Problems of Hydrothermal Ore Deposition. The Origin, Evolution and Control of Ore-forming Fluids

Symposium organized by the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, St. Andrews, Scotland, 1967

Ed.: Zdenek Pouba; Miroslav Stemprok

1971. XII, 396 pages, 112 figures, 47 tables, 16x14cm, 1400 g
Language: English

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1. The Somce of Metals of Hydrot Deposes
General Problems
Boyle, R. W.: The source of metals and gangue elements In
hydrothermal deposits 3
Dragov, P.: On the correlation between the main thermodynamic
parameters of hydrothermal solutions. (Abstract) 7
Dubov, R. I.: The physico-mathematical model of the forming of ore
deposits and the possibility of its practical using. (Abstract) 7
Acid Magrnatism as the Source of Ores Dmitriev, L. V., Barsukov,
V. L. & Durasova, N. A.s On the question of source of ore substance
Ginzburg, A. I.: Peculiarities of the postmagmatte deposits
associated with intrusions of various alkalinity 12
Gurvich, S. I. & Zubkov, L. B.: New type of
hydrothermal-metasomatic beryllium mineralisation in granites of the
Precambrian shield. (Abstract) . 15
Nedashkovskii, P. G.: The sources of beryllium in
Be-deposits of different genetic types 16
Ochinnikov, L. N.: The granitic melt as a source of metals
in sialic plutonogenic hydrothermal deposits 19
Shipulin, F. K.: On the sources of hydrothermal ore-forming
solutions. (Abstract) 24
Tauson, L. V., Kozlov, V. D. & Kuzmin, M. I.: The potential
ore-bearing of intrusives and the sources of the ortematter 25
Zakharchenko , A. I.: The formation of mineralising and
ore-bearing solutions related to granites 27
Alternative Sources
Belevtsev, Ya. N.: Sources of metals of metamorphic-hydrothermal
deposits 30
Bocharova, G. I.: On the contamination of post-magmatic
hydrothermal solutions of granitic magmas with the elements of basic
magmas 38
Bogolepov, V. G.: The role of subsurface waters in the formation
of hydrothermal deposits in Central Kazakhstan. (Abstract) 37
Domarev, V. S.: The source of metals of hydrothermal ore
deposits. (Abstract) . 37
Ermolaev, N. P.: Progressive metamorphism and ultrametamorphism
of roch as probable sources of substance in epigenetic processes 38
Ivanova A. A. & Kormilitsyn, V. S.: On the supply of
mineral substance from the country rocks during the formation of vein
deposits 41
Kotlyar, V. N.: Volcanogenic deposits. (Abstract) 47
Serdychenko, D. P.: Sedimentary-metamorphic series as the source of
ore substance of hydrothermal deposits. (Abstract? 48
Sokolov, G. A. & Pavlo v, D. I.: Scapolite from magnetite
deposits as a criterion for ore matter sources . 49
Relationship between Magmatism and Metallogeny
Bartholome, P. & Evrard, P.: On the genesis of the zoned
Skarn complex at Temperino, Tuscany 53
Bernard, J. H.: Gradual decrease of the spatial relation between
the Variscan granitoid plutons and the persistent ore-forming
hydrothermal mineral associations of the Bohemian Massif 58
Dolgov, Yu. A.: Deep intrusions and ore veins connected with
them. (Abstract) . 60
Haranczyk, C z. & Gakiewicz, T.: Consanguinity of
the European zinc-lead ore deposits of Silesian-Cracovian type and
their relation to alkaline-basic volcanites 61
Palas, M. & Scharm, B.: Problems of ore-bearing processes of
early geosynclinal magmatism on the territory of
Czechoslovakia. (Abstract) . 67
Pouba, Z.: Distribution of ore minerals and trace elements in the
contact zones of basic intrusives 68
Rösler, H. J. & Baumann, L.: - On the different origin of Variscan and
post-Variscan ("Saxonic") mineralizations in Central Europe . 72
Sattran, V., Klominsky, J., Verwar, Z. & Viscera, M.:
Petrometallogenic series as a source of metals of endogene ore
deposits 78
Skacel, J.: The relation between syngenetic iron deposits and sulphide
deposits with polemetallic ores in the NE area of the Bohemian
Massif. (Abstract) 81
Skvor, V.: The relation of metallogeny to deep-seated faults and
granitoid massifs . 82
Tomson, I. N., Polyakova, O. P. & Konstantinov, R. M.: Mesozoic stages
of ore formations in the Transbaikalian metallagenie province and
sources of mineralisation within various ore-bearing belts 84
Source of Tin-Tungsten Deposits
