Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie : Verhandlungen, Vol. 22, part 5

Proceedings of the Internat. Assoc. of Theoretical andApplied Limnology

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(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 22 Part 5)

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XIII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 1. Microbes (continued)
KATO, K.: A concept on the structure and function of bacterial
community in aquatic ecosystems 2739
OCHIAI, M. & NAKAJIMA, T.: Decomposition of organic matter extracted
from sessile microbes 2744
WISSMAR, R. C., LILLEY, M. D. & ANGELIS, M. DE: Nitrification and the
inhibition of nitrite oxidation by chlorate in riverine surface
sediments 2749
MÜLLER, D. & KIRCHESCH, V.: On Vitrification in the River Rhine 2754
HOLDER-FRANKLIN, M. A.: Mathematical methods for revealing the
influence of the environment on river bacteria 2761
ANTONIETTI, R.: The measure of ATP flows in microbial communities:
First results 2768
STÖCKLI, A.: The role of bacteria and algae in phosphorus regeneration
using linked continuous cultures 2773
WOOD-EGGENSCHWILER, S. & BARLOCHER, F.: Geographical distribution of
Ingoldian fungi 2780
ROSSET, J. & BARLOCHER, F.: Transplant experiments with aquatic
hyphomycetes 2786
XIII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 2. Algae and Other Plants
KLEMER, A. R., PIERSON, D. C. & WHITESIDE, M. C.: Blue-green algal
(cyanobacterial) nutrition, buoyancy and bloom formation 2791
WARD, A. K.: Factors affecting distribution of Nostoc in Cascade
Mountain streams of Western Oregon, U.S.A 2799
CASANOVA, J. & LAFONT, R.: Les cyanophycées encroûtantes des eaux
courantes du Var (France) 2805
MELVASALO, T. & NIEMI, A.: The fixation of molecular nitrogen by
blue-green algae in the open Baltic Sea 2811
AHLGREN, G.: Growth of Microcystis wesenbergii in batch and chemostat
cultures 2813
KAPPERS, F. I.: Growth kinetics of the cyanobacterium
Microcystisaeruginosa 2821
ZEVENBOOM, W., LATUHIHIN, M. J. & MUR, L. R.: Diel-periodicity in
photosynthesis of cyanobacteria in continuous cultures and the role of
carbohydrates (Abstract) 2825
KRISTIANSEN, J.: Occurrence of scale-bearing Chrysophyceae in a
eutrophic Danish lake 2826
FALKOWSKI, P. G., DUBINSKY, Z. & SANTOSTEFANO, G.: Light-enhanced dark
respiration in phytoplankton 2830
KADLUBOWSKA, J. Z.: Untersuchungen der Stetigkeit der
Diatomeengesellschaften aus der Salzquelle, den Limnokrenen und dem
Moortümpel 2834
YOSHITAKE, S. & FUKUSHIMA, H.: Interrelation between epilithic or
drifting algae and algae contained in the digestive tracts of some
aquatic insects 2838
HICKEL, B.: The population structure of Ceratium in a small eutrophic
lake 2845
BERMAN, T. & DUBINSKY, Z.: The autecology of Peridinium cinctum
fa. westii from Lake Kinneret 2850
HAPPEY-WOOD, C. M.: Growth characteristics of micro-green algae 2855
LEHMAN, J. T.: Cell quotas of nutrients in phytoplankton established by
X-ray analysis 2861
OLSEN, Y., JENSEN, A. & REINERTSEN, H.: ATP changes in P-starved algae
as a measure of P-deficiency and the growth rate 2866
ROSEMARIN, A. S.: Reproductive strategy in the filamentous green alga
Cladophora glomerata (L.) KÜTZ. - an explanation for its widespread
distribution 2872
HILLEBRAND, H.: Growth control of filamentous algae by light and
temperature (Abstract) 2878
GUERLESQUIN, M.: Bilan et répartition de la flore des Charophycées
