The Urach geothermal project (Swabian Alb, Germany)

Ed.: Ralph Haenel

1982. VIII, 419 pages, 220 figures, 67 tables, 16x24cm, 1100 g
Language: English

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World demand for energy is currently increasing by about 5% every year. Though this rate may diminish somewhat in the future, reserves of fossil fuel are continuously decreasing. The research for new and alternative sources of energy during the last decade has created great interest in geothermal energy. The huge reservoir of geothermal energy is practically inexhaustible, but in most cases its economic extraction presents formidable difficulties. The estimated contribution of geothermal energy to world energy production is less than 1%. Every opportunity should be taken to exploit geothermal energy and thus to reduce man's dependence on hydrocarbons and coal.
Certain areas in the Federal Republic of Germany are of interest for exploiting geothermal energy. Naturally, areas of positive geothermal anomaly are the most favourable. It has been known for a long time that subsurface temperatures are higher than normal in the region around Urach in the Swabian Alb. The Urach geothermal anomaly has been the subject of systematic investigations in a research programme supported by a number of institutions.
In addition to extensive geological and geophysical investigations, a borehole was drilled through the sedimentary cover and about 1700 m into the basement. This borehole provided an opportunity for studying hot water extraction from the sedimentary cover and for carrying out experiments on the use of the hot-dry-rock technique in the basement rocks.

The present volume summarizes the results of these investigations and contains a considerable amount of new information. It should be mentioned that the Urach project has encouraged other communities to look into the possibility of using local geothermal energy for heating purposes. The practical experience obtained from this, first large-scale research project on geothermal energy to be carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany, will provide other communities, and the government too, with valuable basic data for future geothermal studies.

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Table of Contents
List of Contributors VII
Foreword P. Giese IX
Preface R. Haenel
I. The Research Borehole
Magnetic Investigation of the Proposed Urach Drilling Site. R. Pucher 5
Technical Details of the Geothermal Well Urach 3. Planning and Realization
H.-G. Dietrich 7
The Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic) of the Urach 3 Borehole J. Leiber 37
Petrology and Geochemistry of the Basement Rocks of the Research Drilling
Project Urach 3 R. Stenger 41
Geological Results of the Urach 3 Borehole and the Correlation with other
Boreholes H.-G. Dietrich 49
Hydrogeological Results from the Urach 3 Research Borehole H.-G. Dietrich 59
Temperature Measurements and Determination of Heat Flow Density R. Haenel and
G. Zoth 81
Ancient Heat Flow Density Estimated from the Coalification of Organic Matter
in the Borehole Urach 3 (SW-Germany) G. Buntebarth and M. Teichmüller 89
Seismo-acoustic and Geoelectric Experiments within the Urach 3 Borehole
J. Wohlenberg 97
Determination of Rock Densities in the Urach 3 Borehole S. Plaumann and
J. Wohlenberg 101
Magnetic Investigations on Cores of the Research Urach 3 Borehole K. Fromm 107
Petrophysical Laboratory Measurements on Core Samples of Borehole Urach 3
L. Riepe and J.R. Schopper 117
Geochemical Problems in Fluid-Rock Interaction E. Althaus 123
Ultrasonic Velocity and Fracture Properties of the Rock Core from the Urach
Borehole Crystalline Section F. Rummel, H.J. Alheid, R.B. Winter and Th. Wöhrl
II. The Field Measurements
The Geology of the Heat Anomaly of Urach K. Schädel 147
The Volcanic Phenomena in the Urach Region O. Mäussnest 157
Remarks on the Depth of the Urach Magma Chamber W. Wimmenauer 161
Hydrogeological Aspects of the Geothermal Area of Urach E. Villinger 165
Geological and Hydrochemical Investigations in the Area of Urach-Kirchheim.
K.-D. Balke, G. Einsele, W. Ernst, H. Friedrichsen, R. Gregarek, B. Koller,
G. Koziorowski, J. Loeschke, U. Maier, S. Metzker and H.-l. Staffend 179
The Thermal Water of the Urach-Kirchheim Heat Anomaly, Germany: An Isotopic
and Geochemical Study. B. Koller and H. Friedrichsen 187
Geothermal Investigations in the Area of the Urach Anomaly J. Behrens,
B. Roters and H. Villinger 197
The Temperature Field of the Urach Area G. Zoth 205
The Relationships Between the Volcanism and the Geothermal Anomaly in the
Urach Region. D. Werner 223
A Possible Explanation of the Geothermal Anomaly of Urach K. Schädel 229
A Seismic-Refraction Investigation of the Basement Structure in the Urach
Geothermal Anomaly, Southern Germany M. Jentsch, D. Bamford, D. Emter and
C. Prodehl 231
The Combined Seismic Reflection-Refraction Investigation of the Urach
Geothermal Anomaly H. Bartelsen, E. Lueschen, Th. Krey, R. Meissner,
H. Schmoll and Ch. Walter 247

Seismological Study of the Urach Geothermal Anomaly G. Schneider 263
Microseismic Investigation of the Urach Geothermal Area M. Steinwachs 271
Geomagnetic Aspects of the Proposed Geothermally Disturbed Area at Urach
R. Pucher and H. Hahn 279
Geoelectrical Deepsoundings in the Area of the Urach Research Borehole
E.-K. Blohm 285
Distribution of Electrical Conductivity in the Urach Geothermal Area,
a Magnetotelluric and Geomagnetic Depth Sounding Investigation
A. Berktold and K. Kemmerle 289
Electrical Conductivity in the Urach Geothermal Area, a Geomagnetic
Induction Study Using Pulsations
M.L. Richards, U. Schmucker and E. Steveling 301
Gravity Measurements at the Geothermal Anomaly Urach
J. Makris, K. Müller and K.H. Tödt 313
III. The Possible Utilization of Geothermal Energy
Results of the Fracture Experiments at the Geothermal Research Urach 3
Borehole K. Schädel and H.-G. Dietrich 323
Pressure Build-up Curves of the Hydraulic Fracturing Experiments in the
Urach 3 Borehole R. Schweizer 345
Analytical Model Calculation on Heat Exchange in a Fracture
H. Rodemann 351
Energy Extraction Study for the Urach Borehole
R. Haenel 355
Recovery of Chemical Energy in Geothermal Systems
E. Althaus 361
The Large-Scale Project in Oberschwaben-Swabian Alb for the Utilization of
Geothermal Energy J. Werner, G. Strayle and E. Villinger 367
Geothermal Demonstration Project Saulgau J. Fritz and J. Werner 381
Energy from Geopressured Zones in the Molasse Basin J. Meidl 395
IV. Summarized Results
A Model of the Urach Geothermal Anomaly as Derived from Geophysical
Investigations A. Berktold, R. Haenel and J. Wohlenberg 401
Aspects of Utilizing Energy within the Temperature Anomaly Urach and the
Surroundings R. Haenel 413