International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits. (IAGOD) Symposium.

Proceedings of the 6. quadrennial Symp. held in Tbilisi, USSR, Sept. 6-12, 1982. Vol. 1: Papers presented at the Symp. on topics related to general problems of ore deposits

Ed.: Tamaz V. Janelidze; Alexander G. Tvalchrelidze

1984. VIII, 544 pages, 210 figures, 59 tables, 17x24cm, 1400 g
Language: English

(Proceedings of the Quadrennial IAGOD Symposia)

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The present volume contains papers from the 6th Symposium of the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, held in September 1982 in Tbilisi, USSR. The main topics were ore-forming hydrothermal systems, relationship between ore formation and granitic magmatism and mathematical methods in studying of ore deposits.

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Preface 111
Tvalchrelidze, A.G. (USSR): Main features of metallogeny of the
Caucasus 1
Ridge, J.D. (USA) Genetic concepts versus observational data in
governing ore exploration 7

I. Ore-forming hydrothermal systems Arevadze, D.V. & Yaroshevich,
V.Z. (USSR): The origin and sources of substances of some juvenile
volcanogenic deposits in the USSR 23
Baburin, L.M., Vikulova, L.P., Demin, B.G., Ermakov, N.P., Levitski,
V.V., Popivnyak, I.V., Razvozzhaeva, A.A. & Khrenov, P.M. (USSR)
Geochemical parameters and physico-chemical conditions of the
formation of hydrothermal systems 33
Baymukhamedov, K.N. & Gertman, Y.L. (USSR): Geochemical peculiarities
of meta-somatites of volcanogenic hydrothermal deposits in one of the
regions of the Tien-Shan 41
Beane, R.E. (USA) Evolution of hydrothermal minerals and related fluid
characteristics in some porphyry copper deposits of the southwestern
United States of America 45

Belevtsev, Y.N. (USSR): Ore-forming metamorphogenetic systems 53
Blokh, A.M. (USSR): Mobilization of matter in superhigh-concentrated
solution as a result of the dissipative state of water in microspaces
of the Earth's interior 59
Bogdanov, B. (Bulgaria) Hydrothermal systems of massive sulphide,
porphyry-copper and vein copper deposits of Sredna Gora zone in
Bulgaria 63
Bonev, I. (Bulgaria) Mechanisms of the hydrothermal ore deposition in
the Madan lead-zinc deposits, Central Rhodopes, Bulgaria 69
Denisenko, V.K. & Lobkov, V.L. (USSR) On the ore matter and conditions
of formation of stratiform tungsten deposits 75
Du Letian (PRC) Essential features of ore formation with particular
reference to alkaline metasomatosis 81
Epatko, Y.M. & Litvinskaya, M.E. (USSR): Static magnetic field effect
in ore-forming processes 85
Goodfellow, W.D. (Canada): Geochemistry of rocks hosting the Howards
Pass (XY) strata-bound Zn-Pb deposit, Selwyn Basin, Yukon Territory,
Canada 91
Hudson, T.L. (USA) Tin-granites of Seward Peninsula, Alaska 113
Janelidze, T.V., Buadze, V.I. & Gogishvili, V.G. (USSR): Basic
problems of the genesis of ore deposits of the Caucasus 121
Korzhinskii, D.S., Pertsev, N.N. & Zotov, I.A. (USSR): Transmagmatic
fluids and magmatogenic ore formation. A problem of mantle ore sources 131
Krivtsov, A.I. (USSR): Quantitative characteristics of ore matter
sources and ore formation processes 139
Kuznetsov, V.A., Obolensky, A.A., Borisenko, A.S. & Obolenskaya,
R.V. (USSR) Ore-forming systems of low-temperature hydrothermal
deposits 143
Maksimovic, Z. & Dangic, A. (Yugoslavia) Mercury in Neogene
hydrothermal systems in the Balkan Peninsula and genesis of magnesites 149
Miroshnichenko, L.A., Syromiatnikov, N.G., Fomitchev, V.I.,
Iliuschenko, N.P. & Zamiatin, N.I. (USSR) Ore matter sources and
formation peculiarities of stratiform deposits in Karatau 155
Mudrinic, C. (Yugoslavia) The origin of the ore components and the
geochemical characteristics of the antimony deposits of Serbia and
Macedonia (Yugoslavia) 161
Naumov, G.B. (USSR) Geochemical barriers in hydrothermal ore formation 169
Ozerova, N.A. (USSR) Geochemical peculiarities of mercury and
mercury-bearing deposit formation 175
Radkevich, E.A. (USSR): The ore matter sources and their evolution 183

