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(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 25 Part 4)

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XII. Applied Limnolog,v. 2. Ecotoxicology
LOPEZ-SANCHEZ, J. F., RUBIO, R. & RAURET, G.: Heavy metal partitioning
in sediments of a highly polluted Mediterranean river (Besos,
Barcelona, NE Spain) 2047
BECARES, E., ROMO, S. & VEGA, A.: Organic pollutants and microfauna in
an industrial wastewater treatment system 2051
GUNKEL, G. & NOLTE, CH.: PCB contamination of sediments and migration
phenomena 2055

LIESS, M.: Pesticide impact on macroinvertebrate communities of
running waters in agricultural ecosystems 2060
GOLDSBOROUGH, L. G. & FORSTER, M. J.: Do pre-exposure duration and
architectural development affect the toxicity of a herbicide to a
periphyton community? (Abstract) 2063
ASTIZ, S. & ALVAREZ, H.: Indirect effects of glyphosate application in
the control of Salvinia auriculata in experimental systems 2064
XIII. Fish and Fisheries
RYAN, P. M. & KNOECHEL, R.: Lake use by brook trout,
Salvelinus fontinalis, in insular Newfoundland, Canada 2068
KNOECHEL, R. & RYAN, P. M.: Optimization of fish census design: An
empirical approach based on long-term Schnabel estimates for brook
trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) populations in Newfoundland lakes 2074
MOLAR, A. S., MAGNUSON, J. J. & HILL, D. K.: Latitudinal and
longitudinal differences in thermal habitat for fishes influenced by
climate warming: Expectations from simulations 2080
CHIGBU, P. & SIBLEY, T. H.: Diet and growth of longfin smelt and
juvenile sockeye salmon in Lake Washington 2086
HE, X., HODGSON, J. R., KITCHELL, J. F. & WRIGHT, R. A.: Growth and
diet composition of largemouth bass (Alicropterussalmoides) from four
experimental lakes 2092
BRAZNER, J. C. & MAGNUSON, J. J.: Patterns of fish species richness
and abundance in coastal marshes and other nearshore habitats in Green
Bay, Lake Michigan 2098
HEMPHILL, N. & WORTHEY, W.: Do predaceous turtles affect stream fishes? 2105
SNORRASON, S. S., MALMQUIST, H. J., JONSSON, B., JONASSON, P. M., SANDLUND, O. T. & SKULASON, S.: Modifications in life history characteristics of planktivorous arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) in Thingvallavatn, Iceland 2108
LANGELAND, A. & NOST, T.: Introduction of roach (Rutilus rutilus) in
an oligohumic lake: 1. Competition impacts on whitefish
(Coregonus lavaretus) 2113

NOST, T. & LANGELAND, A.: Introduction of roach (Rutilus rutilus) in
an oligohumic lake: 2. Selective predation impacts on the zooplankton
BRABRAND, A. & FAAFENG, B.: Habitat shift in roach (Rutilus rutilus)
induced by the introduction of pike-perch (Stizostedion lucioperca)
(Abstract) 2123
PERSSON, A. & HAMRIN, S. F.: Effects of cyprinids on the release of
phosphorus from lake sediment 2124
HELMINEN, H. & SARVALA, J.: Changes in zooplanktivory by vendace
(Coregonus albula) in Lake Pyhajarvi (SW Finland) due to variable
recruitment 2128
V.: Spring development of zooplankton and spatialpattern of
planktivorous fish larvae in a mesotrophic lake 2132
J. T.: Herbivory by waterfowl and fish on macrophytes in a
biomanipulated lake: effects on long-term recovery 2139
TATRAI, I.: Effect of benthivorous bream (Abramis brama) and carp
(Cyprinuscarpio) on resuspension 2144
WANG, N.: Food and feeding of young perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in Lake
Constance 2148
REYES-MARCHANT, P., TALEB, H. & LAIR, N.: Relationships between
predation and growth rates of fish fry (Rutilus rutilus) in the
littoral zone of Lake Aydat (France) 2153
JAMET, J.-L. & AMBLARD, C.: Trophic interactions between adult fish
(Rutilus rutilus L., Perca fluviatilis L., Gymnocephalus cernua L.) and
their prey communities in the eutrophic Lake Aydat (France) (Abstract)

