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XII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 1. Microbes (continued)
SCHÜTT, C.: Habitat-specific plasmid patterns in natural bacterial
populations of fresh-water lakes 1821
FLEISCHER, S., BENGTSSON, M. & JOHANSSON, G.: Mechanism of the aerobic
Fe(III)-P solubilization at the sediment-water interface 1825
ROBARTS, R. D.: Effect of rainstorms on heterotrophic bacterial
activity in a hypertrophic African lake (Abstract) 1830
KATO, K.: Bacterial biosynthesis from algal extracellular organic
carbon (Abstract) 1831
MEYER, J. L.: Benthic bacterial biomass and production in a
black-water river 1832
NEWELL, S. Y., FALLON, R. D., SHERR, B. F. & SHERR, E. B.: Mesoscale
temporal variation in bacterial standing crop, percent active cells,
productivity and output in a salt-marsh tidal river 1839
HOLDER-FRANKLIN, M. A., FRANKLIN, M. & KANEKO, T.: Continuity of main
stream river bacteria demonstrated by factor analysis 1846
MARXSEN,J. & MOALEDJ, K.: On the structure of bacterial communities in
a Central European open grassland stream, the Breitenbach 1855
ZAISS, U.: Metabolic coupling between heterotrophic and methanogenic
bacteria in a running water food chain 1861
WITZEL, K.-P.: Uptake of nucleic acid precursors by aquatic microbial
communities and pure cultures of bacteria and algae 1865
KUPARINEN, J.: Development of bacterioplankton during winter and early
spring at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea 1869
XII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 2. Algae and Other Plants
KERBY, N. W., AMLA, D. V., POWELL, P. & STEWART, W. D. P.: Metabolic
changes associated with cyanophage infection of Nostoc muscorum: the
role of light 1879
Macronutrient interactions involved in cyanobacterial bloom formation
AMEMIYA, Y., KATO, K. & NAKAYAMA, O.: Extracellular products of
Microcystis species: Formation of slime layer and DOC pool in
surrounding waters 1886
BERGER, C.: The habitat and ecology of Oscillatoria agardhii
GOM. (Abstract) 1893
MOED, J. R., HOOGVELD, H. L. & DE HAAN, H.: A study of factors
regulating the succession of cyanobacteria in Lake Tjeukemeer, The
Netherlands 1894
AHLGREN, G.: Comparison of algal C14-uptake and growth rate in situ
and in vitro 1898
MOULTON, T. P., BURFORD, M. A. & SOMMER, T. R.: The ecology of
Dunaliella species (Chlorophyta, Volvocales) in the coastal salt lake,
Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia 1908
FARMER, A. M., BOSTON, H. L. & ADAMS, M. S.: Photosynthetic
characters of a deepwater bryophyte from a clear, oligotrophic lake in
Wisconsin, U.S.A 1912
FARMER, A. M., BOSTON, H. L. & ADAMS, M. S.: Seasonal studies of
resource allocation in a deepwater bryophyte from a clear,
oligotrophic lake in Wisconsin, U.S.A 1916
HAGLEY, C. A.: Seasonal and spatial biomass variation of the submerged
macrophyte, Isoetes occidentalis, in a subalpine lake 1920
LOEB, S. L. & HACKLEY, S. H.: The distribution of submerged
macrophytes in Lake Tahoe California and Nevada, and the possible
influence of groundwater seepage 1927
BRAMMER, E. S.: Light utilization efficiency as a function of stored
CO2 in leaves of some acidotolerant aquatic macrophytes 1934
BUCHAN, A. J. & BREEN, C. M.: Leaf material production in Nymphaea
lotus L.: Implications for sustained detritus production 1940
ROGERS, K. H. & DE BRUYN, J.: Decomposition of Paspalum distichum L.:
Methodology in seasonally inundated systems 1945
BROCK, M. A.: Flexibility of life cycle pattern as a mechanism for
tolerance of fluctuations of environmental conditions by aquatic
plants 1949
TWINING, J. R.: Radium accumulation from water by foliage of the water
lily, Nymphaea violacea 1954
SORRELL, B. K. & DROMGOOLE, F. I.: Gas transport and storage in the
Egeria dense PLANCH. Iacunar system (Abstract) 1963
RATTRAY, M. R. & BROWN, J. M. A.: The effect of internal shoot phosphorus on the metabolism of an aquatic angiosperm, Myriophyllum tnthyllum ORCHARD 1964
