Burning Issues of North Sea Ecology

The 14th International Senckenberg Conference "North Sea 2000". Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 8-12 May 2000

Edited by: Ingrid Kröncke; Michael Türkay; Jürgen Sündermann

2002. 273 pages, numerous fig. and tables, 21x30cm, 1320 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana maritima, Band 31 Heft 2)

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Kröncke, I. & Türkay, M. & Sündermann, J. : Einleitung
Reid, P. C. & Edwards, M. : Long-term changes in the fishery, pelagos
and benthos of the North Sea.
Clark, R. A. & Frid, C. L. J.: An analysis of parallel and
non-parallel long term trends in the central-western North Sea.
Wieking, G. & Kröncke, I.: Decadal changes in macrofauna communities
on the Dogger Bank caused by large-scale climate variability.
Ehrich, S. & Stransky, C.: Spatial and temporal changes in the
southern species component of North Sea fish assemblages.
Siegismund, F.: Long-term changes in the flushing times of the ICES
Gill, M. & Frid, C. L. J. & Harwood, K. & Peaty, S.: Fish populations
as indicators of long-term changes in the UK estuaries.
McLusky, D.: North Sea Estuaries.
Dobson, J. & Edwards, A. & Park, R. & Richardson, L.: Decadal changes
in the Forth Estuary in relation to the North Sea 1980-99.
Kolbe, K. & Michaelis, H.: Long-term changes of intertidal benthic
assemblages in the mesohalinicum of the Weser estuary.
Richardson, K. & Cedhagen, T.: Quantifying pelagic-benthic coupling in
the North Sea: Are we asking the right questions?
Witbaard, R. & Duineveld, G. C. A. & Bergman, M.: The effect of tidal
resuspension on benthic food quality in the southern North Sea.
Weber, A. & Witbaard, R. & Steenpal, S. van: Patterns of growth and
undetectable growth lines of Astarte sulcata (Bivalvia) in the Faeroe-
Shetland channel.
Kerckhof, F. & Cattrijsse, A.: Exotic cirripedia Thoracica from buoys
off the Belgian coast.
George Fransz, H. & Gonzalez, N.: Seasonal and meridional trends in
zooplankton diversity of the central North Sea.
Greve, W. & Lange, U. & Reiners, F. & Nast, J.: Predicting the
seasonality of North Sea zooplankton.
1 Zühlke, R. & Alvsvåg, J. & Boois, I. de & Cotter, J. & Ford, A. &
Hinz, H. & Jarre-Teichmann, A. & Jennings, S. & Kröncke, I. &
Lancaster, J. & Piet, G. & Prince, P.: Epibenthic biodiversity in the
North Sea.
Reiss, H. & Kröncke, I.: Spatial and temporal distribtuion of
macrofauna in the Otzumer Balje.
Lenhart, H.: Effects of river nutrient load reductions on the
eutrophication of the North Sea, simulated with the ecosystem model
Frid, C. L. J. & Clark, R. A. & Percival, P.: How far have the
ecological effects of fishing in the North Sea ramified?
Welleman, H C. & Daan, N.: Is Dutch shrimp fishery sustainable?
Dalfsen, J. A. van & Essink, K.: Benthic community response to sand
dredging and shoreface nourishment in Dutch coastal waters.
Götting, E.: Development of salt marsh fauna after opening a summer
Nehring, S.:After the TBT era: Alternative anti-fouling paints and
their ecological risks.
Rachor, E. & Günther, C.-P.: Concepts for offshore nature reserves in
the southeastern North Sea.
Dam, C. van: Ecological quality objectives for the Dutch part of the
North Sea, an outline of a policy under development.
Sündermann, J.: North Sea Research - State of the Art Synthesis.