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Ed.: W.D. Williams; A. Sládecková

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(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 26 Part 3)

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Chemistry of rivers and streams
Aguado, J. L., Bolívar, J. R. García-Tenorio, R. & García-León, M.:
Behaviour and levels of natural radioactivity in sediments from the
Odiel River 893
Barroso, L. V., Bidone, E. D. & Ovalle, A. R. C.: Marine influence in
fluvial hydrochemistry of the watershed of Maricá-Guarapina coastal
lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 896
Bonetto, C., Villar, C., De Cabo, L. & Vaithiyanathan, R:
Hydrochemistry of a large floodplain river 899
De Paula, E C. E, Carvalho, C. E. V., Ovalle, A. R. C., Bernardes,
M. C. & Barroso, L. V.: Water geochemistry in a landscape gradient in
an Atlantic rain forest environment, Ilha Grande, south-eastern Brazil 903
Esteves, E A. & Enrich-Prast, A.: Nitrogen fixation and
denitrification rates of sediments in some Amazonian aquatic
ecosystems during the filling period 907
Gordon, C.: Mass transport of major solutes and sediments by the Volta
river, Ghana, West Africa 911
Hamilton, S. K., De Souza, O. C. & Coutinho, M. E.: Dynamics of
floodplain inundation in the alluvial fan of the Taquari River
(Pantanal, Brazil) 916
Kagawa, H.: Factors regulating stream pH 923
Kern, J., Darwich, A. & Furch, K.: The contribution of gaseous
nitrogen flux in the nitrogen budget on the Amazon floodplain at Lago
Camaleao 926
Kronvang, B., Svendsen, L. M., Ottosen, O., Nielsen, M. B. &
Johannsen, L.: Remeandering of rivers, S. R.: short-term implications
for sediment and nutrient transport 929
Pedrozo, E L. & Chillrud, S. N.: Relative water fluxes and silicate
weathering from the tributaries of a small glaciated watershed in the
southern Patagonian Andes (Upper Manso watershed, Argentina) 935
Perkins, B. D., Lohman, K., Van Nieuwenhuyse, E. & Jones, J. R.: An
examination of land cover and stream water quality among physiographic
provinces of Missouri, U.S.A. 940
Pizarro, J., Vila, I. & Contreras, M.: Chemical Composition Of Chilean
Rivers 948
Sastre, A. V., Santinelli, N. H., Otano, S. H. & Ivanissevich, M. E.:
Water quality in the lower section of the Chubut River, Patagonia,
Argentina 951
Svendsen, L. M., Kronvang, B. K., Laubel, A. R., Larsen, S. E. &
Andersen, B.: Phosphorus retention in a Danish lowland river system 956
Villar, C., Tudino, M., Bonetto, C., De Cabo, L., Stripeikis, J., D
Huicque, L. & Troccoli, O.: Heavy metal concentrations in the Lower
Parana River and right margin of the Rio de la Plata Estuary 963
Whitton, B. A., Yelloly, J. M., Christmas, M. & Hernandez, I.: Surface
phosphatase activity of benthic algae in a stream with highly variable
ambient phosphate concentrations 967
Biology of rivers and streams
Berczik, A.: Hydrobiological effects of a lowland river barrage system
on the Danube 975
Bereczky, M. Cs.: Long-term ecological investigations of protozoan
communities in the Danube River 978
Callisto, M., Goncalves, J. E Jr. & Fonseca, J. J. L.: Benthic
macroinvertebrates of four Amazonian streams influenced by bauxite
mining (Brazil) 983
Campbell, I. C., Parnrong, S. & Treadwell, S.: Food availability and
life history patterns of aquatic insects in evergreen eucalypt forest
streams in southeastern Australia 986
Canhoto, C. & Graca, M. A. S.: Leaf retention: a comparative study
between two stream categories and leaf types 990
Conserva, A. & Piedade, M. T. E: Influence of flood-pulse and land-use
on the composition of herbaceous species on a floodplain in Central
Amazonia 994
Corigliano, M. C. E Malpassi, R.: Food web structure in riffles and
marginal pools of a mountain stream 996

Corres, R. M. V., Ferreira, M. T. & Godinho, R. S.: Benthic community
organization in a intermit tent lotic system 1002

