Afar depression of Ethiopia

International Symposium on the Afar Region and Related Rift Problems, Bad Bergzabern, April 1974, Vol. 1 (Inter-Union Commission on Geodynamics, Scientific Report, No. 14)

Ed.: Andreas Pilger; Artur Rösler

1976. XIX, 416 pages, 216 figures, 34 tables, 2 plates, 16x24cm, 1200 g
Language: English

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Several teams from different countries have carried out researches in the Afar depression in Ethiopia. Members from all earth sciences have combined their efforts to describe this unique region which offers us the possibility to study moments and attenuation of the earth crust in connection with the magmatic processes in the upper mantle.
The results of the research work were presented and discussed by about 180 participants at the "Symposium on the Afar Region of Ethiopia and Related Rift Problems" held at Bad Bergzabern, Federal Republik of Germany, on April 1-6, 1974. In two volumes, the proceedings of the Symposium are presented with additions from further investigations. The volumes present some essential information which clarify the taphrogenetic processes and illustrate how they are influenced by the activity of the mantle. This is not only valuable in explaining the Afar geology, but also contributes to a general geological information.

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List of Contributors VII
Introductory Remarks
Illies, J. H. & Pilger, A.: Preface XI
Seibold, E.: Foreword XIV
Marinelli, G. & Tazieff, H.: Introduction to the Volume on the Afar XVI
General Aspects
Illies, J. H.: Intra-plate rifting and the Alpine system 1
Gass, I. G.: Magmatic and tectonic processes in the development of the Afro-Arabian Dome 10
Tectonic relation of the Afar region and adjacent areas
Kronberg, P., Schönfeld, M., Gfinther, R. & Tsombos, P.: ERTS l-data on the geology and tectonics of the Afar/Ethiopia and adjacent regions 19
Mohr, P. A.: Structural setting and evolution of Afar 27
Barberi, F., Ferrara, G., Santacroce, R. & Varet, J.: Structural evolution of the Afar triple junction 38
Morton, W. H. & Black, R.: Crustal attenuation in Afar 55
Afar: Geophysics
Berktold, A., Haak, V. & Angenheister, G.: Magnetotelluric measurements in the Afar area 66
Schult, A.: Palacomagnetic results from the Ethiopian South-Eastern Plateau and the Danakil Block 80
Pucher, R., Schönfeld, M., Schaefer, H.-U. & Fromm, K.: Palaeomagnetic investigations on seven samples of volcanic rocks from the Afar region, Ethiopia 85
Berckhemer, H., Baier, B., Bartelsen, H., Behle, A., Burkhardt, H., Gebrande, H., Makris, J., Menzel, H., Miller, H. & Vees, R.: Deep seismic soundings in the Afar region and on the highland of Ethiopia 89
Burkhardt, H. & Vees, R.: The Afar 1972 seismic source signals: generation, control and comparison with profile records 108
Searle, R. C.: The dispersion of surface waves across southern Afar 113
Ruegg, J. G.: Main results about the crustal and upper mantle structure of the Djibouti region (T.F.A.I.) 120
Makris, J., Menzel, H., Zimmermann, J. & Gouin, P.: Gravity field and crustal structure of north Ethiopia 135
Torge, W.: Methods and accuracy considerations for positioning and height
determination for extensive geophysical investigations 145
Gehlen, K. v., Forkel, W. & Spies, O.: Petrological interpretation of geophysical data from the Afar Depression, Ethiopia 151
Behle, A., Makris, J., Baier, B. & Delibasis, N.: Salt thickness near Dallol (Ethiopia) from seismic reflection measurements and gravity data 156
Northern Afar: Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry
Kürsten, M. O. C.: Stratigraphic units of northern Afar 168
Kürsten, M. O. C.: Tectonic inventory of the Danakil Depression 170
Barberi, F. & Varet, J.: Recent volcanic units of Afar and their structural significance 174
Harrison, C. G. A., Bonatti, E. & Stieltjes, L.: Tectonism of axial valleys in Spreading centers: data from the Afar Rift 178
Rognon, P.: Tectonic deformations in central Afar basins in the Upper Pleistocene and Holocene periods, from the study of lacustrine deposits 198
Eastern Afar: Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry
Civetta, L., De Fino, M., GaSparini, P., Ghiara, M. R., La Volpe, L. & Lirer, L.: Geology of central-eastern Afar (Ethiopia) 201
Ottonello, G., Vannucci, R., Bezzi, A. & Piccardo, G. B.: Genetic relationships between ultramafic xenoliths and enclosing alkali basalts in the Asab region (Afar, Ethiopia) based on their trace elements geochemistry 206
Delibrias, G., Marinelli, G. & Stieltjes, L.: Spreading rate of the Asal Rift: a geological approach 214
Chessex, R., Delaloye, M., Muller, J. & Weidmann, M.: Evolution of the volcanic region of Ali Sabieh (T.F.A.I.), in the light of K-Ar age determinations 221
Muller, J. & Boucarut, M.: Evolution structurale de la région d’Arta — Ali Sabieh (T.F.A.I.), Afrique Orientale 228
Roger, Ph., Thibault, C. & Weidmann, M.: Sur la stratigraphie du Pléistocime dans le centre et le sud du T.F.A.I 232
Valette, J. N.: Geochemical study of Lake Asal and Ghoubet e1 Kharab (T.F.A.I.) 239
Langguth, H. R. & Pouchan, P.: Caracteres physiques et conditions de stabilite du Lac Assa1(T.F.A.I.) 250
Southern Afar and adjacent areas:
Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry

