Proceedings of the Fifth Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium, Snowbird, Utah, 17. August 1978

Vol. I: Papers presented at the Symposium on topics related to general problems, on the genesis of ore deposition and on studies of the ore geology of specific districts or deposits (excluding Western-N. America)

Ed.: John D. Ridge; International Association on the Genesis; of Ore Deposits IAGOD

1980. XII, 795 pages, 327 figures, 72 tables, 17x24cm, 2000 g
Language: English

(Proceedings of the Quadrennial IAGOD Symposia)

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Editor's Preface to Volume I V
Ridge, J. D., Ore Formation I-Isotopes of Sulfur, Oxygen, and Hydrogen:
The View from the Bend in the Road (Presidential Address,
delivered at Snowbird, Utah, August, 1979) 1
Anderson, Phillip, Regional-Time-Space Distribution of Porphyry
Deposits-A Decisive Test for the Origin of Metals in Magma-Related Ore
Deposits 35
Banks, N. G. and Page, N. J., Some Observations that Bear on the
Genesis of Porphyry-Copper Deposits 49
Belevtsev, Ya. N., Main Principles of the Present Theory of
Metamorphogenic Ore Formation 75
Brown, A. C., The Diagenetic Origin of Stratiform Copper Deposits 81

Olade, M. A., Plate Tectonics and Metallogeny of Intracontinental
Rifts and Aulacogens, with Special Reference to Africa 91
Pavlova, I. G. and Rundquist, D. V., Zoning of Ores and Hydrothermal
Rocks of Mo-Cu Porphyry Deposits Having Different Conditions of
Formation 113
Rakhmanov, V. P. and Tchaikovsky, V. K., Manganese Ore in Activated
Platforms 125
Sawkins, F. J., Single-Stage versus Two-Stage Ore Deposition in
Subduction-Related Volcanoplutonic Arcs 143
Shilo, N. A. and Sidorov, A. A., Geological and Physico-Chemical
Conditions for Formation of Ore Deposits within Continental
Volcanogenic Belts 155
Sillitoe, R. H., Statra-Bound Ore Deposits Related to Infracambrian
Rifting along Northern Gondwanaland 163
Smirnov, V. I., Ore-Bearing Volcanogenic Complexes 173
Walker, Wilfred, Comparisons of Ore Paragenesis Related to
Deformation and Metamorphism in World-Wide Mobile Belts
Developed since 4 Billion Years Ago 185
Koeppel, V., Lead Isotope Studies of Stratiform Ore Deposits of the
Namaqualand, NW Cape Province, South Africa, and Their
Implications on the Age of the Bushmanland Sequence 195
Moore, J. M., Paleo-Environmental Implications of the Origin of
Sillimanite-Rich Rocks in the North-West Cape, South Africa
and Their Relation to the Sulfide Deposits of the Area 209
Van Biljon, W. J., Plate Tectonics and the Origin of the
Witwatersrand Basin 217
Baskina, V. A., Relation of Tin, Lead-Zinc, and Boron Deposits of the
Sikhote-Alin Range to Cratonnal Volcanic Associations 227
Buadze, V. I. and Tvalchrelidze, A. G., Geological, Geochemical, and
Physico-Chemical Conditions of Formation of Stratiform Non-Ferrous
Deposits in Sedimentary Rocks of the Caucasus 245
Banerji, A. K., Role of Volcanism and Tectonism in Ore Genesis-
a Case History from the Northeastern Part of the Indian
Precambrian Shield 261
Distler, V. V. and Genkin, A. D., Deposits of Sulfide Copper-Nickel
Ores of the USSR and Their Connection with
Cratonnal Volcanism 275
Hattori, K. and Sakai, H., Implications of D/H and 18O/16O Ratios of
Ore Fluids for the Neogene Vein-Type and Kuroko Mineralizations of
Japan 297
Ishihara, Shmlso, Significance of the Magnetite-Series and
Ilmenite-Series of Granitoids in Mineral Exploration 309
Kovalev, A. A. and Karyakin, Yu. V., Volcanism, Subvolcanic Processes,
and Ore Deposits of the Caucasian Collision Orogen 313
Sasaki, A. and Ishihara, S., Sulfur Isotope Characteristics of
Granitoids and Related Mineral Deposits of Japan 325
Shcherba, G. N., Mukanov, K. M., Mitryayeva, N. M., Ore Formation in
Atasu-Type Deposits 337