Cressa, C.: Community composition and structure of macroinvertebrates
of the river Camuri Grande, Venezuela 1008
Fernández-Aláez, M., Fernández Aláez, C. E Bécares, E.: Macrophytes of
drainage channels in "The Paramo" (Leon, Spain): Biomass and nutrient
content 1012
Friberg, N. & Larsen, S. E.: Microhabitat selection by stream
invertebrates: importance of detritus aggregations 1016
Rugis, M. E Safadi, R. S.: Multivariate analysis of the zooplankton
community from Lower Tiete River (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 1021
Gasith, A., Bing, M., Raz, Y. & Goren, M.: Fish community parameters
as indicators of habitat conditions: The case of the Yarqon, a
lowland, polluted stream in a semi-arid region (Israel) 1023
Gibert, J., Marmonier, P. & Plenet, S.: Efficiency of bank filtration:
biotic processes 1027
Gómez, N. & Bauer, D. E.: Coast phytoplankton of the "Río de la
Plata" river and its relation to pollution 1032
Hasdija, I., Radanovic, I. & Primc-Habdija, B.: Seasonal changes in
the trophic structure of macroinvertebrates on the cobble substrate
Kiss, K. T., Nosek, J. & Kremmer, L.: Diurnal change of phytoplankton,
some physical and chemical components in the River Danube near
Budapest (Hungary) 1041
Köhler, J. & Gelbrecht, J.: Interactions between phytoplankton
dynamics and nutrient supply along the lowland river Spree, Germany 1045
Leitao, M. E Lepetre, A.: The phytoplankton of the River Loire,
France: a typological approach 1050
Macluf, C. C., Claps, M. C. E Solari, L. C.: Plankton of an
undisturbed plain's stream (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 1057
Maltchik, L., Mollá, S. E Casado, C.: Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of
nutrients in a mediterranean temporary stream (Montesina Stream, SW,
Spain) 1062
Mollá, S., Maltchik, L., Casado, C. E Montes, C.: Metabolism and
nutrient assimilation by aquatic plants in a Mediterranean temporary
stream 1066
Moulton, T. & De A. Braga, M.: Relationships between algae, moss,
fish, macrocrustaceans and aquatic insects in a stream in coastal
Atlantic rainforest at Ilha do Cardoso, SP, Brazil (Abstract) 1071
Musarra, M. L., Monteiro Jr., A. J., Beyruth, Z., Sendacz, S.,
Novelli, J. L. & Viana, N. C.: Limnological characterization of lentic
and lotic habitats of the Upper Parana River system prior to the
inundation of Porto Primavera Reservoir 1072
McArthur, J. V.: Physiologic and genetic determinants of lotic
bacterial distribution and abundance 1080
Odinetz Collart, O., Enriconi, A. & Tavares, A. S.: Seasonal dynamics
of the insect community associated with the aquatic macrophyte
Rhyncholacishydrocichorium (Podostemaceae) in amazonian waterfalls
(Pitinga river, Brazil) 1083
Paggi, A. C., César, I. I. & Capítulo, A. R.: Benthic studies in the
zone of islands of Yacyretáa prior to impoundment of the Upper Parana
River (Argentina) 1089
Paquet, S., Jarry, V. E. Hudon, C.: Phytoplankton species composition
in the St. Lawrence River 1095
Parolin, R. Ferreira, L. V. & Junk, W. J.: Central Amazonian
floodplains: effect of two water types on the wood density of trees 1106
Pinto, & Morais, M.: Colonization curves of macroinvertebrate fauna
in a temporary river (River Degebe, Guadiana Basin, Portugal) 1113
Primc-Habdija, B., Habdija, & E. Radanovic, I.: Seasonal changes in
trophic structure of periphytic ciliates in relation to discharge
regime 1116
Rodriguez, S. E., Bécares, E., Soto, F. E Pacho, R.: Colonization of
aquatic macroinvertebrates in a high mountain stream using artificial
substrates 1120
Schoenlein-Crusius, I. H., Pires-Zottarelli, C. L. A., Milanez,
A. I. & Humphreys, R. D.: Influence of nutrients concentration on the
aquatic mycota of leaves submerged in a stream in the Atlantic
rainforest 1125
Schönbauer, B.: The Austrian Danube, a deep, fast flowing river: A)
Zoobenthos of the main channel 1129
Bretschko, G.: The Austrian Danube, a deep, fast flowing river: B)
Zoobenthos of near bank structures 1136
Leichtfried, M.: The Austrian Danube, a deep, fast flowing river: C)
Organic matter in the bed sediments 1142
Toniollo, V. & Nadolny Loyola, R. Da G.: Benthic macroinvertebrates in
rivers of the coastal basin of Parana State, Brazil 1150
Wantzen, K. M.: Effects of siltation on benthic communities in clear
water streams in Mato Grosso Brazil 1155
Ward, A. K.: Fate of microbial carbon in stream ecosystems:
measurements and interpretation 1160
Ward, J. V.: A running water perspective of ecotones, boundaries, and
connectivity 1165

