Cretaceous of the Western Tethys

Proceedings of the 3rd International Cretaceous Symposium Tübingen 1987

Ed.: Jost Wiedmann

1990. XIV, 1005 pages, 372 figures, 37 tables, 41 plates, 16x24cm, 2200 g
Language: English

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In 1978, in Münster, The German Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy initiated a first International Symposium on the Cretaceous. The focus of the Symposium was on Germany and Central Europe. The proceedings were published in 1979. The second symposium was held in 1982 in Munich, the proceedings of this conference are available since 1983.
The third symposium on the Cretaceous of the Western Tethys which took place in Tübingen in 1987 was again visited by many geoscientists. The large Proceedings have been dedicated to the late TOVE BIRKELUND, the famous and highly esteemed Danish geologist.

The great variety of topics presented during the Tübingen symposium offered in this volume can be grouped together in the following subjects: (A) The Western Mediterranean, including its transition to the North Atlantic; (B) The Alps, Carpathians, Dinarids, and Caucasus; (C) Cretaceous Events; (D) Biostratigraphy, Correlation, and Palaeogeography; and (E) Volcanism and Magnetostratigraphy. This diversity will be appreciated by the members of the Cretaceous Community.
Many good photographs, a lot of figures and tables have been included, the Proceedings will serve as a very valuable contribution to all geologists interested in Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeontology.

Of interest to: geologists, palaeontologists, biologists, geographers, students and research institutes of these fields, fossil collectors, the mining and petroleum industry, the quarrying industry, scientific libraries.

