Afar between Continental and Oceanic Rifting

International Symposium on the Afar Region and Related Rift Problems, Bad Bergzabern, April 1974, Vol. 2 = Inter-Union Commission on Geodynamics, Scientific Report, No. 16

Eds.: Andreas Pilger; Artur Rösler; Sponsor: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

1976. XIV, 216 pages, 93 figures, 7 tables, 16x24cm, 650 g
Language: English

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Diverging plate boundaries are commonly covered by sea water. Isostatic readjustments forced the new basaltic crust down to the ocean floor. There are only two areas where crustal spreading, dyke injections and the formation of new lithospheric plate material may be immediately observed by geologists: Iceland and Afar. In addition, a triple junction of three different rift systems is observed in Afar. Rift belts, two oceanic and one continental, two macroplate boundaries and one of subplate character came together and formed the triangular structure of interferring rifts, volcanic chains and fissure systems. Therefore, the Afar structure is unique, its investigation is a challenge to geoscientists all over the world. First stimulated by the International Upper Mantle Project, several teams from different countries have carried out researches in the Afar depression in Ethiopia.

The results of the research work were presented and discussed by about 180 participants at the "Symposium on the Afar Region of Ethiopia and Related Rift Problems" held at Bad Bergzabern, Federal Republic of Germany, on April 1—6, 1974. The volume present some essential informations which clarifies the taphrogenetic processes and illustrates how they are influenced by the activity of the mantle. This is not only valuable in explaining the Afar geology, but also contributes to a general geological information.

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List of Contributors VIII
Illies, J. H. & Pilger, A.: Preface XII
General aspects, with special reference to Afar
Pilger, A. & Rösler, A.: Temporal relationships in the tectonic
evolution of the Afar Depression (Ethiopia) and the adjacent
Afro-Arabian rift system 1
Treuil, M. A. Joron, J. L.: Etude géochimique des éléments en traces dans
le magmatisme de l'Afar. Implications pétrogénétiques et comparaison avec le magmatisme de l'Islande et de la dorsale medio-atlantique 26
Taieb, M.: Evolution of Plio/Pleistocene sedimentary basin of the
central Afar (Awash Valley, Ethiopia) 80
Pre-Tertiary Geology of Ethiopia
Meyer, W., Pilger, A. & Stets, J.: Cristalline basement and Paleozoic 88
Beyth, M.: The geology of central-western Tigre 91
Jordan, R.: The Jurassic of north-eastern Ethiopia 92
East African Rift System south of Afar
Logatchev, N. A.: Magmatism-tectonics relationship during the Kenya rift
development änd the prime cause of strongly and mildly alkaline
volcanic suite formation 96
Kopecky, L.: The structural control of the platform volcanism and
cryptoexplosion structures in Africa with respect to Afar 107
Fairhead, J. D.: The regional gravity field of the Eastern Rift, East Africa 113
Swain, C. J.: Some gravity results from the northern Gregory Rift 120
Wohlenberg, J.: The structure of the lithosphere beneath the
East African Rift rones from interpretation of Bouguer anomalies 125
Long, R. E.: The deep structure of the East African Rift and its relation to Afar 130
Bram, K. & Schmeling, B. D.: Structure of crust and upper mantle beneath the Western Rift of East Africa, derived from investigations of near earthquakes 138
Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
El-Etr, H. A., Abdallah, A. M. & Rahman, M. A. A.: Dike distribution
in the southern piart of the Gulf of Suez region, Egypt 144
Faure, H.: Les déformations des Côtes et le modèle géodynamique de l'Afar 148
Girdler, R. W. & Styles, P.: The relevance of magnetic anomalies
over the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden to Afar 156
Scheuch, J.: Preliminary heat flow map of the Red Sea and an attempt
to provide a geological-geophysical interpretation 171
Jung, D., Kürsten, M. O. C. & Tarkian, M.: Post-Mesozoic volcanism in Iran and its relation to the subduction of the Afro-Arabian under the Eurasian plate 175
Förster, H.: Continental drift in Iran in relation to the Afar structures 182
Literature for all articles of this volume 191