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(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 24 Part 5)

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XII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 2. Algae and Macrophyta (continued)
VAN DER DOES, J. & KLINK, F. J.: Excessive growth of Lemnaceae and
Azolla in ditches observed by false colour teledetection 2683
KOK, C. J. & VAN DE LAAR, B. J.: Influence of pH and buffering
capacity on the decomposition of Nymphaea alba L. detritus in
laboratory experiments: A possible explanation for the inhibition of
decomposition at low alkalinity 2689
VAATE, A. B.: The (semi-) aquatic vegetation of still waters within
the floodplains of the rivers Rhine and Meuse in The Netherlands:
Historical changes and the role of inundation 2693
VAN VIERSSEN, W. & HOOTSMANS, M. J. M.: On the origin of macrophyte
population dynamics during lake recovery after eutrophication 2700
HOOTSMANS, M. J. M. & VAN VIERSSEN, W.: Computer simulations of
macrophyte population dynamics during lake recovery after
eutrophication 2703
COOPSS H. & SMIT, H.: Effects of various water depths on Scirpus
mantimus L.: Field and experimental observations 2706
CLEVERING, O. A. & v. GULIK, W. J. M.: The establishment of Scirpus
lacustris ssp. Iacustms and & maritimus in the northern Delta area,
The Netherlands 2711
GACIA, E. & BALLESTEROS, E.: Two methods to estimate leaf production in
Isoetes lacustris L.: A critical assessment 2714
VIAROLI P. & FUMAGALLI, I.: Regeneration of dissolved reactive silica
during decomposition of recalcitrant plant tissues in temporary
shallow-water environments 2717
BREEN, C. M. & STORMANNS, C.-H.: Observations on the growth and
production of Cyperus papyrus L. in a sub-tropical swamp 2722
XII. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 3. Animals
MEISTERFELD, R.: Vertical distribution of Difflugia hydrostatica
(Protozoa, Rhizopoda) 2726
OCANA, A. & PICAZO, J. S.: Study on nematode species encountered in
the Monachil River (Granada, Spain): Response to organic pollution
WARNER, B. G. & CHENGALATH, R.: Habrotrocha angusticollis (Bdelloidea,
Rotifera): A new paleoecological indicator in Holocene peat deposits
in Canada 2738
DE MANUEL,J.: Distribution of Brachionidae (Rotifera: Monogononta) in
Spanish reservoirs 2741
distribution of Anuraeopsis species as related to oxygen depletion in
two stratified lakes 2745
WALZ, N. & ROTHBUCHER, F.: Effect of food concentration on body size,
egg size, and population dynamics of Brachionus angulans (Rotatoria)
CARMONA, M. J. & SERRA, M.: Comparative total protein and demographic
patterns of mictic and amictic female rotifers 2754
ROTHHAUPT, K. O.: The influence of toxic and filamentous blue-green
algae on feeding and population growth of the rotifer Brachionus
ruloens (Abstract) 2760
MATVEEVA, L. K.: Can pelagic rotifers be used as indicators of lake
trophic state? 2761