TATRAI, I. & HERZIG, A.: The impact of habitat structure on the
feeding efficiency of cyprinid fish fry 2159
stock structure in the littoral zone of Lake Balaton 2162
BIRO, P. & PAULOVITS, G.: Evolution of fish fauna in Little Balaton
Water Reservoir 2164
RODRIGUES, L. S. B., CORTES, R. M. V. & MONZ6N, A.: Comparison between
population parameters in a low order stream inside and among fish
species 2169
ALMODOVAR, A. & ELVIRA, B.: Further data on the fish fauna catalogue
of the Natural Park of Ruidera Lakes (Guadiana River basin, central
Spain) 2173
PRENDA, J. & GRANADO, C.: Fish microdistribution in a stream in
southern Spain: Predator avoidance or microhabitat preferences?
(Abstract) 2178
distribution of native and introduced fish of Banyoles Lake (NE Spain)
(Abstract) 2179
MOUSLIH, M., DE BONT, A. F. & MICHA, J. C.: Les suites de
l'introduction de poissons dans des eaux au Maroc 2180
KAWANABE, H., GASHAGAZA, M. M. & HORI, M.: A conservation issue of
biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika, with special referenceto
inshore-fishes (Abstract) 2182
PIET, G. J., PET, J. S. & GURUGE, W. A. H. P.: Niche partitioning of
indigenous riverine carps and the exotic lacustrine tilapia
(Oreochromis mossambicus) in a reservoir in S.E. Sri Lanka 2183
HORI, R., PHANG, V. & LAM, T.J.: Migration of freshwater fish in
mangrove swamp of Singapore 2188

KAWANABE, H., MARUYAMA, T. & NIMURA, Y.: Sea-run form of a masu-salmon
Salmo (Oncorhynchus) masou ishikawai: A conservation problem
(Abstract) 2191
SUNAGA, T. & UMEZU, K. O.: Effects of pre-feeding speed on final
feeding rate of Gambusia affinis (Poeciliidae) in feeding experiments
(Abstract) 2192

MATVEEV, V., MATVEEVA, L. & JONES, G. J.: Phytoplankton stimulation by
mosquitofish in the presence of large Daphnia 2193
ESTEVES, K. E. & GALETTI Jr., P. M.: Feeding ecology of Moenkhausia
intermedia (Pisces, Characidae) in a small oxbow lake of Mogi-Guacu
River, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2198
XIV. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 1. Viruses and Cyanobacteria

LAMMERS, W. T.: Cytokinesis and biomass increase in phage infected
bacteria 2205
RAI, H.: Influence of photon flux density and daylength on uptake and
assimilation of carbon dioxide into major end products of
photosynthesis of picoplanktonic cyanobacteria/algae (Synechococcus
elongatus) 2208
NICKLISCH, A.: Does mortality by nitrogen deficiency influence the
succession of Limnothrix redekei and Planktothrix agardhii? 2214
RÜCKER, J. & KOHL, J.-G.: Indication of growth-limiting factors of
planktonic cyanobacteria by application of microscope-photometry 2218
ROMO, S.: Seasonal variation in size of the cyanophytes Planktothrix
agardhii, Pseudanabaena galeata and Geitlerinema sp. 2221
WATANABE, M. F., PARK, H.-D. & WATANABE, M.: Compositions of
Microcystis species and heptapeptide toxins 2226

J. & COLOM, W.: The colonial cyanobacterium, Gloeotnchia echinulata
has a unique phosphorus uptake and life strategy (Abstract) 2230
GROSS, E. M., v. ELERT, E. & JUTTNER, F.: Production of
allelochemicals in Fischerella muscicola under different environmental
conditions 2231
XIV. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 2. Algae and Macrophyta
KRISTIANSEN,J.: Preliminary studies on the distribution of
silica-scaled chrysophytes in Greenland 2234

