Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Earth Tides

Helsinki, July 31-August 5, 1989

Ed.: Juhani Kakkuri

1991. X, 662 pages, 17x24cm, 1400 g
Language: English

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The Eleventh International Symposium on Earth Tides was held on July 31 - August 5, 1989 in Helsinki. The Proceedings of the Symposium show again the most recent results of this topic.
The interaction of solid earth with oceanic tides and the influence of the Earth's core in tidal observations attract the interest of researches since many decades.
Through the efforts of decades it is now possible to use the Earth Tides data for interpreting several basic problems of geoscience, for instance, lateral inhomogeneity of Earth's crust and upper mantle, forming process of earthquake and time variation of tide parameters, inelasticity of the Earth and tidal dissipation, Earth's core oscillation and motion etc. To carry out this goal we must rely on the widespread cooperation and efforts of the international Earth Tides community. We are very pleased to see that in the recent years, new progress in these domains has been obtained.

Of interest to: Geophysicists, geodesists, geologists, physicists, mineralogists, petrographers, meteorologists, and their research institutes, mining oil industries, scientific libraries.

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Index of contributors VI

The International Association of Geodesy VII
Telegrams VIII
Resolutions adopted by the Permanent Commission for Earth Tides IX
Opening Session (Chairman: J. Kakkuri) 1
Kakkuri, J.: Welcome 3
Groten, E.: Salutation of the I.A.G 5
Hsu, H. T.: Presidential address 7
Melchior, P.: Report of the International Center for Earth Tides for
the period 1985-1989 9
Groten, E.: Geophysical interpretation of tidal data 23
Session I: Tidal observations, methods and instruments (Chairman:
E. Groten) 39
Mentes, G.: Direct digital transducers for tidal measurements 41
Richter, B.: An automatic LTC-system for superconducting gravimeters 49
Van Ruymbeke, M.: A new feedback system for instruments equipped with
a capacitive transducer 51
Van Ruymbeke, M., Kääriäinen, J., Hennaux, S., Van Wallegem, L. &
d'Oreye, N.: Long baseline watertubes 61
Kääriäinen, J. & Ruotsalainen, H.: Tilt measurements in the
underground laboratory Lohia 2, Finland, in 1977-1989 71
Van Ruymbeke, M., Westerhaus, H. & Fernandez, J.: Temperature
measurements 73
Fernandez, J., Vieira, R., Lambas, F. & Toro, C.: Data aquisition
systems in the "Valle de los Cairos" and "Cueva de los Verdes"
stations 85
Van Ruymbeke, M.: Calibration platforms for gravimeters 95
Session II: Tidal observations, methods and instruments (Chairman:
M. Bonatz) 101
Rydelek, P. A., Zürn, W., Sacks, I. S. & Linde, A.: Tidal measurements
with a Sacks-Evertson korehole strainmeter at Mammoth Lakes,
California 103

