An Illustrated Guide

Eds.: C.P. Summerhayes; S.A. Thorpe

1998. 2. edition, 352 pages, 448 figures, 1140 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-510-65200-6, paperback

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Foreword 4
Robert D. Ballard
Prologue 4
John G. Shepherd
Preface 5
The Global Oceans 6
The Geological Time Scale 7
Standard International (SI) Units 8
Commonly Used SI Units 8
1 How the Science of Oceanography
Developed 9
M.B. Deacon
2 The Atmosphere and the Ocean 27
H. Charnock
3 The Role of Ocean Circulation
in the Changing Climate 41
N.C. Wells, WJ. Gould, and
A.E.S. Kemp
4 Ocean Weather - Eddies in the Sea 59
K.J. Richards and WJ. Gould
5 Observing Oceans from Space 69
I.S. Robinson and T. Guymer
6 Marine Phytoplankton Blooms 89
D.A. Purdie
7 Snow Falls in the Open Ocean 96
R.S. Lampitt
8 The Evolution and Structure
of Ocean Basins 113
R.B. Whitmarsh, J.M. Bull, R.G. Rothwell, and J. Thomson
9 Slides, Debris Flows, and
Turbidity Currents 136
D.G. Masson, N.H. Kenyon, and P.P.E. Weaver

10 Mid-Ocean Ridges and
Hydrothermal Activity 152
C.R. German, L.M. Parson, and R.A. Mills
11 The Ocean: A Global Chemical
System 165
J.D. Burton
12 The Marine Carbonate System 182
M. Varney
13 A Walk on the Deep Side: Animals
in the Deep Sea 195
P.A. Tyler, A.L. Rice, C.M. Young, and A. Gebruk
14 Light, Colour, and Vision in the
Ocean 212
P.J. Herring
15 Ocean Diversity 228
M.V. Angel
16 Life in Estuaries, Salt Marshes,
Lagoons, and Coastal Waters 244
A.P.M. Lockwood, M. Sheader, and J.A. Williams
17 Artificial Reefs 259
K.J. Collins and A. C. Jensen
18 Scientific Diving 273
J.J. Mallinson, A.C. Jensen, N.C. Flemming, and K.J. Collins
19 Marine Instrumentation 280
G. Griffiths and S.A. Thorpe
20 The Sea Floor - Exploring
a Hidden World 300
P. Riddy and D.G. Masson
21 Ocean Resources 314
C.P. Summerhayes
22 Waste Disposal in the Deep Ocean 338
M.V. Angel
Some Commonly Used Words and Terms 346
Acronyms 347
Index 348