Rudakova, Zh. N. & Tikhomirov, N. I.: On sources of
hydrothermal solutions and the depth of formation of the
Transbaikalian tin deposits 87
Studenikova, Z. V., Ivanova, G. F. & Bryzgalin, O. V.: On the possible
source and transportation of tungsten in the formation of deposits of
greisen type 89
Source of Base-Metal Deposits
Gerasimovskii, U. I.: Sulfide mineralisation in agpaitic
nepheline syenites (as illustrated by the Lovozero Massif) 92
Heyl, A. V.: Some aspects of genesis of stratiform
zinc-lead-barite-fluorite deposits in the Mississippi Valley, United
States 9S
Ivanov, V. V. & Meituv, G. M.: On the problem of the source
of some trace elements in hydrothermal ores (from lead-zinc deposits) 100
Krutov, G. A.: Processes of hydrothermal cobalt and cobalt-nickel
mineralisation 102
Vinogradov, V. I.: Sources of sulphur in ore deposits
(according to isotope data) 105
Zlobin, B. I. & Belyaev, Y u. I.: On the probability of
primary or secondary nature of copper source in hydrothermal
polemetallic ores of the central part of Northern Tien Shan 108
Source o/Gold Deposits
Krendelev, F. P.: Sources of gold in pre-Cambrian
conglomerates of sulphide type. (Abstract) 113
Moiseenko, V. G., Nechkin, G. S. & Fatyanov, I. I.: Geochemical
conditions of redistribution of gold associated with magmatic rocks 115
Moravek, P. & Rus, V.: Regeneration of gold in the Central
Bohemian pluton area, Czechoslovakia 120
Rozhkov, I. S.: The conditions of origin of auriferous deposits
of gold-telluride type . 126
Sakharova, M. S.: On the distribution with depth of sulfosalts
and gold in a hydrothermal ore deposit 129
Shcherbakov, Y us G.: Source of gold in endogenous deposits 134
Source of Mercury Deposits . Kuznetsov, V. A., Vasiliv, V. I. &
Obolenskii,A. A.: The sources and conditions of deposition of ore
matter in mercury deposits 137
Ozerova, N. A. & Aidinyan, N. K h.: Some data on the
source of mercury in mercurial ore deposits 141
II. The Depth of Formation and the Vertical Extent of Ore Deposition P
o u b a, Z.: The depth of formation and the vertical extent of ore
deposition - a review of contributed papers 147
Chernitsin, V. B. & Getagurov, G. V.: On the vertical
range and depth of formation of lead-zinc ores in Mount Osetia (the
Caucasus). (Abstract) 156
Fedorchuk, V. P.: About the vertical extent of ore
deposition. (Abstract) . 157
Galitskii, V. V.: Conditions of formation and vertical
amplitude of ore deposition of the Karatau range lead and zinc
mineralisation. (Abstract) 158
Golovkov, G. S. & Ryabov, V. K.: On the vertical extent of
tin mineralisation in cassiterite-sulphide deposits of Priamur'e 158
Gorzhevskii, D. I. & Kozerenko,V. N.: On the depth problem of
postmagmatic deposits. (Abstract) 161
Hak, J. & Novak, F.: Zoning and vertical extent of the ore
mineralisation in the Kutna Hora ore district 1"
Ivanov, S. N.: Hydrothermal ore formation under sea and on
continents and the vertical extension of ore bodies 168
Jankovic, S.: On the vertical extent and the sources of
metals of some hydrothermal ore deposits formed at subvolcanic levels 172
Ken, A. N.: Vertical extent, zoning and formation time of the pyrite
polemetallic ore deposits in the Altai Region. (Abstract) 178
Konstantinov, M. M.: The depth of formation and vertical
interval of ore deposilion of lead-zinc deposits of Northern Osetia 178
Kormilitsyn, V. S.: Depth of formation and vertical extent of
mineralisation at some polemetallic ore deposits of the Eastern
Transhaikai region 180
Kushnarev, I. P.: Depth of formation of hydrothermal endogenetic
ore deposits 184
Kutina, J. & Telupil, A.: The vertical- extent of ore
deposition in Psibram, Czechoslovakia . 187
Lugov, S. F. & Makeev, B. V.: Extension in depth and some
features of the genesis of tin metallization of the Pevets ore
knot. (Abstract) 193
Milev, V. R.: Vertical extent of the lead-zinc deposits in the
Sakar-Rhodope area . 194
Mincheva - Stefanova, J.: Manganese carbonates of a
dolomite structure-type and the depth of formation of hydrothermal ore
deposits 198
Miyazawa, T.: Lowest limit and depth of formation of
hydrothermal veins . 204
Nevskii, V. A. & Kazanskii, V. I.: Vertical structural
zonality and ore deposition 208

