30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Montreal, Canada, 12-18 August 2007


Ed.: Jack Jones; Janice Faaborg

2010. IV, 163 pages, 21x28cm, 620 g
Language: English

(Verhandlungen IVL, Volume 30 Part 9)

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Wagner, K.J.: Advances in lake management: research translated into
application 1313
Hilt, S. and P. Lombardo: Effects of macrophytes on phytoplankton:
nutrient uptake versus allelopathy 1317
Hershey, A.E., E. Binkley, K. Fortino, M.D. Keyse, C. Medvedeff and
R.M. Northington: Use of allochthonous and autochthonous carbon
sources by Chironomus in arctic lakes 1321
Reid, L.M. and T.E. Lisle: The Caspar Creek watershed studies:
long-term research in a temperate, rain-dominated forest 1326
Chanudet, V., J.-L. Loizeau, J.-C. Druart, R. Kottelat, D. Vignati and
J. Dominik: Characterization of colloids before, during, and after a
phytoplanktonic bloom in Lake Geneva (Switzerland/France) 1329
Clarke, K.D. and R. Knoechel: Density, biomass, and production of
selected benthic invertebrate taxa in two natural lakes and one
fertilized lake in insular Newfoundland 1333
Leberfinger, K. and J. Herrmann: Spatial and temporal distribution of
shredders in leaf-limited intermittent streams 1342
Rückert, G. v., A. Giani and L. Vieira Dutra: Assessing the occurrence
of cyanobacterial blooms in a large Brazilian reservoir using
satellite remote sensing 1345
Jónsson, I.R., G.S. Jónsson, J.S. Olafsson, S.M. Einarsson and
Þ. Antonsson: The colonization of the invasive diatom Didymosphenia
geminata in Icelandic rivers 1349
Montoya-López, A., M. Torres-Mejia, J. Palacio and L. Jiménez-Segura:
Effects of environmental factors on reproductive seasonality of
Magdalena River basin fish: need for answers in the ecophysiology 1353
Togashi, H., T. Suzuki and J. Urabe: Spatial variations in chironomid
larvae and dragonfly predation in pools on a Japanese high mountain
moor 1357
Tadesse, Z.: Diet composition impacts the fatty acid contents of Nile
tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L., in Ethiopian highland lakes 1363
Mitamura, H., Y. Mitsunaga, N. Arai, Y. Yamagishi, M. Khachaphichat
and T. Viputhanumas: Seasonal movement of one Mekong giant catfish,
Pangasianodon gigas, in relation to the environmental conditions of
Mae Peum Reservoir, northern Thailand 1369
Lund, M.A., C.D. McCullough and D. Galeotti: Remediation of water
quality and macroinvertebrate communities in an urban artificial lake
affected by acid sulphate soils 1373
Maruo, M., K. Tate, K. Ohta, K. Hayakawa and H. Obata: Vertical
distribution of iron(II) and its relation to organic substances in
Lake Biwa, Japan 1379
Kamp-Nielsen, L. and N. Kongshøj: Temperature models for nitrification
and denitrification in lake sediments 1384
Hupfer, M., C. Herzog and P. Schmieder: Sedimentation and diagenetic
transformation of particulate organic phosphorus in a stratified
eutrophic lake 1389
Berggren, M., H. Laudon and M. Jansson: Bacterial utilization of
imported organic material in three small nested humic lakes 1393
Parker, M.S., H.H. Welsh and D. Sarr: Distribution of introduced
fishes and their effects on high elevation lake communities in Lassen
Volcanic National Park, CA, USA 1397
Demarty, M., Parkes, A. and Y.T. Prairie: Quantitative contribution of
DOC release by the macrophyteepiphyte complex in different ecosystems
Ishikawa, K., M. Kumagai, R.F. Walker, Y. Aota and T. Ura: Observation
of dissolved oxygen depletion at the bottom of Lake Biwa using the
autonomous underwater vehicle “Tantan” 1405
Faithfull, C., A.-K. Bergström and T. Vrede: Pelagic energy
mobilization across crossed gradients of phosphorus and dissolved
organic carbon in a chemostat experiment 1411
Takamatsu, N., A. Iwasaki, M. Kunugi, S. Ohsawa and G.I. Matsumoto:
Some blue colored lake and pond waters in Japan 1416
Wisniewski, R., J. Slusarczyk, T. Kaliszewski, A. Szulczewski,
P. Nowacki: “Proteus”, a new device for application of coagulants
directly to sediment during its controlled resuspension 1421
Timms, B.V.: Blue Lagoon, South Australia: A closed marine lake
harbouring potential invaders of continental saline lakes? 1425
Alcocer, J., E. Arce, L. Zambrano and X. Chiappa-Carrara: Poblana
alchichica: A threatened silverside species? 1429
K. Hirabayashi, M. Yamamoto, M. Yamamoto and G. Kimura: Seasonal
trends in populations of chironomid midges in the high mountain
Nishina Three Lakes in Japan 1433
Ueda, S., K. Kondo and Y. Chikuchi: Relationships between primary
production of phytoplankton and environmental factors in a shallow
brackish lake 1439
López-Anaya, D.P., J. Alcocer, L.A. Oseguera and G. Vilaclara: Seston
dynamics in a saline Mexican lake 1445
Vinebrooke, R.D., P.L. Thompson, W. Hobbs, B.H. Luckman, M.D. Graham
and A.P. Wolfe: Glacially mediated impacts of climate warming on
alpine lakes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains 1449
Heblinski, J., K. Schmieder, T. Heege, T. Kwaku Agyemang, H. Sayadyan
and L. Vardanyan: Mapping of water constituents in high mountainous
Lake Sevan (Armenia) 1453
Pichard, V., F.R. Pick and A.L. Martel: Diversity, distribution, and
abundance of freshwater mussels in the Raisin River drainage basin,
Eastern Ontario, Canada 1456
Oliveira, A.C., L.A. Martinelli, M.Z. Moreira and J.E.P. Cyrino: C3
and C4 source incorporation in Amazonian fish: contribution to dietary
ecology studies 1461
Kazancı, N., B. Öz, M. Dügel, G. Türkmen and Ö. Ertun¸c: First
faunistic and ecological survey of interstitial fauna of streams in
Turkey (Abstract) 1466
Marziali, L., V. Lencioni and B. Rossaro: The chironomids (Diptera:
Chironomidae) from 108 Italian Alpine springs 1467
Haaland, S., G. Riise, D. Hongve, O. Grøterud and I. Blakar: TOC
concentrations in Norwegian lakes: The effect of sea-salts and
anthropogenic acid components 1471
Ruiz Verdú, A., R. Pena Martinez and C. De Hoyos Alonso: Monitoring
cyanobacteria in inland waters by remote sensing 1475