Stability of heavy minerals

With papers by: Einhart Nickel; Volker Dietz; Wolf-Dieter Grimm;

1973. VI, 125 pages, 67 figures, 42 tables, 16x24cm, 320 g
Language: English

(Contributions to Sedimentary Geology, Volume 1)

ISBN 978-3-510-57001-0, paperback, price: 27.00 €

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The present volume contains three independent publications dealing with the stability of heavy minerals. Two of these are concerned with experimental work on chemical (E. Nickel) and mechanical (V. Dietz) stability, which therefore are complementary to some extent. However, such laboratory experiments under earth surface conditions need verification by observation in natural occurrences. It was because of this that W.-D. Grimma was asked to contribute his previous and recent observations on one of the most spectacular German examples of surface weathering of heavy minerals to this volume.

Table of Contents top ↑

Nickel, Einhart: Experimental dissolution of light and heavy minerals in comparison with weathering and intrastratal solution. (With 42 figures and 35 tables in the text) 1-68
Dietz, Volker: Experiments on the influence of transport on shape and roundness of heavy minerals. (With 16 figures and 8 tables in the text) 69-102
Grimm, Wolf-Dieter: Stepwise heavy mineral weathering in the Residual Quartz Gravel, Bavarian Molasse (Germany). (With 9 figures in the text) 103-125