Wasson, J. G., Marin, R., Guyot, J. L. & Maridet, L.:
Hydro-morphological variability and benthic community structure in
five high altitude Andean streams (Bolivia) 1169

Wright, J. E, Moss, D. & Furse, M. T.: Macroinvertebrate richness at
running-water sites in Great Britain: a comparison of species and
family richness 1174
Xavier, M. B., Callegaro, V. L. M. & Torgan, L. C.: Diatoms from the
upper part of River Parana, the Hydrographic basin region 1179
River and stream management
Ambe, Y., Asou, J. & Horiuchi, S.: Restoration of water quality of a
river polluted by urban waste waters 1183
Arocena, R.: Statistical analysis of benthic communities to assess
suspected degradation and recuperation zones in an urban stream
(Uruguay) 1188
Bloesch, J., Peter, A. & Frauenlob, G.: Effects of technical impacts
on alpine stream benthos and fish, and restoration proposals 1193
Buckney, R. T. & Higgs, J. R.: Patterns of metal contamination and
aquatic plant distribution in a stream system polluted by acid mine
drainage 1201
Castané, P. M., Topalián, M. L., Rovedatti, M. G. & Salibián, A.:
Impact of human activities on the water quality of the Reconquista
River (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 1206

Cimdins, R & Klavin: M.: Water quality and species diversity of
inland waters in Latvia 1209
Dalla-Costa, M. L. R., Pozzobon, Mc. G. G., Tomm, I., Foiato, V. E,
Fornari M. M. T. & Hickson, J. N.: Evaluation of water quality in the
Toledo River through physical, chemical and biological parameters
(Toledo, Parana, Brazil) (Abstract) 1212
Eloranta, R & Andersson, K.: Diatom indices in water quality
monitoring of some South-Finnish rivers 1213
García, M. E., Demichelis, S. O., De La Torre, E R. & Ferrari, L.:
Freshwater toxicity to Cnesterodonsp.: bioassays with water from the
Reconquista River 1216
Gualdoni, C. & Oberto, A. M.: Biological quality assessment of the
lotic environment of Carcarana River tributaries (Cordoba, Argentina) 1219
Heger, H.: The International Association for Danube Research (Abstract) 1223

Herrmann, J. & Frick, K.: Aluminium content of stream animals at low
pH - is that biomonitoring? 1224
Jacobi, G. Z., Smolka, L. R. & Jacobi, M. D.: Use of biological
assessment criteria in the evaluation of a high mountain stream, the
Rio Hondo, New Mexico, USA 1227

Jensen, A. J., Grande, M., Korsen, I. & Hvidsten, N. A.: Reduced heavy
metal pollution in the Orkla River, Norway: effects on fish
populations 1235
Kestemont, R. Didier, J., Dewandel, E. & Micha, J.-CL.: Preliminary
results on the adaptation of a biotic index of fish integrity to a
European river basin (The Meuse, Belgium) 1243
Liess, M.: Significance of agricultural pesticides on stream
macroinvertebrate communities 1245
Montuelle, B., Torre, M. & Pernelle, J. J.: Microbial aspects of
environmental changes after wastewater discharges in a river 1250
Papp, B. & Rajczy, M.: The role of Bryophytes as bioindicators of
water quality in the River Danube. 1254
Araujo, P. R. P. De, Friedrich, G. & Coring, E.: Use of artificial
substrates for biological monitoring in the Guandu and Paraiba do Sul
Rivers, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil 1257
Capítulo, A. R., Cesar, I., Tassara, M., Paggi, A. & Lemicov, M. R.:
Distribution of the macrobenthic fauna of the south coastal fringe of
the 'Rio de la Plata' River (Argentine): impact of urban contamination 1260
Santos, M. J. & Rocha, O.: Plankton community structure and its
relation to the water quality in streams under urban impacts 1266
Schulz, R.: Macroinvertebrate dynamics in a stream receiving
insecticide-contaminated runoff 1271
Sladecek, V. & Sladeckova, A.: Revision of polysaprobic indicators 1277
Souza, D. A.: The Lobo River basin and Reservoir: ecological bases for
regional planning, management and conservation 1281
Souza, M. J. M. & Rocha, A. J. A.: Preliminary assessment of the
Areias River (Goias, Brazil), with a view to the use of its water to
supply the federal district 1284