Ovchinnikov, L. N.: The depth of formation of static
plutonogenic hydrothermal deposits 210
Popov, V. E.: On the depth of formation and relationship of
hydrothermal-sedimentarY, hydrothermal and Skarn iron ores 213
Radkevich, E. A. et al.: Vertical scope of mineralisation and
distribution of trace demerits in mineral of deposits of different
depth formation (stanniferous zones, Komsomolsk District) (Abstract) 217
Shcheglov, A. D.: Criterion of the vertical extent of ore
bodies of endogenetic deposits 218

Shmidt, A. I.: Depth of deposition and possible source of
sulphide ores in some deposits of the South Urals 222

Vanecek, M.: The depth of formation and the vertical extent of
the lead-zinc ore deposition of the Bohemian Massif 226
Vol'fson, F. I. & Lukin, L. I.: On the depth of formation of
sulphide and some other hydrothermal deposits. (Abstract) 229
III. Regularities of Different Wall-Roclc AIteratiou in the Course of
Minerallsation Processes in Hydrothermal Deposits
Boyle, R. W.: Regularities in wall-rock alteration phenomena
associated with epigenetic deposits 233
General Problems
Apeltsin, F. R.: Feldspathization within metamorphic rock
series and its significance for metallogeny. (Abstract) 260
Borodin, L. S. & Mineev D. A.: On the problem of
utilisation of rare-earth elements as geochemical indicators of
conditions of hydrothermal ore formation. (Abstract) 261
Kigai, I. N.: Cyclic wall-rock alterations as criterion for stage
minerogenesis 261
Kitaev, N. A. & Polikarpochkin, V. V.: Sequence of
hydrothermal alteration of wall-rocks in the light of facts on primary
dispersion haloes 265
Kotshergin, V. N. & Pampura, V. D.: Interconnection of
change in ore and temperature fields by hydrothermal processes 269
Marakushev, A. A. & Perchukev ÖL. L.: On the influence of the acidity
and temperature of postmagmatte solutions on the compositions of micas
and chlorite 274
Reh, H.: Infrared-Spectroscopy and alteration processes in connection
with hydrothermal mineralisation . 278
Rusinov, V. L. & Rusinova, O. V.: Infiltration
metasomatic zoning in conditions of incomplete equilibrium as
concerned to wall-rock argillization. (Abstract) . 282
Sokolova, N. T.: Behaviour of different forms of iron in the
processes of near-lode metasomatism. (Abstract) 283
Volostnykh, G. T.: On mineralogical criteria of ore
occurrence in argillized roclcs. (Abstract) 284
Alterations around Marion Ore Types B ul n aev, K. B.: Peculiarities
of more changes in epithermal fluorite deposits of Western
Transbaikalla 284
Fierov, B. L.: Some features of wall-rock metasomatism in
cassiterite-sulphide deposits of the North-East of the U.S.S.R 288
Ivanitskii, T. V.: On the probable role of autometasomatism
of rocks in the ore formation. (Abstract) 292
Kurshalova, L. D.: Affinity and tourmaline mineralisation in
hydrothermal ore deposits. (Abstract) 293
Kutina, J., Adam, J. & Pacesova, M.: On the superabundant content of
manganeso in PHbram ore veins with respect to wall-rock leaching . 294
Lesnoi D. A. & Lepkii, S. D.: Some genetic and environmental
aspects of uraniumbearing bitumens in epigenetically altered
rocks. (Abstract) 299
Nechelyustov, N. V. & Popova, N. N. : Alteration in
Skarns under the influence of ore-bearing solutions. (Abstract) 299
Nekrasov, I. Ya.: On the relationship of tin and boron
mineralisation in Skarn dm posits according to field and experimental
data 300
Rösler, H. J. Kühne, R.: Regularities in the hydrothermal
change of wallrocks of some Erzgebirge deposits and their genetic
significance . 304
Sher, S. D.: Wall-rock alteration in one of the gold deposits of