REES, S. & JONES, R. I.: Phagotrophic nutrition of phytoflagellates
(Abstract) 2237
Cox, E. J.: Ecological tolerances and optima - real or imaginary?
GROBBELAAR, J. U.: The role of turbulence and light/dark cycles on the
photosynthetic rates of phytoplankton 2242
SPIJKERMAN, E., CASTELLA, N. I. & COESEL, P. F. M.: Phosphorus-limited
growth kinetics of Desmidiaceae from trophically different lakes
(Abstract) 2245
GACIA, E. & BALLESTEROS, E.: Seasonal changes in diel acid metabolism
in two Pyrenean Isoetes species: I. setacea from a pool and L lacustms
from an oligotrophic lake (Abstract) 2246
COOPS, H., DE LA HAYE, M. A. A. & VAN DEN BRINK, F. W. B.: Studies on
germination and growth of a river macrophyte (Potamogeton nod osus
POIR.) in relation to substrate type and water quality 2247
Effect of bicarbonate availability and age on the primary production
of Ruppia drepanensis TINEO from a Mediterranean brackish marsh 2251
PRIEBE, CH. & FLORIN, M.: Ruppia drepanensis TINEO (Potamogetonaceae):
Biomass and flowering in two saline lakes 2255
FLINDT, M. R.: Measurements of nutrient fluxes and mass balances by
on-line in situ dialysis in a Zostera manna bed culture 2259
PEREZ-LLORENS, J. L. & NIELL, F. X.: Photosynthesis in air:
Comparative responses to different temperatures of two morphotypes of
Zostera noltii HORNEM. from Palmones River estuary (southern Spain) 2265
KORNIJOW, R. & KAIRESALO, T.: Elodea canadensis sustains rich
environment for macroinvertebrates 2270

OCHIAI, M. & NAKAJIMA, T.: Decomposition of aquatic plant Elodea
nutallii from Lake Biwa 2276
GOLDYN, R.: Influence of enlarged water level fluctuations on
Phragmites australis and Carex acutiformis 2279

