30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Montreal, Canada, August 12-18, 2007

Proceedings. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from natural Ecosystems and Reservoirs

Ed.: Jack Jones; Janice Faaborg

2009. IV, 163 pages, num. tables and fig., 21x28cm, 600 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 6)

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Tremblay, A.: Introduction 821
Abe, D.S., C. Sidagis-Galli, T. Matsumura Tundisi, J.E.M. Tundisi,
D.E. Grimberg, G.R. Medeiros, V. Teixeira-Silva and J.G. Tundisi: The
effect of eutrophication on greenhouse gas emissions in three
reservoirs of the Middle TieteRiver, southeastern Brazil 822
Lima, I.B.T., A.C.P. Cimbleris, E.A. Mazzi, E.M.L.M. Novo,
J.P.H.B. Ometto, F.M. Ramos, R.R. Rosa and J.L. Stech: Sunlight
effects on diel CO2 and CH4 emissions from a tropical reservoir 826
Sidagis Galli, C., D.S. Abe, J.G. Tundisi, V. Teixeira-Silva,
G.R. Medeiros, P.R. Brum and A.C.P. Cimbleris: Greenhouse gas
concentrations and diffusive flux at the sediment-water interface from
two reservoirs in Brazil 830
Dos Santos, M.A., L. Pinguelli Rosa, B. Matvienko, E. Oliveira dos Santos, C.H. Eca DAlmeida Rocha,
E. Sikar, M. Bento Silva and A.M.P.B. Junior: Estimate of degassing greenhouse gas emissions of the turbinedwater
at tropical hydroelectric reservoirs 834
Sikar, E., B.Matvienko,M.A. Santos, L.P. Rosa, M.B. Silva,
E.O. Santos, C.H.E.D. Rocha and A.P.Bentes Jr.: Tropical reservoirs
are bigger carbon sinks than soils 838
Rocha, C.H.E.D.A., M.A. dos Santos, B. Matvienko, L.P. Rosa, E.O. dos
Santos, E. Sikar, M.B. Silva and A.M.P. Bentes Jr: Evaluation of
dissolved carbon dioxide and methane at three tropical hydroelectric
reservoirs 841
Santos, E.O., C. Silva, M.A. Santos, B. Matvienko, C.H.E.D.A. Rocha,
L.P. Rosa, E. Sikar, M.B. Silva and A.M.P. Bentes Jr.: The importance
of land use change analysis in the greenhouse gases emissions from
hydroelectric reservoirs 845
Gregoire, A. and St. Descloux: Advantages and disadvantages of an
aerating weir in a tropical zone 850
Bastien, J., A. Tremblay and A. Scanlon: CO2 and CH4 fluxes from
Tasmanian aquatic systems, Australia 854
Bastien, J., A. Tremblay and L. LeDrew: Greenhouse gases fluxes from
Smallwood Reservoir and natural water bodies in Labrador,
Newfoundland, Canada 858
Pelletier, L., M. Garneau and A. Tremblay: CO2 and CH4 ecosystem
exchange from peatlands: Eastmain-1 hydroelectric
project, Quebec, Canada 862
Tremblay, A. and J. Bastien: Greenhouse gases fluxes from a new
reservoir and natural water bodies in Quebec, Canada 866
Ostrovsky, I.: Fish and methane bubbles in aquatic ecosystems:
hydroacoustic separation and quantification 870
Casper, P., M.F. Albino and D.D. Adams: Diffusive fluxes of CH4 and
CO2 across the water-air interface in the eutrophic Lake Dagow,
northeast Germany 874
Yagi, A., J. Okajima, N. Kai and M. Umemura: Seasonal changes of
methane and organic acid in Lake Fukami-ike 878
Simiyu, G.M. and D.D. Adams: Sediment and nutrient transport and
groundwater sources in the Nzoia River watershed, western Kenya, East
Africa 884
Adams D.D. and G.M. Simiyu: Greenhouse gas (methane and carbon
dioxide) emissions from a tropical river in Kenya: the importance of
anthropogenic factors on natural gas flux rates 887
McNaught A.S. and A.M. Weber: Response of two Bosmina longirostris
morphotypes to the cladoceran predator Leptodora kindti 891
Gross, E. M.: Impact of reoligotrophication in Lake Constance on
nutrient content and defensive phenolic compounds in Eurasian
watermilfoil 897
Wille, St. and R. Petersen: Temperature and water level dynamics of
vernal pools in the Agate Desert, Oregon, U.S.A 900
Mezek, T., M.T. Arts, E. Sverko and A.T. Fisk: Sample preparation
methods for the analysis of poly-methylene interrupted fatty acids 903
Senga, Y., M. Hirota, M. Hirao, T. Fujii, Y. Seike, S. Nohara and
H. Kunii: Nitrogen dynamics and N2O emission in restored
saltmarsh, Lake Shinji, Japan 907
Huang, G., S. Sato and M. Nishimura: Dissolved oxygen variations in
the tidal reach of the Sagami River 911
Beltrami, M.E., L. Ector, F. Ciutti, C. Cappelletti, L. Hoffmann and
E. Rott: Longitudinal variations of benthic diatoms and water quality
along a large river (Adige River) in Northern Italy 915
Delgado-Molina, J.A., J.M. Medina-Sanchez, M. Villar-Argaiz,
F.J. Bullejos-Carrillo and P. Carrillo: Induced algal community
changes by UV radiation and nutrient inputs: A long-term experimental
study in Lake LaCaldera (Sierra Nevada, Spain) 919
Bergström, A.-K.: Seasonal dynamics of bacteria and mixotrophic
flagellates as related to input of allochthonous dissolved organic
carbon 923
Chen, K.-N., C.-H. Bao, W.-P. Zhou and W.-M. Chen: Responses of
zooplankton to ecological restoration in Wuli Bay of Lake Taihu, a
subtropical shallowlake in China 929
Rusak, J.A., S. E. Jones, A.D. Kent, A.L. Shade and T.M. McMahon:
Spatial synchrony in microbial community dynamics: testing among-year
and lake patterns 936
Gondwe, M.J., S.J. Guildford and R.E. Hecky: Sandy shore benthic
N2-fixation in Lake Malawi, Africa 941
Stewart, K.M.: “Snapshots” of four benthic invertebrate groups in 41
lakes 945
Smith, H.A., J. Ejsmont-Karabin, T.M. Hess and R.L. Wallace: Paradox
of planktonic rotifers: similar structure but unique trajectories in
communities of the Great Masurian Lakes (Poland) 951
Jensen, O.P., P.M. Yurista, T.R. Hrabik and J.D. Stockwell: Densities
and diel vertical migration of Mysis relicta in Lake Superior: a
comparison of optical plankton counter and net-based approaches 957
Mitamura, O., N. Nakamoto, M. do Socorro Rodrigues Ibanez,
J. Policarpo Costa Neto and R. Barbieri: Grain size distribution of
particulate matter and sediment in extensive freshwater bodies in
pre-Amazonian floodplain, Baixada Maranhense, Brazil 964
Morgan, E.L., D.B. George, N. Thirunavukkarasu and E.T. Ososanya:
Using artificial intelligence to detect fish breathing stress in
remote automated biosensing for coordinated watershed monitoring
networks 971
Cherry, J.A., A.K. Ward and G.M. Ward: The dynamic nature of
land-water interfaces: changes in structure and productivity along a
water depth gradient in the Talladega Wetland Ecosystem 977
Cotner, J.B., J. Kenning and J.T. Scott: The microbial role in
littoral zone biogeochemical processes: Why Wetzel was right 981