Water as a limiting Resource

Conservation and management

Ed.: William D. Williams; A. Sládecková; Internat. Assoc. of; Theoretical and Applied Limnology

1997. 1. edition, 226 pages, 17x24cm, 560 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 26 Part 1)

ISBN 978-3-510-54049-5, paperback, price: 50.00 €

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This book is the first part of the Proceedings of the 26th congress of SIL (Societas Internationalis Limnologiae Theoreticae et applicatae) held in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1994. It contains the papers of all plenary lectures given at that congress. The meeting had the theme ``Water as a limiting resource: Conservation and Management''.

The fifteen papers in this volume cover a wide range of topics, such as limits on life in lake ecosystems, renewal of floodplain forests along rivers, saline lake problems, river water quality issues, water resource and scarcity issues in India, ecosystem theory and biogeochemical cycles of large rivers, to name a few. Please see the table of contents below for details.

Because of the worldwide impact of the issues discussed in the plenary lectures, SIL thought it important to make this unique collection of papers available to the wide audience outside of its organization.

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Presidential Address: Jônasson, P. M.: Limits for life in the lake ecosystem 1
Edgardo Baldi Memorial Lecture: Décamps, H.: The renewal of floodplain
forests along rivers: a landscape perspective 35
Peter Kilham Memorial Lecture: Williams, W. D.: The largest, highest and lowest lakes of the world: Saline lakes 61
Plenary lectures
MEYBECK, M.: River water quality. Global ranges, time and space variabilities, proposal for some redefinitions 81
REYNOLDS, C. S.: The plant life of the pelagic 97
BISWAS, S. P.: Global water scarcity: issues and implications with special reference to India 115
DE BERNARDI, R., CALDERONI A, & MOSELLO, R.: Environmental problems in
Italian lakes, and lakes Maggiore and Orta as successful examples of
correct management leading to restoration 123
MITSCH, W. J.: Managing the world's wetlands - Preserving and enhancing
their ecological functions 139
JUNK, W. J. fit Weber, G. E. Amazonian floodplains: a limnological perspective 149
GOLUBEV, G. N.: Caspian and Aral Seas: Two different paths of
environmental degradation 159
NEIFF, J. J.: Large rivers of South America: toward the new approach 167
JORGENSEN, S. E.: The application of ecosystem theory in limnology 181
STRASKRABA, M.: Lake and reservoir management 193
MELACK, J. M.: Recent developments in tropical limnology 211
RICHEY, J. R. £c Victoria, R. L.: Continental-scale biogeochemical cycles
of the Amazon River system 219