The Silurian-Devonian Boundary

Final report of the Committee on Silurian-Devonian Boundary within IUGS Commission on Stratigraphy and a state of the art report for Project Ecostratigraphy

Ed.: Anders Martinsson

1977. VI, 349 pages, 111 figures, 16x24cm, 800 g
Language: English

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This volume presents an updated version of the final report of the Silurian-Devonian Boundary Committee of the IUGS Commission on Stratigraphy as submitted in 1972. In addition, it contains descriptions of additional areas and discussions of fossil succesions which played an important role in the discussions during the Committee's twelve years of activity. This means that the intention of the book is not simply to trace the boundary wherever it occurs in the world, and that the sections or areas described under a particular geographical heading do not always represent all of the pertinent geology in the region but just the ones that were considered in the discussion or led to a submission.

The authors have been requested to describe not only conditions relating to the boundary level that the Committee ultimately agreed on, but also the one that perhaps most of the involved specialists departed from (Errol I. White's boundary of 1950 at the base of the Ludlow Bone Bed) and any other level that was of importance during the discussions. This has resulted in a reasonably homogenous book with a very good coverage of the problems. Although there was a striking consensus within the Committee on the recommended boundary level, the reader of this volume will easily find very varying opinions on subdivisions and correlations within the sequences below and above the boundary.

The volume bears the insignia of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP), symbolizing the fact that practically every contributor is now involved in Project Ecostratigraphy which was designed to profit from the existence and experience of a well coordinated international group, the momentum generated within it, and the wealth of material and intimate knowledge of the sequence traversed by the new and old boundaries that had been amassed by the members of the Committee. The group has turned from a boundary project to a sequence project, aiming at the "development of biochron correlation at the ecosystem level, using the Wenlockian-Gedinnian as a test sequence". The book is a state of the art report at the beginning of the new project and is expected to be one of the main source books for the proliferating ecostratigraphical working groups.

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Preface (Martinsson, A.) III
McLaren, D.J.: The Silurian-Devonian Boundary Committee. A final report 1
Areas of importance for the selection of a Silurian-Devonian
boundary stratotype

Holland, C.H. & J.B. Richardson: The British Isles 35
Martinsson, A.: Baltoscandia 45
Nikiforova, Olga I.: Podolia 52
Tomczyk, H., Maria Pajchlowa & Ewa Tomczykowa: Poland 65
Chlupac, I.: Barrandian 84
Chlupac, I. & Z. Kukal: The boundary stratotype at Klonk 96
Davies, G.R. & R.W. MacQueen: Sedimentology of Bed No. 20 at Klonk 110
Jaeger, H.: Thuringia and Sardinia 117
Flügel, H.W., H. Jaeger, H.P. Schönlaub & G.B. Vai: Carnic Alps 126
Carls, P.: Spain 143
Alberti, G.K.B.: Rabat-Tiflet area in Morocco 159
Hollard, H.: Le domaine de l'Anti-Atlas au Maroc 168
Legrand, P.: Les Chaînes d'Ougarta au Sahara algérien 195
Tyazheva, Alexandra P. & Rimma, A. Zhavoronkova: Southern Urals 203
Khodalevich, A.N. & Olimpiada V. Bogoyavlenskaya: Northern Urals 211
Bandaletov, S.M. & N.L. Bublitchenko: Kazakhstan 219
Biske, J.S., V.B. Gorianov & Maria A. Rzonsnickaja: Tien-Shan 227
Bastin, H., E. von Braun, A. Hess, K.-E. Koch, V. Stein, D. Stoppel &
R. Wolfart: Thailand 238
Bourque, P.-A. & P.J. Lesperance: Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec 245
Barnett, S.G.: Appalachians 256
Murphy, M.A.: Nevada 264
Lenz, A.C.: Yukon Territory 272
Kerr, J.W., D.J. McLaren & R. Thorsteinsson: Canadian Arctic Archipelago 281
Fossil groups currently of special importance for the definition of
the Silurian-Devonian boundary

Cramer, F.H. & Maria del Carmen R. Diez: Acritarchs 289
Gray, Jane: Spores of land-plant type 292
Banks, H.P.: Plant macrofossils 298
Laufeld, S.: Chitinozoans 301
Kulikova, Vera F.: Pelecypods 303
Boucot, A.J.: Brachiopods 306
Spjeldnaes, N.: Bryozoans 315
Klapper, G.: Conodonts 318
Ormiston, A.R.: Trilobites 320
Martinsson, A.: Palaeocope ostracodes 327
Stukalina, Galina A.: Crinoids 333
Jaeger, H.: Graptolites 337
Turner, Susan: Vertebrates 346
Alphabetic list of authors 349