Donald D. Adams; Sybil P. Seitzinger; Patrick M. Crill:

Cycling of reduced gases in the hydrosphere

1996. IX, 203 pages, 92 figures, 45 tables, 16x24cm, 500 g
Language: English

(Mitteilungen der IVL, Number 25)

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This book contains reviewed submissions from 60 percent of the presentations given at a special Symposium on the Cycling ofReduced Gases in the Hydrosphere as part of the 24th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL) held in Munich, Germany, August 13-19,1989. Because of the theme of this Congress, this Symposium deliberately focused on the aquatic environment, especially freshwater ecosystems. Most of the delivered papers dealt with general ecological processes and the cycling of methane and hydrogen, so it was agreed that additional chapters be solicited in the specific areas of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) gas cycling. Even though this resulted in a delay in publication, chapters were continually updated by authors during extensive editing and peer review.

This greatly expanded book deals with most of the important reduced (and partially oxidized in the case of N20) gases and their hydrospheric/biospheric cycling. Information in these chapters should be of considerable interest and importance to the scientific community because many of the reduced gases are closely linked to the phenomenon of climate change. As the planet enters an uncertain future it is essential to develop an understanding about the formation and consumption processes of reduced (and partially oxidized) gases as well as their cycling pathways in the ecosphere. It is the desire of the editors that this book will contribute to such an understanding.

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Cycling of reduced gases in the hydrosphere
Editors: Foreword
I. Introduction and overview
Adams, D. D.: Aquatic cycling and hydrosphere to troposphere transport
of reduced trace gases - A review 1
Conrad, R.: Anaerobic hydrogen metabolism in aquatic sediments 15
King, G. M. & Blackburn, T. H.: Controls of methane oxidation in
sediments 25
Whiticar, M. I.: Isotope tracking of microbial methane formation and
oxidation 39
II. General ecological processes
Kuivila, K. M. & Lovley, D. R.: Dissolved hydrogen concentrations in
sulfate-reducing and methanogenic sediments 55
Miss, U.: A comparison of hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen and methane
production and consumption in different aquatic ecosystems 63
Westermann, P. & Ahring, B. K.: The role of sulfate-reducing and
methane-producing bacteria in the metabolism of hydrogen and
short-chained fatty acids in a freshwater swamp 73
Naguib, M. & Adams, D. D.: Carbon gas (CH4 and CO2) cycling in
sediments of the Tonteich, a Northern German acid pond 83
Dahm, C. N., Gosz, J. R. & Risser, P. G.: Long-path FTIR spectroscopy
to quantify atmospheric CH4, CO2, CO, N2O and H2O over aquatic
ecosystems 91
III. Nitrogen gases
Terai, H. & Yoh, M.: Denitrification and N2O production in Lake Kizaki 97
Capone, D. G.: A biologically constrained estimate of oceanic N2O flux 105
Wada, E., Yoshida, N., Yoshioka, T., Yoh, M. & Kabaya, Y.: The
abundance of ON in N2O in aquatic ecosystems with emphasis on
denitrification 115
IV. Sulfur gases
Morgan, M. D., Diegmann, M. H. & Spratt, H. G.: Fate of anthropogenic
sulfur in a cedar-dominated wetland 125
Kiene, R. P.: Microbial cycling of organosulfur gases in marine and
freshwater environments 137
Hines, M. E.: Emissions of sulfur gases from wetlands 153
V. Methane
Crill, P. M.: Latitudinal differences in methane fluxes from natural
wetlands 163
Devol, A. H., Richey, ). E., King, S. L., Lansdown, J. & Martinelli,
L. A.: Seasonal variations in the i3C-CH4 of Amazon floodplain waters 173
Wassmann, R. & Thein, U. G.: Spatial and seasonal variation of methane
emission from an Amazon floodplain lake 179
Lilley, M. D., De Angelis, M. A. & Olson, E. l.: Methane
concentrations and estimated fluxes from Pacific Northwest rivers 187
Sweerts, J-P. R. A., Dekkers, T. M. l. & Cappenberg, T. E.: Methane
oxidation at the sediment-water interface of shallow eutrophic Lake
Loosdrecht and deep meso-eutrophic Lake Vechten 197