30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Montreal, Canada, 12-18 August 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Janice Faaborg

2009. 21x28cm, 620 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 8)

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Plenary lecture
Downing, J.A. Global limnology: up-scaling aquatic services and
processes to planet Earth 1149
Poole K.E. and J.A. Downing: Influence of stream reach characteristics
on freshwater mussel populations in a predominantly agricultural
landscape 1167
Ao, L., M. Yamada, M. Kobayashi and O. Mitamura: Groundwater flow
system estimated by stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in an
alluvial fan of the Echi River, Japan 1174
Melack, J.M. and D.L. Engle: An organic carbon budget for an Amazon
floodplain lake 1179
Rukhovets, L.A., G.P. Astrakhantsev and V.A. Andreev: Assimilation
potential (AP) of Great European Lakes and global warming: economic
aspects 1183
Carey, C.C., K.C. Weathers and K.L. Cottingham: Increases in
phosphorus at the sediment-water interface may influence the
initiation of cyanobacterial blooms in an oligotrophic lake 1185
White, J.D. and D.E. Facey: Diet overlap between native yellow perch
and invasive white perch in Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont
Syväranta, J. & R.I. Jones: Isotopic variability in lake littoral
organisms presents a challenge for food web studies 1193
Pinto, P., M. Morais, P. Usseglio-Polatera, H. Dias Figueiredo,
A.C. Martins, A.P. Duque, C. Gon¸calves, M. Santo and P. Guilherme:
Seasonal and spatial gradients in the biological and ecological traits
of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Mediterranean rivers in
southern Portugal 1197
Hayakawa, K. and Y. Sugiyama: Variability in downward attenuation of
ultraviolet radiation in Lake Biwa 1202
Bio, A., A. Couto, R. Costa, A. Prestes, N. Vieira, A. Valente and
J. Azevedo: Biomanipulation of Furnas Lake, Azores: effects of
repeated fish removal 1207
Danehy, R.J. and R.E. Bilby: Periphyton and macroinvertebrate
assemblage responses to flow regime in spring-fed headwaters 1210
Ohta, K. and K. Kozawa: Humic substances discharged from sewage
treatment plants 1215
Kamiya, K., T. Fukushima, Y. Onda, K. Matsushige and S. Mizugaki:
Changes in sedimentation rates and phosphorus accumulation in shallow
Japanese lakes during 30 years 1219
Sandu, C., C. Boroneant, M.C. Trifu, G. Balint und J. Bloesch: Effect
of global warming on climate parameters and hydrology of the Mure¸s
River Basin 1225
Gerecke, R., H. Franz & M. Cantonati: Invertebrate diversity in
springs of the National Park Berchtesgaden (Germany): relevance for
long-term monitoring 1229
Morais, M., P. Pinto, A. Pedro, T. Battin, S. Gafny, M. Gerino,
E. Marti, M. Puig, M. Pusch, A. Solimini, C. Voreadou, F. Sabater and
P. Usseglio-Polatera: Relationships among macroinvertebrate community
structure, bio/ecological trait profiles, and environmental
descriptors in European human-altered streams 1234
Verhamme, E.M. and M.T. Auer: Comparison of carbon flux and indicators
of bioavailability at nearshore and offshore locations in Lake
Superior 1239
Nagy, H.B., Z. Varga, Z. László, N. Szállassy and G. Dévai: Impact of
different population size on male behaviour in Libellula fulva
(Odonata: Libellulidae) 1242
Jacobsen, D.: Classical alpine stream types on the equator: are they
different? 1245
Zohary, T. and M. Shlichter: Invasion of Lake Kinneret by the
N2-fixing cyanobacterium Cylindrospermopsis cuspis Komarek & Kling
Jones, S.B., C.G. Ingersoll, J.T. Parris and D.K. Hardesty: Effects of
carbaryl, copper, and other organic chemicals on cholinesterase
activity in brains of surrogate and listed species of fish 1255
Taub, F.B.: Contributions of cellulose to a microbial-algal-Daphnia
food chain in Closed Ecological Systems 1259
Agyemang, T.K., K. Schmieder, T. Heege, J. Heblinski, H. Sajadyan,
L. Vardanyan and R. Böcker: Reviewing Lake Sevan’s surface area using
remote sensing & GIS techniques 1264
Cantonati, M., E. Bertuzzi, A. Scalfi and V. Campana: The potential
importance for spring conservation of residual habitats after flow
capturing: A case study 1267
Boda, P. and Z. Csabai: Seasonal and diel flight activity patterns of
aquatic Coleoptera and Heteroptera 1271 Sreedharan, G., L.D. Corkum
and T.B. Johnson: Response of the round goby, an invasive fish, to
food odours 1275
Spitale, D. and A. Petraglia: Springs like islands: implications on
richness and species density 1279
Urban, N.R. and A. Desai: Are the Great Lakes a significant net source
or sink of CO2? 1283
Gonzalez Rueda, C. and G. Hernando Guillot Monroy: Characterization of
periphytic algae from Macheta and Paipa thermal springs, Colombia 1289
Barberena L., C.E. and H. Montoya T.: Culture and life strategies of
the microalga Tetraselmis contracta (N. Carter) Butcher at the central
coastal lagoons in Lima, Peru 1293
Auer, N.: Importance of woody material in Great Lake aquatic food webs
Brown, M.E.: Environmental factors influencing invasibility and
ecological consequences of persistent invasions of the spiny waterflea
Watanabe Nara, F., A. Imai, K. Matsushige and K. Komatsu: Stable
carbon isotopic characterization of DOC and its humic fraction in Lake
Kasumigaura, Japan 1307
Trân, J.K.: Discrete reproduction leads to an intermediate
predator-prey functional response 1310