International Symposium on Earth Tides. Proceedings 9

New York City, August 17-22, 1981

Ed.: John T. Kuo

1983. XXIV, 747 pages, 17x24cm, 1900 g
Language: English

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Preface VII
The Symposium Sponsors IX
The Symposium Organization Committee X
The Symposium Local Arrangement Committee X
Welcome by Columbia University XI
Welcome by the City of New York XII
Presidential Address XIII
Invited Address XVII
Resolutions adopted by the Permanent Commission for Earth
Tides XXI
Concluding Remarks XXIII
Symposium Papers
Session 1: Observations and Perturbations - Tilt
Co-Chairmen: G.H. Cabaniss and O. Rosenbach
Chojnicki, T.: Seven Years of Tilt Earth Tides Observations
at 0906 Station, Asiat, Poland 1
Edge, R.J., Baker, T. F. Jeffries, G.: Some Results from
Simultaneously Recording Borehole Tiltmeters 9
Grosse-Brauckmann, W. & Rosenbach, O.: Influence of Geological
Structures on the Interpretation of Tilt Measurements 17
Kääriäinen, J. & Välimäki, I.: Tilt Measurement with Two
Different Instruments 25
Hümpel, H.-J.: The Effect of Variations on the Groundwater
Table on Borehole Tiltmeters 33
Levine, J., Harrison, J.C. & Meertens, C.M.: Performance of
a Deep Borehole Tiltmeter 47
Peters, J.A., Bower, D.R. & Lambert, A.: Tidal Tilt Response
at Charlevoix, Quebec 59
Peters, J.A. & Beaumont, C.: Preliminary Results from a New
Borehole Tiltmeter at Charlevoix, Quebec 69
Simon, D.: Interpretation of the Local and Regional Scattering
of the ~ Values for the M2 and K1 Waves 79
Bilham, R., Beavan, J. & Evans, K.: Long Baseline Fluid-Tube
Tiltmeter Geometry and the Detection of Flexure and Tilt 85
Rouleau, P.: On the Resolution of Crustal Structure and Ocean
Tides from Tidal Tilt Observations in Nova Scotia, Canada 95
Session 2: Observations and Perturbations - Gravity
Co-Chairmen: T. Fang and L. Johnson
Dittfeld, H.-J. & Elstner, C.: Temporal Variations of Tidal
Gravity Parameters 105
Dittfeld, H.-J. & Varga, P.: Parallel Registration with Two
Askania Gravimeters in Potsdam 111
Poitevin, C. & De Becker, M.: High-Rate Sampling of Tidal
Gravity Data in Mogadlshu, Somalia 117
Melchior, P., Fang, T., Ducarme, B., Hsu, H.-T., Van Ruymbeke,
M. & Li, J.-H.: Tidal Gravity Measurements in China 1 25
Merriam, J.B.: Inertial and Ellipsoidal Earth Effects on
Gravity Tide Observations 137
Hsu, H.-T., Mao, H.-Q. & Song, X.-L.: Gravity Tide Observations in
Wuchang, China 145
Lichtenegger, H., Meurers, B. & Varga, P.: Local Tide
Profiles in Austria and Hungary 151
Melchior, P.: Effect of the Ellipticity and Inertial Forces
of the Earth on M2 and Ol Tidal Gravity Measurements in
the Trans World Profiles 155
Melchior, P., Ducarme, B. & Van Ruymbeke, M.: A Tidal Gravity
Profile in East Africa 167
Chen, Y.-H., Du, P.-R., Zhu, H.-Y. & Guo, Z.-G.: Observations
of Gravity Tide in Several Regions of China and the Spatial
Distributions of Tidal Gravity Parameters 173
Fang, T., Hsu, H.-T., Chen, Z.-G. & Yang, H.-B.: Effect of
Ocean Tides on Gravity Observations 179
Wu, Q.-P., Liu, L.-B. & Tang, B.-X.: Gravity Earth Tide
Observations at the Kunming Station, Yunnan Province,
People's Republic of China 187
Session 3: Observations and Perturbations - Strain,
Satellite and VLBI
Co-Chairmen: I.J. Shapiro and M. Ooe
Endrass, G. & Schmitz-Hübsch, H.: A New Instrument for Geodynamic