Christiansen, T. B., Schaefer, H.-U. & Schönfeld, M.: Geology of southern and central Afar, Ethiopia 259
Sickenberg (T) , O. & Schönfeld, M.: The Chorora Formation - Lower Pliocene limnical sediments in the southern Afar (Ethiopia) 277
Gasse, F.: Fluctuations of the Afar lake levels during the late Quaternary period 284
Schaefer, H.-U.: Investigations on crustal spreading in southern and central Afar (Ethiopia) 289
Black, R., Morton, W. H. & Rex, D. C.: Block tilting and volcanism within the Afar in the light of recent K/Ar age data 296
Zanettin, B. & Justin-Visentin, E.: Tectonical and volcanological evolution of the western Afar margin (Ethiopia) 300
Juch, D.: Geology of the South-Eastern Escarpment of Ethiopia between 39° and 42° long. East 310
Schubert, W.: Petrographie und Geochemie des Südost-Escarpments von
Äthiopien 316
Miller, P., Kunz, K. & Raschka, H.: Contributions to the petrology of the Afar Depression, Ethiopia 325
Spies, O.: Inclusion-bearing Pliocene peralkaline silicic ignimbrites from south-west of Mt. Ayelu, southern Afar (Ethiopia) 334
Raschka, H. & Müller, P.: Contributions to the geochemistry of volcanic rocks, Afar region, Ethiopia 341
Meyer, W., Pilger, A., Rösler, A. & Stets, J.: Tectonic evolution of the northern part of the Main Ethiopian Rift in southern Ethiopia 352
Morbidelli, L., Nicoletti, M., Petrucciani, C. & Piccirillo, E. M.: Ethiopian South-Eastern Plateau and related escarpment: K/Ar ages of the main volcanic events (Main Ethiopian Rift from 8°10’ to 9°00’ lat. North) 362
Kunz, K., Kreuzer, H. & Müller, P.: Potassium-Argon age determinations of the Trap basalt of the south-eastern part of the Afar Rift 370
Conclusions: Some synoptic Aspects
Barberi, F. & Varet, J.: Nature of the Afar crust: a discussion 375
Makris, J.: Afar and Iceland — a geophysical comparison 379
Literature for all articles of this volume 391