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A. Western Mediterranean
Malod, J. A.: Iberian Kinematics during the Cretaceous - Paleogeographic consequences 3
Rat, P.: The Iberian Cretaceous: Climatic Implications 17
Kuhnt, W. & Obert, D.: Two Transversals through the Cretaceous North African Continental Margin: The Tellian Units of the Western Rif (Morocco) and of the Babors (Algeria) 27
Kuhnt, W. & Kaminski, M.: Upper Cretaceous Deep-Water Agglutinated Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages from the Western Mediterranean and Adjacent Areas 91
Martins, U. P.: Sedimentary Evolution of the Shallow-Marine Late Cretaceous in the Southern Basco-Cantabrian Basin (Northern Spain) 121
Lamolda, M. A., Lopez, G. & Martinez, R.: Turonian integrated Biostratigraphy in the Estella Basin (Navarra, Spain) 145
Küchler, T. & Ernst, G.: Integrated Biostratigraphy of the Turonian-Coniacian Transition Interval in Northern Spain with Comparison to NW Germany 161
Küchler, T. & Kutz, A.: Biostratigraphie des Campan bis Unter-Maastricht der E-Barranca und des Urdiroz/Imiscoz-Gebietes (Navarra, N-Spanien) [Campanian - Lower Maastrichtian Biostratigraphy of the E Barranca and the Urdiroz/Imiscoz Area (Navarra, N Spain)] 191
Pascual, O., Pons, J. M. & Vicens, E.: Rudist Horizons in the Montsec (South Central Pyrenees) 215
Caus, E. & Gomez-Garrido, A.: Correlation of Larger Benthic and Planktonic Foraminifera of the Late Cretaceous in the South-Central Pyrenees 231
Gierlowski-Kordesch, E. & Janofske, D.: Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Weald around Una (Serram'a de Cuenca, Cuenca Province, Spain) 239
Carénas, B., Garcia, A., Calonge, A., Perez, P. & Segura, M.: Middle Cretaceous (Upper Albian - Turonian) in the Central Sector of the Iberian Ranges (Spain) 265
Dhondt, A. V. & Dieni, I.: The Sardinian Early Cretaceous Bivalves and their Paleobiogeographic Affinities 281
Salaj, J. & Wiedmann. J.: The Campanian-Maastrichtian Boundary in the El Kef Section, Tunisia 299
B. Alps, Carpathians, Dinarids, Caucasus
Nikolov, T. G.: Mobile Belts and Early Cretaceous Orogenic History of the Mediterranean Region - A Review 319
Adatte, T. & Rumley, G.: Sedimentology and Mineralogy of the Valanginian and Hauterivian in the Stratotypic Region (Jura Mountains, Switzerland) 329
Salomon, D.: Paleoecology and Environmental Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Shallow-Marine Drusberg and Schrattenkalk Facies of the Gottesacker Area (Allgäu/Vorarlberg) 353
Csaszar, G., Oberhauser, R. & Lobitzer, H.: The Schrattenkalk of Vorarlberg: An Example of Urgonian Sedimentation 377
Bodrogi, I.: Foraminiferen, Kalkalgen und die Biostratigraphie des Schrattenkalks von Vorarlberg (Österreich) 403
Czabalay, L.: Korrelation der Pachyodonten-Faunenzonen des Urgons der westlichen Tethys 431
Hilbrecht, H. & Liedholz, J.: Redeposited Blocks of Seewen Limestone and Facies Differentiation in the Helvetic Amden Formation (Santonian-Campanian), German Alps 453
Weidich, K. F.: Planktonic and Benthonic Foraminiferal Zonations of the Lower Cretaceous of the Northern Calcareous Alps 465
Horvath, A.: Zur Lebensweise der Ammoniten der Penzeskut Formation (Alb-Cenoman), Ungarn 469
Peza, L. H.: An Outline of the Cretaceous of Albania 483
Michalik, J. & Vasicek, Z.: Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Czechoslovakian Western Carpathians 505
Pop, G.: Age and Facies of the Calpionellid Formations from the South Carpathians 525
Kotetishvili, E. V.: Biofacies Characteristics of Lower Cretaceous Deposits of Georgia 543
Kakabadze, M. V.: The Barremian Biostratigraphical Subdivisions of Georgia (USSR) and Comparison with some Western Mediterranean Regions 551
C. Events
Coccioni, R., Franchi, R., Nesci, O., Wezel, F.-C., Battistini,F. & Pallecchi, P.: Stratigraphy and Mineralogy of the Selli Level (Early Aptian) at the Base of the Marne a Fucoidi in the Umbro-Marchean Apennines (Italy) 563
Föllmi, K. B.: Mid-Cretaceous Platform Drowning, Current-Induced Condensation and Phosphogenesis, and Pelagic Sedimentation along the Eastern Helvetic Shelf (Northern Tethys Margin) 585
Dupasquier, Ch., Ligouis, B. & Caron, M.: The Organic Matter of "Mid-Cretaceous" Deposits of the Median Prealps 607
Breheret, J.-G. & Delamette, M.: Correlations between MidCretaceous Vocontian Black Shales and Helvetic Phosphorites in the Western External Alps 637
Chech, S.: Upper Cretaceous Didymotis Events from Bohemia 657
Lahodynsky, R.: The K/T Boundary and "Yellow Clay" Layers in the Gösau Group, Northern Calcareous Alps,Austria 677
Mutterlose, J.: Faunal and Floral Distribution in Late Hauterivian Rhythmic Bedded Sequences and their Implications 691
D. Biostratigraphy, Correlation, Paleogeography
Kutek, J., Marcinowski, R. & Wiedmann, J.: The Wawal Section, Central Poland — An important Link between Boreal and Tethyan Valanginian 717
Marek, S.: Sedimentäre und paläotektonische Entwicklung der epikontinentalen Unterkreide Polens 755
Zakharov, V. A. & Bogomolov, J. I.: Correlating Boreal and Subtethyan Valanginian with Buchias and Ammonites 771
Shulgina, N.: Subdivisions of the Marine "Neocomian" in Siberia and Correlation with the Type Section — A Review 775
Yi-Yong Zhang: Late Cretaceous Palynoflora from the Western Tarim Basin of South Xinjiang, NW China 779
Leanza, H. A. & Wiedmann, J.: Nuevos ammonites del Berriasiano/Valanginiano (Cretacico inferior) de Neuquen, Argentina 793
Musacchio, E.: Biostratigraphy of the Non-Marine Cretaceous of Argentina Based on Calcareous Microfossils 811
Reitner, J.: Lower and Mid-Cretaceous Coralline Sponge Communities of the Boreal and Tethyan Realms in Comparison with the Modern Ones — Palaeoecological and Palaeogeographic Implications 851
Kuss, J. & Malchus, N.: Facies and Composite Biostratigraphy of Late Cretaceous Strata from Northeast Egypt 879
Tröger, K.-A.: Problems of Upper Cretaceous Inoceramid Biostratigraphy and Paleobiogeography in Europe and Western Asia 911
Wiedmann, J., Kaplan, U., Lehmann, J. & Marcinowski, R.: Biostratigraphy of the Cenomanian of NW Germany 931
E. Volcanism, Magneto-Stratigraphy
Zimmerle, W.: Vestiges of Volcanic Activity in Cretaceous Sediments of Europe 951
Hemling, J.: Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene Magnetic Stratigraphy from the "Atlas Gulf" (Western High Atlas Mountains, SW Morocco) 989