Vasconcelos, V. M.: Toxic Cyanobacteria in large Iberian rivers: risk
for human health 1287

Wachs, B.: A qualitative classification for the evaluation of the
heavy metal contamination in river ecosystems 1289
Campbell, I. C., Boon, R J., Madsen, B. L. & Cummins, K. W.:
Objectives and approaches in lotic and ripanan restoration projects 1295
Brayner, E M. M., Pimentel, M. E & Costa, S. S. R: Environmental
conditions of wetlands in Recife (Brasil) 1305
Chatterjee, K. & Gopal, B.: Experimental study of emergence of
zooplankton in temporary waterbodies in relation to dry periods 1309
Comin, E A., Romero, J. A. & García, C.: Removal of nitrogen and
phosphorus from agricultural sewage in two restored wetlands 1316
Cooper, C. M., Knight, S. S. & Testa, S.: A constructed wetland system
for treating agricultural waste 1321
Davidsson, T. E., Leonardson, L. G. & Balkhag, R.: Small-scale
variation in denitrification, nitrate dissolved organic carbon and
nitrous oxide in a flooded wetland soil 1328

Fleischer, S., Pansar, J. & Gahnström, G.: Origin of N2 and N2O
released from the aquatic environment 1334
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runoff in a Lake Erie Marsh 1337
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Brazil 1343
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Limnological characterization of aquatic ecosystems in Yucatan
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meadow 1352

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dietary components of small fish species in a flooded savanna of
Venezuela 1359

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freshwater wetland sediments by competing anaerobic microbial
processes (Abstract) 1364
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accumulation in Lake Eden and the Savannas Marsh wetland, Florida, USA
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types of wetlands in a mountain valley in the South Island, New
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a small lotic wetland ecosystem 1373
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hydrological conditions in the wetlands of the Lobo Reservoir 1377
Saline lakes
Alcocer, J., Lugo, A., Sánchez, M. R., Chávez, M. & Escobar, E.:
Threats to the saline lakes of the Oriental Basin, Mexico, by human
activities 1383

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temporary saline lagunas with different primary producer communities
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Salt sources of lake and pond waters of the McMurdo and Syowa Oases in
Antarctica with regard to rare alkali metals 1392
Coastal lagoons
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the structure of its zooplankton community 1397
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and nutrient fluxes in three shallow eutrophic lagoons 1402
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Brazilian coastal lagoon 1408
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fixation and denitrification in Lagoa Imboacica, a coastal lagoon of
Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil 1412
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U-isotopes in salt-marshes sited in the vicinity of phosphate
fertiliser industries 1418

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eutrophic lagoon: a modelling approach 1422
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community of a coastal lagoon subjected to anthropogenic influences
(Lagoa Imboacica, Macaé R. J. Brazil) 1426
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agrochemical residues in tropical coastal lagoons investigated with
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chlorophyll a of the periphytic community in Imboacica Lagoon, Rio de
Janeiro, RJ, Brazil 1445

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River Minho estuary (Northern Portugal) 1448
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with fish kill in an eutrophic tropical lagoon: Lagoa da Barra, RJ,
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in a shallow estuary 1479

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Brazilian coastal lake 1483

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the composition and the temporal variation of the zooplanktonic
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environmental conditions in a Brazilian coastal lagoon (Lagoa
Imboaica, R. J.) and surrounding area using geoprocessing.
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Anchor of the planktonic community 1503
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fish 1508
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production estimated by -thymidine and 3H-leucine incorporation in
periphytic communities of a tropical coastal lagoon 1
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influence of environmental parameters in the structure of the benthic
community in coastal lakes and lagoons of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1514