30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Montreal, Canada, August 12-18, 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Red.: Janice Faaborg

2008. 162 pages, num. figures, 21x28cm, 600 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 4)

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Gutiérrez-Aguirre, M.A., A. Cervantes-Martínez and
L. Coronado-Álvarez: Limnology of groundwater exposures with urban
influence in Cozumel island, Mexico 493
Köster, D., R.I. Hall and J. Marty: Influence of floods on the
food-web structure of two freshwater delta lakes as determined by
carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes 497
Miracle, M.R., M. Sahuquillo and E. Vicente: Large branchiopods from
freshwater temporary ponds of Eastern Spain 501
Lake, P.S., N. Bond and P. Reich: An appraisal of studies on the
impacts of drought on aquatic ecosystems: knowledge gaps and future
directions 506
Yanik, E.L. and V.H. Smith: Effects of food supply on susceptibility
of Culex mosquitoes to the fungal biocontrol agent Beauveria bassiana
Jennings, E., C. Dalton, M. Olas, E. de Eyto, N. Allott, K. Bosch,
S. Murnaghan and D. Taylor: Reconstruction of the recent past in a
west of Ireland catchment 512
Duff, J.H., K.D. Carpenter, R.J. Avanzino and F.J. Triska: Seasonal
phosphorus and nitrogen dynamics of open water during restoration of
the Wood River Wetland, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA 515
Sotomayor-Ramírez, D., G.A. Martínez, F. Pantoja-Agreda and
C. Santos-Flores: Limnological assessment of two reservoirs in Puerto
Rico 521
Borell Lövstedt, C.: Thermally-driven currents induced by shading from
emergent reed vegetation 528
Fink, P.: Algal food quality affects growth of a benthic herbivore 531
Szalinska, E., A. Czaplicka-Kotas, D.A.L. Vignati, B.J.D. Ferrari and
J. Dominik: Bioavailability of sedimentary chromium for chironomids in
the upper Dunajec River (Southern Poland) 534
Casimiro, S. and M.L. Fidalgo: Lethal and behavioural responses of the
freshwater shrimp Atyaephyra desmarestii to chemical substances used
in textile industry 541
Fidalgo, M.L.: A contribution to the incorporation of toxicity
limitations in Portuguese regulations relative to textile discharges -
preliminary results 546
Small, G.E., C.M. Pringle, F.J. Triska, J.H. Duff, A.P. Jackman,
M. Hidalgo, A. Ramírez and M. Ardón: The dynamics of phosphorus
retention during an eight-year P-addition in a Neotropical headwater
stream 551
Fukushima, T., B. Matsushita, T. Kokaki and Y. Okanshi: Land use/cover
change and its influence on water runoff in the watershed of Lake
Kasumigaura, Japan 555
Molversmyr, Å., L. Bunting, A. Burgess and H. Bennion: The
eutrophication of Lake Frøylandsvatn, South-Western Norway, as
indicated by the sedimentary records 560
Løvstad, Ø.: A phosphorus-based biological classification system and
threshold indicators 565
Roux, M.-J., M.R. Anderson and D. Planas: Integrating spatial patterns and processes in food web and environmental studies: from "who eats whom" and "who eats where" to "who eats whom and where" 569
Hadas, O., Taixing Wu, R. Agnihotri and M. Altabet: Nitrogen isotope
composition of particulate organic matter (POM) in Lake Kinneret,
Israel 573
Villar-Argaiz, M., J.M. Medina-Sánchez, F.J. Bullejos, J.A. Delgado
and P. Carrillo: Is biochemical resource quality for herbivorous
consumers enhanced by the manipulation of light and nutrient regimes?
Ahlgren, G. and G. Tilahun: Fatty acid quality of the basic food web
in the Ethiopian lakes Awassa, Chamo and Ziway 581
Frisk T., Ä. Bilaletdin and H. Kaipainen: The effect of the
alternative reception sites of the planned central wastewater
treatment plant of Tampere region, Finland 587
Beltrami, M.E., C. Cappelletti, F. Ciutti, L. Hoffmann and L. Ector:
The diatom Didymosphenia geminata: distribution and mass occurrence in
the Province of Trento (Northern Italy) 593
Kihira, M., K. Anbutsu, H. Azumi, H. Yoshida, O. Mitamura, S. Nakano,
T. Katano, Y. Satoh, V. Drucker and M. Sugiyama: Horizontal
distribution and nutritional status of picophytoplankton in Lake
Baikal in summer 598
Lecerf, A., H. Hampel, H. Yu, J. Nijs, L. Hellings and M. Tackx:
Decomposition of willow (Salix triandra L.) leaves in the Schelde
estuary (Belgium) 603
Haury, J., J. Coudreuse, J. Debril, B. Ruaux and A. Jigorel: The role
of invasive macrophytes in nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in two
gravel pits, Rennes, France 607
Watanabe, T., T. Nakamura, M. Nishimura, T. Matsunaka, M. Minami,
T. Kakegawa, F.W. Nara and L. Zhu: Radiocarbon chronology of a
sediment core from Lake Pumoyum Co in the southeastern Tibetan plateau
Conroy, J.D., D.A. Culver and R.T. Heath: Gloom and blooms: simulating
phytoplankton growth moving out of a tributary into a large lake 615
Verburg, P., J.P. Antenucci and R.E. Hecky: Large scale overturning
circulation against the direction of the wind in Lake Tanganyika 619
Bullejos, F.J., M. Villar-Argaiz, J.M. Medina-Sánchez,
J.A. Delgado-Molina and P. Carrillo: Impact of UV radiation and
nutrients on the elemental composition of zooplankton in a
Mediterranean high mountain lake 623
Hofmann, H., A. Lorke and F. Peeters: Wave-induced variability of the
underwater light climate in the littoral zone . 627
Jones, R.C.: Long term response of water quality to changes in
nutrient loading at a mainstem site in the tidal freshwater Potomac
River 633
Rao, Y.R.: Coastal physical processes in the Great Lakes 638
Hasegawa-Ishiguro, N. and K. Okubo: Glacial melt inflows into Lake
Geneva 643
Poste, A.E., R.E. Hecky and D. Muir: Biomagnification of mercury in a
West African crater lake (Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana) 647
Rosemond, A.D., W.F. Cross, J.L. Greenwood, V. Gulis, S.L. Eggert,
K. Suberkropp, J.B. Wallace and S.E. Dye: Nitrogen versus phosphorus
demand in a detritus-based headwater stream: what drives microbial to
ecosystem response? 651