Eupene, Geoff, Stratigraphic, Structural, and Temporal Control
Mineralization in the Alligator Rivers Uranium Province, Northern
Territory, Australia 347
Lawrence, L. J. and Wood, B. L., Mineralization, Petrogenesis,and
Tectonic Evolution of Fiji 377
Böhmer, Miloslav, Ore Deposits of the West Carpathian Neogene
Volcanics and their Relation to the Evolution of Volcanism 389
Chauris, Louis, Plate Tectonics and Ore Deposits in Western Europe:
the Example of the Armorican Massif 401
Dzutynski, S. and Sass-Gustkiewicz, Maria, Dominant Ore-Forming
Processes in the Cracow-Silesian and East Alpine Zn-Pb Deposits 415
Jankovic, Slobodan, Porphyry-Copper and Massive-Sulfide Ore Deposits
in the N.E, Mediterranean 431
Niec, Marek, Model of Formation of Cracovian-Silesian Type Zinc-Lead
Deposit at Bolestaw near Olkusz, Poland 445
Padalino, G., Tocco, S., Violo, M., Different Genetic Environments May
Produce Similar Occurrences of Stratiform Barite: Examples from
Sardinia (Italy) 459
Pawtowska, Jadwiga and Wedow, Helmuth, Strata-Bound Zinc-Lead Deposits
of the Upper Silesian Region, Poland-a Review of Some Recent Research 467
Robinson, B. W., Isotopic Evidence on the Origin of Sulfur in
Mississippi Valley-Type Deposits, Particularly in the British Isles 487
Stemprok, Miroslav, Tin and Tungsten Deposits of the West Central
European Variscides 495
Tufar, Werner, Ore Mineralization from the Eastern Alps, Austria, as
Strata-Bound-Syngenetic Formations of Pre-Alpine and Alpine Age 513
Bonnichsen, Bill, Fukui, L. M. and Chang, L.L.Y., Geologic Setting,
Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Magmatic Sulfide Deposits, Duluth
Complex, U.S.A 545
Feiss, P. G. and Hauck, S. A., Tectonic Setting of Massive-Sulfide
Deposits in the Southern Appalachians, U.S.A 567
Spoljaric, Nenad and Crawford, W. A., Glauconitic Greensand: Parent of
Some Sedimentary Iron Ores 581
Baum, Wolfgang and Gobel, V. W., Investigations on Metallogeny,
Calc-Alkaline Magmatism, and Related Tectonism in a Continental Margin
Province, Western Cordillera of | Colombia, S.A. 591
Key, Roger, Stratiform Manganese Mineralizations in the Palapye Group,
Central-Eastern Botswana 607
Rozendaal, A., The Gamsberg Zinc Deposit, South Africa: A Banded
Stratiform Base-Metal Sulfide Ore Deposit 619
Wagener, J.H.F., The Prieska Zinc-Copper Deposit, Cape Province,
South Africa 635
Cagatay, M. N. and Boyle, D. R., Geology, Geochemistry, and
Hydrothermal Alteration of the Madenkoy Massive-Sulfide
Deposit, Eastern Black Sea Region, Turkey 653
Deb, M. and Bhattacharya, A. K., Geological Setting and Estimates
of Conditions of Metamorphism of the Rajpura-Dariba
Polymetallic Ore Deposit, Rajasthan, India 679
Izawa, Eiji, Hydrothermal Alteration Associated with the Kuroko-Type
Mineralization: an Example from the Iwami Mining District, Shimane,
Japan 699
Mukherjee, A. D. and Sen, R. N., Geochemical Implications in the
Genesis of the Zawar Lead-Zinc Deposit, Rajasthan, India 709
Robinson, B. W. and Christie, A. B., Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralization,
Maratoto Mine, New Zealand: Stable Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions 719
Ward, H. J., The Barrambie Vanadiferous Titanomagnetite Complex
[Western Australia] 731
Olsen, Jorn, Genesis of the Joma Stratiform Sulfide Deposit, Central
Norwegian Caledonides 745
Squiller, S. F. and Sclar, C. B., Genesis of the Sterling Hill Zinc
Deposit, Sussex County, New Jersey 759
Stein, H. J., Evidence for Intertidal-Supratidal Facies Control of
Stratiform Ore at the Magmont Mine, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri 767
Brodtkorb, M. K. de and Brodtkorb, Alejo, La Helvicia: A Strata- Bound
Pb-Zn-Barite Deposit, Argentina 785
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