Advances on Conodonts, Devonian and Carboniferous Research

Special issue of Senckenbergiana Lethaea

Ed.: Karsten Weddige; Willi Ziegler

2002. 330 pages, 17 figures, 38 plates, 21x30cm, 1320 g
Language: English

(Senckenbergiana lethaea, Band 82 Heft 2)

ISBN 978-3-510-61345-8, paperback, price: 40.00 €

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WEDDIGE, K.: Willi Ziegler (13.3.1929--8.8.2002) 373
BARDASHEV, I. A., WEDDIGE, K. & ZIEGLER, W.: The Phylomorphogenesis of some
Early Devonian Platform Conodonts 375
KORN, D. & ZIEGLER, W.: The Ammonoid and Conodont Zonation at Enkenberg
(Famennian, Late Devonian; Rhenish Mountains) 453
WANG C.-Y. & ZIEGLER, W.: The Frasnian-Famennian Conodont Mass Extinction and
Recovery in South China 463
BUGGISCH, W. & MICHEL, S.: Early Carboniferous (Mississippian) Neptunian Dykes
in Middle Devonian Reef Limestones of the Hahnstätten Quarry, Lahn Syncline,
Rheinisches Schiefergebirge 495
SCHRÖDER, S.: Neue Daten zur Gattung Tabulophyllum FENTON & FENTON 1924 im
Devon (Givetium, Frasnium) von Europa und Nord-Afrika 515
KORN, D.: Historical Subdivision of the Middle and Late Devonian Sedimentary
Rocks in the Rhenish Mountains by Ammonoid Faunas 545
KORN, D.: Die Ammonoideen-Fauna der Platyclymenia annulata-Zone vom
Kattensiepen (Oberdavon, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge) 557
JÄGER, H.: Palynology of the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) Kammquartzite
Formation in the Rhenohercynian Zone, Germany 609
BANDEL, K., NUTZEL, A. & YANCEY, T. E.: Larval Shells and Shell
Microstructures of exceptionally well-preserved Late Carboniferous
Gastropods from the Buckhorn Asphalt Deposit (Oklahoma, USA) 639
AMLER, M. R. W. & GEREKE, M.: Karbon-Korrelationstabelle (KKT) / Carboniferous
Correlation Table (CCT) 691