Cephalopods present and past

O. H. Schindewolf-Symposium Tübingen 1985 (2nd Internat. Cephalopod Symposium)

Ed.: Jost Wiedmann; Jürgen Kullmann

1988. XIII, 765 pages, 375 figures, 25 tables, 16 plates, 16x24cm, 1430 g
Language: English

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While the 1st International Cephalopod Symposium, York 1979, was dedicated to the ammonites, the Tübingen symposium focussed on biological, evolutionary and paleogeographic studies. Hopefully it contributed to the better understanding of this fascinating group of mollusks and enabled to see how the processes of ontogeny and phylogeny work in reality — and not only in theoretical concepts. In addition it hopefully helped to better recognize the patterns of geographic migration and distribution — so important for stratigraphic dating — and, last but not least, to get an idea of what happened after deposition of the shells. These proceedings may be of use for zoologists as well as paleontologists, evolutionarists and stratigraphers.

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House, M.R.: Major Features of Cephalopod Evolution 1
Flower, R.H.: Progress and Changing Concepts in Cephalopod and
Particularly Nautiloid Phylogeny and Distribution 17
Korn, D. & Kullmann, J.: Changes in Clymeniid Diversity 25
Manger, W.L.: Phylogeny of the Carboniferous Ammonoid Family
Dimorphoceratidae 29
Kant, R. & Kullmann, J.: Changes in the Conch Form in the Paleozoic
Ammonoids 43
Glenister, B.F. & Furnish, W.M.: Terminal Progenesis in Late Paleozoic
Ammonoid Families 51
Marchand, D. & Dommergues, J.-L.: Rythmes evolutifs et heterochronies
du développement: Exemples pris parmi les ammonites jurassiques 67
Geyssant, J.R.: Diversity in Mode and Tempo of Evolution within one
Tithonian Ammonite Family, the Simoceratids 79
Packard, A.: Visual Tactics and Evolutionary Strategies 89

Engeser, Th. & Bandel, K.: Phylogenetic Classification of Coleoid
Cephalopods 105

Wiedmann, J.: Ammonoid Extinction and the "Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary
Event" 117
Stevens, G.R.: Giant Ammonites: A Review 141
Boletzky, S.v.: Characteristics of Cephalopod Embryogenesis 167
Arnold, J.M.: Some Observations on the Cicatrix of Nautilus Embryos 181
Zakharov, Yu. D.: Parallelism and Ontogenetic Acceleration in Ammonoid
Evolution 191
Hewitt, R.A.: Significance of Early Septal Ontogeny in Ammonoids and Other Ectocochliates 207
Landman, N.H.: Early Ontogeny of Mesozoic Ammonites and Nautilids 215

Bandel, K. & Boletzky, S. v.: Features of Development and Functional
Morphology required in the Reconstruction of Early Coleoid Cephalopods

Bandel, K. & Spaeth, Chr.: Structural Differences in the Ontogeny of
Some Belemnite Rostra 247

Blind, W.: Comparative Investigations on the Shell Morphology and
Structure of Nautilus pompilius, Orthoceras s p., Pseudorthoceras s
p., and Kionoceras sp 273
Doguzhaeva, L.: Siphuncular Tube and Septal Necks in Ammonoid Evolution 291
Bandel, K. & Kulicki, C.: Belemnoteuthis polonica: A Belemnite with an
Aragonitic Rostrum 303
Jefferts, K.: Zoogeography of Northeastern Pacific Cephalopods 317
Dagys, A.S.: Major Features of the Geographic Differentiation of
Triassic Ammonoids 341
Dommergues, J.-L. & Marchand, D.: Paleobiogeographie historique et
écologique. - Application aux Ammonites du Jurassique 351
Braga, J.C., Comas-Rengifo, M.J., Goy, A. & Rivas, P.: Changes in
Pleuroceras solare (Phil!.) in its Southward Migration 365
Morton, N.: Segregation and Migration Patterns in Some Graphoceras
Populations (Middle Jurassic) 377

Thierry, J.: Provincialisme et/ou Ecologic des Ammonites du Callovien
en France 387
Lominadze, T.A. & Sakharov, A.S.: Ecology of Caucasian Callovian
Ammonitida 403
Checa, A. & Oloriz, F.: Ecological Dynamics of Upper Jurassic
Ammonites (Aspidoceratidae: Aspidoceratinae and Physodoceratinae) 413

Melendez, G., Sequeiros, L., Brochwich-Lewinski, W., Myczynski, R. &
Chong, G.: Paleobiogeographic Relationships between Oxfordian Ammonite
Faunas from the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Andean Provinces 425
Atrops, F. & Melendez, G.: Palaeobiogeography and Evolutionary Trends in
Lower Kimmeridgian Ataxioceratids from Spain 437
Kakabadze, M.V.: On the Morphological Classification of Heteromorph
Ammonites 447
Kotetichvili, E.V.: Distribution globale des Ammonites eocretaces du
Caucase 453
Obata, I. & Matsukawa, M.: Some Boreal or Subboreal Ammonites in the
Japanese Barremian 469
Owen, H.G.: Correlation of Ammonite Faunal Provinces in the Lower Albian
(mid-Cretaceous) 477
Marcinowski, R. & Wiedmann, J.: Paleogeographic Implications of the Albian
Ammonite Faunas of Poland 491
Futakami, M. & Obata, I.: Distribution of Some Turonian and Coniacian
Collignoniceratid Ammonites 505
Hirano, H.: Evolutionary Mode of Some Late Cretaceous Ammonites in
Offshore Waters 513

Mutterlose, J.: Migration and Evolution Patterns in Upper Jurassic and
Lower Cretaceous Belemnites 525
Doyle, P.: The Belemnite Family Dimitobelidae in the Cretaceous of
Gondwana 539
Liang, Xi-Luo & Wang, Ming-Qian: Carboniferous Cephalopods of
Xinjiang, NW China 553
Vassicek, Z.: Upper Permian Ammonoidea from Kurdistan, NE Iraq 577

Rostovtsev, K.O.: Lower and Middle Jurassic Ammonite Assemblages in
Southern USSR 593
Seyed-Emami, K.: Jurassic and Cretaceous Ammonite Faunas of Iran and
their Paleobiogeographic Significance 599
Avram, E.: The Early Cretaceous (Berriasian-Barremian) Ammonite
Assemblages in Romania 607
Young, K.: Karakaschiceras and the Late Valanginian of Northern Mexico
and Texas 621
Lehmann, U.: On the Dietary Habits alla Locomotion of Fossil
Cephalopods 633
Nixon, M.: The Feeding Mechanisms and Diets of Cephalopods - Living
and Fossil 641
Bandel, K.: Operculum and Buccal Mass of Ammonites 653
Kulicki, C. Doguzhaeva, L.A. & Kabanov, G.K.: Nautilus-like Jaw
Elements of a Juvenile Ammonite 679
Reyment, R.A.: A Foraging Model for Shelled Cephalopods 687
Hewitt, R.A. & Westermann, G.E.G.: Stress and Strain in Nautilus
Shells: Some Limitations on the Buoyancy Control and Vertical
Migration of Ectocochliates 705

Kulicki, C. & Mutvei, H.: Functional Interpretation of Ammonoid Septa
Dullo, W.-Ch. & Bandel, K.: Diagenesis of Molluscan Shells: A Case
Study from Cephalopods 719
Schumann, D.: Environment and post-mortem History of Upper Jurassic
Ammonites in Nuevo Leon, NE Mexico 731
Wiedmann, J.: Plate Tectonics, Sea Level Changes, Climate -- and the
Relationship to Ammonite Evolution, Provincialism, and Mode of Life