Stojanov, T. & Elenkov, S.: Possibility for research on earth tides in
the geophysical observatory "Plovdiv", Bulgaria 113
Xin, Cai Wei, Van Ruymbeke, M., Shilin, Tang, Ducarme, B., Weimin, Du
& Flick, J.: Cooperative projects in geodynamical instrumentation
between the State Seismological Bureau (China) and the Royal
Observatory of Belgium 119
Session III: Tidal observations, results (Chairman: H. T. Hsu) 131
Alms, R., Jahr, T., Jentzsch, G., Melzer, J., Weise, A., Asch, G.,
Kiviniemi, A., Kääriäinen, J. & Ruotsalainen, H.: 3-component broad
band tidal recordings in Metsähovi/Finland 133
Baker, T. F., Edge, R. J. & Jeffries, G.: European tidal gravity 147
Ducarme, B. & Van Ruymbeke, M.: On tidal parameters at Brussels
fundamental station 157
De Mayer, F. & Ducarme, B.: Nontidal gravity changes observed with a
superconducting gravimeter 167
Session IV: Tidal observations, results (Chairman: J. Kuo) 185
Hsu, H. T., Tao, G. Q., Song, X. L., Baker, T. F., Edge, R.J. &
Jeffries, G.: Gravity tidal datum at Wuchang of China 187
Melchior, P., Flick, J., Ducarme, B., Van Ruymbeke, M., De Mayer, F. &
Rasson, J.: Earth tides results obtained with gravimeters, clinometers
and strainmeters in Belgium and in Grand Duchy of Luxemburg 197
Rasson, J.: Results of tidal gravity observations with a conical
pendulum 211
Vieira, R., Fernandez, J., Toro, C. & Camacho, A. C.: Structural and
oceanic effects in the gravimetric tides observations in Lanzarote
(Canary Islands) 217
Paesalu, J. & Sildvee, H.: Preliminary results of earth tide
observations with modernized gravity meter GS 11 No.147 (GPE) in
Tallinn in the years 1985-1986 231
Session V: Tidal observations, results (Chairman: G. Jentzsch) 241
Bonatz, M.: A new borehole tiltmeter for multiple application 243
Chojnicki, T.: Modulation of some tidal waves of horizontal
constituents 249
Gerstenecker, C.: The Hughes borehole tiltmeter 257
Session VI: Tide-generating potential development and tidal analysis
methods. Earth tides and rotation of the Earth (Chairman: B. Ducarme)
Jentzsch, G.: Working group on "High Precision Tidal Data
Processing" - Report 261
Zongyong, Chen: A j v model for tidal harmonic analysis and prediction
Varga, P. & Denis, C.: Tidal friction, earth rotation and related
phenomena 267
Zhang, Yuangchong & Kuo, J. T.: Time-domain earth tides for a rotating
earth 273
Session VII: Ocean tides and interactions of the Earth and the oceans
(Chairman: T. Baker) . 285
Francis, O. & Mazzega, P.: What we can learn about ocean tides from
tide gauge and gravity loading measurements? 287
Vincent, P., Le Provost, C. & Mazzega, P.: Topex/Poseidon opportunity
to get a new generation of ocean tide model 299
Jahr, T., Jentzsch, G., Andersen, N. & Remmer, O.: Ocean tidal loading
on the shelf areas around Denmark 309
Kaczorowski, M.: Seasonal variations of the ocean indirect effects 321
Ruihao, Li, Heping, Sun & Xianhua, Jiang: Investigations of ocean
loading effect on earth tidal observations in the mainland of China
Scherneck, H.-G.: Regional ocean tide modelling 345
Qinwen, Xi: The evaluation of the precision of the development of the
tidal generating potential 355
Zahel, W.: Assimilating data into ocean tide models 361
Session VIII: Perturbations. Geophysical interpretation of tidal
observations (Chairman: P. Melchior) 373
Alms, R., Asch, G., Jahr, T., Jentzsch, G., Melzer, J. & Weise, A.:
Tilt measurements near Bla sj0 in Southern Norway 375
Berrino, G., Coppa, U. & Corrado, G.: Tidal field and volcanic
activity in Southern Italy 387
Delcourt-Honorez, M.: Water-levels fluctuations in a borehole at the
Royal Observatory of Belgium: effects on local gravity, earth tidal
and barometric responses 389
Gerstenecker, C.: Application of borehole tiltmeters for engineering
purposes 413
Edge, R.J. & Oldham, M.: The investigation on gravity variations near
a pumped-storage reservoir in North Wales 415
Hinderer, J. & Legros, H.: Gravity perturbations of annual period 425
Melchior, P. & Ducarme, B.: A study of the observed tidal residue
vectors B versus oceanic tidal load vectors L 431
Melchior, P. & Ducarme, B.: Tidal gravity anomalies and tectonics 445
Session IX: Perturbations. Geophysical interpretation of tidal
observations (Chairman: R. Vieira Dlaz) 455
Mäkinen, J. & Tattari? S.: The influence of variation in subsurface
water storage on observed gravity - 457
Camacho, A. G., Vieira, R. & de Toro, C.: Least square prediction
applied to gravimetric tides in Europe 473
Wahr, J. & de Vries, D.: Possible aspherical structure in the core and
its effects on diurnal tidal resonance 491
Xiao, Q. & Hsu, H. T.: The impulse response of a PREM-Zschau Earth 493
Hsu, H. T. & Hua, Zhou: Investigation of the nearly diurnal resonance
of the liquid core 509
Zürn, W. & Rydelek, P. A.: Investigation of the "nearly diurnal free
wobble"-resonance in individual tidal records 521
Session X: Earth models (Chairman: J. Wahr) 531
Dehant, V., Ducarme, B., Jentzsch, G., Kääriäinen, J., Li, G. Y.,
Molodensky, S. M., Okubo, S., Wahr, J., Qin-Wen, Xi & Zschau, J.:
Report of the working group on Theoretical Tidal Model 533
Hinderer, J., Zürn, W. & Legros, H.: Interpretation of the strength of
the "nearly diurnal free wobble"-resonance from stacked gravity tide
observations 549
Legros, H. & Hinderer, J.: On some perturbations of diurnal tidal
waves and related notations 557
Pagiatakis, S. D.: The effect of anisotropy in the Earth's mantle on
body and ocean load tide 565
Sato, T.: Fluid core resonance measured by quartz tube extensometers
at the Esashi Earth Tides station 573
Savin, I., Schwahn, W. & Rukavishnikova, T. A.: Narrow band spectrum
analysis of gravity time series comparison of Bad Homburg, Brussels
and Potsdam observations 583
Li, G.-Y. & Hsu, H. T.: The tidal modelling theory with a lateral
inhomogeneous, inelastic mantle 601
Additional papers: 613
Katona, G.: Use of the tidal analysis in hydrogeology 615
Dittfeld, H.-J.: Tidal results of the gravimetric observatory Potsdam
623 Elstner, C. & Schwahn, W.: Some remarks on the S3 gravity and air
pressure variations 637
Schwahn, W., Elstner, C. & DittLeld, H.-J.: Third degree effects
producing temporal variations of the gravimetric tidal parameters for
the N2 and L2 wave groups 645
Simon, D., Kaczorowski, M. & Fleischer, W.: On strain and tilt
movements of the Earth's surface induced by atmospheric pressure
variations 655