Verhandlungen IVL Volume 30 Part 5


Ed: Jack Jones; Red.: Janice Faaborg

2009. IV, 163 pages, 21x28cm, 580 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 5)

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Comin, F.A., D. Moreno and C. Pedrocchi: Scenarios for the management
of aquatic bird communities and wetland restoration after intensive
agricultural land use and extensive land use cover changes in
semi-arid territories 657
Woods, L.M.E., F.R. Pick and M.J.L. Robin: Evaluation of the influence
of groundwater on algal biomass and accrual at the reach scale in a
shallow river (Raisin River, South Eastern Ontario, Canada) 662
Goldschmidt, T.: Water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) in tropical springs
– diversity, specificity, monitoring possibilities 669
Pouwels, A., D.P. Hamilton, P.W. Arzberger, T.K. Kratz and F.-P. Lin:
Use of lake sensor data in student education 673
Cosentino, B.J., W.H. Lowe and G.E. Likens: Demography and movement of
the northern spring salamander in four New Hampshire headwater streams
Seip, K.L. and N. Holmengen: Changes in interaction dynamics among
functional species groups: the case of Lake Washington 681
Callanan, M.C., J.-R. Baars and M. Kelly-Quinn: Comparison of the
macroinvertebrate communities of seepage and lake-fed headwater
streams 685
Vidal, J., J. Colomer, T. Serra, R. Marce, F. Rueda and
X. Casamitjana: Phytoplankton bloom response to a fluctuating river
inflow 690
Soranno, P.A., K.E. Webster, K.S. Cheruvelil and M.T. Bremigan: The
lake landscape-context framework: linking aquatic connections,
terrestrial features and human effects at multiple spatial scales 695
Rinke, K., M. Eder, F. Peeters, R. Kümmerlin, G. Gal and
K.-O. Rothhaupt: Simulating phytoplankton community dynamics in Lake
Constance with a coupled hydrodynamic-ecological model 701
Kerekes, J., P. Hope, C. McCarthy and S. O’Grady: Long term monitoring
of the common loon (Gavia immer) population on 18 lakes in Kejimkujik
National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada 705
Sarmento, H., M. Isumbisho, S. Stenuite, F. Darchambeau, B. Leporcq
and J.-P. Descy: Phytoplankton ecology of Lake Kivu (eastern Africa):
biomass, production and elemental ratios 709
Erben, R., A. Lucic, T. Tarnik, J. Lajtner and J. Buhin: Seasonal
distribution of the zebra mussel larvae in the dam reservoirs,
Dubrava, Cakovec, and Varazdin, Croatia 714
Rempfer, J., D.M. Livingstone, R. Forster and C. Blodau: Response of
hypolimnetic oxygen concentrations in deep Swiss perialpine lakes to
interannual variations in winter climate 717
Lally, H., T. Higgins, E. Colleran and M. Gormally: A new Irish
wilderness? Trophic status and conservation potential of cutaway
peatland lakes in Ireland 722
Whyte, R.S., J. Holomuzki and D. Klarer: Wetland plant and
macroinvertebrate recovery in Phragmites australis-dominated stands
after herbicide (Habitat) treatment 725
Wells, M. and P. Nadarajah: The intrusion of density currents into
stratified water bodies 731
Solimini, A.G., V. Olsauskyte and W. van de Bund: Reaching a common
understanding of good ecological status for monitoring European rivers
Danger,M., J. Mériguet, C. Oumarou, D. Benest and G. Lacroix: Direct
and indirect effects of biomanipulations on periphyton stoichiometry
in shallow lakes 737
Chaichana, R., B. Moss and R.T. Leah: Effects of water birds on
aquatic vegetation in a shallow lake 741
Anton-Pardo, M. and X. Armengol: Changes in zooplankton and
macroinvertebrates in shallow lakes of Southeastern Spain 745
Kilham, S.S., M. Hunte-Brown, P. Verburg, C.M. Pringle, M.R. Whiles,
K.R. Lips and E. Zandora: Challenges for interpreting stable isotope
fractionation of carbon and nitrogen in tropical aquatic ecosystems
Kuhar, U., N. Krzic, M. Germ and A. Gaberscik: Habitat characteristics
of threatened macrophyte species in the water courses of Slovenia 754
Padisak, J., E. Hajnal, L. Krienitz and R. Koschel: The importance of
winter phytoplankton composition in two contrasting lakes: A deep
stratifying and a shallow polymictic 757
Thompson, R., M. Hemberg, B.M. Starzomski and J. Shurin: The ubiquity
of omnivory 761
Hellsten, S. and M. Mjelde: Macrophyte responses to water level
fluctuation in Fennoscandinavian Lakes – Applying a common index 765
Ono, M., Y. Takeuchi and H. Fukuhara: The life cycle of Capnia
fukushimana Kohno (Plecoptera: Capniidae) in River Sukawa (Fukushima),
Japan 770
Kolada, A.: The evaluation of biocenotic typology of Polish lakes
using macrophyte community structure 775
Romanowska-Duda, B. and M. Grzesik: The use of Spirodela oligorrhiza
and Eruca sativa as a phytotest for a detection of microcystins 779
Ishida, N. and O. Mitamura. Community structure of epilithic diatoms
in first-order streams on bedrocks of different geological character
in central Japan 781
Rossaro, B., V. Lencioni, A. Boggero and L. Marziali: A new benthic
quality index for Italian lakes: how to approach with different lake
types? 790
Kameyama, S., T. Sakawa, T. Sato, H. Shimazaki, S. Nohara and
T. Inoue: Impacts of anthropogenic structural changes to the Mekong
River watershed on seasonal hydrologic dynamics in the watershed and
floodplain 794
Megard, R.O., E. Ralph and M. Marko: Effects of wind and temperature
on Lake Superior copepods 801
Higgins, T.M., J.H. McCutchan, Jr. and W.M. Lewis, Jr.: Quantifying
riverine sediment denitrification rates in situ with a novel, portable
hyporheic chamber 809
Zapata-Anzola, A .M., C. Rivera-Rondón, V. Paez, E. Pedraza and
R. Garcia: Factors controlling continual cyanobacterial blooms in a
tropical urban wetland 813
Okada, H.: Fine sediment affecting the tearing-off process of benthic
algae in a shallow river 817
Akiba, T. and T. Horiuchi: In situ phytoplankton community estimation
method with multi-wavelength excitation fluorometer 820