Congress in Sao Paulo 1995

Ed.: W.D. Williams; A. Sládecková

1997. 226 pages, 17x24cm, 560 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 26 Part 1)

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Presidential Address
JONASSON, R M.: Limits for life in the lake ecosystem 1 Edgardo Baldi
Memorial Lecture

ENCAMPS, H.: The renewal of floodplain forests along rivers: a
landscape perspective 35
Peter Kilham Memorial Lecture
STAT TAMS, W. D.: The largest, highest and lowest lakes of the world:
Saline lakes 61
Plenary lectures
MEYBECK, M.: River water quality. Global ranges, time and space
variabilities, proposal for some redefinitions 81
REYNOLDS, C. S.: The plant life of the pelagic 97
BISWAS, S. R: Global water scarcity: issues and implications with
special reference to India 115
DE BERNARDI, R., CALDERONI, A. & MOSELLO, R.: Environmental problems
in Italian lakes, and lakes Maggiore and Orta as successful examples
of correct management leading to restoration 123
MITSCH, W. J.: Managing the world's wetlands - Preserving and
enhancing their ecological functions 139
JUNK, W. J. & WEBER, G. E.: Amazonian floodplains: a limnological
perspective 149

GOLUBEV, G. N.: Caspian and Aral Seas: two different paths of
environmental degradation 159
NEIFF, J. J.: Large rivers of South America: toward the new approach 167
JORGENSEN, S. E.: The application of ecosystem theory in limnology 181
STRASKRABA, M.: Lake and reservoir management 193
MELACK, J. M.: Recent developments in tropical limnology 211
RICHEY, J. R. & VICTORIA, R. L.: Continental-scale biogeochemical
cycles of the Amazon River system 219