Contributions to the 5th International Congress on Rudists, held in Erlangen, Germany, 1999

Dedicated to the memory of Erik Flügel (6. April 1934 - 14. April 2004)

Ed.: Richard Höfling

2004. 244 pages, 112 figures, 11 tables, 25 plates, 21x30cm, 1060 g
Language: English

(Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Band 247)

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The present volume contains papers of presentations form the 5th International Congress on Rudists held in Erlangen, Germany, 1999. Rudists are a group of box-, tube-, or ring-shaped marine bivalves that arose during the Jurassic and became diverse during the Cretaceous. The main theme of the scientific sessions included rudist taxonomy, palaeoecology, bioconstructions, biostratigraphy, sedimentology of rudist strata and general topics.

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Pantoja-Alor, J., Skelton, P. W. & Masse, J.-P.: Barremian Rudists of the San
Lucas Formation Around San Lucas, Michoacan, SW Mexico 1
Chartrousse, A. & Masse, J.-P.: Revision of the early Aptian Caprininae
(rudist, bivalves) of the New World. Evolutionary and
palaeobiogeographic implications 19
Skelton, P. W.: Oedomyophorus shaybahensis, a new genus and species of
Caprinid (?) rudist from the Lower Aptian Shu'aiba Formation of
eastern Saudi Arabia 35
Chikhi-Aouimeur, F.: Description of some rudists collected by J. Savornin in
the Cenomanian-Turonian of northeastern Algeria (Setif and Hodna
region) 49
Plenicar, M.: A teratological specimen of the hippuritid species Vaccinites
ultimus Milovanovic from Stranice (Slovenial. Another
"Tetravaccinites" case 63
Masse, J.-P., Özer, S. & Fenerci, M.: Upper Barremian-Lower Aptian rudist
faunas from the western Black Sea Region (Turkey) 75
Fenerci, M.: Campanian-Maastrichtian rudists from the western Pontides
(NW Turkey): new findings and their palaeogeographic significance 89
Vicens, E., Ardevol, L., Lopez-Martinez, N. & Arribas, M. E.: Rudist
biostratigraphy in the Campanian-Maastrichtian of the south-central
Pyrenees, Spain 113
Scott, R. W. & Kerans, C.: Late Albian carbonate platform chronostratigraphy,
Devils River Formation Cycles, West Texas 129
Hughes, G.W., Varol, O., Gili, E. & Valldeperas, T.: Biostratigraphy and
depositional environments of Upper Cretaceous carbonates from les
Collades de Basturs, southern Central Pyrenees 149
Caffau, M., Tsakiridou, E., Colizza, E. & Pugliese, N.: Rudist and
foraminiferal biofacies during Santonian-Campanian: life-strategy in
ramp settings (Aurisina section, Trieste Karst, Italy) 159
Cestari, R. & Pons, J. M.: Coniacian-Santonian rudist facies in Cilento
(southern Italy) 175
El Hédi Negra, M. & Gili, E.: The role of rudists in micrite production
and stabilisation -- Example of the Upper Cretaceous rudist formations
of Jebel El Kebar, Central Tunisia 193
Bauer, J., Steuber, T., Kuss, J. & Heimhofer, U.: Distribution of
shallow-water benthics (rudists, calcareous algae, benthic
foraminifers) in the Cenomanian -Turonian carbonate platform sequences
of Sinai, Egypt 207
Hughes, G. W.: Palaeoenvironments of selected Lower Aptian rudists from Saudi
Arabia 233