I. Valeton; H. Beissner; A. Carvalho:

The Tertiary Bauxite belt on tectonic uplift areas in the Serra da Mantiqueira, South-East Brazil

1991. 101 pages, 46 figures, 7 tables, 6 plates, 16x24cm, 260 g
Language: English

(Contributions to Sedimentary Geology, Volume 17)

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Bauxites in permanently uplifted continental areas ("Uplift bauxites"). They were formed above the ground-water table and therefore are characterized by a good descendent drainage during weathering under oxic conditions, by epigenetic degradation, erosion and younger soil overprint, and by a low iron mobilisation and saprolite formation. They are generally red. Such bauxites have never before been described under this point of view.

The main bauxite "event" occurred world-wide during the time interval from Upper Cretaceous to Middle Eocene. This phenomenon is exemplified by occurrences in Brazil.

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1. Introduction 1
Geology and Geomorphology of the Mantiqueira belt 3
2. Geology of the Serra da Mantiqueira in the Cataquases area 9
(Pétrographie units, Tectonics, Distribution pattern of the bauxite formation)
3. Petrology and geochemistry of the parent rocks 14
4. Pre-, syn- and postbauxitic land surfaces 24
(Interpretation of the field data, Uplift of the Sulamericano plain and its younger history, Dating landsurfaces in other parts of the Serra da Mantiqueira)
5. Pedogenesis of ferralites and bauxites and their younger alteration 34
6. Fabric of the ferralites and bauxites 39
(Relic textures of the parent rock, Pore space, Neoformed textures during ferralisation, Neoformed textures during younger soil formation)
7. Mineralogy of the ferralites and bauxites 43
8. Geochemistry 55
(Mineral contents, Main and trace elements, Déstabilisation of the ferralites)
9. Lowering of the land surface and loss in volume 81
10. Weathering products influencing the related sedimentary rocks 83
11. Discussion of the results 83
Acknowledgements/Literature/Plates 1-6 85