dans les Antilles 2879
LHOTSKY, O.: The time factor in the evaluation of algal communities 2885
FLIK, B. J. G.: Measurements of time dependent inhibition and recovery
of a laboratory culture of Chlorella sp. at various light intensities 2888
JENSEN, L. M., J0RGENSEN, N. O. G. & S0NDERGAARD, M.: Specific
activity. Significance in estimating release rates of extracellular
dissolved organic carbon (EOC) by algae 2893
BROBERG, B.: Biological availability of different fractions of
dissolved phosphorus in two natural waters: Algal assay experiments 2898
Consequences of fertilization within a littoral Equisetumfluviatile
L. stand in Lake Paajarvi, southern Finland 2904
KEELEY, J. E.: The role of CAM in the carbon economy of the
submerged-aquatic Isoetes howellii 2909
BALLS, H., Moss, B. & IRVINE, K.: The effects of high nutrient loading
on interactions between aquatic plants and phytoplankton 2912
BOAR, R. R. & CROOK, C. E.: Investigations into the causes of
reedswamp regression in the Norfolk Broads 2916
R0RSLETT, B., BERGE, D. & JOHANSEN, S. W.: Mass invasion of Elodea
canadensis in a mesotrophic, South Norwegian lake - impact on water
quality 2920
R0RSLETT, B.: Regulation impact on submerged macrophytes in the
oligotrophic lakes of Setesdal, South Norway 2927
VELDE, G. VAN DER & HEADER, L. A. VAN DER: Initial decomposition of
floating leaves in Nymphoides peltata (GMEL.) O. KUNTZE
(Menyanthaceae) in relation to their age, with special attention to
the role of herbivores 2937
BROCK, T. C. M.: Aspects of production and decomposition of Nymphoides
peltata (GMEL.) O. KUNTZE (Menyanthaceae) (Abstract) 2942
GALANTI, G. & GUIZZONI, P.: Nutrient uptake by a floating-leaved
aquatic plant (Trapa natans L.) 2943
and chorological study of Swiss lake aquatic plants: A basic method to
determine the bioindicator value of species 2947
LACHAVANNE, J.-B.: The influence of accelerated eutrophication on the
macrophytes of Swiss lakes: Abundance and distribution 2950
GRANÉLI, W.: Biomass response after nutrient addition to natural
stands of reed, Phragwites australis 2956
PRINS, H. B. A. & ZANSTRA, P. E.: Bicarbonate assimilation in aquatic
angiosperms. Significance of the apoplast and unstirred layer 2962
XIII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 3. Animals
KONOPACKA, A. & SICINSKI, J.: Macrofauna inhabiting the colonies of
the sponge Spongilla lacustns (L.) in the River Gac 2968
HERRMANN, J.: Reproductive strategies in Dendrocoelum lacteum
(Turbellaria)-comparisons between Swedish and British populations 2974
RUTTNER-KOLISKO, A.: Results of individual cross-mating experiments in
three distinct strains of Brachionus plicatilis (Rotatoria) 2979
HOFMANN, W.: Dynamics of vertical zooplankton community structure in
the Plullsee: Cluster analysis 2983
MAY, L.: The use of procaine hydrochloride in the preparation of
rotifer samples for counting 2987
SERRA, M. & MIRACLE, M. R.: Enzyme polymorphism in Brachionus
plicatilis populations from several Spanish lagoons 2991
GILBERT, J. J. & STEMBERGER, R. S.: Prey capture in the rotifer
Asplanchna girodi 2997
STENSON, J. A. E.: Interactions between pelagic metazoan and protozoan
zooplankton: an experimental study (Abstract) 3001
CHARRAS, J. P., NOUGARET, M. & FOURNIER, A.: Un système de
trajectographie automatique pour étudier la nage d'animaux
planctoniques (Rotifères, miracidiums de Plathelminthes etc.) 3002
WALZ, N.: Continuous culture of pelagic rotifers (Abstract) 3007

