30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Montreal, Canada, 12-18 August 2007

Proceedings. Managing large lakes of the world: health, integrity and risks

Ed.: Jack Jones; Janice Faaborg

2009. 162 pages, 21x28cm, 570 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 7)

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Managing large lakes of the world: health, integrity, and risks
Munawar,M.: Preface 985
European Lakes
Filatov, N., L. Rukhovets, A. Terzhevik and G. Astrakhantsev: Ladoga
and Onego – Great European Lakes: Investigations of effects of global
changes on ecosystem dynamics 987
Wahl, B.: Long-term changes of Lake Constance with special regard to
the climate impact 989
Noges, P. and A. de Jager: Clustering large lakes and reservoirs in
Europe on the basis of their morphometry, catchment, and climatic
conditions 993
Noges, T.: Trends in air temperature in Estonia and in water
temperature of Estonian large lakes in 1961–2004, possible
consequences on water quality 997
Viljanen, M., M. Rahkola-Sorsa, A.-L. Holopainen, P. Can, M. Mattila
and G. Waissi: Temporal and spatial variation in pelagic phytoplankton
and zooplankton in the central basin of a large lake, Finland 1000
Poikane, S., M. van den Berg, J. Ortiz-Casas, G. Phillips, A. Lyche
Solheim, D. Tierney, G. Wolfram and P. Noges: Lake assessment
strategy in European Union (EU): Case study of European large lakes
North American Lakes
Munawar, M., N.E. Mandrak, I.F. Munawar and M. Fitzpatrick: How are
the North American Great Lakes coping with multiple stressors?
Comparison of lakes Ontario and Superior 1013
Mills, E.L., K.T. Holeck, J.M. Watkins and M. Munawar: Chasing
ecological change in large lake ecosystems: The Lake Ontario story
Koops, M.A., R. M. Dermott, K.E. Leisti, O.E. Johannsson,
E.S. Millard, C.K. Minns, M. Munawar, K.H. Nicholls and J.A. Hoyle:
The Bay of Quinte: a model for large lake ecosystem management 1024
Randall, R.G., M.A. Koops, M. Munawar and C.K. Minns: Risk assessment
of threats to large lakes around the world – a pilot survey 1030
Fahnenstiel, G., Y. Hong, D. Millie, M. Doblin, T. Johengen and
D. Reid: Marine dinoflagellate cysts in the ballast tank sediments of
ships entering the Laurentian Great Lakes 1035
Lewis, C.F.M., D.K. Rea, J.B. Hubeny, T.A. Thompson, S.M. Blasco,
J.W. King, M. Reddin and T.C. Moore Jr.: Past changes in the
Laurentian Great Lakes of North America: Context for a better
understanding of their future? 1039
Azumi, H., N. Goto and O. Mitamura: Regeneration of silicic acid from
sediment in Lake Biwa, Japan 1041
Walsh, E.J., T. Schröder, R.L. Wallace and R. Rico-Martinez: Cryptic
speciation in Lecane bulla (Monogononta: Rotifera) in Chihuahuan
Desert waters 1046
Hunter, D.A. and M. Winder: Long-term changes of the chrysophyte
population in Lake Tahoe 1051
Holmengen, N. and K.L. Seip: The effect of energy reserves on
interspecific competition in cladocerans 1056
Finlay, K., B. Wissel and P.R. Leavitt: Spatial and temporal synchrony
of pCO2 in six hardwater lakes of central Canada 1061
Swift, M.C. and G.E. Wagenbach: Growth of Pyganodon grandis as a
function of temperature in Dry Lake, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA
Culver, D.A., J.D. Conroy, J.T. Tyson, V.C. Crane and H. Zhang:
“Optimal” P loading in large lakes affects fish communities: Do you
prefer walleye or yellow perch? 1070

Seike, Y., M. Murakami, R. Fukumori, Y. Senga, K. Ayukawa,
O. Mitamura, H. Terai, K. Kondo, S. Ueda and M. Okumura: Behavior of
hydroxylamine and nitrous oxide in the stratified brackish Lake
Nakaumi, Japan 1073
Puchniak, M.K., F.E. Awortwi, P.O. Sanful, E. Frempong, R.I. Hall,
R.E. Hecky: Effects of physical dynamics on the water column structure
of Lake Bosomtwe/Bosumtwi, Ghana (West Africa) 1077
Brendelberger, H. and C. Klauke: Pedal feeding in freshwater unionid
mussels: particle-size selectivity 1082
Hanazato, T., T. Nagata, M. Sakuma, H.-D. Park, K. Hirabayashi and
K. Takei: Changes in ecosystem structure associated with the
restoration of water quality in the shallow eutrophic Lake Suwa, Japan
Gor, D., G. Lakatos, E. Szilagyi, S. Andrikovics and J. Kerekes:
Study on macrophytic communities and waterbirds in the function of
Kiskörei Reservoir (Eastern Hungary) 1088
Claret, C. and P. Marmonier: Impact of incision on invertebrate
assemblages of the hyporheic zone: assessment from taxonomic and
functional classifications 1091
Pantoja-Agreda, F., G.A. Martınez, C. Santos-Flores and
D. Sotomayor-Ramırez: Phytoplankton dynamics of the Guajataca
reservoir, Puerto Rico 1096
Rushforth, H.M. and A.E. Hershey: Nitrogen uptake and food web
nitrogen transfer in a restored urban stream compared to an unrestored
urban stream and a pristine stream 1101
Okumura, M., T. Anate and Y. Seike: The behavior of iron(II) and
hydrogen sulfide in anoxic brackish lake water 1107
Kaup, E.: Patterns of photosynthetically active radiation in
freshwater lakes of coastal East Antarctica 1111
Watanabe, S., M.F. Knowlton, W.F. Vincent and J.R. Jones: Variability
in the optical properties of colored dissolved organic matter in
Missouri reservoirs 1117
Bade, D.L., K. Bouchard and G.E. Likens: Algal co-limitation by N and
P persists after 30 years in Mirror Lake (New Hampshire, USA) 1121
Grobbelaar, J.U. and V.R. Smith: Chemical and biological properties of
glacial lakes on sub-Antarctic Marion Island: Comparing data spanning
35 years 1124
Malmquist, H.J., Þ. Antonsson, H.R. Ingvason, F. Ingimarsson and
F. Arnason: Salmonid fish and warming of shallow Lake Elliðavatn in
Southwest Iceland 1127
Wynne, C.A. and S.M. Linnane: An investigation of macrophyte and
macroinvertebrate communities in lowland sites on the rivers of
Milltown (Muckno Mill) lake catchment, Co. Monaghan, Ireland 1133
Soliman, C., P.J. Dillon, J. Aherne and D. Lasenby: Predicting oxygen
profiles in Nova Scotia brook trout lakes using the Lakeshore Capacity
Model: considerations for brook trout habitat, remediation and future
development 1137
Nemoto, F., Y. Takeuchi, A. Saito, E. Niino, C. Sato, T. Maruyama and
H. Fukuhara: Decrease in nitrate concentrations in spring water
through the reed zone around a sand dune lake 1141
Erratum. Verhandl. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30/5: p. 709–713;
Sarmento, H., M. Isumbisho, S. Stenuite, F. Darchambeau, B. Leporcq
and J.-P. Descy: Phytoplankton ecology of Lake Kivu (eastern Africa):
biomass, production and elemental ratios 1148