Shales and Mudstones

I. Basin Studies, Sedimentology and Paleontology

Ed.: Jürgen Schieber; Winfried Zimmerle; Parvinder S. Sethi

1998. 1. edition, VI, 384 pages, 155 figures, 27 tables, 17x24cm, 900 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-510-65181-8, paperback, price: 66.00 €

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Shales and mudstones are the most poorly understood sedimentary rock type. They comprise approximately two thirds of the stratigraphic column and contain the bulk of recorded earth history. In the future, understanding shales will be crucial for a wide variety of studies. Yet, getting a balanced perspective of research on these fascinating rocks is difficult because it is dispersed over so many subdisciplines. The two volumes of this book present up to date research on a wide range of topics in shale geology, and were assembled with the goal to ease access to this engaging field of research. Chapter introductions were written by experts in their field, and are intended to define the state of the art, to provide access to pertinent literature, and to set the stage for the corresponding research papers.
Volume I covers basin-scale analysis, sedimentology and paleontology of shales.
Volume II supplements this perspective with detailed treatments of petrography, burial history, petrophysics, geochemistry, and economic aspects of shales. The broad coverage of topics should make this book a valuable source of information for those that want to keep informed about current developments in shale research, and a source of inspiration for those interested to enter this exciting field of study.

Table of contents top ↑

Schieber, J. Zimmerle, W.: Introduction and Overview: The History and
Promise of Shale Research (with 1 figure and 1 table) 1-10
Bohacs, K. M.: Introduction: Mudrock Sedimentology and Stratigraphy -
Challenges at the Basin to Local Scales 13-20
Potter, P. E.: Shale-Rich Basins: Controls and Origin (with 8 figures
and 3 tables) 21-32
Bohacs, K. M.: Contrasting Expressions of Depositional Sequences in
Mudrocks from Marine to non Marine Environs (with 23 figures and 3
tables) 33-78
Schutter, S. R.: Characteristics of Shale Deposition in Relation to
Stratigraphic Sequence Systems Tracts (with 16 figures and 6 tables)
Ettensohn, F. R.: Compressional Tectonic Controls on Epicontinental
Black-Shale Deposition: Devonian-Mississippian Examples from North
America (with 10 figures) 109-128
Schieber, J: Deposition of Mudstones and Shales: Overview, Problems,
and Challenges (with 2 figures) 131-146
Allison, M. A. Nittrouer, C. A.: Identifying Accretionary Mud
Shorefaces in the Geologic Record: Insights from the Modern Amazon
Dispersal System (with 4 figures and 2 tables) 147-161
Macquaker, J. G. S., Gawthorpe, R. L., Taylor, K. G. Oates, M. J.:
Heterogeneity, Stacking Patterns and Sequence Stratigraphic
Interpretation in Distal Mudstone Successions: Examples from the
Kimmeridge Clay Formation, U. K. (with 8 figures and 1 table) 163-186
Schieber, J.: Sedimentary Features indicating Erosion, Condensation,
and Hiatuses in the Chattanooga shale of Central Tennessee: Relevance
for Sedimentary and Stratigraphic Evolution (with 23 figures and 2
tables) 187-215
Jaminski, J., Algeo, T. J., Maynard, J. B. Hower, J. C.: Climatic
Origin of dm-Scale Compositional Cyclicity in the Cleveland Member of
the Ohio Shale (Upper Devonian), Central Appalachian Basin,
U.S.A. (with 13 figures and 1 table) 217-242
Hoffman, D. L., Algeo, T. J., Maynard, J. B., Joachimski, M. M.,
Hower, J.C. Jaminski, J.: Regional and Stratigraphic Variation in
Bottomwater Anoxia in Offshore Core Shales of Upper Pennsylvanian
Cyclothems from the Eastern Midcontinent Shelf (Kansas), U.S.A. (with
14 figures and 1 table) 243-269
Genger, D. Sethi, P.S: A Geochemical and Sedimentological
Investigation of High-Resolution Environmental Changes within the Late
Pennsylvanian (Missourian) Eudore Care Black shale of the
Mid-Continent Region, U.S.A. (with 10 figures and 3 tables) 271-293
Schieber, J.: Introduction: The Organic Dimension: The Many Uses of
Paleontology 297-299 Brett, C. E. Allison, P. A.: Paleontological
Approaches to the Environmental Interpretation of Marine Mudrocks
(with 15 figures and 3 tables) 301-349
Wetzel, A. Uchman, A.: Biogenic Sedimentary Structures in
Mudstones - an Overview (with 8 figures and 1 table) 351-369
Subject Index