Proceedings of the Seventh International Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium, held in Luleå, Sweden, August 18 - 22, 1986

Papers presented at the Symposia on topics related to general problems of genesis of ore deposits and on studies of ore geology of specific districts or deposits (excl.of gold occurrences in Precambrian areas)

Ed.: Ebbe Zachrisson; International Association on the; Genesis of Ore Deposits IAGOD

1988. X, 694 pages, 380 figures, 57 tables, 17x24cm, 1500 g
Language: English

(Proceedings of the Quadrennial IAGOD Symposia)

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This volume contains proceedings of the 7th Symposium of the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, held in Luleå, Sweden, in August 1986. Topics of the symposium were tectonics of ore deposits, ore-forming fluids in inclusions, fluorite and barite deposits and others.

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Editor's Preface V
Opening and closing lectures
Sillitoe, R.H. (UK): Ores in volcanoes.-Opening lecture 1

Frietsch, R. (Sweden): Precambrian metallogeny of Finland, Norway and Sweden 11

Rickard, D. (UK): Volcanogenic mineralisation styles in the Early
Proterozoic of Fennoscandia 23
Vokes, F.M. (Norway): Latest Proterozoic and Phanerozoic metallogeny
in Fennoscandia 41
Russell, M.J. (UK): A model for the genesis of sediment-hosted
exhalative (SEDEX) ore deposits. - Closing lecture 59
1. Tectonics of ore deposits

Convenor: A.V. Heyl (USA)
Alevizos, A.A. & Sclar, C.B. (USA): The chemical composition of
chromite from the Skoumtsa-Xerolivado chromite deposits, Vourinos
ophiolitic complex, Greece, as a tectonic indicator 67
Alm, O., Alm, B. & Stephansson, O. (Sweden): Experimental deformation
of rocks from the Kiruna District, northern Sweden 75
Bokhari, F.Y. (Saudi Arabia) & Forster, H. (FRG): Structural
development and ore deposits of the Arabian Shield 83
Gaal, G. (Finland) & Kazansky, V.I. (USSR): Early Proterozoic
continental margins as major sites of ore deposition 93
Heyl, A.V . , Brock , M . R. & Jolly , J. L. (USA) : Phanerozoic
igneous rocks, including kimberlites, of the United States craton west
of the Blue Ridge Mountains and east of the Rocky Mountains and their
associated mineral deposits-A compilation and summary 103
Kutina, J. (USA): Criteria indicating a block structure of the upper
mantle and its role in metallogeny 111
Pouit, G. (France): Correlative evolution of mineralization and
geotectonic setting: examples of the ophiolitic crust and Red Sea rift 121
Witschard, F. (Sweden): Giant impact structures-implications for ore
genesis 129
Wu Liangshi & Pei Rongfu (China): Tectonic settings of Mesozoic
volcanic belts and regional metallogeny in southern China 139
11. Paragenesis
Convenor: H.K. Schpnwandt (Denmark)
Cabri, L.J. (Canada): New developments in determination of the
distribution of precious metals in ore deposits 149
de Boorder, H. 1' Vollers, Y. (The Netherlands) A quantitative study
of the spatial distribution of galena and feldspar in sandstone from
Laisvall, Sweden 155

Hagni, R.D. (USA): Ore microscopy, electron microprobe analyses, and
paragenesis of Creta, Oklahoma, copper shale 163
Hagni, R.D. (USA): Ore microscopy and mineral paragenetic sequence of
the early bornite ores in the Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri 167
Munoz, M., Kim, Y.D., Verraes, G. & Tollon, F. (France): Hydrothermal
alteration parageneses associated with the zinc vein deposit of
Noailhac-Saint Salvy (Tarn, France)-conditions of mineralisation
deposition 171
Nakamura, T. (Japan): Concept of mineral paragenesis and
macrostructure in ore veins 179
Russell, M.J. (UK): Chimneys, chemical gardens and feldspar horizons +
pyrrhotine in some SEDEX deposits: aspects of alkaline environments of
deposition 183
III. Ore-forming fluids in inclusions

