian and Australian inland waters: Problems, solutions and
prospects 369