Catalogue of Conodonts. Volume V

Eds.: Gilbert Klapper; W. C. Sweet; Willi Ziegler

1991. IV, 212 pages, 8 figures, 13 plates, 17x24cm, 710 g
Language: English

(Ziegler Catalogue of Conodonts, Volume 5)

ISBN 978-3-510-65053-8, binder, price: 42.00 €

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The success of conodonts in biostratigraphy from the Cambrian to Triassic Systems and the increasing flow of taxonomic descriptions make it both necessary and justifiable to assemble the significant data on genera and species in a Catalogue. It was to fill a gap in the literature that this Catalogue was organized.

Volume V covers species of the following genera: Ancyrodelloides, Chirognathus, Chahabagnathus, Icriodus, Klapperina, Pedavis, elekysgnathus, Polygnathus and Scaliognathus. The descriptions presented are arranged by genus in alphabetical order.

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Foreword IV
Description of taxa 1
Literature 197
Alphabetical list of taxa described in vol. V
(Index with important synonymies) 211