Observations at the Berchtesgaden Earth Tide Laboratory (FRG) 191
Flick, J., Van Ruymbeke, M., Ducarme, B. & Melchior, P.:
New Results Obtained at the Underground Laboratory for
Geodynamics at Walferdange (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) 197
Herring, T.A., Corey, B.E., Counselman, C.C., Shapiro, I.I.,
Rogers, A.E.E., Whitney, A.R., Clark, T.A., Knight, C.A.,
Ma, C., Ryan, J.W., Schupler, B.R., Vandenberg, N.R.,
Elgered, G., Lundqvist, G., Rönnäng, B.O., Campbell, J. &
Richards, P.: Determination of Tidal Parameters from
VLBI Observations 205
McCarthy, D.D., Withington, F.N. & Babcock, A.K.: Spectral
Analysis of Earth Orientation Parameters Derived from
Interferometer Observations 215
Sato, T., Ooe, M. & Sato, N.: Tidal Tilt and Strain Measurements and
Analysis at the Esashi Earth Tides Station 223
Eanes, R., Schutz, B. & Tapley, B.: Earth and Ocean Tide
Effects on Lageos and Starlette 239
Xu, B.-X.: Definition and Realization of the Celestial Pole . 251
Heil, E.: Barometric Effects on Vertical Strain Measurements
(Abstract) 259
Session 4: Instrumentation and TidaZ AnaZysis
Co-Chairmen: M. Bonatz and J. Goodkind
Gerstenecker, C. & Schüller, K.: Nonlinearity and Drift
Behavior of a LaCoste-Romberg Earthtide Gravimeter 261
Grosse-Brauckmann, W.: Problems Concerning Earth Tide
Instrumentation (Abstract) 271
Harrison, J.C., Levine, J. & Meertens, C.M.: Design of a
Deep Borehole Tiltmeter 273
Ishiguro, M., Akaike, H., Ooe, M. & Nakai, S.: A Bayesian
Approach to the Analysis of Earth Tides 283
Lambas, F., Vieira, R. & Gimenez, E.: Automatic Control Module of
Tilts, Calibrations and Data Acquisition for LaCoste-Romberg
Gravimeters, Models G and D 293
Ooe, M. & Sato, T.: An Extended Response Method for Analysis
of Disturbed Earth Tides Data 299
Orejana, M. & Vieira, R.: Transforming an Askania GS-15
Gravimeter into a Zero-Gravimeter . 311
Orejana, M., Vieira, R. & Toro, C.: Development of an
Electronic Pendulum for Microinclination Recordings 315
Van Ruymbeke, M.: Development of Capacitive Transducers at
the Royal Observatory of Belgium 319
Bookbinder, R., Horstmann, J., Hubbard, A., Kuo, J.T. &
McDonald, W.: Geophysical Ocean Bottom Instrument (GOBI) 329
Session 5: Ocean Tides and Tidal Modefing
Co-Chairmen: C.L. Pekeris and J.G. Heacock
Baker, T.F. & Alcock, G.A.: Time Variation of Ocean Tides 341
Cartwright, D.E.: The I.O.S. Program of Tidal Definition in
the North Atlantic Ocean 351
Kümpel, H.-J.: The Possible Use of Tiltmeters in Forecasting
Storm Surges within the German Bay, North Sea 359
Lanzano, P. & Daley, J.C.: Numerical Evaluation of the Solid
Earth Tides 371
Malone, F.D. & Kuo, J.T.: Finite Element Modeling of Tides
and Currents in the New York Bight 385
Session 6: Intera~tion of Earth and Ocean Tides
Co-Chairmen: T. Baker and R. Rapp
Ivanov, I.B.: Effects of Long-Period Tides on the Earth 399
Venedikov, A.P.: Study of the Ocean Tidal Influence 403
Sasao, T. & Sato, T.: Effects of Ocean Tides upon Astronomical
Time and Latitude Observations 411
Schwiderski, E.W.: Application of the NSWC Ocean Tide Models
to Interactions of Oceanic and Terrestrial Tides 419
Vieira, R., Toro, C. & Sukhwani, P.K.: Ocean Effects on
Gravity Tides in the Iberian Peninsula 431
Gaposchkin, E.M.: Measurement of Body Tides and Ocean Tides