Convenor: E. Roedder (USA) Broman, C. (Sweden): Fluids associated with
the genesis of the Skellefte district massive sulfide deposits, Sweden 191
He Zhili (China): Main achievements in the study of inclusion
mineralogy in China 201
Jadhav, G.N., Panchapakesan, V. & Sahu, K.C. (India): Fluid-melt
inclusion studies of pegmatites in and around Dhab, Hazaribag
district, Bihar, India 203
Koziowski, A. (Poland) & Metz, P. (FRG): Cr-Ti-Fe spinels in melt inclusions in
olivines 213
Misra, K.C. & Gratz, J.F. (USA): Evolution of mineralizing fluids,
Gordonsville zinc deposit, Central Tennessee, USA 225
Takenouchi, S. (Japan): Fluid inclusion studies of selected epithermal
gold deposits and the Doroyu geothermal system of Japan 237
Veto, E. (Hungary): Conditions of Pb-Zn ore formation in the
Carpathian Neogene volcanic arc: Evidence from the Gydngyosoroszi
mine, northern Hungary 245
IV. Fluorite and barite deposits

Convenor: J. Cadek (Czechoslovakia)
Cadek, J. & Malkovsky, M. (Czechoslovakia): Fluorite in the vicinity
of Teplice Spa in Bohemia-a new type of fluorite deposit 253
Clark, S.H.B. (USA): Origin of some shale-hosted barite nodules in the
Appalachian basin of the Eastern United States 259
Dardenne, M.A. (Brazil): Fluorite-vein deposits of the Santa Catarina
District in Brazil 269
de Brodtkorb, M.K. (Argentina), Schalamuk, I.B.A. (Argentina),
Barbieri, M. (Italy), Puchelt, H. (FRG), Ametrano, S., Fernandez, R. &
Etcheverry, R. (Argentina): Nodular barite deposits of Canota,
Argentina 275
Jebrak, M. (Canada), Touray, J.C. & Giret, P. (France): Geochemical
characteristics and genesis of fluorite deposits in Morocco 287
Lhegu, J., Jebrak, M. & Touray, J.C. (France): Fluorite and barite
deposits in France 297
Poole, F.G. (USA): Stratiform barite in Paleozoic rocks of the Western
United States 309
V. Skarn deposits
Convenors: L.D. Meinert (USA) and V.A. Zharikov (USSR)
Aksyuk, A.M. & Zharikov, V.A. (USSR): The phlogopite skarn deposits:
physical-chemical conditions of formation 321
Baker, J.H. & Hellingwerf, R.H. (The Netherlands): The geochemistry of
tungstenmolybdenum-bearing granites and skarns from western
Bergslagen, central Sweden 327
Cheilletz, A. (France) & Giuliani, G. (Brazil): Epigenesis versus
syngenesis a contribution to the debate based on the stratiform
tungsten skarn mineralizations of Djebel Aouam, central Morocco 339
Haranczyk, C. (Poland): Andradite skarn in Zawiercie, southern Poland 349
Marcke de Lummen, G. van (Belgium): Oxygen and hydrogen isotope
evidence for influx of magmatic water in the formation of W-, Mo- and
Sn-bearing skarns in politic rocks at Costabonne, France, and Land's
End, England 355
Meinert, L.D. (USA): Gold in skarn deposits-a preliminary overview 363
Shimazaki, H. (Japan): Oxygen, carbon and sulfur isotope study of
skarn deposits in Japan 375

VI. Manganese
Varentsoy, I.M., Zaitseva, L.V. & Putilina, V.S. (USSR): A model for
nodular polymetallic ore formation in Recent basins: experimental data
on the role of major Seawater ions in the sorption of Cu(II) on
7A-manganate 383
VII. Tin and tungsten deposits

Convenor: M. Stemprok (Czechoslovakia)
Baskina, V.A. (13SSR): Granite magmatism and mineralization associated
with deepreaching crustal lineaments, Sikhote-Alin Range in the Far
East Maritime Region, USSR 391
Bettenay, L.F, Partington, G.A., Groves, D.I. & Paterson,
C. (Australia): Nature and emplacement of the giant rare-metal
pegmatite at Greenbushes, Western Australia 401
Csongradi, J. (Hungary): Stockwork-type tungsten-molybdenum deposits in eastern
Mongolia 409
Routhier, P. (France): Large-scale alternation of tin-tungsten domains
within continents 417
Rowe, W.D., Jr. & Moore, W.J. (USA): Chemistry of stratiform Late
Proterozoic tin-bearing leucosomes in the Inner Piedmont Belt,
southeastern United States 427
Rykl, D. & Stemprok, M. (Czechoslovakia): Hydrothermal reaction of
water and of some inorganic solutions with the Cínovec granite at 300
and 400°C and 50 MPa pressure: an experimental study 437
VIII. Massive sulphide deposits in volcanic environments

