Mid-Palaeozoic Bio- and Geodynamics. The North Gondwana - Laurussia Interaction.

Proceedings Volume of the 15th Internat. Senckenberg Conf. Frankfurt, May 11-21,2001. Joint Meeting: Internat. Geolog. Correlation Programme IGCP, No. 421 and Subcomm. on Devonian Stratigraphy SDS

Ed.: Peter Königshof; Eberhard Schindler

2003. 348 pages, 101 figures, 10 tables, 28 plates, 21x30cm, 1420 g
Language: English

(Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Band 242)

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Palaeozoic North Gondwana Carboniferous strata Senckenberg Conference


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These contributions, follow the intention of the 15th International Senckenberg Conference, from which they are derived by addressing the full range of topics: aspects of plate tectonics (Carls, Young, Ebert & Matteson, El Hassani et al.), as well as regional and palaeontological topics. Moreover, the plate tectonics papers shed light on large scale tectonics by the application of fossil groups. Most contributions deal with regional and/or palaeogeographical aspects in the mid- Palaeozoic, often in combination with studies on various fossil groups. Balthasar & Amler describe Lower Carboniferous strata applying foraminifera in palaeoenvironmental interpretation; in the contribution of Basden Australian micro-vertebrates are correlated with the conodont succession; distinct palaeoecological provenance in Lower Devonian ostracodes in different areas is compared by Becker et al.; papers that deal with conodont research in different areas were provided by Benfrika & Bultynck, Over et al., Gouwy & Bultynck, Bultynck & Sarmiento, Morgan and Schueke, of which the latter paper focuses on conodont biodiversity development; papers on carbonate rocks on a NE Australian platform were provided by Talent et al., and Uralian reefs by Antoshkina; rather rarely considered faunal groups have been addressed by Rogalla & Amler (rostroconchs) and Valenttne et al. (organophosphatic brachiopods); event stratigraphy in the western U.S. is the subject of the paper by Sandberg et al.; two contributions concerning strata from the middle and eastern U.S. on bone/conodont beds in Kentucky (Brett et al.) and on Taghanic deposits in New York and Pennsylvania (Baird & Brett), and a paper on uppermost Devonian brachiopods by Sartenear & Plodowski complete the volume.

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