Rozloznik, L. (Czechoslovakia): Sources and structural conditions of
formation of siderite deposits in the Spissko-Gemerske Rudohorie
Mts. (West Carpathians) 187
Scherba, I.P. (USSR): Physico-chemical modelling of the processes of
formation of medium and low-temperature metasomatites and associated
ores 191
Shcheglov, A.D., Govorov, I.M. & Shcheka, S.A. (USSR): On the sources
of ore material of hydrothermal deposits of the Pacific ore belt 195
Spirakis, C.S. (USA) Effect of sulfur kinetics on redox reactions and
implications for the genesis of epithermal ore deposits 201
Starostin, V.I. (USSR): Structural-petrophysical and geodynamic
barriers of ore deposition 205
Tsertsvadze, Z.Y. (USSR) Ore-forming hydrothermal systems of mercury,
arsenic and antimony deposits of the Caucasus 209
Tvalchrelidze, A.G. (USSR): Ore-bearing hydrothermal systems of
stratiform pyrite deposits 215

Vakanjac, B., Petrovic, B., Tomanec, R. (Yugoslavia) & Starostin,
V. (USSR) Hydrothermal-metamorphogenic formation of the vein magnesite
deposits associated with ultramafic complexes 225
Vorobyev, V.I. (USSR): Ore matter sources of massive sulfide and
porphyry deposits 231

II. Relationship between ore formation and granitic magmatism

Akopyan, M.S., Melkonyan, R.L. & Paronikyan, V.O. (USSR): Relationships between
magmatism and mineralization in the light of isotope oxygen
geochemistry (with particular reference to the Alaverdy ore district) 235
Banas, M. & Kucha, H. (Poland): Thorium and niobium mineralization
connected with the Luzyce granitoid massif in Poland 241
Banerji, A.K. (India) Relationship between ore formation and granitic
magmatism in some ore deposits from the Indian Precambrian Shield 247
Bartalsky, J., Burian, J., Slavkay, M. & Tozser, J. (Czechoslovakia):
Intrusive bodies of volcanic complexes of central zones as ore deposit
sources 255
Chen Yuchuan (PRC) Metallogenetic series of non-ferrous, rare-metallic
and rare earth ore deposits associated with the Yenshanian granites,
South China 263
Clark, A.H., Kontak, D.J. & Farrar, E. (Canada) A comparative study of
the metallogenetic and geochronological relationships in the northern
part of the Central Andean tin belt, SE Peru and NW Bolivia 269
Demin, Yu.I. (USSR): Thermal regimeofgranitoids and their associated
mineralization 281

Doroshenko, N.I. & Osmonbetov, K.O. (USSR): Tin-bearing granitoids of eastern
Kirghizia 289
Dragov, P., Arnaudov, V. & Amov, B. (Bulgaria): Relationships between
ore mineralizations and Paleozoic granites of Western Bulgaria as
evidenced by lead isotopic data 297
Du Qi & Chen Mingxiu (PRC) The genetic model of the Duobaoshan porphyry
copper deposit 305
Favorskaya, M.A. (USSR) Granitoid magmatism in the loci of long-term
endogenic activity and concentration of ore mineralization 315
Fiori, M., Garbarino, C., Maccioni, L., Masi, U., Padalino, G.,
Palomba, M., Ranieri, G. & Violo, M. (Italy) Cu-Mo-Zn mineralizations
in the Hercynian plutonites from Ogliastra (Sardinia, Italy) 321
Garkovets, V.G. (USSR) Relationships between magmatogenic and
lithogenic ore genesis 335
Guo Wenkni (PRC) Metallization of the Xihuashan tungsten deposit - an
example linking magmatic deuteric infiltration with hydrothermal lodes 339
Hagni, R.D. (USA): Precambrian silver-tungsten-tin mineralization and
its relationship to granitic magmatism in southeastern Missouri, USA 345
Hall, W.E., Schmidt, E.A., Howe, S.S. & Broch, M.J. (USA) The Thompson
Creek, Idaho, porphyry molybdemlm deposit --- an example of a
fluorine-deficient molybdenum granodiorite system 349
Haranczyk, C. (Poland) Relation of the Silesian-Cracovian Zn-Pb
deposits to final stage transformation of the granitic magma hearth 359
Kovalenko, V.I., Ryabchikov, I.D. & Bogatikov, O.A. (USSR): Problems
of relation of ore-mineralization with acidic magmatism 369
Kravchuk, K.G. (USSR) Model conceptions of phase equilibria in
hydrothermal systems 375
Kulish, E.A. & Usenko, S.F. (USSR): Granitoids and stanniferousness in
the Sikhote-Alin forded system 379
Kveton, P., Moravek, P. & Pouba, Z. (Czechoslovakia) The role of
granitoids in the formation of gold mineralization in the core of the
Bohemian massif 383
Mochnacka, K. (Poland) Hydrothermal mineralization in the eastern part
of Karkonosze-lzera Block (Poland) and metamorphism and granite
activity 389