Convenors: F.M. yokes (Norway) and M.B. Stephens (Sweden)
Baranov, E.N., Schteinberg, A.D. & Karpukhina, V. S. (USSR) : A
genetic model and exploration criteria for buried massive sulphide
deposits of the Verkhneuralsky area, southern Urals, USSR 449
Gauthier, M., Chartrand, F., Dupuis, L. & Trottier, J. (Canada):
Massive sulphide deposits of the southeastern Quebec Appalachians 461
Hellingwerf, R.H. (The Netherlands): Regional and local potassic
alterations in western Bergslagen, Sweden, and their relation to
sulphide mineralization 471
Janecky, D.R. (USA): Massive sulfide deposits and hydrothermal
solutions: Incremental reaction modeling of mineral precipitation and
sulfur isotopic evolution 481
Lescuyer, J.L., Oudin, E. & Beurrier, M. (France) Review of the
different types of mineralisation related to the Oman ophiolitic
volcanism 489
Mariko, T. (Japan): Volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits of Besshi
type at the Shimokawa mine, Hokkaido, northern Japan 501
Odling, N.E. (Norway): Deformation of the Joma sulphide deposit, Caledonides of
Nord-Trindelag, Norway 513
Zhang Qiusheng, Liu Liandeng & Chen Lu (China): Formation and tectonic
reactivation of massive sulphide deposits in an Archaean greenstone
belt, North Liaodong Peninsula, China 525
IX. Mineralization associated with granitoids
Convenor: P.M. Ihlen (Norway)
Anthony, E.Y. & Titley, S.R. (USA): Pre-mineralization igneous
processes at the Sierrita porphyry copper deposit, Arizona, USA 535
Chon, H.-T., Ri, D.-W., Hong, Y.-K., Kim, M.-Y. & John, Y.-W. (Korea):
Multi-element geochemistry of Precambrian granitoids in relation to
tin mineralization in Korea 547

Guilbert, J.M. (USA): Geochemistry and metallogeny of Appalachian
two-mica granites with reference to porphyry base-metal deposit
systems 559
Ishihara, S., Sasaki, A. & Terashima, S. (Japan): Sulfur in granitoids
and its role for mineralization 573
Lindahl, I. (Norway) & Grauch , R. I. (USA) :
Be-REE-U-Sn-mineralization in Precambrian granitic gneisses, Nordland
County, Norway 583
Migachov, I.F. & Zvezdov, V.S. (USSR): Morphology and evolution of
porphyry copper stockwork systems 595
Ohlander, B. (Sweden): Tectonic control and genesis of Proterozoic
molybdenite occurrences in northern Sweden 603

Shi Mingkui & Hu Xiongwei (China): The geological characteristics and
genesis of the granite-hosted tungsten deposit at Dajishan mine,
Jiangxi province, China 613
Stohl, J. & Tozser, J. (Czechoslovakia): Massive sulphide
mineralizations and their relationship to porphyry copper systems in
the neovolcanites of Slovakia 623
X. General
Convenors: R. Frietsch and M.B. Stephens (Sweden)
Aichler, J., Danko, J., Orel, P., Redl, L. & Vanecek,
M. (Czechoslovakia): Deep-seated gold mineralization in black shales
near Sucha Rudna,northeastern Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia 633
Han, T.-M. (USA): Origin of magnetite in Precambrian iron-formations
of low metamorphic grade 641
Kazansky, V.I. (USSR): Deep structure of the continental crust and ore-forming
processes 657
Kyle, J.R. & Gutierrez, G.N. (USA): Origin of the Indian Creek
sandstone-hostedlead deposits, Southeast Missouri, USA 669
Misra, K.C. & Lawson, J.S. (USA): Paleotectonic setting of massive
sulfide deposits of the Ducktown mining district, Tennessee, USA 685
List of contributors 693