30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Montreal, Canada 12 - 18 August, 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Red.: Janice Faaborg

2008. IV, 163 pages, 21x28cm, 570 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 1)

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Baldi lecture
Kumagai, M.: Lake Biwa in the context of world lake problems 1
Plenary lecture
Chapman, L.J., C.A. Chapman, L. Kaufman, F. Witte and J. Balirwa:
Biodiversity conservation in African inland waters: Lessons of the
Lake Victoria region 16
Iwakuma, T., Yulintine and S. Gumiri: The importance of zoobenthos in
the ecosystems of tropical oxbow lakes 35
Eckert, W. and Y.Z. Yacobi: Nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics during
Peridinium gatunense (Dinoflagellata) blooms in Lake Kinneret 42
Yacobi, Y.Z. and A. Nishri: Cellular phosphorus charging: the
distinctive case of the bloom-forming dinoflagellate Peridinium
gatunense (Dinophyceae) 46
Nishimura, P.Y., V. Moschini-Carlos, M.L.M. Pompêo,
S.M.F. Gianessella-Galvão and F.M.P. Saldanha-Corrêa: Phytoplankton
primary productivity in Rio Grande and Taquacetuba branches (Billings
Reservoir, Sao Paulo, Brazil) 50
Capello, H.E. and C.A. Ochs: Phytoplankton primary production in the
Lower Mississippi River, U. S. A . 53
Ochs, C.A. and H.E. Capello: Bacterioplankton production in the Lower
Mississippi River 57
Kibichii, S., J.-R. Baars and M. Kelly-Quinn: Vertical and lateral
patterns in hydrochemical characteristics of the hyporheic habitats of
the Delour River, Co. Laois, Ireland 60
Masson, C.: The Great Lakes Gordian Knot: Governance for aquatic
ecosystem health, integrity, and risk management 65
Jones, I. and S.C. Maberly: Automatic in-lake monitoring in the
English Lake District: The effect of lake size on stratification 70
Wallace, R.L., E.J. Walsh, T. Schröder, R. Rico-Martínez and
J.V. Rios-Arana: Species composition and distribution of rotifers in
Chihuahuan Desert waters of México: is everything everywhere? 73
Campbell, C.E. and R. Knoechel: Species occurrences of microcrustacean
zooplankton in Labrador, Canada 77 Hamza, W.: Nutritive contribution
of Sahara dust to aquatic environment productivity: A laboratory
experimental approach 82
Honti, M., V. Istvánovics and Z. Kozma: Assessing phytoplankton growth
in River Tisza (Hungary) 87
LeBlanc, S., F.R. Pick and P.B. Hamilton: Fall cyanobacterial blooms
in oligotrophic-to-mesotrophic temperate lakes and the role of climate
change 90
Crane, V.C. and D.A. Culver: Trends in the western Lake Erie
zooplankton community: Evidence for top-down control by age-0 percids
Atanasova, N., G. Gal and B. Kompare: Modelling dinoflagellate
dynamics in Lake Kinneret 100
Istvánovics, V. and M. Honti: Longitudinal variability in
phytoplankton and basic environmental drivers along the Tisza River,
Hungary 105
Kominoski, J.S., C.M. Pringle and B.A. Ball: Invasive woolly adelgid
appears to drive seasonal hemlock and carcass inputs to a
detritus-based stream 109
Pierson, D.C., R.K. Gelda, S.W. Effler, D.M. O’Donnell and
A.R. Prestigiacomo: Use of automated monitoring to estimate the load
of turbidity entering a drinking water reservoir 113
Das, B., R. Nordin and A. Mazumder: Aminopeptidase activity in lake
sediments 117
Scheer, M., I. Röske and K. Röske: An investigation of
Betaproteobacteria in the floodplain area of the National Park Unteres
Odertal (Germany) 122
Ervin, G.N.: Applying the state-of-the-art to advance the state of our
understanding in integrated hydrophyte ecology 128
Madsen, B.L.: A new respiratory adaptation in some stream waterbeetles
Harris, G.: Water in the landscape: big problems, big money, much
uncertainty (Abstract) 136
Timm, H. and T. Möls: Do shallow-water macroinvertebrate assemblages
correspond to physico-chemical habitats of streams and lakes? 138
Inoue, E., K. Kawai and H. Imabayashi: Species microdistribution of
larval Chironomidae (Diptera) on riverbed cobbles at riffles: a
quantification using artificial substrates 141
Leland, H.V. and J.W. Frey: Phytoplankton growth and assembly in
relation to nutrient supply and other environmental factors in the
White River Basin, Indiana (U. S.) 147