Middle Asia . 312
Tischendorf, G.: The influence of the country rock on the formation of
the selenide Paragenesis at Tilkerode, Harz Mountains 316
Vorobyov, Yu. Yu. & Inshin, P. V.: Some peculiarities of
origin of altered wall rocks of sulphide-polymetallic deposits in the
Irtysh zone of crush at the Rudnyi Altai 321
Zlenko, B. F.: Metasomatic zoning of wall rocks and ores of
copper-pyrrhotite deposits of the Irtysh zone of crumpling
(Altai). (Abstract) 359
Wall-Rock Alterations of Deposits in Granitoids
Beus A. A.: Metasomatic zoning in deposits of rare elements of the
albitite formation . 324
Bugaets, A. N.: About mobilisation processes and substance
distribution during granite metasomatism. (Abstract) . 322
Bugaets, A. N. & Sadoskii, Yu. A.: Some features of
amazonite-albite granites with reference to the problem of the origin
of ore-substance. (Abstract) 329
Kalenov, A. D.: Metasomatism of wall rocks in the process of
formation of wolframite deposits. (Abstract)330
Kogarko, L. N. & Ryabchikov, I. D.: Physico-chemical
aspects of the genesis of "reisen deposits . 331
Kosals, Y a. A.: Hydrothermal metamorphism and rare metal of
formation in multi-phase granitic masses. (Abstract) 334
Ontoev, D. O.: Peculiarities of the postmagmatte alteration of
the country rock in some rare metal deposits of the Transbaikal
District 336
Pampura, V. D.: Physico-chemical analysis on conjugate zoning of
hydrothermal alterations in molybdenum deposits in Eastern
Transbaikalla 339
Pavlova, I. G.: On the evolution of the composition of beryllium
minerals at the metasomatic processes in greisens 344
Sintnin, A. A.: On the mobilisation of Ta, Nb, Li, Rb, Cs, Be, Sn,
W in the process of a high-temperature metasomatism of certain
granitoids 348
Sotnikov, V. I. & Berzina, A. P.: Directed cyclic
development of metasomatic process in some molybdenum deposits 352
Stemprok, M.: Continuity or discontinuity of processes leading to
wall-rock alterations ? 359
Wall-Rock Alterations of Deposits in Volcanites
Bakulin, Y u. I.: Some features of side metasomatic rocks of the
Komsomol'sk region. (Abstract) . 3S9
Borodaevskaya, M. B. & Krivtsov, A. J.: The role
ofoollodialsolutionsin the process of metasomatism in formation of
wall altered rocks; an example of sulphide deposits, connected with
volcanic formations. (Abstract) 360
Ivanov, S. N. & Necheukhin, V. M.: Characteristics of
the development of different kinds of wall-rock alteration in
connection with the process of formation of pyrite ores in
geosynclines 360
Machairas, G.: La dalmatianite et son mode de formation dans
la region de Noranda (Quebec) 363
Radonova, T. G. & Velinov, I.: The alunite facies of the
secondary quartzites in the Srednogorian zone 368
Romanova, R. I. & Petrachenko, E. D.: Metasomatic
zoning in volcanogenous deposits of the Soviet Far East 373
Skripchenko, N. S.: Peculiarities of hydrothermal
metasomatic processes in pyrite deposits 375
Sudo, T.: Types of clay minera1s in hydrothermal deposits in Japan. 378
Takeuchi, T. & Abe,H.: Regularities of hydrothermal
qalteration of sulphur and iron-sulphide ore deposits in Japan 381
Vassilevskii, M. M.: Propylitization zonality in time and
space. (Abstract) 384
Wall-Rock Alterations pf Deposits in Carbonates
Haranczyk, C.: Ore-bearing dolomite of the root-zone of Silesian-Cracovian
Pb-Zn ore-deposits 384
Tauson, L. V., Kravchenko, E. S. & Sanin, B. P.: The sequence of
alterations of enclosing rocks in the formation process of
polymetallic ore bodies in carbonate environments. (Abstract) 392
Index of Authors 395