Changes in the zooplankton community after lime treatment of an
acidified lake 3008
SCHIEMER, F.: Bioenergetic niche differentiation of aquatic
invertebrates 3014
LAFONT, M. & JUGET, J.: Les Oligochètes de quelques lacs français:
propositions en vue de leur utilisation pratique pour apprécier l'état
biologique des sédiments profonds 3019
THIERY, A.: Ponte et ultrastructure de l'oeuf chez Triops granaries
LUCAS (Crustacea, Notostraca): adaptations à l'assèchement de
l'habitat 3024
HILDREW, A. G.: Life history characteristics of fairy shrimps
(Anostraca) from tropical rainpools (Abstract) 3029

Laboratory effects of three species of Daphnia on Scenedesmus
population growth and on selected environmental parameters 3030
Population dynamics of pelagic cladocerans in three lakes with
different trophy 3035
KERSTTNG, K.: Properties of an aquatic micro-ecosystem. V. Ten years
of observations of the prototype 3040
INFANTE, A. & LITT, A. H.: A comparison of the nutritive value of some
algae for Daphnia in Lake Washington (Abstract) 3046
TAYLOR, B. E. & GABRIEL, W.: Reproductive strategies of two similar
Daphnia species 3047
JENSEN, J. W.: The morphology and ecology of coexisting Daphnia
galeata galeata SARS and Daphnia longispina caudale SARS 3051
WOLF, H. G.: Population genetic investigations on Daphnia cucullata in
the Schohsee at Plon 3058
TAYLOR, W. W. & GERKING, S. D.: Effect of rainbow trout predation on
the production of its prey, Daphnia peler 3062
VAGA, R. M., CULVER, D. A. & MUNCH, C. S.: The fecundity ratios of
Daphnia and Bosmina as a function of inedible algal standing crop 3072
LEVITAN, C., KERFOOT, W. C. & DEMoTT, W. R.: Ability of Daphnia to
buffer trout lakes against periodic nutrient inputs 3076

THRELKELD, S. T.: Egg degeneration and mortality in cladoceran
populations 3083

HERRING, A.: Resting eggs - significant stage in the life cycle of
crustaceans Leptodora kindti and Bythotrephes longimanus 3088
BERNER, D. B.: Morphological differentiation among species in the
Ceriodaptnia cornuta complex (Crustacea, Cladocera) 3099

GOPHEN, M.: Effect of fish predation on size class distribution of
cladocerans in Lake Kinneret 3104

DUNCAN, A., LAMPERT, W. & ROCHA, O.: Carbon weight on length
regressions of Daphnia spp. grown at threshold food concentrations 3109
LYNCH, M.: Speciation in the Cladocera 3116
LANGELAND, A., KOKSVIK, J. I. & OLSEN, Y.: Post-embryonic development
and growth rates o Daphnia pulex DE GEER and Daphnia galeata SARS
under natural food conditions 3124
LARSSON, P., JOHNSEN, G. & STEIGEN, A. L.: An experimental study of
the summer decline in a Daphnia population 3131
MÜLLER, H.: The niches of Bosmina coregoni and Bosmina longirostris in
the ecosystem of Lke Constance 3137
KOCH, K. D. & MEIJERING, M. P. D.: On the distribution and ecology of
Cyclopidae on Bear Island (74°30' N. 19°E) 3144
WYNGAARD, G. A., RUSSEK, E. & ALLAN, J. D.: Life history variation in
north temperate and subtropical populations of Mesocyclops edax
(Crustacea: Copepoda) 3149
ELGMORK, K.: Prolonged life cycles in the planktonic copepod Cyclops
scutifer SARS 3154
RIERA, T. & ESTRADA, M.: Dimensions and allometry in Tropocyclops
prasinus. Empirical relationships with environmental temperature 3159
GABRIEL, W. & LAMPERT, W.: Can cannibalism be advantageous in
cyclopoids? A mathematical model 3164

JAMIESON, C. D. & BURNS, C. W.: Copepod distribution patterns: Life
history adaptations to food and temperature (Abstract) 3169
HAIRSTON, N. G., Jr., OLDS, E. J. & MUNNS, W. R., Jr.: Bet-hedging and
environmentally cued diapause strategies of diaptomid copepods 3170

HARTMANN, H. J.: Feeding of Daphnia pulicaria and Diaptomus ashlandi
on mixtures of unicellular and filamentous algae 3178
RIJKEBOER, M., FLIK, B. J. G. & RINGELBERG, J.: Aspects of colour
dimorphism in Acanthodiaptomus denticornis found in two French crater
lakes (Abstract) 3184
PIYASIRI, S.: Dependence of food on growth and development of two
freshwater tropical and temperate calanoid species 3185
WONG, C. K. & CHOW-FRASER, P.: The food of three large freshwater
calanoid copepods: Limnocalanus macrurus SARS, Epischura lacustris
FORBES, and Senecella calanoides JUDAY 3190
CHOW-FRASER, P. & WONG, C. K.: Herbivorous feeding of three large
freshwater calanoid copepods, Limnocalanus macrurus SARS, Senecella
calanoides JUDAY and Epischura lacustns FORBES 3195
SOTO, D.: Experimental evaluation of copepod interactions 3199
SAINT-JEAN, L. & PAGANO, M.: Influence de la salinité, de la
température, et de la concentration des particules en suspension, sur
la croissance et la production d'oeufs chez Acartia clausi en lagune
Ebrié (Côte d'ivoire) (Abstract) 3205
PONT, D.: Production secondaire du cyclopoide Acanthocyclops robustes
(G. O. SARS) dans les rizières de Camargue (France) 3206
FOLT, C. L.: Predator efficiencies and prey risks at high and low prey
densities 3210
RAMCHARAN, C. W., SPRULES, W. G. & NERO, R. W.: Notes on the tactile
feeding behaviour of Mysis relicta LOVÉN (Malacostraca: Mysidacea) 3215
GINET, R.: Présence de l'amphipode hypogé Niphargus dans certains lacs
alpins de haute-montagne 3220