BEYRUTH,Z.: Eichhornia crassipes (MART.) SOLMS as pollution indicator 2283

KAUR, P. & MEHRA, N. K.: An evaluation of a new method for
quantitative analysis of epiphytic biota on roots of water hyacinth 2287
JASSER, I.: Influence of Ceratophyllum demersum on phytoplankton
community in experimental conditions 2291
DE LA HAYE, M. A. A. & BOTTERWEG, J.: Perspectives for the
rehabilitation of the aquatic macrophyte Ranunculus fluitans (LAMARCK)
(water crowfoot) in the polluted River Meuse in The Netherlands 2296
WELCH, E. B., KVAM, E. B. & CHASE, R. F.: The independence of
macrophyte harvesting and lake phosphorus 2301
CHAUVET, E.: Production and decomposition of aquatic macrophytes in
the River Garonne 2305
FERREIRA, M. T.: Aquatic and marginal vegetation of the River Divor
and its relation to land use 2309
XIV. Ecology of Aquatic Organisms. 3. Animals
allometry of swimming speed and predation 2316
ESPARCIA, A.: Feeding in the rotifer Anuraeopsispssa 2324
TEMPRANO, M., MORENO, I., CARMONA, M. J. & SERRA, M.: Size and age at
maturity of two strains of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis in
relation to food level 2327
regulation in population density of aquatic Oligochaeta: A nonlinear
simulation model 2332
TAKADA, K., KATO, K. & OKINO, T.: Image analysis of feeding activity
of aquatic oligochaetes using fluorescent latex beads 2336
BRENDELBERGER, H.: Food selection experiments with two freshwater
gastropods 2341
MONTANINI, E., ANTONIETTI, R. & MENOZZI, P.: Temperature and alkaline
phosphatase activity in four benthic gastropod species from the Po
River (Italy) 2346
BEETON, A. M. & HAGEMAN Jr., J.: Impact of Dreissena polymorpha on the
zooplankton community of western Lake Erie (Abstract) 2349
McNAUGHT, D. C.: Pseudofeces formation by Dreissena: Costs and
benefits (Abstract) 2350
NALEPA, T. F. & CAVALETTO, J. F.: Variation in the lipid content and
body weight of Dreissena polymorpha in Lake St. Clair (Abstract) 2351
STANCZYKOWSKA, A.: Long-term changes in some Dreissena polymorpha (PALL.)
populations in Poland 2352
RUTKOWSKI, D. H.: Impact of roach (Rutilus rutilus) predation on
abundance and body size of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in
mesotrophic lake 2355
WALSENG, B.: Alona spp. in Norway: Distribution and ecology 2358
GROVER, J. P., MCKEE, D. & YOUNG, S.: Algal-herbivore dynamics
in P-limited microcosms (Abstract) 2360
KLEIVEN, O. T., LARSSON, P. & HOBAEK, A.: A model for the reproductive
shift and preceding offspring sex-ratio in D. magna (Cladocera)
(Abstract) 2361
LAMPERT, W.: Phenotypic plasticity in the size at first reproduction
in Daphnia magna 2362
PIJANOWSKA,J.: Fish-enhanced patchiness in Daphnia distribution 2366
POLISHCHUK, L V.: Cladoceran birth rate dynamics: Does population
characteristic of analysis reflect environmental control? 2369
TRUBETSKOVA, I.: Temperature acclimation of cladoceran filtering
feeding 2372
SCHAFFNER, W. R., HAIRSTON Jr., N. G. & HOWARTH, R. W.: Feeding rates
and filament clipping by crustacean zooplankton consuming
cyanobacteria 2375
RIESSEN, H. P.: Morphological response of Daphnia to Chaoborus predation 2382
LARSSON, P., KLEIVEN, O. T. & HOBAEK, A.: Experimentally induced
swarming and predator avoidance in Daphnia pulex (Cladocera)
(Abstract) 2387
SCHÖNBERGER, M. & ZELLMER, I. D.: The influence of food on population
dynamics and UV-tolerance of Daphnia obtuse KURZ in a mountain pond 2388
BOERSMA, M. & VIJVERBERG, J.: The use of carbon-to-length regressions
as a tool to estimate the degree of food limitation in the field 2392
LUNING, J. & STIBOR, H.: Indirect effects of size-selective predation
on the life-history of Daphnia hyalina (Abstract) 2395
DAWIDOWICZ, P.: Which is the most costly component in diel vertical
migration of zooplankton? 2396
VILLALOBOS, L.: Distribution of Daphnia in high mountain and temperate
lakes of South America 2400
BALSEIRO, E. G. & VEGA, M.: Body size or total length, its
significance as an antipredator defense in the Daphnia middendorfiiana
- Parabroteassarsi relationship (Abstract) 2405
KORINEK, V.: Comparative morphology of thoracic limbs in Daphniidae
(Crustacea, Cladocera) (Abstract) 2406
RHODE, S.: UV-light effects on life history parameters of Daphnia
(Abstract) 2407
MODEROW, S. M.: Lethal effects of UV-Bradiation on Daphnia species
(Abstract) 2408
KEEN, U.: A theory for the origin of the Arctic freshwater fauna 2409
BRANSTRATOR, D. K.: Profitability of Cladoceran prey for Leptodora
kindtii 2413
UIBLEIN, F., ROCA, J. R. & DANIELOPOL, D. L.: Experimental
observations on the behaviour of the ostracode Cypndopsis vidua 2418
CHENGALATH, R. & SHIH, C.: Littoral freshwater copepods of
northwestern North America: Northern British Columbia 2421
MALY, E. J., VAN LEEUWEN, H. C. & BLAIS, J.: Some aspects of size and
swimming behavior in two species of Diaptomus (Copepoda: Calanoida) 2432
ROSSI, V., PARIS, G. & MENOZZI, P.: Genetic variability in
Mixodiaptomus kupelvJiesen (Crustacea, Copepoda) 2436
HART, R. C.: Seasonal replacement in two calanoid copepods with
equivalent adult dietary niches: The influence of temperature 2439
BURNS, C. W.: Predation on ciliates by calanoid copepods (Abstract) 2445
MUSKO, I. B.: Life history of Dikerogammarus haemobaphes (EICHWALD
1841) (Crustacea: Amphipoda) living on macrophytes in Lake Balaton
(Abstract) 2446
BERNARDO, J. M. & ILHEU, M.: Red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii):
Contribution to material cycling 2447
BRAVO, M. A., DUARTE, C. M. & MONTES, C.: Environmental factors
controlling the life history of Procambarus clarkii (Decapoda,
Cambaridae) in a temporary marsh of the Donana National Park (SW
Spain) 2450
SANTOS, S. S. & BRAU, A. S.: Preliminary results on the life history
of Dugastella valentina (FERRER GALDIANO 1924) (Crustacea: Atyidae) in
the Mijares River, Valencia (Spain) (Abstract) 2454
DE SILVA, P. K. & DE SILVA, K. H. G. M.: Geographic distribution and
probable evolutionary trends of Atyidae (Decapoda, Natantia) of inland
waters of Sri Lanka 2455
ODINETZ-COLLART, O. & MAGALHAES, C.: Ecological constraints and life
history strategies of prawns in Amazonia 2460
BAN, Y. & CHUBU aquatic insects research group: Life history and
habitat preference of the burrowing mayfly, Ephoron shigae TAKAHASHI
(Ephemeroptera: Polymitarcidae) in the Yahagi River in central Japan 2468
RIBERA, I. & ISART, J.: Classification of the communities of
Hydradephaga (Coleoptera) from the Spanish Pyrenees 2475
JACOBSEN, D.: Food preference of the caddie larva Anabolia
nervosa feeding on aquatic macrophytes 2478
VAN DE BUND, W. J. & DAVIDS, C.: The influence of biotic factors on
life-history parameters of a littoral chironomid species 2482