Naumov, V.B. & Ivanova, G.F. (USSR): Genetic relationship between
rare-metal mineralization and acid magmatism as revealed by the study
of microinclusions and indicator microcomponents 395
Olerud, S., Sandstad, J.S. & Ihlen, P.M. (Norway): Molybdenite
mineralization spatially associated with Permian granite porphyries
and hydrothermal breccias in the Skrukkelia area, northwestern margin
of the Oslo Graben, Norway 403
Rekharsky, V.I., Dikov, Yu.P., Dolin, S.P. & Levin, A.A. (USSR)
Geochemical and quantum-chemical aspects of the redistribution of some
elements in the endogenic silicate systems 409
Robyn, T.L. (Norway): The effect of magma zonation on ore-forming
processes A review and critique 415
Rundquist, D.V., Pavlova, I.G., Trofimov, V.A. & Karpinsky,
A.P. (USSR) The main evolutionary succession of granitoids,
metasomatic rocks and mineralization 423
Shayakubov, T.Sh. & Yusupov, R.G. (USSR): Granitoid magmatism and
associated endogenic metallization observed in the Tien Shan 433
Shcherba, G.N. & Kormushin, V.A. (USSR) Hydrothermal systems of
tungstenbearing stockworks 437
Sotnikov, V.l. & Berzina, A.P. (lJSSR) Copper-molybdenum
mineralization and orebearing magmatism in Mongolia 445

Stemprok, M. (Czechoslovakia) Alkaline trend in the differentiation of
tin-bearing granites 449
Stoynova, M., Stoynov, S., Bedrinov, 1. & Tokmakchieva, M. (Bulgaria):
Magmatism and ore formation at Laky ore field (northern Rhodopes) 457
Theodore, T.G. & Menzie, W.D. (USA) Fluorine-deficient porphyry
molybdenum deposits in the western North America Cordillera 463
III. Mathematical methods in studying of ore deposits

Bakardjiev, S.D., Zahariev, G.K., Ratiev, L.A., Vandev, D.L. & Mateev,
P.S. (Bulgaria) A simulation model of strata-bound ore deposits 471
Belyaev, A.A., Kantsel, A.V., Rekharsky, V.I. & Chervonenkis,
A.Ja. (USSR): A kinetic model of ore formation and the problem of
rhythmic donation of ore deposits 477
Bugaets, A.N., Ivanov, O.V., Lobova, O.K. & Zhaumitov, B.Zh. (USSR):
Classification of ore deposits using the multidimensional metric
mapping technique and group solutions 481
Fabbri, A.G. (Canada) Application of image processing for the
detection of areas favourable to the occurrence of mineral resources 485
Mikhailova, J.I. (USSR) The use of matherratical methods in study of
endogenous ore deposits 493
Nezhensky, I.A. (USSR) Studies on zoning of ore deposits by
mathematical methods 499
Rodionov, D.A. (USSR) The main directions of the applications of mathematical
methods in ore deposit investigations 505
Shatagin, N.N. (USSR): Discrimination of decreptograms and of other analytical
curves into components 507
Shironosova, G.P. & Kolonin, G.R. (USSR) Simulation of
physico-chemical conditions of formation of the rare metal-sulphide
mineral assemblages on electronic computers 513
Sirotinskaya, S.V. (USSR): The use of logical modelling in the
investigation of geological ore-forming factors 521
Swanson, M.T. & Sclar, C.B. (USA) Multivariate discrimination of
geochemical signatures in sphalerite concentrates from discrete ore
bodies of the Balmat-Edwards district, St. Lawrence Co., New York 525
Vujic, S., Radevic, V., Simic, R. & Pavlovic, V. (Yugoslavia) A
comparative study and evaluation of discrete interpolation, the method
of finite differences and the surface trend analysis in mathematical
modelling of ore deposits 533
Zolotarev, V.G. (USSR): Importance of thermal and structural
heterogeneity around intrusive massifs in the formation of
hydrothermal ores 539
List of contributors 543