30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Montreal, Canada 12 - 18 August, 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Red.: Janice Faaborg

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(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 2)

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SIL Presidential Address, 2007 Montreal

Likens, G.E.: Understanding, using and protecting inland waters of the
world 165
Kilham Memorial Lecture
Rogers, K.H.: Limnology and the post-normal imperative: an African
perspective 171
Dröscher, I., K. Finlay, A. Patoine and P.R. Leavitt: Daphnia control
of the spring clear-water phase in six polymictic lakes of varying
productivity and size 186
Recknagel, F., H. Cao, C. van Ginkel, D. van der Molen, H. Park and
N. Takamura: Adaptive agents for forecasting seasonal outbreaks of
blue-green algal populations in lakes categorised by circulation type
and trophic state 191
McManus, G.B., J.K. York and W.J. Kimmerer: Miczooplankton dynamics in
the low salinity zone of the San Francisco Estuary 198
Hendricks, S.P., J.H. Duff, F.J. Triska and A.P. Jackman: Bacterial
biomass and productivity within different subsurface hydrologic
environments of a sandy, low elevation river in north-central
Minnesota, USA 203
White, D.S. and M.F. Miller: Mainstem reservoirs and benthic
invertebrate traces, what might be expected to be left in the fossil
record? 213
Gächter, E. and T. Weisse: Long-term acclimation of growth rates in
the oligotrich freshwater ciliate Meseres corlissi 218
McCullough, C.D., A.C. Hogan, C.L. Humphrey, R.A. van Dam and
M.M. Douglas: Failure of Hydra populations to develop tolerance,
indicates absence of toxicity from a mining whole-effluent 223
Silva, W.M., K.F. Roche and C.N. Ide: Diurnal variation in planktonic
crustacean population densities in a marginal lake of the Brazilian
Pantanal 227
Harman, J.G. and J. P. Grover: Mixotrophy and the persistence of
Prymnesium parvum when in competition with bacteria 231
Selig, U., S. Berghoff and H. Schubert: Transformation of particulate
phosphorus at the sedimentwater interface in a shallow coastal water
on the Baltic Sea 235
Villalobos, M. and E.J. González: Diel vertical migration of
zooplankton in a permanently stratified small tropical reservoir
(Tierra Blanca, Venezuela) 239
Ginn, B.K., B.F. Cumming and J.P. Smol: Tracking water quality changes
related to human activities in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
(Nova Scotia, Canada) using paleolimnological techniques 242
Winter, J.G., W. Keller, A.M. Paterson and N.D. Yan: Three decades of
recovery of the phytoplankton community in Clearwater Lake (Sudbury,
Canada) from acid and metal contamination 247
Couture, S., D. Houle and C. Gagnon: Recent recovery and
acid-neutralizing capacity of lake waters in southern Quebec following
reductions in sulfur emissions 253
Fussmann, G.F.: Experimental measurements of functional response: What
is the relevance for food web theory? 255
North, R.L., S.J. Guildford, R.E.H. Smith, M.R. Twiss and H.J. Kling:
Nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron colimitation of phytoplankton
communities in the nearshore and offshore regions of the African Great
Lakes 259
Celis-Salgado, M.P., A. Cairns, N. Kim, N.D. Yan: The FLAMES medium: a
new, soft-water culture and bioassay medium for Cladocera 265
DeAngelis, D.L., S. Ju, and J.N. Holland: Emergence of functional
responses from interactions of individuals 272
Marty, J., M. Power and K.E. Smokorowski: The effects of flow
regulation on food-webs of Boreal Shield Rivers 275
Lévesque, S. and B.E. Beisner: Assessing the horizontal
spatio-temporal structure of lake zooplankton: new perspective using
variography 279
Binning, S.A. and L.J. Chapman: Feeding ecology and diet overlap in
riverine cichlids from western Uganda 283
Markensten, H. and D.C. Pierson: Long term and high frequency
monitoring of beam attenuation coefficient as a proxy for suspended
particulate inorganic matter: use in the calibration of a sediment
resuspension model 287
Melnik, N.G., E.V. Dzyuba, V.A. Degtyarev, M.I. Lazarev, E.Y. Naumova,
and E.P. Tereza: Life strategy of pelagic animals in Lake Baikal 291
Cioboiu, O.: The distribution of the gastropods populations from the
Danube and the Danube Delta 295
Ginzburg, L.R. and C.X.J. Jensen: From controversy to consensus: the
indirect interference functional response 297
Obertegger, U., B. Thaler and G. Flaim: Habitat constraints of
Synchaeta (Rotifera) in North Italian lakes (Trentino-South Tyrol) 302
Bauer, N., H.-P. Grossart and S. Hilt: Do bacteria influence the
sensitivity of phytoplankton to allelochemicals from submerged
macrophytes? 307
Mihuc, T.B., C. Pershyn, S. Thomas, G. Boyer, M. Satchwell, J. Jones
and M. Greene: Cyanobacteria in the sixth Great Lake: geospatial
pigment mapping and phytoplankton community composition in Mississquoi
Bay, Lake Champlain 312
Matsumoto, G.I., H. Suzuki, M. Sato, M. Makishima, Y. Tani, Y. Hase,
N. Takamatsu, T. Takemura and T. Kawai: Paleoenvironmental record of
Lake Hovsgol (Mongolia) in northeast Eurasia 318
McCutchan, Jr., J.H. and W.M. Lewis, Jr.: Spatial and temporal
patterns of denitrification in an effluent-dominated plains river 323