BONACINA, C., BONOMI, G., DI COLA, G. & MONTI, C.: An improved model
for the study of population dynamics in Tubifex tubifex (Oligochaeta,
Tubificidae) 2764
VIJVERBERG, J. & KOELEWIJN, H. P.: Size dependent mortality and
production of Diaphanosoma hrachyurum (LIEVEN) in an eutrophic lake
HERZIG, A. & AUER, B. The feeding behaviour of Leptodora kindti and
its impact on the zooplankton community of Neusiedler See (Austria)
(Abstract) 2772
SIEBECK, O. & BÖHM, U. UV-B effects on aquatic animals 2773
DUNCAN, A. & DOS SANTOS, L. C.: Cohort analysis in three species of
Daptnia in the London reservoirs 2778
GERRITSEN, J. J.: The influence of phosphorus-limited grown algae on
grazing of Daphnia magna (Abstract) 2783
GABRIEL, W. & TAYLOR, B. E.: Optimal resource allocation in
cladocerans 2784
GIANI, A.: The nutritive value of different algae as food for two
Daptnia species 2788
FUHLENDORF, D. C.: Measuring seasonal patterns of food limitation in
Daphnia - an experimental study 2792
BERBEROVIC-JUNGE, R.: Starvation resistance of two coexisting Daphnia
species under temperature conditions simulatingvertical migration
behaviour (Abstract) 2794
GLIWICZ, M. Z.: Food thresholds, resistance to starvation, and
cladoceran body size 2795
WOLF, H. G. & WEIDER, L. J.: Do life-history parameters of Daphnia as
determined in the laboratory correctly predict species successions in
the field? 2799
TOLLRIAN, R.: Some aspects in the costs of cyclomorphosis in Daphnia
cucullata 2802
RINGELBERG, J.: The relation between ultimate and proximate aspects of
diel vertical migration in Daphnia hyalina 2804
LEHTOVAARA, A. & SALONEN, K.: Diel vertical migration of Daphnia
longispina in a humic lake with thermal and oxygen stratification
(Abstract) 2808
GORBI, G., PARIS, G. M., MORONI, F. & BACHIORRI, A.: Differences in
population dynamics of Daphnia magna clones 2809
variability of a colonizing population of Daphnia obtuse KURZ
(Crustacea, Cladocera) in Lake Orta (Italy) 2813
ROSSI, V., ROZZI, M. C. & MENOZZI, P.: Life strategy differences among
electrophoretic clones of Heterocypns incongruens (Crustacea, Ostracoda)
CHAPMAN, M. A., GREEN, J. D. & NORTHCOTE, T. G.: The enigma of
Diaptomus connexus (Copepoda) in Mahoney Lake: One or two populations?
(Abstract) 2820
HARTMANN, H. J.: In situ predation on planktonic ciliates by copepods,
measured with diffusion enclosures (Abstract) 2821
of a calanoid Australasian species, Boeckella triarticulata (THOMSON),
in fish ponds of Northern Italy 2822
MALY, E. J.: Dispersal ability and its relation to incidence and
geographic distribution of Australian centropagid copepods 2828
BURNS, C. W. & Xu, Z.: Utilization of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)
as food by freshwater calanoid copepods (Abstract) 2833
VILLALOBOS, L. & ZUNIGA, L.: Latitudinal gradient and morphological
variability of copepods in Chile: Boeckella graalipes DADAY 2834
WYNGAARD, G. A.: Evidence of food limitation in a subtropical copepod
population 2839
ELGMORK, K.: Winter reproduction strategies in freshwater cyclopoids
HALVORSEN, G.: The ecology of Cyclops abyssorum tatncus KOZMINSKI in
Norway (Abstract) 2847
VAN DEN BOSCH, F. & GABRIEL, W.: The impact of cannibalism on the
population dynamics of cyclopoid copepods 2848
SANTER, B.: The role of food limitation in summer diapause of
cyclopoid copepods (Abstract) 2851
ADRIAN, R.: The feeding behaviour of Cyclops kolensis and C vicious
(Crustacea, Copepoda) 2852
GROSSNICKLE, N. E.: Comparative feeding study of the opossum shrimp,
Mysis relicts, in Trout Lake, Wisconsin, USA, Lake Paajarvi, Finland,
and Lake Jonsvatn, Norway 2864
YOUNG, L. B. & HARVEY, H. H.: The influence of lake pH and crayfish
size on carapace elemental composition in Orconectes spp. and Cambarus
spp. 2869

CHAISEMARTIN, C.: Respiratory rates and adenylate energy charge in
healthy and parasitised muscles of crayfish (Austropotamobzus
pallipes) 2873
SCHMIDT-HALEWICZ, S. & BAUER, J.: Response of the macroinvertebrate
community in NTA-, phosphate- and copper-charged freshwater ponds 2877
ALLAN, J. D., FLECKER, A. S. & KOHLER, S. L.: Diel changes in
epibenthic activity and gut fullness of some mayfly nymphs 2881
ZWICK, P.: Growth and emergence of Leuctra prime (Plecoptera): Habitat
- species interactions 2886
NEUMANN, P.: The egg development of Brachypteraseticornis (Insecta,
Plec.) (Abstract) 2891
RUPPRECHT, R. & FRISCH, S.: The sensitivity of
Nemurella pictetii (Insecta: Plecoptera) to acidity 2892
MALMQVIST, B.: Stonefly functional responses: Influence of substrate
heterogeneity and predator interaction 2895
AURICH, M., WAGNER, R., REDER, E. & VEITH, R.: Defensive behaviour of
the larva of Apataniafimbriata (PICTET) (Abstract) 2901
MUOTKA, T.: Life history patterns of Rhyacophila obliterate in
northern Finland (Abstract) 2902
JACKSON, J. K. & RESH, V. H.: Use of cellulose acetate electrophoresis
to examine population genetics of the caddisfly Helicopsyche borealis
ERLANDSSON, A.: Group dynamics in the water cricket Celia caprai
(Hemiptera) 2908
GISLASON, G. M. & JOHANNSSON, V.: Effects of food and temperature on
the life cycle of Simulium vittatum ZETT. (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the
River Laxa, N-Iceland 2912
REIDELBACH, J.: Studies on population dynamics of blackflies (Diptera:
Simuliidae) in a grassland stream (Abstract) 2917
SMIT, H., KLAREN, P. & SNOEK, W.: Lipiniella arenicola SHILOVA
(Diptera: Chironomidae) on a sandy flat in the Rhine-Meuse estuary:
Distribution, population structure, biomass and production of larvae
in relation to periodical drainage 2918
HEINIS, F.: The relation between oxygen regimes and distribution
patterns of the larvae of Chironomidae (Abstract) 2924
CURE, V.: Structure and ecological role of phytophilous chironomids
from some Danubian ecosystems in Romania 2925
D. R. & RODRIGUEZ, M. H.: Preliminary limnological and botanical
characterisation of larval habitats for two primary malarial vectors,
Anophele salbimanus and An. pseudopunctipennis, in coastal areas of
Chiapas State, Mexico (Abstract) 2930
WOLF, B. A. M.: Some aspects of the nutritional ecology of a
detritus-feeding Diptera larva: Ptychoptera paludosa (Abstract) 2931
aquatic monitoring and bioassay component of the WHO Onchocerciasis
Control Programme in West Africa 2932
ALOI, J. E. & BRÖNMARK, C.: Effects of snaildensity on snail growth end
periphyton 2936
JOKINEN, E. H.: The malacofauna of the acid and non-acid lakes and
rivers of the Adirondack Mountains and surrounding lowlands, New York
State, USA 2940
DORGELO, J.: Growth, food and respiration in the prosobranch snail
Potamopyrgus jenkinsi (E. A. SMITH) (Hydrobiidae, Mollusca) 2947
YIPP, M. W.: The relationship between hydrological factors and
distribution of freshwater gastropods in Hong Kong 2954
RICCARDI, N., MANGONI, M. & PIVA, A.: The elemental (C, H. N. O. S)
and biochemical composition of Unio mancus (PFEIFFER) and Anodonta
cygnea L. 2960
TOKESHI, M.: Aggregation, habitat characteristics and species
coexistence (Abstract) 2964
FRANCE, R. L. & WELBOURN, P. M.: Abundance of Rana clamitans tadpoles
in Canadian Shield lakes 2965
MEILI, M.: In situ assessment of trophic levels and transfer rates in
aquatic food webs, using chronic (Hg) and pulsed (Chernobyl 137Cs)
contaminants 2970
XIII. Sediments
CURTIS, P. J.: P and Fe release from anoxic Precambrian Shield lake
sediments mediated by addition of Fe(II)-insoluble and Fe(II)-soluble
bases 2976