SWIFT, M. C.: Growth and reproduction of Palaemonetes paludosus in a
coastal North Carolina pond 3223
FIDALGO, M. L.: About the assimilation efficiency of the freshwater
shrimp, Atyaephyra desmaresti MILLET (Crustacea, Decapoda) 3227
WINREL, E. H. TEN: The influence of predation by the water mite
Hygrobates nigromaculatus on a population of chironomid larvae 3230
ALLAN, J. D.: The production ecology of Ephemeroptera in a Rocky
Mountain stream 3233
STATZNER, B. & MOGEL, R.: An example showing that drift net catches of
stream mayflies (Baetis spp., Ephemeroptera, Insecta) do not increase
during periods of higher substrate surface densities of the larvae 3238
MAQUET, B. & ROSILLON, D.: Cycle de développement de l'éphéméroptère
Baetis rhodani PICTET dans deux rivières salmonicoles belges: la
Rulles et le Samson 3244
CAMPBELL, I. C.: Dietary habits of Australian siphlonurid and
oligoneuriid ephemeropteran nymphs 3250
RIEDERER, R. A. A.: Emergence behaviour of some mayflies and
stoneflies (Insecte: Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera) 3260
BAN, Y., SHTBATA, S. & ISHIKAWA, M.: Remarks on the life cycle of the
water scorpion, Nepa ho1pmanni ESAKI (Hemiptera: Nepidae) in Japan 3265

PETERSEN, L. B.-M.: Food preferences in three species of Hydropsyche
(Trichoptera) 3270

TANIDA, K.: Net structure and feeding ecology of some Japanese species
of Hydropsyche (Trichoptera: Insecta) (Abstract) 3275
experiments with Chaoborus larvae on pigmented and translucent morphs
of Acanthodiaptomus denticornis 3276

GISLASON, G. M.: The life cycle and production of Simulium vittatum
ZETT. in the River Laxa, North-East Iceland 3281

VINCENT, B. & HARVEY, M.: Dynamique de deux populations du Gastéropode
Bithynia tentaculata 3288
JOKINEN, E. H.: Comparative life history patterns within a littoral
zone snail community 3292
MASLIN, J.-L.: Les peuplements de mollusques benthiques d'une lagune
du Sud-Bénin (le lac Ahémé): facteurs de leur répartition et impact
des variations des conditions du milieu 3300
CIANFICCONI, F., MORETTI, G. P. & PIRISINU, Q.: Peuplements loti-lues
et lénitiques dans le système hydrographique de la Plaine de Rieti
(Latium, Italie) 3306
XIV. Sediments
KAWAI, T., OTSUKI, A., AIZAKI, M. & NISHIKAWA, M.: Phosphate release
from sediment into aerobic water in a eutrophic shallow lake,
L. Kasumigaura 3316
LÖFGREN, S. & RYDING, S.-O.: Apatite ionic products in different
eutrophic sediments 3323
LÖFGREN, S. & RYDING, S.-O.: Apatite solubility and microbial
activities as regulators of internal loading in shallow, eutrophic
lakes 3329
BOSTROM, B., AHLGREN, I. & BELL, R.: Internal nutrient loading in a
eutrophic lake, reflected in seasonal variations of some sediment
parameters 3335
PETERS, J. & LIERE, L. VAN: Dredging and groundwater-movement, effects
on phosphorus release from sediments 3340
WISNIEWSKI, R. J. & PLANTER, M.: Exchange of phosphorus across
sediment-water interface (with special attention to the influence of
biotic factors) in several lakes of different trophic status 3345
BARROIN, G.: Relation phosphore - oxygène en zone profonde (Abstract) 3350
MARENGO, G. & PREMAZZI, G.: Biological availability of P-loads to Lake
Lugano 3351
XV. Special Topics
BRIAND, F.: Structural singularities of freshwater food webs 3356
VOLOHONSKY, H.: Thermodynamic aspects of ecosystems steady state 3365
MUNAWAR, M. & MUNAWAR, I. F.: Seasonality of phytoplankton in the
North American Great Lakes (Abstract) 3368
DORGELO, J. & HEYKOOP, M.: Avoidance of macrophytes by Daptnia
longispina 3369
Report on the twenty-second congress 3373
Officers and list of members 3401
Obituary for T. T. Macan 3474
Contents of volume 22 (completely) (1)