Using Close Earth Satellites 437
ion 7: Absolute and Relative Gravity; Dynamia Geoid and
Co-Chairmen: J. Hammond and J.D. Boulanger
Brown, R.D.: Toward a More Dynamical Geoid 453
Faller, J.E., Zumberge, M.A. & Rinker, R.L.: The JILA
Absolute Gravimeter 465
Hammond, J.: Absolute Gravity Measurements by the Air Force
Geophysics Laboratory - A Brief Review 475
Ooe, M., Suzuki, T., Tsubokawa, T. & Hanada, H.: Absolute
Measurements of the Gravitational Acceleration at Mizusawa 483
Richter, B.: The IFAG Earth Tide Registration System 495
Session 8: Rotation of the Earth and Polar Motion
Co-Chairmen: P. Melchior and D.E. Smith
Anderson, A.J.: Measurement of Paleotides on the Moon 499
Carton, J.A. & Wahr, J.M.: The Pole Tide in the Deep Ocean 509
Kaplan, G.H.: Nutation Data from Radio Interferometer
Observations 519
Lecolazet, R.: Correlation between Diurnal Gravity Tides and
the Earth's Rotation Rate 527
Wahr, J.M. & Sasao, T.: A Nearly Diurnal Resonance in the
Ocean Load Tide 531
Sabadini, R. & Yuen, D.A.: True Polar Wandering: A Consequence
of the Late Cenozoic Glaciation 541
Wahr, J.M. & Larden, D.R.: An Analysis of Lunar Laser Ranging
Data for the Earth's Free Core Nutation 547
Rydelek, P.A. & Knopoff, L.: Analysis of South Pole Tidal
Data 555
Zürn, W. & Young, D.S.: Evaluation of the Richards Constraint
for Earth Tide Data 561
Goodkind, J.M.: Q of the Nearly Diurnal Free Wobble 569
Yuen, D.A.: The Role of Transient, Viscoelastic Creep in the
Excitation of the Chandler Wobble 577
Session 9: Crystal Deformation, Plate Tectonics, and
Earthquake's Mechanisms
Co-Chairmen: R. Bilham and D.R. Bower
Asch, G., Jahr, T., Jentzsch, G., Plag, H.-P. & Scholz, H.:
A Gravity Tidal Profile Along the "Blue Road Geotraverse" 585
Bostrom, R.C.: Tidal Dissipation: Stress Transmission in the
Lithosphere 593
Zschau, J.: Rheology of the Earth's Mantle at Tidal and
Chandler Wobble Periods 605
Bower, D.R., Van Der Kamp, G. & Gale, J.E.: Fracture Parameters
Revealed by Earth Tides and Barometric Effects in Crystalline Rock
Engbrecht, E.F.: A Tectonic Hypothesis to Explain the Earth's
Crustal Movement Based on the Response of the Earth's
Gravitational Field to an External Field (Abstract) 641
Scherneck, H.-G.: Effects of Dynamic Loading Around the Gulf
of Bothnia Induced by Water-Level Oscillations 643
Van Ruymbeke, M., Ducarme, B. & De Becker, M.: Attempt to
Model the Tidal Triggering of Earthquakes 651
Varia, P.: Connection Between Lunisolar and Loading Effects
and the Outbreak of Earthquakes 663
Vieira, R. & Torroja, J.M.: A Possible Contribution of the
Gravimetric Tides to the Study of the Discontinuities of
the Earth Crust 669
Kuo, J.T., Brown, W., Carmichael, D., Gu, G.-X. & Liu, K.-R.:
A US/China Joint Research Project on the Relationship
Between Gravity Variations and Earthquake Occurrences in
the Beijing-Tianjin Region 673
Bonatz, M., Gerstenecker, C., Kistermann, R. & Zschau, J.:
Tilt Measurements Across a Deep Fault Zone 695
McNutt, S.R. & Beavan, R.J.: Correlation of the Solid Earth
Tide with Volcanic Earthquakes at Pavlof Volcano, Alaska 703
Xi, Q.-W.: Tidal Stress and Earthquakes 715
Jentzsch, G.: Ocean Loading in Fennoscandia 723
Summary of the Report of the Working Group on Data Processing
in Tidal Research, Permanent Commission for Earth Tides 731
Index of Contributors 743
Index of Keywords 745