ROWAN, D. J. & KALFF, J.: The limnological implications of catchment
sediment load 2980

CARACO, N. F., COLE, J. J. & LIKENS, G. E.: Phosphorus release from
anoxic sedimems: Lakes that break the rules 2985
NORTON, S. A., VERTA, M. & KAHL, J. S.: Relative contributions to lake
sediment chemistry by atmospheric deposition 2989
EKHOLM, P., YLI-HALLA, M. & KYLMÄLÄ, P.: Availability of phosphorus in
suspended sediments estimated by chemical extraction and bioassay 2994
HUPFER, M. & UHLMANN, D.: Microbially mediated phosphorus exchange
across the mud-water interface 2999
KJENSMO, J.: Bio-geochemical composition of recent sediments from the
mixo- and the monimolimnion of Lake Svinsjoen 3004
MD. Y. BL: Neutron activation analysis of the sediment of Kelang
River, Malaysia 3009
SAGER, M.: Detection of environmental mobilities of nutrients and
heavy metals in sediments 3012
OSBORNE, P. L. & TOTOME, R. G.: Sediment deposition in Lake Kutubu,
PapuaNewGuinea 3018
TATUR, A., DEL VALLE, R. & PAZDUR, M.: Lake sediments in maritime
Antarctic zone: A record of landscape and biota evolution: preliminary
report 3022
GOLTERMAN, H. L.: Influence of FeS on denitrification in shallow
waters 3025
DE GROOT, C.-J.: The influence of FeS on the inorganic phosphate
system in sediments 3029
KOYAMA, T.: Biochemical reduction process in the lake sediment-water
interface. On the basis of laboratory experiments 3036
MARXSEN, J. & FIEBIG, D.: Measurement of bacterialproduction in
stream-bed sediments (Abstract) 3044
TOMASZEK,J.: Oxygen consumption by bottom sediments 3045
WASMUND, N.: Microautoradiographic determination of the viability of
algae in deep sediment layers (Abstract) 3050
ANDERSEN, F. 0. & JENSEN, H. S.: The influence of chironomids on
decomposition of organic matter and nutrient exchange in a lake
sediment 3051
IWAKUMA, T. & OTSUKI, A.: Role of chironomid larvae in reducing rate
of nutrient release from lake sediment: Evaluation by a mathematical
model 3056
SCHROEDER, F., KLAGES, D. & KNAUTH, H.-D.: Contributions of sediments
to the nitrogen budget of the Elbe estuary 3063
KERNER, M.: The coupling of microbial respiration processes within the
two-dimensional spatial structure of an intertidal mud flat sediment
of the Elbe Estuary 3067
WILTSHIRE, K. H.: Experimental procedures for the fractionation of
phosphorus in sediments with emphasis on anaerobic techniques 3073
XIV. Received too late for classification
HERRMANN, J.: Bioindication of nutrient and organic pollution by
benthic stream invertebrates - pitfalls and problems (Abstract) 3079
MUNAWAR, M., LEPPARD, G. G. & MUNAWAR, I. F.: Ecotoxicology of
stressed environments: Structural and functional strategy 3080
WARD, J. V. & STANFORD, J.: Benthic faunal patterns along the
longitudinal gradient of a Rocky Mountain river system 3087
OVERBECK, J.: Plenarylecture: Initial, present end future aim of
limnology 3095
Societas Internationalis Limnologiae: Twenty-Fourth Congress,
Munich/Federal Republic of Germany, 1989 3102
Of ricers and list of members 3137
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