WELLS, R. D. S., VANT, W. N. & CLAYTON, J. S.: Inorganic suspensoids
and submerged macrophytes in Lake Whangape, New Zealand 1969
nutrients on aquatic plant decomposition rates 1973
GERBEAUX, P. & WARD, J. C.: The light climate of Lake Ellesmere and
its effect on the growth of aquatic plants 1979
WARD, J. C., TALBOT, J. M. & STEWART, I. D.: Limits to the spread of
Elodea canadensis in Lake Alexandrina, New Zealand 1985
XII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 3. Animals
WRONA, F. J.: A laboratory study of macroinvertebrate predation on
Polycelis coronata (GIRARD 1891) (Turbellaria: Tricladida) 1991
WALZ, N. & GSCHLOESSL, T.: Functional response of ingestion and
filtration rate of the rotifer Brachionus angulans to the food
concentration 1993
STARKWEATHER, P. L.: Reproductive and functional responses of the
rotifer Brachionus plicatilis to changing food density 2001
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distributions of Brachionus species in three coastal lagoons 2006
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developmental stages of the cold-stenothermal rotifer Notholca caudata
CARLIN 2016 CHENGALATH, R. & KOSTE, W.: Composition of littoral
rotifer communities of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 2019
COMMINS, M. L. & SALT, G. W.: Some patterns of predation and prey
selection by the rotifer Asplanchna girodi in replicated outdoor tanks
DAV[ES, R. W. & BAIRD, D. J.: The effects of oxygen regime of the
ecology of lentic macroinvertebrates 2033
CROWELL, R. M.: Two unusual water mite symbiotic associations in New
Zealand 2035
HESSEN, D. O. & NORDBY, 0.: Limb morphology and the process of
particle capture in the cladoceran Holopedium gibberum ZADDACH 2038
RAMCHARAN, C. W. & SPRULES, W. G.: Ingestion rate of Daphnia pulex as
measured by both carbon-14 uptake and gut fluorescence 2045
CHRISTOFFERSEN, K.: Effect of food concentration on gut evacuation of
Daphnia pulicaria and Daptnia longispina measured by the fluorescence
technique 2050
WOLF, H. G.: Differences in the genetic structure of pond-dwelling and
lake-dwelling Daphnia 2056
SHIEL, R. J., GANF, G. G. & GORMLEY, J.: Particle capture by Daptnia:
Evidence from highspeed microcinematography (Abstract) 2060
GELLER, W. & KNISELY, C.: Drag forces and energetic costs in Daphnia
filter-feeding (Abstract) 2061
LARSSON, P. & HOBAEK, A.: Production of males in daphnids (Abstract)
RINGELBERG, J.: Clearance and ingestion in Daphnia during the first
half hour of feeding aRer starvation 2063
dynamics and production of Bosmina coregoni in a mesotrophic lake
having high production of planktivorous fish (Abstract) 2067
GREENWOOD, T. L.: Seasonal dynamics and life histories of three New
Zealand planktonic Cladocera (Abstract) 2068
O'BRIEN, W. J. & LUECKE, C.: The coexistence of a predaceous copepod
and a daphniid: Weeding and gardening in the Arctic 2069
MALY, E. J. & VAN LEEUWEN, H. C.: Patterns of incidence,
co-occurrence, and size in North American Diaptomus species 2075
VARNHAGEN, E., BYRON, E. R. & GOLDMAN, C. R.: Epischura density as a
factor controlling the establishment of Bosmina populations in Lake
Tahoe 2082 BURNS, C. W.: Starvation resistance among copepod nauplii
and adults 2087
HANAZATO, T. & YASUNO, M.: Impact of predation of Neomysis intermedia
on a zooplankton community in Lake Kasumigaura 2092
VITAGLIANO TADINI, G., FANO, E. A. & COLANGELO, M.: The life history
evolution of Asellus aquaticus (L.) explains its geographical
distribution 2099
MUSGROVE, R. J.: The digestive capability of the New Zealand
freshwater crayfish Paranephros zealandicus WHITE (Decapoda:
Parastacidae) (Abstract) 2107
COVICH, A. P.: Atyid shrimp in the headwaters of the Luquillo
Mountains, Puerto Rico: Filter feeding in natural and artificial
streams 2108
of crayfishes populations Austropotamobius pallipes pallipes LEREB
WATANABE, N. C.: Life history of Potamanthodes kamonis in a stream of
central Japan (Ephemeroptera: Potamanthidae) 2118
BAN, R. & Kinki Aquatic Insects Research Group: The life cycle and