DE BISTHOVEN, L. J. & VAN SPEYBROECK, D.: Some observations of
deformed midge larvae (Diptera, Chironomidae) in Kenya 2485
BACHMANN, M. D. & BACHMANN, R. W.: Larval salamander growth in
acidic, low oxygen temporary ponds (Abstract) 2490
DOBROWOLSKI, K. A.: Bird diversity in ecotonal habitats 2491
XV. Received too late for classification
GOPAL, B.: Conservation of inland waters in India: An overview 2494
HAESLOOP, U.: Ecological effects of anthropogenic salt pollution on the
tidal Weser River 2498
MARTEN, M.: Faunistics of the upper Rhine River: Changes in the faunal
composition caused by industrial contamination (e.g. the Sandoz
accident) 2502
MARGREITER-KOWNACKA, M.: The impact of water intakes on the
communities of Alpine streams 2507
LAPPALAINEN, K. M.: Positive changes in oxygen and nutrient contents
in two Finnish lakes induced by Mixox hypolimnetic oxygenation method 2510
HUOVINEN, P., HOLOPAINEN, A.-L. & HUTTUNEN, P.: Spatial variation of
community respiration and primary productivity in two large lakes in
eastern Finland 2514
MARTIN, M.: Experimental tests of nutrient limitation in two coastal
lagoons (Ebro Delta, NE Spain) 2519
NISHRI, A. & KOREN, N.: Sediment transport in Lake Kinneret 2522

Societas Internationalis Limnologiae: Twenty-Fifth Congress,
Barcelona, Spain, 1992 2526
Officers and list of members 2560
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