1st International Senckenberg Conference and 5th European Conodont Symposium (ECOS V) Contributions IV

Papers on Conodonts and Ordovician to Triassic Conodont Stratigraphy

Ed.: Willi Ziegler

1990. 610 pages, 157 figures, 23 tables, 62 plates, 21x30cm, 890 g
Language: English

(Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Band 118)

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BERGSTRÖM, S. M.: Biostratigraphic and Biogeographic Significance of
Middle and Upper Ordovician Conodonts in the Girvan Succession,
South-West Scotland 1

PEI FANG : Ordovician Conodonts from the South Qinling of Henan,
China: Evolution of Conodont Faunal Province and Plate Movement 45
VALENZUELA-RIOS, J. I.: Lochkovian Conodonts and Stratigraphy at
Gerrida de La Sal (Pyrenees) 53
LAZREQ, N.: Devonian Conodonts from Central Morocco 65
GAGIEV, M. H. & KONONOVA, L. I.: The Upper Devonian and Lower
Carboniferous Sequences in the Kamenka River Section (Kolyma River
Basin, The Soviet North-East). Stratigraphic Description. Conodonta 81
VON BITTER, P. H. & MERRILL, G. K.: Effects of Variation on
the Speciation and Phylogeny of Diplognathodus 105
DING HUT & WAN SH~LU: The Carboniferous-Permian Conodont
Event-Stratigraphy in the South of the North China Platform 131
JLANG Wu: Research on Upper Permian Conodonts in Sichuan Basin and its
Significance to Oil and Gas 157
KOVACS, S., NICORA, A., SZABO, I. & BALINI, M.: Conodont
Biostratigraphy of Anisian/Ladinian Boundary Sections in the
Balaton Upland (Hungary) and in the Southern Alps (Italy) 171
MARCH, M., BUDUROV, K. & HIRSCH, F.: Sephardiella
nov. gen. (Conodonta), Emendation of Carinella (BUDUROV, 1973) from
the Ladinian (Middle Triassic) Type Area in Catalonia (N. E. Spain),
Sephardic Province 197
BUDUROV, K. J. & SUDAR, M. N.: Late Triassic Conodont Stratigraphy 203
BELKA, Z.: Thermal Maturation and Burial History from Conodont Colour
Alteration Data, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland . 241
Evaluation of a CAI Anomaly, Putnam County, Central Indiana, U.S.A.:
Possibility of a Mississippi Valley-Type Hydrothermal System 253
SAVAGE, N. M., LINDORFER, M. A. & MCMILLEN, D. A.: Amino Acids from
Ordovician Conodonts 267
WRIGHT J. : Conodont Geochemistry : A Key to the Paleozoic 277
Microgeochemistry of some Lower Ordovician Cordylodans from Jilin,
China 307
JI ZAILIANG & BARNES, C. R.: Apparatus Reconstructions of
Lower Ordovician Conodonts from the Midcontinent Province . 333
GRAYSON, R. C., Jr., MERRILL, G. K. & LAMBERT, L. L.: Carboniferous
Gnathodontid Conodont Apparatuses: Evidence of a Dual Origin for
Pennsylvanian Taxa 353
MERRILL, G. K., VON BITTER, P. H. & GRAYSON, R. C., Jr.: The Generic
Concept in Conodont Paleontology Growth, Changes, and Developments in
the last two Decades 397

POHLER, S. M. L. & BARNES, C. R.: Conceptual Models in Conodont
Paleoecology 409
BISCHOFF, G. C. O. & ARGENT, J. C.: Lower Devonian (Late
Lochkovian-Pragian) Limestone Stratigraphy at Conodont Di stribution,
Waratah Bay, Victoria 441
KREJSA, R. J., BRINGAS, P., Jr. & SLAVKIN, H. C.: The Cyclostome
Model: An Interpretation of Conodont Element Struc ture and Function
Based on Cyclostome Tooth Morphology, Function, and Life History 473
REXROAD, C. B. & HOROWITZ, A. S.: Conodont Paleoecology and
Multielement Associations of the Beaver Bend Limestone (Chesterian) in
Indiana 493
WEDDIGE, K., ZIEGLER, W. & SCHOTT, M.: Cluster Analyses of Late
Devonian Pelagic Conodont Faunas 539
WEDDIGE, K. : Pathological Conodonts 563
WANG CHENG-YUAN: Conodont Biostratigraphy of China 591