microdistribution of Ephemera strigata EATON (Ephemeroptera:
Ephemeridae) in the Kumogahata River, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan 2126
PECKARSKY, B. L.: Why predaceous stoneflies do not aggregate with
their prey 2135
W]SEMAN, S. W. & COOPER, S. D.: The predatory effects of water
striders on emerging insects 2141
BAN, Y., SHIBATA, S. & ISHIKAWA, M.: Life history of the water strider
Metrocons histono B. WHITE (Hemiptera: Gerridae) in Aichi
Prefecture,Japan 2145
BEUTLER, R. & FRUTIGER, A.: On the ecology of Aphelocheirus aestivalis
FABR. (Heteroptera: Aphelocheiridae) in a lake outlet stream 2152
HANEY, J. F., CRAGGY, A., KIMBALL, K. & WEEKS, F.: Light regulation of
Chauborus vertical migration (Abstract) 2156
CRISMAN, T. L. & CRISMAN, U. A. M.: Subtropical chaoborid populations
and their representation in the paleolimnological record 2157
JIN, E. H. & SPRULES, W. G.: Effects of prey composition on the
feeding of Chaoborus~lavicans larvae 2165
J6HANNSSON, V.: The life cycles of Simulium vittatum ZETT. in
Icelandic lake-outlets 2170
GISLASON, G. M. & GARDARSSON, A.: Long term studies on Simulium
vittatum ZETT. (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the River Laxa, North Iceland,
with particular reference to different methods used in assessing
population changes 2179
MOORE, S. & MEvER-RocHow, V. B.: Observations on habitat and
reproduction in the pulmonate, basommatophoran gastropod Latia
neritoides GRAY 1850 - the only bioluminescent freshwater mollusc in
the world 2189
JEFFREE, R. A.: Experimental comparison of radium-226 and calcium-45
kinetics in the freshwater mussel, Velesunio angasi 2193
DORGELO, J. & SMEENK, J.-W.: Contribution to the ecophysiology of
Dreissena polyrrzorpha (PALLAS) (Mollusca: Bivalvia): Growth,
filtration rate and respiration 2202
BACHMANN, M. D.: Habitat use differences among aquatic larvae of three
species of ambystomatid salamanders (Abstract) 2209
XIII. Received too late for classification
KAIRESALO, T. & MATILAINEN, T.: The importance of low flow rates to
the phosphorus flux between littoral and pelagial zones 2210
GIBBS, M. M., SPIGEL, R. H. & VINCENT, W. F.: Intermittent nutrient
transport into a lake by diel density currents (Abstract) 2216
BHARGAVA, S. C.: Ecology of Indian inland saline lakes. II. Primary
production in Didwana Lake 2217
HARRIS, G. P.: Structural aspects of phytoplankton successions 2221
HOCKING, G. C. & PATTERSON, J. C.: Two dimensional modelling of
reservoir outflows 2226
MELACK, J. M. & FISHER, T. R.: Denilrification and nitrogen fixation
in an Amazon floodplain lake 2232
MALLEY, D. F., CHANG, P. S. S., FINDLAY, D. L. & LINSEY, G. A: Extreme
perturbation of the zooplankton community of a small Precambrian
Shield lake by the addition of nutrients 2237
WIEDERHOLM, T., WIEDERHOLM, A.-M. & MILBRINK, G.; Sediment bioassays
with oligochaetes (Abstract) 2248
P. H. & SCALAN, R. S.: Recycling of marine elements transported into
freshwater systems by anadromous salmon 2249
PUDO, J. K. & FUBARA, D. M.: Studies on periphyton algae in the
petroleum oil spillages area of the Niger Delta aquatic system 2259
SCHAFRAN, G. C. & DRISCOLL, C. T.: Relationships between seepage
chemistry and flow path through the near-shore sediments of an acidic
lake 2262
GREB, S. R. & GARRISON, P. J.: Effects of submergent moss on sediment
sulfate reduction rates 2267
GARRISON, P. J. & WEBSTER, K. E.: The effects of acidification on the
invertebrate portion of the aufwuchs in a mesocosm experiment 2273
FROST, T. M. & MONTZ, P. K.: Early zooplankton response to
experimental acidification in Little Rock Lake, Wisconsin, USA 2279
JONES, H. G.: Nitrate, sulfate and hydrogen fluxes through a boreal
forest snowpack during the spring melt period 2286
RADDUM, G. G., FJELLHEIM, A. & HESTHAGEN, T.: Monitoring of
acidification by the use of aquatic orgamsms 2291
Report on the twenty-third congress 2298
Officers and list of members 2320
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